Fools & Frauds

DISCLAIMER: This post is full of inconvenient facts and hurtful realities. Don’t read if you’re sensitive. Trigger warning ⚠ or whatever. Ya’ll keep trying to shut my accounts down, so I’m gonna keep talking about your faves. People don’t realize that despite all my unpopular opinions voiced in the past, I’ve still been heavily censoring myself all along, and never really shared my full thoughts on anything. I’m done with that now.

During my fairly regrettable time in the Zarry community (or on the outskirts of it) I’ve noticed a lot about its key players which I’ve often voiced. To the effect of: “The vast majority of Zarry stans are just Zstans masquerading as shippers because they have nothing better to do since Zayn is a boring ghost.”

Basically they pretend to be into Zarry in order to control the narrative surrounding Zayn’s role in it, because they are insecure and desperately want to hide his shortcomings from the world. They attack me 24/7 because I am his most vocal critic. So I want to take a closer look at the main reasons I have criticized Zayn, and you can all decide for yourself whether my sentiments are valid.

I truly wonder if Ziams experience the same phenomenon with Zstans? Probably not, since they too are usually blind in their devotion to Zayn. I also noticed a lot of Ziams tend to be anti-Zigi (I’m certain Ziams make up the most vocal part of the anti-Zigi community.) But what I don’t like about Ziams is how they all ride Zayn’s di*k so hard, and put all the blame on Gigi. That’s bullspit. I can’t stand Gigi Hadid these days, but I would never (and have never) placed the full blame of Zigi on her. Not when Zayn’s efforts (albeit impotent) to push Zigi onto the public are staring us right in the face as well.

They’re literally performing for the paps who magically know on specific days (not everyday) when they will be leaving their apartment.

They are both to blame for that travesty of a PR relationship, and Zayn in particular because he is well aware of what he has done to Harry, while pushing the Zigi crap, and the fact that he just so happened to have a baby with Gigi (who just before had been in a highly publicized relationship with a major reality TV star) after Fine Line dropped. Tbh, he really did it after Harry released Lights Up in October 2019 on National Coming Out Day.

I will never stop talking about the bogus timing and sequence of events that took place in late 2019 between Harry and Zigi and Tyler Cameron (I have a post about that coming soon!) So when I say Zigi is a joke and has been from Day One and that they both are to blame, I mean that, and not just because of Zarry, it’s because of the relentless performances for the media since 2015 that started with the Pillowtalk music video and multiple magazines and brand deals done together since the second they met. All the BS and media propaganda will be exposed one day, because reality will always reassert itself over lies.

They sadly think a baby and tons of fake articles about their idyllic lifestyle will legitimize their PR driven union and overshadow the Zarry factor, and hide their arrogance (which they have both displayed by treating people poorly in the past and never being held accountable) but it won’t. It’s just a matter of time before everything hits the fan.

Anywhoozers, this post is not about Zigi. It’s about the Zarry Community. Sorry for the tangent.

Zarries (except for a select few like me) tend to mostly be Zstans dipping into the Zarry world for the hell of it, maybe even because they find some of the material and proof compelling. But at their core they are Zstans. I know this to be true because even the people I phuck with the most in this community also tend to lean towards Zayn. I hardly have anyone to truly vent to because I have to constantly worry about offending my friends who have a soft spot for Zayn. I interact with maybe a dozen or so people on a personal level in DMs, and about 9 of them tend to be Zstans at their core. And I love them, but it is what it is.

The remainder of my friends don’t necessarily lean towards Harry, they just aren’t afraid to call Zayn out on his crap. They are mostly neutral. I was mostly neutral in the past, but I tend to lean more towards Harry now for the simple fact that hardly anyone leans towards Harry in this community. The same is true for the Larry community. The vast majority of those creeps are Louis stans who despise Harry but use his name and his projects for clout to promote Louis’ music (kind of like Louis himself.)

Let’s not forget him and his pathetic team using “Harry” and “Larry” for his video tags and Larry fanart to promote his single to get him streams. (*gags*) Ya’ll may not like the things I have to say because they are critical of your faves and rather hurtful, but I always backup my claims with PROOF.

So you can tell a real Zarry from a fake Zarry because the fake Zarries celebrate Zigi like morons and tend to support Zayn uncritically and turn a blind eye to all the bullspit Zayn has done both inside and outside of Zarry. Zayn is not an angel. Face the music. Whatever. And no one EVER holds him accountable for ANY of the shit he’s done (both in his romantic and professional relationships) so he continues to get away with it. Mainly because he’s quiet and really handsome, so from the outside looking in, people think he does no wrong. Ha!

I, on the other hand, am someone who came into the Zarry community from the perspective that Harry really loved Zayn, so I set out to prove that in my earliest videos. I noticed that most prominent Zarries always took Zayn’s side and often falsely painted him as a victim while turning a blind eye to all the proof that he was a major part of the problem in all of his public relationships, including Zerrie and Zarry.

There is also much proof that he has been an issue in his professional relationships as well, but his fans spread disinformation and pretend he’s the victim of sabotage by his own record label. Oh, you know, the people who invested LOADS of money into him upfront before he sold a single record and who have a vested interest in Zayn’s chart success to earn a return on their initial freaking investment!!!

Zayn voluntarily signing a new record deal in 2015 with the assistance of Simon Cowell:

Literally the first tweet under this is someone calling Zayn out because he kept dissing the band who he left without saying goodbye lol

Of course his fans weren’t saying a peep back then. But now that his career isn’t going so well they want to blame it on the record label. I say this because it just shows how Zstans twist reality to victimize him again and again and again and again, and how they attack and attempt to silence anyone who points out the truth of the matter. This is the mentality they bring into the Zarry world while trying to pretend they support Zarry, when in fact they’re only there to control the conversation and paint Zayn in the best possible light.

Yeah, they claim THE LABEL is sabotaging Zayn’s career and not promoting his work etc, even though he was dumped by his own management (who are not apart of his record label) for his refusal to promote his own work in 2018. They saw his career was at a self-inflicted dead end and that Icarus Falls was going to flop, so they understandably hopped off that sinking ship and dropped him in 2018.

Zayn himself admitted in 2017 how he had zero plans to promote his work in any capacity (an ill-conceived and ruinous idea for a music artist of his caliber) which is something he should have figured out long before he signed onto a new 7/8 figure record deal in 2015, wasting the industry’s time and resources.

Funny how he is so adverse to appearing on a freaking talk show for a brief interview to promote his work, calling it reality TV (again throwing most other artists and reality TV stars under the bus) but then ADMITTED to engaging the paparazzi to promote himself (wbk: Exhibit A.) He often goes out of his way to perform for the paps, with a girl he has FACTUALLY performed with for major PR since 2015.

