Ben Winston vs Zayn

Disclaimer: Btw, I’m not enjoying making these posts about the rumored “man-wh*re” Harry because I don’t think they’re fair or valid, and if people did even a modicum of research you’d see he is just an affectionate baby who loves everyone and who only truly wants to be loved in a romantic way by one person: Zayn.

Barry in Brazil. Ben & Harry. Yet another one of those wholesome friendships + work associations that people like to reduce to some kind of sleazy affair. I guess people feel that every man on earth is secretly gay (none of them are truly straight) and they’re all just waiting for Harry to make a pass at them so they can cheat on their wives and girlfriends. And if they aren’t married and don’t have a publicly known girlfriend but are seen near Harry (like Xander) then they MUST be gay. That’s the only explanation for why they are with Harry. Sigh.

So the infamous Brazil pics with Ben & Harry are easy to explain.

  • Harry. Was. Drunk. He was WASTED. He was sh*t-faced, blackout drunk.
Harry drinking Caipirinhas
  • This was not a mutual or intimate or even a SECRET moment. It was done all by Harry, out in the open for all eyes and the paps to see, which suggests there is nothing seriously intimate going on. It’s just Harry clinging to someone while he is drunk, which we’ve seen him do multiple times through the years.
  • The Ben/Harry pics are pap pics, so that means they’re rapid-fire captures. Meaning these pics are depicting a moment that played out over mere seconds; breaking it down into frames that are only a fraction of a second long. How do we know this?

1) You can see other fairly rapid actions Harry took that day broken down into multiple frames as well.

A backflip takes less than 5 seconds to do.
Drunk Harry making his hat float. Took mere seconds.

2) You can piece the Ben & Harry pics together and it creates a short video of how the moment went down. They dapped each other up, Harry hugged Ben too close for comfort, and then Ben pulled away lol. It’s as simple as that.

Did you happen to notice Zayn was there too, but Harry and Zayn never interacted? We did see him sitting with and interacting with Liam and Niall. Louis didn’t seem to be present, but Zayn was there and he and Harry did not interact once. Seems like they may have been beefing. Hence, drunk Harry.

See Harry in the background of this pic laying down.

Here is a video of Harry being generally drunk off his ass.

Now, let’s move on from Ben and Harry to talk about drunk Harry in a more general sense.

We now know from all of Harry’s solo music that he drinks when he’s emotional: “From The Dining Table.”

There is a larger question at play here other than Harry being too clingy with people when he’s drunk. That question is WHY? Did you happen to notice a pattern? Harry is not emotionally well, that much is obvious. We know that from his rather confessional songs, but he also used to demonstrate that whenever he was drunk. He demonstrates the behavior of someone longing to be loved. Not all the fake love and blind adulation he gets hourly from his fans, but loved truly, deeply, and intimately; which (in my opinion) suggests he is being rejected somewhere in his life, or being deprived of a love he desires from someone, somewhere in his life.

That’s what all his songs reflect, and we see him seeking false intimacy (intimacy simply means closeness, not always sex) with strangers or friends whenever he’s tipsy, and we accuse him of being a man-wh*re and a womanizer because of all these shallow associations caught on camera, but no one ever looks any deeper than that. And sadly no one ever looks into the context surrounding some of these “incriminating” pap pics.

That’s not fair. What do we know from Harry’s songs where he states he is his most honest and vulnerable? Mainly early on we can see that for some reason, this 18/19 year old kid is constantly singing about being in a love affair with someone, and being jealous of his lover’s other partner. That is very prominent in “Happily” and in “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart,” where he admits: “I know I’m not your only, but at least I’m one, I heard a little love is better than none…” before he goes on to beg someone for even a little piece of their heart.

Learn about Harry kissing his heart tattoos for Zayn here!
Learn about this rose tattoo here!

