Beachwood Cafe

Harry has a lyric in Falling referencing the Beachwood Cafe: “And the coffee’s out, at the Beachwood Cafe, and it kills me cause I know we’ve run out of things we can say.”

People take this to be some kind of direct reference to Camille Rowe (Harry’s public ex-girlfriend) however, what they fail to realize is that Harry had been going to the cafe and frequenting the Beachwood neighborhood long before Camille came into his life. (Also this is a popular neighborhood and a popular cafe since it’s near the Hollywood sign.)

In Harry’s 2017 Rolling Stone interview with Cameron Crowe, we are introduced to his producer Jeff Bhasker and his Beachwood Canyon recording studio. Harry had been recording with Jeff since 2016 for his debut album.

In fact, the only time we’ve ever seen Harry at the Beachwood Cafe was in late 2018, the day after Fingers was released (when he had replaced the rose ring with the golden cross ring). At that precise moment, he was with his producer Jeff Bhasker, illustrating that over the years the cafe is inextricably tied to his producer, not Camille.

Harry and his longtime producer Jeff Bhasker at the Beachwood Cafe in October 2018
Harry at the Beachwood Cafe in October 2018

This indicates the lyric about the cafe in Falling is simply a reference to Harry’s studio experiences. Knowing what we know about the significance and timing of the only day he was ever seen at the cafe (in relation to the release of Fingers; a song about relationship complications and failed verbal communication) it’s safe to conclude Harry’s lyric about issues in communication at the Beachwood Cafe is likely another reference to his relationship with Zayn, not Camille.

Fingers was written and recorded the month before in London, according to a press release from Zayn’s team. It is song about a relationship that is struggling to stay afloat, and about someone Zayn is not physically with but who he wants to find and love in person because he is unable to express himself otherwise.

It was clear Zayn and Harry were at odds in late 2018 when Harry removed the rose ring. Zayn wrote and released Fingers at this exact time, and Harry was likely recording about being at the Beachwood Cafe and being at odds with his lover over communication issues at the same time.

Fingers: “I can’t even text ya, cause my fingers ain’t working but my heart is. If you want to let me know where you are, b, I can come and love ya. What did I tell ya? Typo said I loved ya…didn’t mean what I was saying, no I wasn’t playing, just confused.”

Falling: “Coffee’s out, at the Beachwood Cafe, and it kills me cause I know we’ve run out of things we can say.”

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  1. There is a song named cruel. I know z didn’t wrote the song but end of the song he says ‘ Sunrise in Hollywood We ain’t slept for days Perfect disaster Me and you’ and idk it kinda feels like there is a connection between those lines and the caffe

  2. I always felt Harry might be referring to the Beechwood Cafe in the UK. It’s near Bradford i.e .Zayn’s hometown so maybe a reference to somewhere they might have spent time together in the past when things were simpler.

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