Zayn With GQ In 2018:

Another unlikely topic that will break Zayn out of his default conversational mode and get him talking in jolting, paragraphs-long monologues: the paparazzi. The paparazzi who have been trailing him for years and, recently, every time he sets foot near Gigi’s NoHo apartment, feeding the endless tabloid speculation about the state of their relationship. The paps used to piss Zayn off, until he realized their utility.

“That’s my promo,” he says. “I come outside, they take photos.”

I would be remiss to ignore that at the same time in 2018, there were reports of Zayn being verbally abusive to his former management team (which allegedly contributed to their decision to disengage him) and I genuinely refused to believe it at the time in 2018, but after that hotel hiccup in 2020 and a few of his 2019 Twitter rants, I must admit this notion no longer sounds entirely far-fetched.

After being dropped by his management in the middle of an album rollout, he returned to Gigi and upped the PR with that weird pap walk and forced kiss.

I’ll be making another post later about how the only thing Zayn can think to do to promote himself these days is to be caught with Gigi on the streets by the paps. It happened this year when he released the “To Begin Again” video. Sad times. For now, back to the Zarry community, which is a joke!

He also has a long-storied reputation of ditching good people and never taking accountability for it, in both professional and romantic relationships: Perrie Edwards, One Direction, Reporter for GQ, reporter for Billboard, Tyler The Creator— to name a few.

“And then, in probably the most Zayn-like move of the night, he never comes back.” (Billboard, 2017)

“It’s self-absorbed, immature, and unprofessional.” (GQ, 2018)

“I think with Zayn’s particular exit and the way he chose to go, we haven’t really heard from him since he left. He didn’t even say goodbye, if I am being honest. It was a really sordid scenario, from our side certainly. A bit strange. It’s difficult.” (Liam Payne, British GQ, 2019)

“Fun fact: i wrote ‘see you again’ for zayn but that bitch flaked on studio time twice, so i kept the ref for myself, worked out actually” (Tyler, The Creator 2017)

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  1. I kept hearing this song on the radio, Story of My Life. I loved it and wondered who sang it. Found out it was a group called One Direction. I began looking at their old interviews, music videos and their movie, This Is Us. I loved their typical teenage boy enthusiasm and silliness. Found out they were from XFactor and watched those shows. To make a long story short, I suffered a loss in 2016 and they brought a smile back to my face. My son thinks I am too old for 1D and I am, but what makes you happy, makes you happy, unapologetically.

    I had not heard of ships until I read AD’s. You peaked my interest so I created a timeline (I have too much time on my hands and like to keep my skill sets up) from multiple sources to see how things stacked up. Everything you said made sense AD. I read how Zayn and Harry had houses nearby each other in both LA and NY and that Zayn and Harry both recorded in Jamaica. Those facts, among many, were maybe the key to my realizing that this was the real deal, not just a friendship.

    Fast forward to today, the problem I see now is that Zayn and Harry are not the same people they were in the band. Looking back, with some wisdom I hope, your teens are the years where you feel everything so passionately and deeply, even at 20-21. But through your 20s is when you make the biggest changes in becoming the people that you become. That’s why a lot of young marriages don’t make it, you diverge into two different paths. It’s a real heartbreaker. If either of them is holding onto something, it most likely is their past. At this point, they are too different, in my opinion, to make it work. There would have to be a lot of concession and I don’t think either is up for it, at this point, anyway. I mean, sexual preference aside, I can’t see Zayn following Harry around as he continues on with his career. And I believe that Harry would find it hard to balance his ambitions with those of Zayn’s. I’d like to think I’m wrong and maybe it’s the long game that will see them move together again. If they do, I’m happy for them. If they don’t, I’m happy for them as well. Life is too damn short to not find your happiness and you never know if tomorrow will be your last.

  2. I love you AD. From the first time I follow you untill now, I love you. (Your mind specifically)
    And to be honest I have zero concern for zayn right now.
    He dig himself in a hole he can’t get out but he refused the hand that will ALWAYS reach out to help him.
    So yes he can go bankrupt, be a puppet for his baby mama, be a mannequin for the paps whenever he feels the need to.
    I give zero f#ck anymore.
    Ztans and Larry and ziams are pretty much sharing the same braincell.

    I love ive you girl 😉😉😉

  3. Sad for ZarryClouds .. it was just really lovely pictures of the boys invidually …

    1. Yes that was such bullshit. She wasn’t involved in any fandom drama. They were just made Zayn was following a “Zarry” account out of only 29 accounts.

    2. I love and respect your Blog, your YouTube Channel and Website! You have amazing insight and you aren’t intimidated by others. You’ve been doing this for awhile and you have nothing to prove. I was one of the 💚💛 accounts that got deleted so trying to catch up and your account is one of my favs! Merci!

  4. I’m a Harry stan. I’m not even going to pretend I’m objective. I discovered his solo music first, then 1D, a few unfortunate larry videos and then out of curiousity, I watched one of your videos and fell down the rabbit hole never to return. It’s bittersweet to watch the old videos. I think they were beautiful in their 1D days. I don’t think a reunion or happily ever after is in the cards for them, but that is just my opinion. Like everyone else, Z has to live with his choices. To be truly honest, the whole zayn/zigi saga has become boring. I don’t judge him because who the hell am I to do that?–but i just don’t care what zigi does anymore. The timing of the pregnancy was a turning point. From his actions, I don’t think he will ever do right by Harry. They both have issues. IMO, the relationship isn’t good for either one of them anymore. Any person who has been alive for awhile knows that 2 people can love each other intensely and still have a train wreck of a relationship. I hope Z finds his own happiness and I hope Harry never settles for a piece of someone’s heart. He’s an extraordinary human. He deserves to be with someone who will be as devoted as he is. It’s not a stab at Z. He’s just emotionally different and I don’t think he’s emotionally capable of being as wide open as Harry. I am glad that you’re a writer and you can explore new content for us. I look forward to it. (I haven’t been on Bad company. I’m one of those really empathetic people who get disturbed by stories like the Menendez brothers. That level of human suffering and darkness and downright evil does something to me…but I can’t even watch the ASPCA commercial.)

    1. I hear you my dear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us. This was well said and very real. I know the Menendez case is hard to listen to. It literally haunts me that I can’t help them or turn back time and free them or even save them from their father and this fate. It just sucks all the way around.

