Closeted Men vs PR Ploys & Hollywood Opportunism

Let’s be clear. I want to address this because it will come up in my next video and I’m already seeing passive aggressive comments being made here in regards to Zayn being “judged” for being “closeted.”

I’m getting tired of this false narrative that the few people who have openly criticized Zayn’s actions towards Harry are somehow judging Zayn for being “closeted.” That’s horseshit. No one on this platform (including myself) has vilified Zayn for not being out of the closet, because I would never allow comments like that to be posted here.

There is an intellectual distinction that needs to be made and spelled out since so many people seem to suffer from reading comprehension failure. Or perhaps English is not their first language, in which case I can slightly understand them misrepresenting our opinions. I guess.

Whenever I or any of the other commenters here tell Zayn or Harry to “grow a pair” it has ALWAYS been in the context of dumping the awful clout-chasing women clinging to them and tainting their legacies, and in the context of wanting Zayn and Harry to stop selling lies with these awful women on such a massive scale.

For example, Harry propelling the transphobic Olivia Wilde into relevance in the press this past year and helping her to land a Vogue cover (something she factually could not land on her own despite moderate success in the film industry and being apart of the corrupt Hollywood machine much longer than he has.) Harry thereby gifted her with an even larger platform to continue to be a gross, sanctimonious, faux-feminist hypocrite who openly praises a pedophile on her Instagram every year; all in the name of promoting their upcoming movie. See how context matters??

Claiming that our criticisms of Zayn are somehow us judging him for being closeted is a garbage misrepresentation of the VALID arguments that have been reasonably leveled against Zayn in this Zarry situation. I have said it before and I’ll say it again, idgaf if Zarry ever come out. I genuinely do not care about them ever coming out or ever being a couple in public. That has never been at the forefront of any of my analysis, posts, videos, or theories and you know it.

Since Zayn and Harry are enormously famous men, my only criticisms have ALWAYS been in opposition to the mass deceit they’ve engaged in for personal gain and relevance (to keep their star from dying) and this practice goes far beyond “bearding to protect themselves,” which they could easily do with unfamous or respectable women.

Particularly in Zayn’s case, the one who tends to go overboard in selling his lies. It’s like, c’mon dude. A fake engagement where you never actually intended to get married?? Meaning you just wanted to garner press and impress your friends and family and the world at large with how “committed” you were to an utter lie?? Despite it visibly tearing Harry apart??

Tattoos of these women’s likeness to impress them (and the dumb stans) with how much you care for them, all while breaking Harry’s heart and still sleeping with him behind the scenes?? Rushing to have a PR baby after Fine Line with an veritable social-climbing attention whore, who is from a family of Hollywood snakes who later framed you for criminal harassment charges and are shamelessly using your baby for clout??

This was posted after Ziam trended on Twitter.

Allowing that preening narcissist to flaunt the pregnancy and your staged cringe relationship (bAbY dAdDy and rEsPeCtFuL kINg) across social media and in the mainstream media for over a year after Fine Line??

Cut to:

And this was all to feed Zayn’s ego while he pushed out brand deal after brand deal and a new album. The lead single for NIL was announced in conjunction with the birth of the PR baby to ensure optimal exposure??? That was opportunism at it’s finest, but we as Zarries charitably gave Zayn a pass for this because he wore a green and gold earring and was presumably singing about Harry. (*gags* We Zarries are so pathetic and desperate for crumbs sometimes that we’re willing to look past their egregious wrongdoing.)

Those are the sorts of concessions we have made for Zayn in this small community again and again when analyzing this fucked up Zarry relationship. He has been a relentless opportunist throughout his ENTIRE relationship with Gigi (like from Day One when he desecrated Pillowtalk, written in 2014, by pretending it was written about her and making out with her in the video—what a stab in the heart to Harry.)

But Zayn has always gotten a pass because…VICTIMHOOD! Do you not understand how wrong all of that shit is for him to do, when at the end of the day it helped destroy the mental health of Harry??? Someone he refuses to accept (despite sleeping with him for years) because of his gender?? And of course the same clowns will fall on the excuse of “oh we don’t know everything that goes on behind the scenes.” Uh, no shit?? But we do know enough to support the arguments being made in this post with available facts and undeniable truths which you must accept no matter how inconvenient they are. And if you are somehow still arguing that Zayn did right by Harry in this relationship, then you are a crackhead.

