The Rise of Eleanor Calder and Gigi Hadid (Elounor vs Zigi)


Zayn Is Unworthy Of Harry Styles
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This post will contain controversial opinions and facts. If your feelings are easily hurt by inconvenient facts, or if you don’t like to see females harshly criticized, then click out of this post now. Just because someone is a female does not mean they are beyond reproach or should not be subjected to criticism for their actions. Women can be just as shitty as men. We are not angels to be victimized at every turn just by virtue of our gender, and pointing this fact out does not make me a misogynist or a sexist. It makes me a realist.

I often hear Larries trying to say that when we post about Zarry we are being disrespectful to Gigi and that Zayn is happy with her. That’s so hilariously transparent and hypocritical I won’t even dignify it with a response, except to say, the case 1000% cannot be made that Zayn is happy with Gigi or even as a father. However, the exact opposite can be demonstrated (that he is unhappy) which I will do in a separate post someday soon. For now, we’re going to focus on the difference between Louis’ relationship with Eleanor, and Zayn’s relationship with Gigi, because it’s clear which one is real, and which one is more phony than a $3 Bill.

Let’s start off with what they have in common, shall we?

They are both models who dated a member of One Direction.

Ok what the actual fuck is this??? hahahahaha I was looking for photos of them and found this and its real! lmao

Ok, that was fun, now let’s move on to their immense differences, particularly in their characters, behavior, and the integrity of their relationships with these 1D members.

You already know how I feel about Zigi. Recap that here if you want:

Eleanor vs Gigi:

Larries claim that Harry has always been jealous of Elounor and always hated Eleanor. Sigh. Let’s get one thing sorted right away. Something undeniable.

Harry set Louis up with Eleanor. Factually, he did. He also set Liam up with his girlfriend (I think Danielle). We have video confirmation.

Harry did not set Zayn up with Perrie or Gigi. He used to tease Zayn about Zerrie like the other boys did (super early on, likely before he and Zayn ever fooled around) but he was just trying to be “one of the boys” and act normal. Still, what he was doing was quite transparent.

We all know how that quickly evolved into him becoming vehemently anti-Zerrie with his outright engagement shade (“Niall’s pregnant” 3x, “He just did it for the presents” 2x) and him writing “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart” during the time they got engaged, and tweeting “We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall…” and “Can’t Love, Can’t Hurt” with the spray-painted metal box likely near Zayn’s house, and the “Kiss him again just to prove to me that you can.” See all of that in detail here:

“Girl Crush” was recorded in August 2017 after Zigi’s Vogue Cover dropped in July 2017.

Yet here’s Harry literally hanging with Louis and Eleanor.

Harry also posted this pic of Louis and Eleanor where he was clearly hanging with them again. He knew Eleanor first:

Now compare that to Harry being forced to sit near Zayn and Perrie at the 2013 TCAs, and how Zayn tried to hold his hand on the red carpet, and kept doing little things to try to appease Harry and let Harry know he was thinking of him, because it seems he thought Harry was upset. (This is similar to him playing with Harry’s shoulder whenever relationships or Perrie was mentioned on Jonathan Ross in 2013.)

Larries say Eleanor is a clout chaser. Hmm…that’s funny because she got with Louis before “What Makes You Beautiful” was released in September 2011, and before 1D blew up in the UK and Europe, let alone in the United States. They could’ve flopped and she still would have been with him. Also he is not the most successful, relevant, or talented member of 1D by a long shot and he even admitted that himself, so it’s clear she really loves him for him.

They were linked together as early as mid-2011. The first time they were spotted out publicly was for Niall’s Birthday. This bish is his Day One, and stayed with him after he got another random girl pregnant.

Zayn, however, is one of the most talented and relevant members of 1D. He was super relevant in late 2015 when he was on the brink of a solo career after infamously leaving the biggest boyband in the world; thereby being positioned to dominate in the music industry.