      1. This isn’t mean spirited but how can you not get bored with the same Zigi crap when you have Harry over here killing it doing vogue covers, TWO movies, opening the grammys in a black leather Gucci suit with a feather boa like only he can and having the nerve to turn around and win a Grammy wearing a purple boa. All of that after the gift of the TPWK video of him dancing in his sparkly jacket. Zigi can’t compete with that. Harry is extraordinary and even more so because he doesn’t think he is. He just thinks he’s lucky. I’m going to shut up now but I did give full disclosure. I’m a stan. It is what it is. 😉

  5. The reason why Z doesn’t interact with his fans a lot imo comes from the fact that he doesn’t feel connected to them anymore because they don’t really know him. Lots of them hate on the man he actually sings about and praise the Hadids for “helping” him when they really don’t.
    Only if he performs his songs live and opens up about them like he did a little bit with Tightrope can he build a real connection.
    Medicine was a gamechanger for H. Singing that song and bringing his flags on tour and getting acceptance &cheers back from his fans must’ve had a huge effect on him, and I rarely see people talk about this. It definitely helped him be so vulnberale on FL.
    Lots of Zfans are confused about his lyrics but they’re too afraid to question zigi because he still participates in it.
    Zigi needs to end because whilst getting the protection he feels he needs, it actually costs him a lot more.
    It sucks that all we can do is helplessly watch it all happen. He got himself in a mess and I wish him strength to find a way out.

  6. I am the person who commented to you on IG who got called ‘a ZD girl’ by a hardcore zarry, on a zarry IG page when i said z uses us (I’ve never been so happy)😆the minute z made those grammy tweets & the zarry peace ring went on grammy night, i realized how far things had fallen. z becoming father-of-the-year,family man of the year, & giving g credit for everything, made me unsubscribe to zarry pages (and get them off my subscribers except a few realist) because i can’t stomach the zarry fluff everybody is still putting out. they say the interviews were scripted but zayn sounded perfectly fine to me. but his payback is since then, he has had to do every papwalk under the sun (father of the year indeed). i DO NOT believe is forced to go along w/the hadid’s. he didn’t all this time until it became a spiteful swipe at harry. i do believe monetarily they saved his butt once the baby came into play. performer’s don’t make the big money off their albums, they make the big money off their tours elevating future album sales. liam,niall & louis (who just started his tour before covid) have the plus on that. harry because of a cult following of his first world tour, was lucky for FL to rest on its own laurels & become a big album. harry also acts, niall went to modest & they backed him & now heads ‘modest golf’, liam is the face of HUGO, Louis has just started his own management company, zayn nothing. had zayn did one tour he would have been set but his ‘anxiety’ got in the way. am i in no way calling him out on that personally i know how serious it is, i am just sick of people using that as an excuse for every f*ck up that he does. theres free will & he dug his whole. if its money he needed instead of going to harry for the 100th time (who might have wanted stipulations by now), or declaring bankruptcy (goodness knows keeping his whole family in botox & advertising on IG buying homes etc) he didn’t have to sign a contract to act as a concerned baby daddy.
    as far as the zarry accounts being deleted larrys/ziams have been too concerned with certain dates they’ve been following for years (i cruise their sites). i DO NOT think its the hadid’s. yolanda was being followed by where he recorded the video. she is a tough business woman, using us may be her idea also. if anything harry’s camp may be erasing the sting because of holivia. whatever the case it’ll all come out some day, but unfortunately it probably won’t happen until a tragedy & that’s whats sad.

    1. Wow this entire comment was 👏👏👏👏 thanks for sharing your thoughts!! I understand your frustration and you made a lot of excellent points here. I’m happy to hear from other zarries disenchanted with zayn and done making excuses for him. I hope you all keep speaking up. ❤️❤️

    2. @darling Zayn has a history of borrowing money from Harry? And he does the things he does? That’s like next level horrible. That’s villainous.

      1. So by hitting the reply button on my own comment, I guess that means I’m talking to myself, but I thought of some more to say. I don’t know why it wouldn’t cross my mind that Harry would give money to Zayn, it’s not a loan if it’s not paid back. Harry paid for his crews wages who couldn’t work during the pandemic and it was enough money for one of them to open a flower shop and name arrangements after Harry. Harry also contributed to Louis and Niall’s concert fundraisers for their crews. Since Zayn is only fundraising for himself and down to his last $30 million, maybe his Z fans)stans/whatever could start a go fund me page for him and take some of the pressure off of Harry. That Zayn could purposely take aim at Harry the week before the Grammys and then the night of the Grammys, Zayn knowing full well Harry’s live television nerves and that it’s about money, that is some kind of fuckery.

      2. in order to have a farm the size that zayn has it has to be a ‘working’ farm in order to help pay taxes on it. there has to be something doing all on it all year. when you see the hadid’s planting massive amounts of lavender in the spring it isn’t so it looks pretty, its because come end of growing season they can harvest it & sell it to perfume,or other fragrance companies. i heard long ago that zayn has a working farm. what he does on it i don’t know, but i always thought because of zayns obvious lack-there-of motivation, that harry probably invested in his farm & saved his rear more than once. i also think thats one of the reasons mama malik post zarry related items when their on the outs (the last being g b-day where she wished her a happy b-day yet posted a 1d post where harry was singing next to zayn in the next frame), she probably benefits from it too. she knows g will not give money w/o making him work for it🤔

    3. @darling. I am 1000% in agreement with you! Plus you brought up a couple of points that I have been wondering about. I have been hearing for awhile that Zayn was having money issues. Not surprising based on the fact that he doesn’t appear to be bringing in enough to support his expenses. It’s obvious that his family has benefited from the money. Plus, I’ve often wondered who paid for the reno on Gigi’s NY apt. I understand his issues with touring but I don’t see any reason why he could not do an online concert during the pandemic…this would help get his music out and hopefully jumpstart him to touring. What I hadn’t heard was the Harry had been giving/loaning him money. How long has this been going on? I can see Harry doing this…very sad. Also you mentioned “certain dates’ that Larry’s/Zion’s are concerned with…how does this relate to closed down Zarry accounts?

      Bottom line….all these blind followers of Zayn are enablers. I am very concerned about his mental state. He is on a downward spiral which everyone seems to ignore.

      Anyway loved your post….clarifies a lot.

      1. the larrys/ziams have had alot of notable anniversaries of when louis/harry, liam/zayn did this or that recently (like us we say this is the day zayn tweeted something or harry hugged him onstage,etc on a certain day)] so they haven’t even been mentioning the zarry accounts in the past few weeks. because of this, i doubt their behind the closure of the zarry accounts.

      2. i made a reply to ‘kate’ above on why i personally believe (no one can sway me that this didn’t happen) harry gave zayn money. it has to do with the upkeep of the farm. i will say this, when zayn moved there he seemed very happy there. he was posting pictures of him in the garden, etc. he sold his NYC condo & enjoyed his life. yet as he mixes with the wrong people & makes bad decisions, something he loves now is just a place to get high. as far as g, her own is her own. she is extremely wealthy. he never paid for anything of hers. but when his young mother 16 year old sister posts that she doesn’t cook or clean (and lives in the house that z gave her) you realize he’s probably paying for a maid💰thats what his lifes become.