Harry is the same person who would later sing in “Only Angel” “Open up your eyes shut your mouth and see that I’m still the only one that’s been in love with me, I’m just happy getting you stuck in between my teeth, and there’s nothing we can do about it.” What does that mean? Well, that means he knows the person he is with doesn’t really love him. He’s also making a pun that he is a narcissist and he is in love with himself, because ultimately this person is not actually in love with him. Then he continues to express that regardless of whether they love him or not, he is happy or satisfied or content with just getting them stuck in between his teeth (because it’s the best he can get for now, kind of like: “I know I’m not your only, but at least I’m one. I heard a little love is better than none.”) He then finishes the sentiment with “and there’s nothing we can do about it” meaning they both are powerless to end their affair. Which is why he reiterates that sentiment at the end of: “end up meeting in the hallway every single time…and there’s nothing we can do about it…”

Harry would later expound on the idea of the person he is in an affair with still not belonging to him exclusively, and still not being in love with him (from 2013-2019) when he says: “You don’t have to say you love me, you don’t have to say nothing, you don’t have to say you’re mine.” That is the exact same sentiment he’s been singing about since he was 18. The person he loves doesn’t love him, and the person he loves isn’t with him exclusively and is with someone else at the same time, and the person he loves does not speak about the way they feel or communicate with him ever. These are blatantly repeated motifs in all of Harry’s music.

We assume Harry sleeps with everyone he breathes near (men and women included) but I don’t think Harry has slept with half the people the world thinks he has, including a lot of the models he ties himself too. I think a lot of that is just carefully strategized PR intended to boost his profile (and mutually beneficial for the models) and that he has in truth had few sexual encounters with few people (even though it’s none of our business to speculate about this.) I deduced that based on he fact that ZAYN was the main person who would speak up and defend him anytime anyone called Harry a womanizer. If Zayn thought Harry was a womanizer or a man-wh*re he wouldn’t have defended him so tough or said “I know the real you…” (“For your eyes only…”)

Video of Zayn defending Harry against womanizer rumors.

NONE of the other boys spoke up, especially Louis. But you can tell Zayn took personal offense to these rumors (just like he did with the Larry rumors) and went out of his way to shut them down. He was viciously protective of Harry and his image and everything concerning him. That’s because he KNEW Harry like no one else did. He knew that while the world was spreading rumors that Harry was sleeping with every person he got close to or was photographed with, Harry was actually sitting alone in a hotel somewhere, drunk and calling HIM. “Don’t blame me for falling, I was just a little boy. Don’t blame the drunk caller, wasn’t ready for it all….”

The one time it seems Harry may have seriously stepped out on Zayn, or at the very least fooled around with someone else (probably in 2018) BECAUSE HE WAS SO PHUCKING LONELY AND JEALOUS according to “To Be So Lonely,” he immediately confessed to it in a guilt-ridden, self-debasing song (something Zayn, Mr. “Unfreakwitable” and “I know I’m not so innocent, but– yada yada” would never voluntarily do) on an album that was basically a shrine to Zayn where Harry’s music videos contained suicide ideation.

(More on these dark themes in the full Fine Line analysis.)

So I say this all to mean, Harry’s young adulthood was emotionally hijacked by his relationship with Zayn, and he has not been right since. From what we can see, he has not been able to form meaningful, long-term relationships with other people in a romantic sense, and he has not been able to have any relationships that are of merit since he is constantly singing about someone he is not with and who does not love him. And he is constantly singing about how he is jealous of that person’s other partners.

Meaning the things he doesn’t have with Zayn ALWAYS takes precedence over what he theoretically is supposed to have with the Kendalls, and T-Swifts, and Camilles of his life. He doesn’t really write about them when you get right down to it, because you can break down each of his albums with precision to see that both records are centered heavily around Zayn; in spite of his public relationships with females.

Harry Styles (The Album) & Kendall

Fine Line & Camille

9 Replies to “Ben Winston vs Zayn”

  1. Dang! This ended up making me so sad though 😢😞!!! Now To Be So Lonely keeps repeating in my head😭. I want to add something most of these people seem to forget Ben and Harry have known each other so long that Harry’s the godfather to one of his children and Harry lived with Ben and his wife for quite a while. Don’t know why they like demeaning people’s relationships with such gossip and rumours.
    On a side note: I also noticed in Ben and 1D interactions from behind the scenes footage that Ben seemed to have a good relationship or liking of Zayn and that always warmed my Zarry heart ♥

  2. Interesting both of the Adore and Falling suicide ideations are by drowning. Lights Up also includes drowning imagery e.g. floating face down. But it’s Zayn that can’t swim. Harry is at home in water i.e. these deaths are coming from someone else’s fear. All the above lyrics above are all talking about unrequited love. Sad, sad, sad ….

  3. Hiya, a small detail about the pics where they were on the boat with eachother. The pics of Barry and Zen are shot on different days, as you can see Ben wearing a black t-shirt in the first and just a blouse on the other. As well is he wearing different unders, but it’s a great article any way 🙂

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