Can I Stay? (Video)

Harry’s “Can I Stay” tattoo appear to be lyrics from a Ray Lamontagne song called “Can I Stay.” It’s safe to assume this is what the tattoo was inspired by because Harry seems to be a huge fan of Ray Lamontagne and tweeted his lyrics often.

In this tweet they are referring to Harry quickly deleting another set of Ray Lamontagne lyrics he posted when images were circulating of Zayn kissing Perrie from Perrie’s Carnival Birthday. Read about that here!

Harry got the lyric tattooed because it must’ve stood out to him in some way. I believe he related to it on a deep level, because we know Harry was in an affair with someone, which he openly sang about quite often: “Happily,” “JALBOYH,” “Woman,” and “Meet Me In The Hallway.”

In affairs, typically you’re not able to spend the night together because you need to separate and go back to your normal lives, (a lot of times with other partners.) Harry seems to have a deep DEEP separation anxiety with his lover. (“you left me in the hallway…give me some morphine…just take my pain away…gotta get better…gotta get better…”) He does not like being apart from them, and when he is away from them, his world stops. All else becomes meaningless and irrelevant like he states in “If I Could Fly.” He also considers himself lonely (despite millions of fans and tons of friends and family) when he is not with this person, as expressed in “To Be So Lonely.”

So it is my guess that the concept of waking up with his lover was something extremely important to Harry, and something he may have demanded in some ways. Hence the “Can I Stay” tattoo, but it also explains also why Harry is so hurt when he doesn’t wake up with his lover that he writes about it. “Woke up alone in this hotel room…where were you?” and “I’m in my bed and you’re not here…”

This would also explain why in “Pillowtalk” Zayn made a big deal of stating, “I love to wake up next to you…” and why in “Let Me” Zayn assures his lover “This time you’ll stay to the morning.” And what is the very first lyric of “Can I Stay,” the song Harry has tattooed? “Can I stay here with you till the morning?”

It would also explain Zayn making an entire song with the same themes in “Tonight” and also “Dusk Till Dawn.” Zayn knows how sacred the bedroom is for them, as he expressed in “Pillowtalk,” but he also emphasized in “Dusk Till Dawn” the importance of the time period between dusk and dawn for them. They are in love on the run. They are in an affair. They cannot have a life together, they only have stolen moments. So from dusk till dawn is their safe place, which they spend in their sanctuary (the bedroom.) And in “Dusk Till Dawn” we see Zayn makes a promise to carve out that time for his lover whenever he can, and repeatedly assures them that they’ll “never be alone” which is a restated fear in Harry’s songs. He is very afraid to be alone:

“I don’t want to be alone, when it ends don’t want to let you know, I don’t want to be alone.”

“It’s hard for me to go home and be so lonely.”

“Woke up alone in this hotel room…were were you?”

“Can I Stay” by Ray Lamontagne

“Can I stay here with you till the morning
I am so far from home and I feel a little stoned
Can I stay here with you till the morning?
There’s nothing I want more than to wake up on your floor

Can I stay here with you, till the day breaks?
There’s something you should know
I ain’t got no place to go
Can I stay here with you, till the day breaks
How happy it would make me to see your face when I wake

Can I stay here with you through the nighttime?
I’ve fallen sad inside and I need a place to hide
Can I stay, here with you, through the nighttime?
I’m all alone and blue, won’t you take me to your room

Lay with me in your thinnest dress
Fill my heart with each caress
Between your blissful kisses, whisper
Darling is this love?

Whisper to me, is this love?”

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  1. Hey! Similar to this proof I have also noticed one thing that I think no one noticed yet. Zayn have a tattoo on his waist quoting “Don’t think I won’t” which is the name of song written by Mark Wills. And yk the fourth line of that song is “but if you need someone to walk through the fire for you, I’m just the man to do it, don’t think I won’t”. And we all know Harry’s adore you lyrics. So I think this is also a big zarry proof. I hope you see this comment and make a documentary or video on it. Coz i think more people should know these things. Waiting for your reply 🙂

  2. Just read why you give up on NIL and i totally agree with you. I love the album it was perfect. Having a love that is natural and so pure is very rare and we shall remember that. Harry needs someone who will love and cherish him , he has endured a lot all this years and if he finally moves on i wish him all the best. Zayn sings “did i just dodged a bullet or lost the love my life” hope he does not experience this when Harry finally moves on.

  3. my heart broke into a million pieces when I saw your post on NIL but I respect your decision and wish the same for Harry and Zayn even though I so badly want them to live a happy life away from everything but we got to do what we got to do and remember their love as one of the most tragic and beautiful love stories to be ever remembered ( i’m crying while typing this😭😢😢😭😭😭😭).

  4. Ok- Based off of all the songs on NIL I strongly believe My Favorite River Road, is based on this. Harry being alone & Zayn is saying, he has to validate himself. Zayn wants him to be his own Pillar. He wants him to be his own person?? I think that Harry may rely greatly on Zayn Emotionally. Excellent, Excellent points! BTW- Blue by Zayn is superior. The connection with all the blue is mind blowing!!💙💙💙

    1. Hey Dawn! I agree with you. I think Zayn definitely wants Harry to be the best version of himself and be independent and whole on his own, which Harry has had no choice but to be since they’re always apart. But I imagine Harry is only so consumed by Zayn because he is never with him. Meaning we feverishly desire the things we want but cannot have. I think if they were actually together, Harry wouldn’t be so consumed by Zayn. He would be able to balance his feelings in a healthy because he wouldn’t feel his hold on Zayn is always so threatened by their separations. But it’s funny that Zayn doesn’t seem to keep that same “pillar” energy when it comes to Gigi. He’s more than content to let her obsess over him and wear his name all over her clothes and jewelry and push the image that they’re together 24/7. The double standard in the way he treats Harry is tragic.

      1. Here I would like to disagree with you A.D. I don’t think Harry by any means needs to define himself with Zayn, as spoken in River road. He is already the most successful 1D’er. No doubt he desires Zayn to another level and needs him for emotional support (like any other “normal” relationship). But who needs Zayn to make her identity? You guessed right it’s Gigi. So it would be logical to think this song is about Gigi, he’s telling her to be self-reliant and how calling her his lover only caused him pain. He never called Harry his lover, at least publicly? And “we can’t control all the outcomes” with respect to Calamity sounds more like taking a stand for yourself. “Doubled my vision, ain’t fairly new to this feeling, searching for meaning still don’t believe it” idk but to me sounded more like a realisation he already had for a long time but too scared to act on. But again with Calamity and tightrope it seems like he’ll have the courage to stand for himself “sooner than after late”. I know you stopped analysing NIL for now but here’s what I noticed (I might be totally wrong) in his latest pic from valentine’s he seemed more real than ever and happy for a change, definitely not romantic (he never been either way but at least he’s not trying to fake like earlier) more like a platonic love. Maybe he’s on a right track or waiting for right moment but I feel like he will let us know soon

        P.s. I don’t know what the caption was, might change my mind on seeing something bizarre.

        But please do let me know what you think of this

  5. because you choose to not accept dm’s or messages through twitter or ig (and I can’t blame you with all the bs that i see through those platforms) I would like to say to you something that Voltaire said : “I disagree with what you say, but I will defend your right to say it to the death ” – Not that I don’t agree with most of the things you say but I’m pissed off with all the new “zarries” accounts that attacks you…
    – DON’T MAKE IT PUBLIC not because I’m afraid but it’s irrelevant to the subject…

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