          1. Online net worth isn’t always the most accurate, since it’s based on publicly known information like assets, tours, etc. But I think people speculate Zayn may be running into money problems because “publicly” it seems he isn’t making money from new ventures these days, and took a cut in money from leaving the band. But of course no one actually knows what his income looks like behind the scenes.

        1. @darling it would actually be out of character for Harry to not help Zayn and using the farm would work better for bookkeeping and Zayn’s ego. We’ve all seem happy on the farm pictures of Zayn, why wouldn’t you do that for someone you cared about, if you could? Zayn doesn’t have to be publicly grateful, but he could not be publicly not a jerk. I have anxiety and rage and impulse issues, usually confined to breaking my own stuff because that’s how I roll, but when I have been a shithead to others, I apologize, I don’t amp up the assholery and get worse. Zayn needs to be in therapy.

    4. woow 😳 if it’s true zayn is in deep trouble right now .. i can’t believe he asked harry for money !!! and H will just gave it to him ?! his financial problems are to be expected .. i mean he didn’t sell albums .. he didn’t tour and he’s suppoting a very big family .. but zayn seems a very proud man ? asking anyone especially H will be too heavy to bear

      1. i want to take you back to the world of zarry, when it was all puppy dogs & moonbeams around 2017. zayn has helped harry with the record (or if not even pre) & because of their obvious miss communication harry or zayn have to think of ways to be in eachother’s lives without messing up their current relationships with other people. what better way to do this when it’s bought up that harry invest in zayn’s farm? there’s a possible financial gain for both, it gives harry an excuse to visit zayn’s farm to check on his investment & zayn an excuse to call harry to come & see his investment when it’s really an excuse to fall in eachothers arms. it’s like those dirty vans which were way to small that harry’s heel was hanging off them. those were probley given last minute when harry showed up at zayn’s farm, to replace his gucci heels, to check out his investment.

        1. Hello all, just popping in here to say, I know a lot of people are inquiring into this thread about Harry giving Zayn money for his farm, I just want to make it clear there is no evidence of what Zayn’s financial situation looks like at the moment, we have no idea what his income is at the moment, and of course since we don’t even know if Zarry are in touch, we have no idea if Harry has invested in Zayn’s farm or not or given him money. Many people have speculated for the last few years that Zayn has encountered money issues since he has let his career go, but there has been no supporting evidence. The notion of Harry giving Zayn money is just @darling’s interesting theory right now, based on things that they have observed and feel may have happened between the two.

    5. I probably missed something, but what proofs/clues do we have that H offered him money?

  7. I agree with EVERYTHING you are saying AD as my IG account was closed due to a comment I made about Zayn and hus BS. Don’t get me wrong, I love love Zayn’s music and will probably continue to listen to it but will do like the rest of his “fans” no longer spend money on his music. He gives us very little so I think we should return the favor. I am team Zarry all day everyday but Zayn’s behavior is something I cannot ignore. I live Harry and think he is the better performer of the two because his insides match his outside. He knows what he’s doing and has his irons in a lot of fires. When its all said and done I think He and Niall with be the last men standing. The rest will fade and if Zayn don’t get his shxt together, he will have single handily ruined his own career. Also that voice will fail him if he keeps smoking cigarettes and marijuana which will be tragic because he has nothing else to fall back on. Lets see how long Gigi lets him hang around then. Strange how we haven’t seen a PAP walk since the hand on butt pose for her Bday. Makes you wonder if they call them whenever they decide to take a stroll. A joke. Zayn used to be genuinely happy and sent off manly dominant vibes. Now he looks like hes terrified and a little boy against her. She has destroyed whatever character he had as a man and its sad to see it in action. No, he has let her. Only to prove to the world he’s not gay. If I had to live like that, I would shout it off the roof tops. How much smaller can he get? Anyway, Harry has a concert in October here in North Carolina and I went online to buy tickets. Its already sold out. DAMN!

  8. i’m more zayn stan than a zarry actually .. but i agree with every word you said about him sigh .. i love his music but i totaly get disappointed by his behavior .. he’s been on mode selfdestruction for yrs now i can see that and i’m a new fan lol ‘since the lockdown’ ..he’s ruining everything even his 1D heritage .. a great one i’m just starting to discover it ..yes first i used to think he’s a victim like everyone i guess but now i can see through his BS .. i hope he’d realise how he f***** ** before it’s too late

  9. A boring ghost HAHAHAHHAHAAAA
    I’m dead that’s soo true.
    There are even accounts on twitter just explaining that zayn’s lyrics are the proof on his broken heart (guess who broked that…The beast “harry”) 😂😂😂😂
    Honestly i was a h_stan from the begining then i discovered the shipping thing and the larry one was so unreal for me then the zarry thing came i believe there “was” something there.
    But for me its soo obvious who’s the side that is hurt in this relation and its my babe harry😔😔😔😔😔he honestly deserves the world in my eyes i want to hide him in my pocket and keep him safe😆😆😆
    And every thing that these called “zarry_zayn” accounts are just so illusional they just say harry went around to phuck every living creature well i don’t care what he did he’s not the one who have the child, he’s the one who is very opened he’s the one who became an idol for the lgbtq he’s the one who provides the fans at the concert to be who they truly are.😍😍😍😍😍😍he’s just ughh i don’t even have words i love him soo much.
    And honestly if there is a zstan zarry’s there should be a hstan zarry’s that’s where we come😆😆😆😆
    Honestly me as a harry stan and according to every other fandom way of thinking, if there is a day to come and harry did anything that hurt anyone (which is impossible) i can be on his side and defend him till the end. Don’t judge me I’m copying
    Im sorry i just can’t believe thet harry hurted zayn more than zayn did to him.

    And I’m happy u pointed more than one aggressive behavior from zayn which is an act we could never be witnessed from harry which is the one who should be the monster as they put him to be.
    And im not even gonna talk about zigi and the pics it’s a mess. And zayn nowadays giving signs in all directions(eg. The pearls) but yet doing things like that ( the walks) i just can’t and don’t want to read him. I went on reading and being intrested in him just for the sake of any emotion being there towrds harry and as time passes and i guess this emotion is dead or soon to be dead or even hidden so deep and not allowed to be out i don’t know any more but it’s not there and im losing intrest in him so much (personal life wise) i confess his music is so good his intelegence in music lyric his work is so good but other than that😂😂😂😂it’s soo funny because nothing makes sense.
    I started with harry im back to harry and im gonna be always harry sided because i know he deserves.