Gigi was factually on the prowl, hopping between three different musicians in one year, starring in their music videos to gain attention for her name, and literally ditching Joe to ride Zayn’s wave, not realizing it would be diminished by 2017 at the most. She also later admitted she had made plans to “catch” Zayn and had her eye on him like a good little gold-digger. Again, she hopped between THREE musicians in…




Zayn thinking he did something by scooping up everybody’s sloppy seconds and a veritable social climber at that. 🤡 Even TMZ pegged her at 11:11 in the video below.

Again, Larries say we’re disrespectful towards Gigi for talking about Zarry when first of all, Gigi has not earned our respect as a human being with her shameless attention-whoring and exploiting people for clout, but also, despite us feeling this way, we still don’t relentlessly send her hate or death threats, or harass her so much she has to shut off the comments on her IG posts, or limit the comments to a few close friends like poor Eleanor is forced to.

Over 200,000 likes but only 7 comments because she has to limit them. That shit is so sad. Fuck Larries.

Side note: Gigi’s IG followers are just comical at this point. 70M followers?? Girl, please. She wants so badly to be a Kardashian or a Jenner (whose numbers are also crazily inflated). There’s no way in hell she has more legit followers than someone like Harry Styles, and she’s not even remotely as influential or well-known as him. She’s just going to force her self-importance onto the rest of the world with vanity metrics and Zayn’s baby. Sigh.

Larries often say that Zigi is real and that Elounor is PR. Lmfao. All I have to do is point out that Eleanor has never been in any of Louis’ music videos and has never done a brand deal with him in order to illustrate the untruthfulness of that claim.

Meanwhile, Zigi can’t even get their origin story correct (found at 6:18 in this video) because it’s based on a lie. They also factually did multiple magazine covers and brand deals together. THAT IS THE LITERAL DEFINITION OF PR (PUBLIC RELATIONS) AND EXPLOITING THEIR RELATIONSHIP FOR CLOUT, EXPOSURE, AND MONETARY GAIN.

2020 – Zayn serving as the face of Anwar Hadid’s (Gigi’s brother) jewelry line. And people try so hard to pretend Zayn isn’t a Hollywood sellout just because he doesn’t promote his music. He has and will do almost anything for clout and money. His entire relationship with Gigi proves it.

By my estimation, their latest PR scheme for relevance was having a baby the SECOND they “got back together” in late 2019, because the Zigi hype had long-since lost its luster, and I feel Zayn had a need to deflect from what Harry was doing with Fine line.

Also, they factually are and always have been a PR-driven couple preoccupied with controlling and manipulating their media perception with multiple cover stories and IG posts. Zayn seems to have been preoccupied with controlling how the world views him since he got engaged to Perrie in 2013 for appearances sake, with arguably no intentions of actually marrying her (based on his lackluster answers to engagement questions and his assertion that he had no plans set after over a year of being engaged.)

Harry has also tried to control his image in the beginning by only dating models and continues to pull stunts in front of the paps to manipulate how the public views his love life. His latest ploy for attention for his acting career was hitching his wagon to that of an essentially twice-divorced woman who reportedly fucks her employees 10 years her junior and ditched her fiancé of 7 years and factually blindsided him in the process…aka Olivia Wilde.

They’re all full of shit, period. And that most assuredly includes Zayn and Harry. Although I do believe Harry made significant strides in 2019 and is ready to be open and give up all the charades, but feels that he can’t for reasons I won’t get into here. Suffice it to say: he took a huge step back with Holivia this year.

The person the least concerned with PR and public images in this whole debacle appears to be Eleanor Calder.

Another way you can tell Gigi simply is not forthright or earnest with the the public about her relationship (unlike Eleanor) is that she comes from a family of reality TV stars, who model themselves off of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, with the twice-divorced Yolanda Hadid as the ring leader. (Pictured on the far left in the image below.)

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, their history with reality TV and their connection to the Kardashian-Jenner family is commentary enough on their integrity (or lack thereof) when it comes to being forthright with the public. They are a bunch of clout-hungry schemers, in my opinion, and that has been thoroughly evidenced by Gigi hopping between three musicians in one year until she landed Zayn (her biggest catch yet.)

