Debunk: Sweet Creature Is Not About Louis (Video)

Harry was so disturbed by Larries using Two Ghosts and Sweet Creature from HS1 to pretend his album was about Louis, that he got painstakingly direct in Fine Line, proving that his music is for Zayn, up to and including: copying Zayn’s identical track titles, referencing his brown skin in multiple songs, responding to his lyrics in Golden with identical language, using the anniversary of Icarus Falls to release Fine Line, and lastly writing an entire song about Zayn’s sunflower tattoos.

More to come on HS1 and Fine Line soon! For now, here is a video debunking the idea that just because Harry stammered (in frustration and annoyance) when asked about Louis and Sweet Creature that it means the song is secretly about Louis after all.

And here is why I don’t believe this song is about Gemma either.

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