Are Zarry Together Now? (2021)

This is another question I get asked a million times, especially by newer Zarries. They’re curious and they’re passionate about what they’ve discovered, and I don’t blame them one bit. Zarry has that all-consuming effect on most people, especially upon first discovery. Therefore, wondering if they’re presently together is perfectly natural.

Unfortunately, loves, I simply have no idea what’s going on with Zarry right now. And I would never want to deceive people into believing I know (just to keep them entertained) by claiming they are in fact together. For me, Zarry has always been far easier to understand in retrospect or in hindsight. Meaning, once a lot of time has passed, it’s easier (for me at least) to look back and see things for what they truly are. It illuminates certain events and gestures that we may have otherwise overlooked or misconstrued as they were happening. Hindsight adds so much clarity to all things, hence the saying “hindsight is 20/20”.

Time is powerful and pivotal in a relationship like this, because Zayn and Harry have gone through many well documented ups and downs and SURVIVED them, even when it really seemed to be THE END at some points (like in 2015.) So when you’re trying to analyze them in present-time, it becomes difficult because we can’t see the future.

For Example: You may be inclined to think they hate each other based on how estranged they seem at times, but then one will drop a song debunking that notion entirely and reasserting their love in spite of their separation. Longing is a reoccurring theme in their songs, despite them both being in public relationships with females at the time of writing most of their discography. So if there is longing present, it doesn’t matter that they aren’t together for me, because they still desire to be together and that’s just as powerful.

Another good example of the importance of hindsight happened immediately after what appears to have been a late 2018 breaking point, where Zayn released Icarus Falls but Harry seemed to ignore it for years.

Yet, with hindsight, we’re able to go back and see, yes, while he removed the rose ring in September 2018 and it never came back, once Fingers dropped in October 2018, Harry was seen out at the Beachwood Cafe the next day with his producer, and he had replaced the rose ring with a golden cross ring.

He couldn’t go more than a few weeks without having a Zayn ring, and just as the rose ring never left his finger for 2 years, the golden cross ring hasn’t gone anywhere either for a longer duration of time. And we all know the significance of the cross to their relationship, which Harry would emphasis even more after Fine Line dropped with the green/gold cross double pendant necklace.

So that let’s us know, that even though Harry seemed to not respond to Icarus Falls in any overt ways and they seemed to be broken up from late 2018-2019, he would eventually respond two years later with Fine Line and very loudly. If we look back on late 2018 and 2019, the most glaring clue that he was still invested in Zayn seems to be the new golden cross ring and the #25 he wore on his jersey for James Corden’s 2019 Dodge Ball game.

Bottom Line: When people ask me if Zarry are together now, I can only say I simply don’t know. However, there are many clues that they are not together right now, but that they are planning to be. Read more about that here: The Wait

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  1. I’ll never not be amazed by you Istg. And thank you do much for all the time and efforts you put in on this- them, I can’t explain how much I appreciate it all <33

  2. pls checkout Gigi’s valentine’s day post (14/02/2021) Zayn is wearing bode. not just any bode jacket but the one u mentioned in your video about the customized ones. Harry has the bottom and Zayn having the top.

    pls do accept my follow request on twitter and instagram 🙂

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