Take a look at the biggest poser of them all: Bella Hadid, who was once in a relationship with hugely successful music star The Weeknd. She pretends to be an LGBTQ advocate and ally while also coddling a vicious homophobe (Daniel Chetrit) likely because his daddy is rich (Joseph Chetrit) and purporting to her massive audience that he is “the sweetest boy ever” (a reckless and dangerous LIE) when this POS hasn’t even publicly apologized for attacking Zayn on the street and calling him a “faggot” twice in a 30-second viral clip.

Zayn joined this unsavory clan, and continues to align himself with them despite how much they have humiliated him, for reasons no one (except myself and a few brave others) is willing to point out or admit. Birds of a feather flock together. He is there because he wants to be and for personal gain. At this point, what exactly is Zayn Malik without the Hadids? (I’m waiting???)

But sure, we’re the deluded, hateful ones for daring to speak the truth. Please, by all means, continue to be mindless sheep who worship them all uncritically, fooled by the pretty faces, the lifestyle fantasies, the riches, and the IG glitz and glamour. History illustrates that giants do fall, and the Hadids (as well everyone else in their vicinity) will all see their day of reckoning soon. And the intrepid, independent thinkers unafraid to call them out will stand over the rubble in the aftermath, and because we are decent people, we will refuse to say “we told you so.”

I will say I’ve noticed that some Zayn stans are beginning to call out the Hadids for their underhanded, hypocritical, elitist, poser bullshit (see examples in the comments of this video.)

…but they still try to preserve the “sanctity” of the “Cult of Zayn” by pretending he’s some wholesome prince who has been kidnapped by this family and is stuck with them against his will. That’s not fair and it’s not the truth.

He has told you rather arrogantly on more than one occasion that he chose this life and his life is his design. So at some point, you’re going to have to stop hating on me for pointing out the truth, and confront what it says about Zayn and his character that he willfully aligns himself with such a family. Then once you come to that conclusion about Zayn and his dealings with the Hadids, look back at the things I’ve been theorizing about him and Harry for the past year or so, and you may finally get my fucking point and see I’m not the unhinged bad guy here. I’m just a truth-seeker.

The Zigi relationship plays into mainstream media and social media, often by articles commissioned to paint them in a favorable light, to thereby further manipulate the public about how “real” and ideal their relationship is, whereas Elounor does not. Elounor rarely posts on social media together, and when they do, it is without the stench of panic and mass deception.

Zigi’s frequent damage control and media manipulation:

Exhibit A

They way they panicked and put this revolting picture out will never be not funny to me.

Exhibit B

Gigi continues to expose herself by posting photos of her and Zayn that are undeniably staged for public consumption (such as kissing pics depicting “intimacy” ) while he sits there looking wooden and…wait, let me stop.

Zayn clearly enjoys that he has someone attention-hungry enough to do all the work for him online, servicing his ego, constantly elevating him like he’s some kind of king, and putting out a smokescreen big enough to make his life seem enviable, while also protecting him from being tied to Harry in any way. Gigi has been given the greenlight to post staged photos of him (which he poses for) and in my opinion occasionally stages pap-walks for himself to promote his songs.

This was January 2020 when he was about to release the music video for “Flames,” in a few days.
This was March 2021 when “To begin Again” was first released.
This was April 2021 when the “To begin Again” music video was released.

Notice how he’s never “caught” on the street with her unless he has a new song out? How is that possible, you ask? Well, he admitted himself in 2018 in GQ that he uses the paparazzi for promo, thinking it’s clever and cutting-edge, when really it’s lazy and does nothing to actually further his career or sales.

I really hate being a scathing bitch all the time, but it has to be done. AND WHY IS NO ONE ELSE POINTING ALL THIS SHIT OUT????? It’s like RIGHT there, waiting to be discovered and discussed. And some of the things they do, like this:

…are so brazenly calculated that it would be an insult to our intelligence if the general public wasn’t so hopelessly stupid.

Am I the only one who sees all the bullshit? It’s so funny.

*Now back to your regularly scheduled programing!*

Larries often say Zayn is hApPy with gigi because they had a baby. Meanwhile (unlike Louis) he constantly writes about how miserable and conflicted he is and has for years. He continues to *sometimes* show he is “sTruGgLiNg” with the decisions he has made, I’ll at least give him that and concede to that point.