  10. Uncensored AD is my fav! This isn’t because I want or like you to bash anyone but because its you being real and saying things that most won’t. I never really noticed a the majority of Zarries are / were Z fans first. I guess I just assumed it would be more 50 / 50. I was in love with H before I even knew anything about Z (besides his amazing vocals on I Don’t Wanna Live Forever). One day out of curiosity I went on You Tube to see what Harry sang for his audition on X Factor (I wasn’t a Directioner)…..well we see where that got me lol.

    I’ll never understand the people that spend their time and energy worrying about you and what you’re saying if they don’t “like” you. Do they go to restaurants that serve food they dont like? Or maybe try and put sushi restaurants out of business because they don’t like sushi. Do they hang out in person with people they don’t like? Honestly none of it makes sense.

    Also, even if people don’t agree 100% with what you say (which you’ve never expected or stated “all my followers MUST agree with me on every statement I make lol) at the very least it gives anther perspective to think about or another point of view to see things from. Sometimes almost like playing devils advocate. There are only two people in this scenario that know the complete truth. There have been countless posts or points made that I’ve realized, “oh yeah that’s true, I would have never even thought about that.”

    It is sad to see you say “fairly regrettable time,” but I also can ‘t imagine the last few years for you.

  11. Hi A.D.;) I just wanna let you know that I admired you and always look up to you. I always wanted to be someone like you who are not afraid to say what to say. Who are not afraid to state a certain facts eventhough lots of people might consider it rude. But “a fact is a fact” You are the reason why I get in a Zarrie hole. When, I was new to Zarrie I followed a lot of ZARRY accounts. By the time you are being vocal about Zs behaviour majority of the zarry accounts I followed keep talking sh#t about you and I was wondering why ??
    Everything you post about the fake Zarries are just facts straight. They are just Zigi and some solo zStans masquerading as Zarries.
    Thank you for this post AD for all your hard work and efforts. YOU SAID ALREADY WHATS ON MY MIND FOR SO LONG.YOU ARE AMAZING AD and you are love. Lovelots.
    Hope to really meet you in person. Love you;)😘💚💛

  12. U said it well AD m soo sick n tired of most people in this fandom.How can normal people not c anything wrong with H being a secret side piece for 10yrs????Ask yoself if u wer in H position wld u b okay seeing yo man with some1 else and even have a child?? Zarries celebrate zigi and at the same tym act as if G is holding Z hostage, always wanna make excuses fo Z and expect H to kip stomaching rubbish inthe name of love.
    About the haters dont mind them queen deep down they all know ua the best Zarry account u made the whole zarry mystery make sense. Your fanfic is the best at tyms l even forget its not H’s diary lol
    The larries(Loui’s fans) yhooh those ones l cant with them..they dont even love H all they want is to use him to make their fav relevent.Everytime H get a nomination they wil b asking ‘wat about Lou’ its soo annoying,since they cant get their fav to h’s level all they do is pull H down.Zstans on the other hand trash talking H wont increase Z’s sales thats all l can say

  13. (My apologies, this is going to be a looong one… no need to publish this if it is too much, but I hope you read it! 😊 )

    Hi AD, I really enjoyed reading this (love it when you go beast-mode!!!), and totally agree with you about the censorship and stan culture! Although, being Gen X (read: old…) and not being really that engaged in social media and living mostly in my own happy bubble (work as material scientist, spending my free time with my horse and listening to music), I am aware that I probably don’t see even the fraction of the ugliness and attacks you must be seeing. My road to this craziness was typical for someone my age, namely solo Harry Styles –> One Direction –> Zarry + Zayn. Zarry-land has become my guilty pleasure, a place to fangirl over these boys, something I won’t dare to do publicly (mostly… What would they think at work if they knew what weird things goes on in my head!!! I would lose all credibility, lol…) I don’t really consider myself standing either of them (nor anyone else, really), but Harry will always have a special place in my heart. However, now that I have observed Zayn’s behaviour a bit closely, I do find some sympathy for him. Mainly because I think I see some similarities between him and myself, regarding some behavioural patterns and personality traits. Naturally, I am not a psychologist, but based on by own path discovering my own traumas and issues, I worry about him. If I am correct in my assessment (which of course might be just total projection of my own problems), living this fake life and lack of authenticity in his actions is especially detrimental to his mental state. I may be naïve, but I think his lyrics represent his truest self. And there is SOOO big discrepancy between what he is saying and what he does in his daily life, that I have trouble handling it. He having all the resources (=money) he has is a double-edged sword; It enables him to maintain this lifestyle and self-medicating for god knows how long, but when (not if, WHEN) he hits the wall, it will most likely be really bad. He is still young, but when years go by it will be more and more difficult to pretend. For me, it took a total turnup of my personal and professional life within less than a year, but nowadays I am grateful it happened when it happened, because it forced me to finally look inside and ultimately made my life better. But if it hits too hard, it can destroy you. Now, after all this rambling I do agree that he (or anyone else) definitely should not be above criticism. And to be honest, I find it quite funny that these devoted Z-stans worry about any of this, like Z would ever even see (or care) any of it!?

    P.S. Don’t take this the wrong way, but as a Scandinavian, I always find it a bit funny when I hear the claim that USA is the freest country in the world. Of course, not having lived there my perception is based on what’s in general media, but I kind of feel we are at least as free as you there to voice our opinions and choose the way we lead our lives. Plus all the benefits of society looking for it members (the bad bad SOCIALISM, you know! 😀 ) As someone from working-class family and having paid zero euros for my doctoral degree education, I consider this country quite free and a good place to live! (Also, just realized how especially Finnish of me to start almost e-v-e-r-y sentence with a disclaimer, desperately trying NOT to appear too obnoxious or overly confident! 😀 Oh well, that’s us…)

    P.P.S. I realize you probably get many offers after this post, but I also would love to have more conversations with like-minded people like you. This place is my only outlet for all the anxiety Zarry occasionally gives me. It doesn’t have to be Zarry-related, I always enjoy any civil conversation with intelligent people, and as highly introverted it is easier for me to do it over the keyboard than face-to-face in real life. Sad, but true. 🤣

    1. Hi dear, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I generally agree with you regarding the Zarry stuff. Zayn is a conflicted soul who it’s easy to feel sympathy for when you first learn about him, I certainly did. But I suppose my patience has just worn thin and I feel sort of disappointed at the incredible contradictions in his actions and words. But it’s his life so he’ll do what he wants.

      And it’s funny you say that: “As a Scandinavian, I always find it a bit funny when I hear the claim that USA is the freest country in the world.” Because I also find it funny when other countries say that we aren’t. You yourself indicated you were able to get a full doctorate degree without paying a dime, and that you enjoy a society that provides benefits for all of its members (socialism) I personally don’t consider that “freedom.”