There is a massive difference between being closeted to protect oneself, and being an outright liar and pushing a false narrative on a huge scale to profit off that narrative socially (for relevance and press attention) and monetarily (meaning brand deals and financial opportunities generated by the relevance gained through PR ploys…yah, it’s a fucking science) all while platforming an awful exploitative, clout-chasing woman (same thing we’re criticizing Harry of right now) and all while destroying the mental health of someone you continue to string along behind the scenes while shunning in public.

Most people who are closeted don’t do any of the shit I’ve listed above and therefore deserve sympathy for their plight of needing to live a lie, especially those who live in dangerous totalitarian countries where the fucking government openly orders your death for being gay. To compare Zayn’s situation to the people who live in fear of their lives in theocratic hellholes pisses me off to no end, although many try to do this to excuse and defend him. There are people out here who fear for their lives on a daily basis because they are in the LGBTQ community and live in an archaic country where they can legally be harmed for simply being who they are. That is NOT what Zayn is dealing with here at all, and to conflate his issues with people in these countries simply because he is an ex-Muslim is disingenuous af.

No, I am not trying to diminish Zayn’s struggles as a closeted man, because I sincerely understand being closeted brings along a wealth of incomprehensible issues and emotional/mental turmoil on it’s own. I can acknowledge that. And I do have sympathy for Zayn on a human-to-human level because of his mental health issues and also because I love and adore him a great deal.

But I can also still acknowledge that a lot of what he grapples with when it comes to pushing Zigi onto the public and sitting idly by while Gigi does the same is undoubtedly hinged on his ego and wanting to uphold his desired public perception. Zayn is an arrogant, egotistical dude. Factually. That has been proven in his own music, as well as a number of public circumstances no matter how much his stans try to sweep it under the rug. But he is also a decent human being who means well and who has done good. That is also factual and proven through a number of public circumstances no matter how much the press tries to demonize him with fake cheating scandals and other falsehoods.

Still, he is not some harmless lamb who never does wrong, particularly where Harry is concerned. But again, let’s be clear, I don’t care if he comes out and I respect his right to NEVER come out. I sincerely do. But that has nothing to do with what I think of his character in general and his past questionable actions. Which yes, I get to discuss and criticize as much as I want because he is a massive celebrity influencing the minds of MILLIONS. Ya’ll criticize and judge me 24/7 and I’m not even a fucking celebrity. Just a very vocal private citizen.

Believe it or not, but Zayn has a flawed character (like many of us do) entirely independent of his sexual orientation. This flawed character plays into how Harry was treated throughout this relationship. Being a closeted man does not give you a license to be a shit human being to other people. Closeted men, like everyone else on this godforsaken planet, have a moral obligation to NOT be pathological liars and emotional abusers (and yes that includes the poor women who are used as beards without knowing it.)

(Post on Bearding vs PR relationships coming soon!)

So no, closeted men do not get a license to hurt and abuse others just to “protect” themselves, because what if (for an extreme example) in their minds protecting themselves warrants murdering the men they’ve slept with or the people who found out about it just so their truth will remain a secret?? All things must be done within reason. Closeted men are upheld to the same moral standards as the rest of us (ideally with reasonable expectations being made when absolutely necessary to protect themselves because of their special circumstances.)

This is the reason Harry should be criticized for playing at Coachella because of what the owner of that festival has done to support anti-lgbtq organizations, and he should also be criticized for still following Bella Hadid, a homophobe praiser and apologist whose best friend violently attacked the fucking man he loves!

After Zayn’s attack, she posted this disgusting homophobe on her IG and called him “the sweetest boy” and Harry STILL follows her. But for some people Harry gets a pass for following her because GASP, if he unfollows her now the world may somehow draw the conclusion that he’s fucking Zayn??? Do you realize how fucking moronic that rationale is? Please, give it a rest. Harry being closeted does not give him a pass for supporting people who actively harm the LGBTQ community, and there should be no debate about this when a large part of his brand is built on being an “advocate” to this community and pandering to them without end on tour so they’ll continue to sell-out his shows.

This is why despite loving and adoring them both, I draw the line at pretending they are precious little victims who are perpetually above criticism just because they are closeted. Despite being closeted men, they are also two incredibly powerful figures with unimaginably huge platforms and millions upon millions of impressionable young people following their every move. So the lies they tell for personal gain and the awful people they associate with and platform to fuel their egos and careers harms society at large.

But go ahead, fail to comprehend the many nuanced points I’ve made here, continue to misrepresent and bastardize my ideas to demonize me (and the people who agree with me) and victimize Zayn and Harry like you always do. Why do I ever expect anything to change?

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