However, I just no longer care or have sympathy for him in any regard, because of the trauma I feel his decisions visited upon Harry since he was a fucking teenager. “Don’t blame me for falling, I was just a little boy…” And which Harry has seemingly been trying to tell us for years now without exposing Zayn. Fine Line was his latest and probably final attempt to do so. Sigh. Read more about that here.

Recent songs that clearly show how miserable and tormented Zayn is and has been are:

Hey, guess what, Larries! Babies don’t equate to happiness, but far be it from me to expect you to employ logic at any turn, despite Louis’ life being demonstrative of this very fact by virtue of his no longer being with the mother of his child.

Also, in my opinion, it’s clear that Zigi having a baby was a PR scheme (not unlike the Zerrie engagement in 2013) but it’s just far more unsettling and sinister to contemplate because it involves an innocent human life. And in my opinion, it was also Zayn slapping a band-aide on a gaping, festering Harry-shaped wound in his life, which remains untreated.

Meanwhile Louis had a baby with a random girl before the band was over and while he was still in Harry’s presence. Clearly he’s into women and slipped up with one, and still went back to Eleanor after everything in 2017.

He did not have a baby after Harry came out on National Coming Out day, released an album with two of his identical track titles, responded to his lyrics directly, copied his album release date, referenced his brown skin more than once, and wrote a song about his sunflower tattoos. That was all Zayn.

Also Louis didn’t release two painful, frustrated covers (one a break-up song and the other about being kept away from a person you love) the day after Harry released the “Golden” music video, thus indicating he was quite unhappy in his new life with Eleanor and the baby. Again, that was all Zayn.

Another absurd and unfounded claim the Larries make is that Eleanor is a racist and a bad person. That’s completely laughable and there is zero evidence to support these claims. They also elevate Gigi and Zigi non-stop (just like they did with Liam and Ziam) because it conveniently gets Zayn out of the picture, because they know in their little shriveled hearts Zarry utterly demolishes Larry in terms of actual evidence and proof of Harry’s affection (which is also why they steal our pRoOf to this very day.)

Meanwhile, Gigi has been caught in multiple racism scandals since her rise to fame, and one could argue she gets it from her mother. Watch the video below and be appalled. I dare you.

Yikes! It seems like they really don’t like Asians, doesn’t it?? Ugh, the flippancy with which Yolanda refers to Asian-looking eyes as a bad or undesirable thing is hair-raising. She could have simply said she doesn’t want her eyes to appear slanted. Instead she chose to put down an entire ethnicity.

So it’s truly no wonder why Gigi, a grown ass woman at the time, thought it was okay to do something like this IN PUBLIC AT WHAT WAS LIKELY A CHINESE RESTAURANT. Her entitlement and gall knows no bounds.
Don’t worry, she thinks he’s from the Middle East. Read about that here.
She was reportedly banned from China and couldn’t walk in the 2017 Victoria Secret Fashion show. Good because that’s the one Harry attended.

In case people are still wondering if she was banned by China, see here that she was invited to the show by VS and was super happy about it:

But then people rightfully complained, and suddenly she could not walk the show lol. If you click on the actual post, you’ll see her comments are still disabled on this one.

Gigi hasn’t changed btw, she has just become better at hiding who she really is: and in my opinion that is a selfish, entitled, elitist brat.

Insulting a group of people who had nothing to do with the situation for their career choices and calling females groupies just because Zayn got into a spat with another grown man and was likely equally at fault in the situation.
I suppose this notion is rather conditional for her. Sort of like her defense of Zayn, as she only bothers to speak up on his behalf when there is a viral clapback to be gained, and only when it’s against low-hanging fruit like Jake Paul (who was the internet’s punching bag at the time.) Funny she didn’t raise a finger to defend Zayn when he was physically attacked on the street in a viral altercation by Bella Hadid’s homophobic friend Daniel Chetrit, nor has she called her sister out for being a gross hypocrite and publicly kissing the homophobe’s ass after the attack.

And how could she not turn out this way when her parents set an example of snide racist remarks for her, and praise her on social media 24/7 like her own little weird stans.