      You no doubt pay really high taxes if your government pays for everyone’s education at the highest level free of charge, and that means wealth is being redistributed on some level to achieve that. Meaning if you work really hard to earn a lot, someone who is working less hard than you can come along and get the same benefits as you, even though they’ve paid less into the system. I’m not saying there’s necessarily anything wrong with helping the less fortunate because my country also has socialist programs for the poor, but even so, my government isn’t giving away Doctorate Degrees for free, they support people with special circumstances up to a Bachelor’s degree and beyond that we have to get government or private loans, and rightfully so. The same issues arise in the debate about free healthcare for all and healthcare being governed by the private sector vs the government, which has been an ongoing political war in the US because of the ways it encroaches on certain freedoms. And of course these “free for all” programs tend to work better in countries far smaller than the US which has over 15 times the population of all of Scandinavia combined. Basically the argument comes down to government involvement vs the individual’s right to make decisions for themselves, the degree of which varies in different countries and I feel America fights for the individual to maintain as much control as possible over the government, hence the second amendment.

      Many Americans don’t consider socialism freedom in its purest form. And regardless of which Scandinavian country you may be from (I think you indicated it might be the beautiful Finland) I can guarantee you it won’t stake up on the books to the United States in regards to freedom of speech, gun ownership, and capitalism. Those are the main things I believe make our country the freest. With that being said, that’s definitely not me trying to say our country is the BEST, because good lord it’s not. I would never claim that. There is a lot about this country that I would love to change, and there is a lot from other countries I would like to acquire to better our country.

      Other than that thanks for joining me here and I think many people would love to hear your thoughts on Zarry since you seem to come from a more mature mindset. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

  14. I have one question for all Zarries. Would you support Harry if he found another love? And if it was woman? I really feel it is time for him, and that after baby and Covid he literally come to some conclusions. And maybe that was the reason why he fell for Oliva. Both of them suffer from ending of Something. I don’t know, I am so desperate about him to be happy, so now I am so much into this Holivia couple. I will never forget “you are pathetic” tweet.

    About Zayn… I am European Mislim. It is so hard for as to be strong identity wise. I know the struggles. So, Zayn being popular Muslim star is so huge for us. And majority of his stans are muslim. Now…I know I am on the dangerous place now…but I gotta tell you this. Ok, he have left Islam. But, why he never ever congratulate us Eid? Why in the middle of Ramadan he celebrates BD with alcohol? I admit, I did love the fact that he was Muslim, but I loved him for his many talents. Now, why I would still say that people do not love him cause he is Muslim, cause he is not anymore? And why blame him being muslim for not come out when he did other things like publish erotic MV in first day of Ramadan?

    Being in public eyes is hard for both of them, for all celebrities, I know. But I am done of people draging Harry into everything. He suffered enough from Larries, and he still do. Now, Zarries will do the same. When I think about it, Camille, Nadine, Oliva and even Xander (if there ever was something) never did anything to hurt him publicly.

    I was so frustrated with Xander, cause I thought that Zayn suffered. And I needed all the proofs I’m my head that they weren’t couple. But now, I don’t care. I am glad that after 1D Harry surronded himself with people who are not afraid to fight for him.

  15. Continuing.. I was in zarrie fandom thn.. I eventually realised zarries r majorly zquad who came across the truth of zarry nd claims to bcome zarrie which is fine but eventually I became aware of the whole hypocrisy thing… I withdrew myself from the whole zarry community after u called out zayn on the pregnancy thing nd all the zarry accounts i was following thn were talking ill about u nd I deleted my whole account…i also intially used to think harry is loved the most nd kind of given pass for things but joining twitter nd seeing the reality that EVERY MULTI fandom associated with harry is ready to throw him under the bus just name it Larries, zarries, ot5s, etc.. The only people that actually care abt harry r the harries so I am a harrie now.. I don’t downplay the struggles zayn has gone through like many other poc artists nd also the rich,white privilege of harry.. They both r human who have commit mistake like all of us but victimizing Louis, zayn, the other boys nd portraying harry as if he is overrated for everything is just nonsense… I will always admire zayn for the insanely intelligent nd talented artist he is.. But that’s about it…nd the prblm u said about not having a frnd to vent to abt z I faced the same thing thn nd now too.. I always censor myself nd this is the first time on any level I actually said this.. Not even to my irl frnd or any other social place.. Sorry for the long rant.. BTW I admire ur personality a lot…u r the 1st one nd only one to actually say the words that forever remained in my mind only

  16. I think that one of the big reasons why H is not open at all is Z. But I have the feeling that this is going to change and maybe that is making Z nervous and we see so much theater with the paps walks.
    If you are Zarry you cannot be Zigi, I think there are two totally opposite things, from my point of view.
    I’ve never doubted how much Z loves H, but I think everything has changed since the baby was born. I don’t know who made the decision, but I don’t see congratulations to either of you. Starting over after such a love takes a lot of time and a lot of tears.
    I have read My Policeman and seeing Harry in the role of Tom makes me very excited.
    I wish H and Z the best separately. For my sanity Zarry is over.

  17. I don’t understand z mind he wouldn’t do anything to promote his work but be in such a long pr relationship how can a person do those contradictory things for so long. Also is there any proof he ever had anxiety during 1d days ? We have seen harry anxious, shaking and throwing up n z calming him . How did he all of a sudden have this much anxiety that he just never performed again it’s been years . N I believe the single reason of him not doing as well as he should don’t u 🤔

    1. Hi dear. I think Zayn internalizes a lot so he doesn’t show a lot of outward signs of anxiety, but his eating disorder was proof enough. So I won’t question if he has anxiety, I see to many of the subtle traits in him that I experience myself. But of courses having anxiety is not a license to treat people however you want and constantly be excused for it. He has gotten away with a lot of shady behavior, and that’s outside of the Zarry issues.

    2. @Anon I wonder if being in One Direction didn’t give them all anxiety. It’s wonderful that Zayn helped Harry with his stage fright, I think if Harry had gotten a reputation as not being able to perform live, talent wouldn’t have mattered, like with Zayn now. I don’t know why Zayn doesn’t stay on the farm and make music for himself, he doesn’t have to work, none of the One Direction guys do. Whatever kind of jerk Simon Cowell is/was, they at least didn’t end up with no money having to do insurance commercials.

      I have anxiety and it got worse over the years. I noticed changes in myself I didn’t like, I talked to my friends about if I had changed and they said I didn’t smile anymore. I was on medication for anxiety ( I’m off now) and seeing a therapist and meditating and keeping a journal to get it under control. I think people in Zayn’s life are letting him do whatever he wants and he’s not self aware enough to go to therapy and the people who are online making him a victim, aren’t really helping him.

