Camille vs Zayn

Ok, let’s get to this one. I’m so tired.

So, this old-fashioned Venn diagram should let you know all you need to know about the Camille vs Zayn situation. There is simply no comparison.

Yes, she got a voice-note on “Cherry.” But you know what? That was a painfully obvious PR anvil admittedly added by Harry and his team in post production. The voice-note is entirely unrelated to the song. It is a recording of Camille on the phone with someone else having a random conversation.

It was added by Harry and his team to divert the PR storm for the album Fine Line in her direction, thereby sparing Zayn, who in spite of having no voice-note still features rather prominently on the album. That’s because Zayn is still struggling to be “open” as Harry notes in “Golden,” even on occasion changing the lyric while he preforms “Golden” to: “I’m hoping someday you’re open….I know that you’re scared because I’m so open.”

“Girl Crush” performed at the BBC August 2017

The emotion in Harry’s voice and face are undeniable during this performance. He had also just begun dating Camille in July 2017, so why on earth was he singing this particular song in such a heartbreaking fashion at the start of his relationship with Camille? Shouldn’t he have been giddy with butterflies over her? Not clearly pained and pouring his heart out to someone who was in a relationship with a girl he was jealous of.

Why choose this song of all the songs on the planet he could’ve chosen to cover??? Why not one about new love or the high he felt having just started dating Camille? Similar logic can be applied to him choosing to sing Still The One about a long-term love he experienced while overcoming tribulations with someone. Why on earth would he sing this about his fairly new relationship with Camille?

Fine Line (The Album) Is About Zayn Malik. Point, blank, period. How can I say that so confidently? Here’s why!

Harry also adopted the yellow/gold very prominently for his album promo and his appearances in 2019/2020. (Read About Green & Gold)

Now whether or not he felt anything serious for Camille, idek. But I doubt it. Why? Well, how serious could he have been about her if he felt the need to intertwine Zayn so heavily throughout an album that should’ve been dedicated to her alone?

“Don’t blame me for falling, I was just a little boy…” (To Be So Lonely) Uh, did you happen to notice Harry was a grown man when he dated Camille?

“Brown skin…” (Adore You) Uh, did you happen to notice Camille doesn’t have brown skin? That Zayn does?

“You can’t blame me darling, not even a little bit, I was away and I’m just an arrogant son of a b*tch who can’t admit when he’s sorry.” (To Be So Lonely) Same song as the “little boy” lyric. Harry is singing to Zayn in that song about when they first started fooling around.

“Don’t blame me for falling, I was just a little boy. Don’t blame the drunk caller, wasn’t ready for it all.” He wasn’t ready for what their relationship evolved into.

The lyric: “You can’t blame me darling, not even a little bit, I was away and I’m just an arrogant son of a b*tch who can’t admit when he’s sorry..” is an indication Harry is singing to someone he’s in a phucked up, twisted, open, long-distance relationship with. Not a normal relationship with someone he is monogamous with.

How do we know this? Because of the language he uses. “You can’t blame me…” Uh, excusez-moi? No one in their right mind would say that when they cheat on a monogamous partner. You would say “you can’t blame me” only if in some respects you felt you had a right to sleep with someone else. He then follows it up with “I was away…” meaning he has some kind of agreement with this person that he can see other people on the road.

Like, hmm, maybe you would say this if your lover is constantly not with you (by their own volition) because they are with someone else, and so you have to tell them “it’s hard for me to go home and be so lonely” and that same lover even admits “I know it’s taking all your strength to keep restrained…where’s the shame? No shame in what you need.”

It all fits together like a dysfunctional little puzzle. And you know this relationship Harry is singing about in TBSL is phucked up because Harry justifies what he did by saying “Do you think it’s easy, being of the jealous kind?” That means he did what he did (the thing he is having trouble apologizing for because he’s an arrogant SOB) out of pettiness and vindictiveness because he was tired of being alone, but also out of JEALOUSY because the person he loves is WITH SOMEONE ELSE. Get it???

And remember, he made it clear this song was NOT about Camille with the “little boy” line. (Ugh more on this complicated storyline later. Remember, we already established this song is NOT about Camille because he couldn’t have possibly fallen for her when he was “just a little boy.” That goes to someone he grew up knowing. He knew ZAYN as a 16-year-old boy.

Harry touches on the same infidelity sentiment in “Falling,” this idea that he did something that he regretted while on the road (“wandering hands”) and got his lover upset with him, which is why he ended up in bed alone. And that opening line to “Falling” is a drawback to the opening line of “From The Dining Table,” a song about someone leaving him, written when Camille was NOT around.

People tend to take for granted the fact that he says “I’m falling AGAIN, I’m falling AGAIN…” meaning he had been in that low and dark place before with this person and it led him to drinking.

FTDT: “Fell back to sleep I got drunk by noon….we haven’t spoke since you went away…”

And did you happen to notice who was singing about their lover being with someone else in 2018? The same person who wrote about their lover having a hard time keeping “restrained” in 2018. Zayn’s timeline matches Harry’s for Fine Line. And who followed up the thought about his lover sleeping with someone else in 2021 with Outside? Zayn. That’s who. “Hurts me when I think about it, someone else being in your bed…”

We’ll get into all of that later. I say this to prove to you Camille was a PR cover for Harry and nothing more. That’s why Zayn is SO prominent in Fine Line that he dwarfs the “Cherry” voice note and the Pineapple on the back cover easily.

Meanwhile the Zayn references are like:

There is nothing substantive to tie Camille to this album, and that is by Harry’s meticulous design. All roads and threads lead logically and shockingly and conclusively back to Zayn. From “Golden” to “Fine Line” (the song). From lyrics to themes to music videos to physical descriptions and a freaking song about his sunflower tattoos. It was purposeful.

Finally, I need you to remember that during the height of Hamille, on the night of Harry’s MSG show, Harry sang “Still The One” to a mysterious VIP box man, not Camille. He also got super emotional during “Sweet Creature” and “If I Could Fly.” We know his emotions during these songs were not about Camille for four reasons:

1.) These songs were factually written before Camille ever came along. “If I Could Fly” (2015) and “Sweet Creature” (2016).

2) Camille had been to a few of Harry’s shows that year, including in Paris. Why didn’t Harry plan to sing “Still The One” in Paris or LA for her since she was at those shows and lived in those places? Why wasn’t he emotional at those shows? Why only in NYC where Zayn lives?

3) Harry was singing to a man on a balcony above the vip boxes who looked exactly like Zayn, and we were FACTUALLY told 5 days before MSG that Zayn and Harry would be together on Friday, June 22nd. Watch here!

MSG in a nutshell. Camille and Xander in the crowd, Harry singing to the VIP box man. Watch here.

4) The rose ring. Harry wore the rose ring every single day devotedly for nearly 2 years starting long before he met Camille. He only took it off on one day, and that was directly following the emotional MSG performance where it was clear Zayn attended. He wore Camille’s ring on and off sporadically to sell the narrative. Nothing more. We know that because he had stopped wearing it in 2018, but then suddenly put it back on over a year later in late 2019 for the promo of Fine Line.

Harry is SO obvious about the fact that Camille is a PR cover, that it’s clear he wants us to understand that.

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