And don’t even get me started on Zayn’s dumb response to this situation in defense of her. I miss when the internet used to call Zigi out for their bullshit. Now everyone has seemingly been bedazzled over time by all their staged IG posts and those corny commissioned articles, and are misled by the fact that they’ve had a baby. Suddenly they’re two woke saints undeserving of the slightest bit of criticism?? How did we get here?

Then when people called him out for how wrong his response was, he responded again with his typical self-righteousness and self-pity.

We get that you’ve had struggles, sir, and no one is dismissing that. But your struggles do not give you a license to dismiss the pain of others (Asian people who have been bullied their entire lives for their eyes) or to laugh it off with a pathetic joke, or to absolve Gigi of her wrongdoing and not hold her accountable simply because you “like” her.

Yet Eleanor is the “racist” one, is bombarded with hate daily, is damn near chased off social media, but Gigi is suddenly the one who deserves to be worshipped?? Get the fuck out of here.

Also, no one cares whether people don’t like Donald Trump, this was still racist as fuck. Also unfunny and cringey!

And it’s funny, the same people who will call this stuff old news and say “she apologized,” are the same people who jump on Twitter hate-bandwagons and form honor brigades, “canceling” people for things they did or tweeted 10 years ago, as long as it’s not someone they currently “stan”.

Lastly, it’s just simple math.

Larry = Fake, so Elounor = Real

Zarry = Real, so Zigi = Fake (Or very questionable at best.)

Bottom line is, compared to Gigi, Eleanor Calder is a saint, and Elounor, in my opinion, is far more real and has far more integrity (no thanks to Louis) than Zigi, regardless of whether Eleanor and Louis broke up tomorrow. So Larries can just shut the big illogical holes in their faces and leave Zarries alone. Stay in your lane and stop sending Eleanor so much senseless hate. Also, buy my merch, Larries, you’re invited too!

Another important read:

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1 year ago

I googled ”Why does everyone hate Eleanor today” just to see if there was any reason other than Larry. I found someone saying, that they think Louis deserves better because she doesn’t support him and his music on social media like Gigi does to Zayn (Their words not mine) and they are never seen together on their anniversary. One, that’s a person who wants privacy. Someone who ACTUALLY wants privacy and doesn’t fake it because they want to seem so normal and relatable. I’m sure she’s supportive on his music, she doesn’t have to do a public display. Since when is celebrating your anniversary a public event? And two, are you telling me that you wouldn’t fill her comments with ”fake”, ”beard” ”Larry”? No wonder she doesn’t post about him

Anonymous L
Anonymous L
1 year ago

I was mind blown going through some of your posts because even though you may know certain stuff or the basis at least, once it’s all collectively viewed, you go “what the hell? How didn’t I see this?”. I must admit that I was in the dark about plenty of the deeper happenings but it’s rather interesting to find out now and it makes me feel more sympathy because in some ways I feel as if I truly understand.

I’m very intrigued by you because you’re one of the very few who courageously speaks up, despite how unpopular/controversial your views may be. You stick to truth and facts…hats off to you. It’s sad that you seem to be hated by others but we know that the only reason they do is because you’re not afraid to be honest. What you’re doing is massive.

I showed your posts to a few of my colleagues and they were all convinced that you’re an insider but that just shows the effect you have. Keep doing what you do, there are plenty, like myself who ‘lurk’ here but we see and appreciate you.

Anonymous L
Anonymous L
1 year ago

Being a part of the entertainment industry, one sees and hears many things. Some of what you write about are already open secrets on the inside because it’s harder than outsiders might believe, to hide your life away from the rest. There will always be someone who knows something and so we have our own fair share of gossip here but the rest of the world remains oblivious to it all because in truth it’s a bit like, “whatever happens in the industry, stays in the industry”. Not to mention that contracts and NDAs are the foundation to almost everything. You don’t speak either because you aren’t allowed to or it’s just not your business to share. However, it merely comes down to the fact that this person doesn’t want others to know a certain thing about them so their wishes are respected. Much of the information you share with your readers is true and it’s really not that big of a deal to some unless the rest of the world picks up on it. That’s when the lies start, the coverups and pretence.

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