      1. this 👌🏻 i totally agree .. peopole around him didn’t have his best interests at heart and he’s too arrogant to take advice and ask for help

      2. I think there are several reasons why he doesn’t go to therapy. I definitely agree that the people in his life, (some of them at least) don’t seem to care enough, that could also be because they’re not aware just how bad things are since he internalizes everything and doesn’t talk about it.
        I feel like he’s one of those people who think therapy just isn’t for them. Maybe because people in his community never went and it still isn’t so normalized. Another thing is also, ironically, if you’re really intelligent you often feel like you can just deal with it yourself, that you’re smart enough to solve the problems on your own.
        I hope that someone close to him cares enough to make him take care of himself because I’m really worried where this is going to go…

  18. Wow AD, I don’t know where to even begin. You have taken so much abuse because you speak on what you see and your analytical abilities are crazy! You have a gift that far surpasses what conventional platforms allow or will allow you to demonstrate. Many can’t see beyond what is media fed to them and they yearn for some sought of interaction or response from a despondent individual who probably finds the state of some of his stans to be a joke. It’s just a sad. I have to admit, i had to fall back with the Zarry thing, I see Zayn as a person who is stuck. He has the ability to get out of it but won’t. That’s his choice but he shouldn’t be surprised when what he thought would be waiting for him when he got his shit together is gone.
    Now for my handsome Harry, I believe he is still hurting, but he is still moving on. He is doing everything Zayn despises. He is out there promoting his self and his music. Taking on roles to add on his portfolio! He does look like he aged a little, but some people call it being distinguished. Either way he is still fine as EVER and I like it!
    What ever happened between them will always be a mystery. I won’t say there relationship was toxic because we really don’t know what went on behind closed doors. We can only imagine. However, what is happening now in the media is straight up bullshit, and it seems that Zayn is the one slinging it around. Harry has been trying to stay out of the media or playing it low-key.(the gentleman that he is) but people want to have his name in their mouth. When Harry is ready to come out he will. He is not going to be triggered by Zayn or anyone like in the past. Harry has matured and you can see it by his disposition and his actions. Not like the ameba that doesn’t know what to do with his hands(smile)
    Love you AD! Keep your head up and take some advil cause i know this shit be giving you a headache!!!

    1. Hahaha you’re so awesome. It is a big headache theses days. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. And thank you for all your kind words and encouragement. I love you too! I hope you’re right about Harry. That he is moving on and is doing what feels right for him. He certainly deserves to after exposing his heart so much only to be left wanting. I wish him the world.

  19. Hey AD, I’m not writing this to comment on your page, but to you. Please, please don’t call out of Nana like that. I know you’re annoyed at how quick she switched up lanes, but she has tonnes of issues, her daughter too, and the fact she’s still alive and breathing is applaudable. Is there a way you could make this page private or something?

    1. I’m not here to take suggestions from you about who I can and can’t call out. I’m not randomly picking on someone and giving them a hard time just because I don’t like the way she “switched up on me” SHE IS TRYING TO DEPLATFORM ME. Nana is a grown woman who chose to engage people on social media to get MY accounts shut down and censored. She should practice personal responsibility and stop running her mouth about me online if she’s too sensitive to take someone pushing back at her childish, totalitarian bullshit. Apart from that, I wish her and her child the best. Hopefully she grows up and reconsiders her priorities and keeps my name out of her mouth. I took it upon myself to censor her email address and all of her usernames despite her publicly slandering me. But I will not take down this post calling her out for campaigning to have me deplatformed, and you’re wrong to even ask me to.

  20. AD Yikes! Why are they like this? The Zarries seem to be descending into Larry madness. The mom who is after you, does she know there is a pandemic going on, it was in all the papers, it may have even been mentioned on the internet. There was a news story in my state of a little girl sleeping in a car with her Mom, who lost her job because of the pandemic, and the little girl said she was okay sleeping in a car because she was little, not as important as Zayn getting his feelings hurt, but if you (AD) could pass it along to the mom who is after you, that would be nice.

    Speaking of the pandemic, Harry Styles helped me, I know we aren’t through it. And the music I discovered through him, Zayn and Niall (and some Brit pop I’d forgotten about), I like Liam’s voice, but not his music and for the love of God can anyone explain Louis to me? Another thing to add to Larry v/s Zarry list is Zarries don’t have to listen to Louis’ music to figure out his songs, like the larries do. With the exception of Louis, opera and most country music, I love music, but I wouldn’t threaten anyone who likes Louis, opera and most country music.

    Zarry Documentaries and the first and only fanfic I ever read (I’m not much of a reader, but there are pictures), also helped me get through the pandemic, almost through, whatever we are going to be calling it. Thanks

  21. Thank you for this much needed article!! There is one very major issue that I haven’t seen addressed. I wonder if all these people who want you silenced have considered the Magnitude of the impact your documentaries, web site, IG, Twitter and book have had on both Harry & Zayn.
    For example, I never followed 1D, knew very little about the guys and less about their music. After stumbling upon your documentaries, I was so engrossed that I have read and watched about everything 1D related. The 1D story is very unique and fascinating. However, Zarry is in a category of it’s own. The way you objectively and beautifully present their journey is exceptional. I can’t tell you how many times I have come across a reference to your documentaries. Not mention the number of people I have referred to your work.
    Because of you, I have purchased all of Zayn and Harry’s albums and turned numerous people onto them also. Based on your growing number of followers…it seems that most people feel the same as me.
    I wonder if all of these “devoted” fans of Zayn have considered your contribution to his fan base. You have always been supportive of both his and Harry’s music and talent. You have promoted their music and brought more people in than all of these “devoted” fans combined. So if they were successful in silencing you….they would actually be hurting Zayn.
    Truthfully you should be on Zayn and Harry’s payroll! Many Thanks!,

    1. Love this point. I’ve thought about that personally with Z’s music. I’ve loved Harry for a few years and followed his solo career but didn’t know anything about Zayn’s music (besides I Dont Want to Live Forever) or 1D (besides the radio hits). What’s funny is R&B has always been my favorite genre of music. With the emotional Zarry roller coaster I unknowingly got on, discovering Z’s music has definitely been one of the pro’s. I prob hadn’t bought an album since high school (yeah I’m old LOL) but one of AD’s posts really hit me…..when you said if you’re listening to Z’s album for Zarry content the last you can do is buy it. Normally I would just listen on Spotify but after reading point I didn’t think twice about buying it online.

