AMAs 2014 (Video)

This video makes me smile. Plain and simple. No one can deny they were involved romantically.

Harry also wore a traditional Pakastani kurta this day.

And this is also the same day everyone lost their minds over Zayn’s single strand of hair. While the world was lusting after Zayn over this, only one person got to go home with him lmao.

Other days Zarry were obsessed with each other:

Cardiff 2013

Columbus 2013

Tulsa 2014

iHeart Music Festival 2014

Los Premios 40 Principales 2014

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  1. I think harry didn’t want niall to talk for him he got little pissed can see…..n you can see in the above video the way harry n zayn hand is so close to each other compared to niall liam louie hand

  2. Wait! Was Zayn looking at the moon? Ughhh my Zarry heart is beating so first. In north India there’s a tradition (and pakis are well aware of it) of Karwa chauth, which is basically women (and rarely men) fasting on 14th day of some particular lunar month and breaking it after watching the full moon then their husband’s through a net or mirror. Idk this gesture seemed similar to me. Most romantic shit EVER!!!💛💚

  3. hahaha you included the single strand of hair and well deserved lol! Idk what it is about this day but H’s demeanor was a little weird tho I can’t quite place it, it seemed like he wasn’t really in it, like he wanted it to be over?? He seemed tensed even during the Zarry moments (during the complimenting on stage, the cutting off the interviewer, Z looking at him through the mirror, some looks he and Z shared) but maybe he was just extra guarded cuz Z seemed high lol and that kurta did it’s job… didn’t Z have a straight up boner on the stage 😳

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