Jamaica 2016

2017 is where we got the first strong inkling that Zayn and Harry may have been back in touch since 2015. However, this reconciliation somewhat began in late 2016, when both boys just happened to end up at the same Geejam Resort in Port Antonio, Jamaica, one behind the other. (Factual and confirmed by the resort itself.) But they also stayed at the exact same villa, the Cocosan Villa!!!!!! (ZAYN 1000% TOLD HARRY TO GO THERE SHUT UP!)

Let’s break this down with proof.
Zayn posted this on IG June 2, 2016

Update accounts found out where Zayn was in June 2016 and it was the Cocosan Villa (and studio) in the Geejam Hotel resort in Port Antonio Jamaica.

This was proven wayyy before Harry was confirmed to have stayed there. There was no Zarry connection at this time.
From Zayn’s Book released in late 2016

Now Harry said he and his team went to Jamaica for 2 months in 2016, sometime before October 2016 because he was back in the USA by then with his Jamaican bracelet.

Harry Another Man Magazine party Oct 2016. Wearing a bracelet from his Jamaica trip.

He stayed at the Geejam Resort Cocosan Villa right behind Zayn, and it can be seen in his Behind The Album Documentary in detail starting at the 5:00 mark.

Link to tweet.
Link to IG post.

Now let’s compare pictures from the Official Geejam Resort Cocosan Villa Website to both the boys’ photos. You will find identical elements in each.

Zayn went first in June 2016 and Harry went right after roughly around September 2016/October 2016 (under the recommendation of a friend) so it has always been my theory that Zayn was that friend. Based on certain lyrics in “Sweet Creature” written in early 2016, we have reason to believe they had gotten back in touch by then, but just weren’t what they used to be. Hence why in his debut album Harry is still expressing a desire to talk and open up. “Sweet Creature” is a song about reconciliation following their big fallout from 2015, and the remainder of the songs on HS1 rehash Harry’s feelings at various stages during their fallout and subsequent separation.

By Early October 2016, Harry and Zayn had already been to Jamaica, as seen here from Harry at the party for Another Man Magazine in October 2016

Debunking The Larry Jamaica Lies

As usual, Larries try to infringe on the Jamaica connection by saying Louis went to Jamaica the following year (as if that matters.) Especially since he was with Eleanor who he had just gotten back with in early 2017 when he went, and they went to a completely different city than Port Antonio where Zarry were. These clowns also lie and say Harry was there with him, meaning Harry went again in 2017?? Even though he had already recorded his album there in 2016 and was spotted all over London during Louis and Eleanor’s Jamaica trip in 2017.

Zarry, who did not take girlfriends and went to strictly work on music, were writing about each other. (As usual, it’s another thing Zarry did first, and then Louis and his deluded Larry stans follow long after and infringe on a Zarry connection/memory.)

Louis and Eleanor were spotted at the airport headed to Jamaica in late February 2017 by a fan.

Meanwhile, Harry was spotted all over London from February 2017-March 2017 during the exact time period when Louis and Eleanor went to Jamaica after getting back together.

When Louis and Eleanor returned from Jamaica they had the showdown at the airport in March 2017, and Harry was not with them lmao.

Larries then tried to claim Louis was working with a guy who worked at the studio where Harry recorded in Jamaica, and that is patently false. They just straight-up pulled this out of their a**es. And of course they juxtapose an unrelated tweet written in Spanish about Harry’s time in Jamaica, with a tweet talking about Louis writing a song with several random producers in May 2017, and because the Harry-tweet is in Spanish they know the mindless Larries who depend on their deranged Larry threads will ask no questions despite not being able to read Spanish and there being no clear or verifiable proof of what the Larrie is claiming.

This is just an outrageous lie.

Louis was no where near Port Antonio or the Geejam Resort when he and Eleanor were in Jamaica in 2017 long after both Harry and Zayn had been there in 2016. He was in Oracabessa, Jamaica.

Zayn’s music video for “Satisfaction” which was released in 2019 was filmed in Jamaica in 2016.

We all know Zayn is sampling the song “Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones, and who is Zayn’s Mick Jagger? Harry.

This is WILD. Harry literally went to a house that Zayn had been staying in just weeks before him, to write about Zayn in 2016. Un-phucking-believable. HS1 reeks of Zayn in every sense imaginable, up to and including the studio where it was recorded. I have no words.

Zarry Got Romantically Back Together In 2017

13 Replies to “Jamaica 2016”

  1. Always great content in each and everyone of your post,oracabessa where Louie was is my community where I lived,it is so far from gjam where zayn then harry stayed

  2. Hey guys! Thanks, AD for everything you do. Now after all your posts I became obsessive and just now was watching some clips from 2014, and the day in Orlando when Zayn couldn’t come the boys were asked what would they do if they weren’t in the band. And you know what Harry answered? ‘I’d play a triangle in some raggea band’. I know it doesn’t mean much but I jast can’t help myself, ahhaha. Here is the link to the video ( around1:50). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hYo_lSB5OxQ&list=PLRyBT-oeHncc9NQKhcUhqnhoXwcy4S2X6&index=70&ab_channel=MollyHarrington
    Thank you again!)

  3. Hey AD! Unfortunately you will have too deal with a bunch of deluded Larries this days because the girl with the leopard dress did an youtube live and she said the management was very controlling and Harry and Louis were very sweet with each other and different behind the camera. And I know that they are so deluded they will use it like a proof. It makes me cringe that there’s another person that is using them to gain views and fame but it also makes me lol 😛
    Great writing as always! Love

    1. Lol she’s just telling them what they want to hear to gain their favor and keep their attention. She proved in both interviews how much of an imbecile she was. Smh

      Also thanks for reading my dear and I agree with you very much. Both they and her are beyond cringe lmao

    2. I just sit and laugh how easily fooled they get🤣People should use them for clout, they made Harry’s,his family’s,Eleanor etc.’s life hell.The least way they’ll be punished when Harry gets married to a man not Louis🤣 and when they see him in My Policeman😂😂😂

  4. Ii read that some girls saw Zayn and Harry together in Jamaica and were asked by security to delete The pictures that they had taken of them don’t know if it’s true or not but that’s what I read… love your analogy as always spot on!!

    1. Thanks for reading love. And that post with that blurry picture was actually made up. That picture was Zarry, but it was from their trip to Ghana in early 2013. But Jamaica is still very much a very Zarry place. Ugh my heart

    1. I appreciate you love, thanks. I am disheartened but the past of Zarry is still so heartwarming it makes me smile rethinking all the unbelievable things they did for each other. Sigh

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