Olivia Wilde’s Feminist Fails

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Page One: Olivia Wilde’s Sketchy Friends

Page Two: Fierce Feminist Fails

Page Three: Meet The Krolls

Page Four: Olivia Wilde Name-Dropped In Weinstein Allegation

Olivia Wilde’s Sketchy Friends

In his 2005 autobiography “Scar Tissue” the Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer unapologetically admitted to having sex with a 14 year old Catholic school girl when he was a 23 year old adult. He also admitted to knowing she was 14 before he slept with her. In the United States of America, that is a crime. Minors cannot consent to sexual acts by virtue of the fact that they’re NOT ADULTS.

Despite his admitted statutory rape being public knowledge for years, Olivia “Cockburn” Wilde still decided to work with him (to further her career no less, which is a recurring theme among all of these questionable incidents) and continues to praise him every year on his birthday as though the world is somehow a better place for his being in it.

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Link To Tweet (Congrats, ma’am you just exposed your children to a child-fucker. Sorry but you don’t get to fuck 14-year-olds, brag about it, profit off the story, and then still make music and expect everyone to respect you. I wish we had a bigger platform to call this POS out ourselves.)

But don’t you see? He means sooo much to Olivia she just had to go out of her way last year to praise him and wish his busted ass happy birthday because that’s what real feminists do! Publicly praise abusers of minor girls. Yay feminism! Yay women supporting women!

Listen to the sick song he penned about how much he loves fucking minors here:

If this ain’t the most Humbert Humbert shit I’ve ever heard before in my LIFE. Also catholic school girls are of school age, which indicates they’re MINORS. What the fuck is wrong with this dude??

Watch the video for this sick song here.

Also, how can we be sure he isn’t still fucking 14-year-olds since he never apologized for it or considered it an awful thing that should be kept under wraps??

There is much much more to her connection to the sexual predators in the RHCP. Read about it here:

Disgusting Affiliations:

Anthony Kiedis seems to be yet another gem among Olivia Wilde’s list of rather interesting comrades; such as the likes of the conniving and unstable succubus Amber Heard who was once arrested in 2009 for domestic violence against a partner long before the Johnny Depp situation ever began (who is also heard on a recording admitting to hitting Johnny Depp, and saying she can’t promise she won’t get “physical” with him again) as well as the convicted rapist and serial predator Harvey Weinstein.

This audio of Johnny Depp and his abuser is completely LUDICROUS AND UNREAL.

Update: A few people brought info here about her dressing up as alleged and well known sexual predator Terry Richardson for Halloween. She did this in 2013, so well after an allegation was publicized about him in 2010, and it is also said his behavior was an “open secret.” Read about an investigation into sexual assault allegations against him here.

Read this article from 2015 about a reporter asking why Miley Cyrus (a fierce feminist *eyeroll* was still working with Terry Richardson despite his many known sexual assault allegations.)

Looking at some of these connections, one could even argue Olivia Wilde has a habit of shoving scruples aside when it comes to networking and advancing her career. For example: Anthony Kiedis, Harvey Weinstein, and also the way it “kind of seems” like she “might” have ditched her fiancé of 7 years and the father of her children to “reportedly” hookup with her employee and costar Harry Styles, and we all know he is clout-central at the moment and gifting her a level of publicity she could’ve only dreamed of before.

It’s comical how transparent she is. Almost as transparent as her masquerading a shameless vanity project and brand deal as some sort of lesson in self-love and female empowerment in Vogue. Surrrre, Olivia. Whatever you say. We can’t see through any of the narcissistic bullshit you’re pulling at all. Please continue to insult our intelligence.

Regardless of the sexual predation of Harvey Weinstein (which has been described by many in Hollywood as an “open secret” and often joked about in popular TV shows for years like 30-Rock and Entourage, and also called out by Seth McFarlane on the Oscars in 2013 long before the bombshell exposé by Ronan Farrow, thereby making it difficult for anyone to believably claim ignorance of his ongoing wrongdoing) he was also a veritable bully and an all around dick in Hollywood. So there’s just no excuse for remaining friends with him for years, which is a stance actresses like Angelina Jolie and Emma Thompson and Kate Winslet took after they discovered how awful he was.

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Yet Olivia Wilde was often still seen cozying up to him in photos at industry functions and sporting events, and never bothered to denounce him until AFTER Ronan Farrow exposed that dissolute swine once and for all.

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Aw, what a good little lapdog.

That last photo is a real keeper. But let’s dive a little deeper, shall we?

A Closer Look At Olivia & Harvey In 2015

Notice the date of this March 2015 article about these hideous Harvey Weinstein sexual assault allegations brought forth by a woman later revealed to be Ambra Gutierrez?

The courage she displayed directly following her assault by running straight to the police led to a legitimate investigation into Harvey in 2015, where he was questioned by the New York Police until he decided he wanted to retain a lawyer. Take note of the date okay? It was published in the highly credible New York Times on March 30, 2015.

Now notice the subsequent tweets that further express how his horrendous behavior was an “open secret”, which surely all the preachy self-professed Hollywood feminists (*cough Olivia Wilde cough*) should’ve been up in arms against long before Ronan’s 2017 exposé? (I’m not talking about actual victims here, just preachy feminist social justice warriors.)

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Now notice the date (April 2015) of the picture of Olivia Wilde kissing Harvey’s cheek? See it here: https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/news-photo/harvey-weinstein-and-olivia-wilde-attend-tribeca-film-news-photo/862567250

This was right AFTER he was knowingly questioned by the NYPD over sexual assault allegations in 2015. Do you know what Ambra Gutierrez was doing in the same month around the same exact time Olivia Wilde and other celebs were kissing Harvey and rubbing elbows with him like everything was all peachy-keen DESPITE years of sordid rumors and inside jokes and now a highly publicized NYPD investigation into NEW allegations? She was sat in a New York City office being made to sign a settlement that would compensate her for her silence, and was also forced to hand over all incriminating evidence she had against Weinstein to a investigation firm named “Kroll” (also “K2”.) Keep that name in mind because it’s highly significant and we’ll revisit it soon!


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Side Note: Oof, did you catch that brief mention of the now-disgraced New York governor Andrew Cuomo (who was recently alleged to be yet another serial sexual predator and had to resign) as being another client of Weinstein’s attorney Elkan Abramowitz in 2017 who “oversaw K2’s work”. He was also representing Cuomo in a 2021 federal investigation into the Cuomo administration’s handling of Covid-19 deaths at nursing homes.

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Btw I highly recommend paying for a subscription to read all of Ronan’s articles in full (which earned a Pulitzer Prize in 2018) which are linked at the bottom of this post. They are mind-blowing.

Page Two: Fierce Feminist Fails

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