  22. “He’s not gonna phuck you, my friend”. LMAO Literally dead over here 💀 I first saw Harry when he inducted Stevie Nicks into the Rock & Roll HOF. Had no clue who he was but had to find out. Stayed up all night Googling and watching videos etc. Then came the Larry videos and stories. I had no idea, I thought it looked semi legit. Fast forward a few days later and I stumbled upon all the Zarry content. HUGE difference! Colossal! It didn’t take a genius to figure out the Larry shit was all nonsense! Friends vs lovers. There are people who simply refuse to believe that their precious Zayn could be in a relationship with another man and then there’s the idiots! I digress. I started out interested in H and very soon after became a Zarry. That’s my point. I loved them both. I loved their love for each other, their obsession with each other. Zarry. But, after the baby and the diss and the general douchebaggery Z seems to be engaging in, I’m not so much a fan of the man any more. I still love his music and his voice is like no other, but the man needs a good therapist and a good rehab.

    I am 100% with you A.D. about these obsessed people (I’m being polite⭐) whose whole existence seems to be about their fave celebrity. They obsess 24/7 stalk social media for content, talk about them like they’ve been friends with them for years…it’s CRAZY! I’m sorry but it is!! I read some of these people’s comments and I think “in what universe sister?”

    Please always speak your truth and don’t hold back because those of us who are not fake like to hear whatever it is you have to say. If you want to talk about cancel culture 🤬 do it! If you want to talk about dilusional psychotic stans, do it! If you want to talk about fucking unicorns and rainbows then be like Nike and Just Do It! Love you, love your show ❤❤

  23. I was a Larrie once then I became a zarrie. at first I thought larry had the most toxic fanbase then I realized that Zarry fanbase is kinda toxic as well. I guess there is really no not toxic fanbase anymore and that is sad. anyways I am just absolutely glad that I am out of the larry community cause I mean come ‘freddie isn’t real’ and ‘we don’t claim those larries’ I heard a tiktok Larrie saying that and I am like what are a cult leader to say that you don’t claim them. with zarry it is more of fake zarries that want to paint z as a victim which kinda confused me cause by looking at the proofs we know that Harry is the one that is constantly waiting for zayn and zayn is one that is constantly hurting him because he is jealous or something (my policeman). you know what I am just gonna stop being obsessed over ships and listen to Harry’s music and avoid any drama. I also got practically kicked out of twitter cause I switched from Larry to Zarry and that was when I told myself that no I don’t want to have stan accounts and I don’t really wanna make friends just cause of a ship cause everything goes down if your opinion changes. I am sick and tired of it. yeah I am still obsessed with Harry but I really don’t want to fight people who are rude to him cause at the end of the day I just want to listen to Harry’s music and read fanfic and I know Harry couldn’t careless about the haters and I don’t need to prove my loyalty to him by fighting every hater. cause I do think that he doesn’t deserve any haters and it infuriates me that people are so occupied by hating him but what am I supposed to do? they are stubborn as hell. so I think I am gonna get out of this whole social media stan culture and stan harry within the safety of my home cause it makes me so sad that people want to hate me cause of an opinion and I am afraid I am a emotional lil b*tch so haha

    1. I agree with you, I fell in love with A.D. and agreed with all of what she has put out there. I try not to say too much cause I don’t want to be harassed. I was always a Zarry, what a love story but now I’m afraid that Zayn has lost it somehow and it just breaks my heart to see Harry ‘s heart broken. How could you not love Harry, he is perfect in every way inside and out. I hope Zayn gets his act together and leaves the Hadids they are so toxic and they used him up and they probably will spit him out when they are done. Such a sad story, I only hope Harry is okay and find someone who deserves him.

  24. Thank you for this. I had hoped they’d get back together but I think it’s too late. I as a mother just want to hug Harry and tell him it’ll be ok 😢. Please keep doing what you’re doing. I love your writing and opinions ❤️

    1. I appreciate you lovely. Thanks for being here. <3 I certainly don't know where Zarry stand. I'm just sharing thoughts I've been censoring for a while. But here's hoping Harry will wind up happy and loved!

  25. I am not sure how did you fond a relation between censorship/cancel culture and the free speech.

    But it’s a very interesting take (and smart btw). Social media is our safe space to be free, however the herd mentality is big issue.

    Anyway hope to see more of your long essays.


    1. Thanks for reading! I believe they all are inherently related. Shutting people down because you don’t like what they’re doing or saying. It’s a dangerous and slippery slope for us all, because we are all fallible.

  26. Zayn is like the living proof of pretty privilege lol and I feel super bad for all the zarries who lost their accounts😕 also the fact that grown ass women who have children are going after u yikes

    1. It’s so sad that the only way Zarries can survive on IG is to stay private. It’s such bullshit. And lol that woman is an absolute clown. I’d be so embarrassed if she was my mom.

  27. I used to be a Zarry shipper but stopped as soon as the pregnancy was announced. I always loved both H and Z equally, I still love them both but no longer believe there is anything between them nor will there be again. I love their music equally but Zayn has been annoying me lately with all the pap walks and the shit he’s been talking in interviews. I notice on Twitter that people are upset any time something bad is said about Zayn but are quick to say shit about Harry, these are people who call themselves Zarries but are quick to remind you that they’re solo H and Z supporters and not shippers. As you say I also believe they are zquad pretending to like Harry but criticise him the first chance they get, it’s so annoying. I find myself getting more upset now if anything is said about Harry, I don’t blame him for not coming on to social media, it’s toxic. I saw a post a few days ago which said Zayn is the least problematic of ot5 and noticed some Zarries agreeing, one even said “and Niall too” these are people that are supposed to support Harry and Zayn equally but can’t defend Harry when people say he’s problematic, so annoying

    1. I think I’m honestly like you and everything changed after the pregnancy. I used to get attacked for unpopular opinions before that, but once I became vocal about Zarry after the pregnancy the Zstans couldn’t take it. All they do is trash other people online and especially Harry, yet the minute someone says anything about their precious Zayn they lose it and pretend it’s such a violation and the person must be permanently silenced. They also used to brag about his sales and chart positions over the other boys and called everyone flops, but now that Zayn’s music is not doing well in the charts, they get SUPER triggered whenever anyone calls him a flop. Lol how is that possible??? That sort of wild hypocrisy is just something I can’t wrap my head around. Thanks for reading and sharing your thoughts <3

    2. HEYYYY I AM HARRY STAN MAINLY SO IF YOU WANNA BE FRIENDS I AM DOWN. Also I agree with a lot of things you are saying. I do still believe that Zarry was once real in the past but rn nope and honestly I don’t if I want Zarry to be real again cause I think Harry can do much better than Zayn cause I mean come on I love zayn I really do but what he is doing isn’t right in any sense so yeah I can’t wait for the day that Harry dates a man in public cause that will prove all the other ships with Harry wrong like larry cause they believe he is closeted and it won’t really prove Zarry wrong cause we don’t believe they are together now but at least that would mean that Harry has finally moved on and is hopefully doing better cause from looking at proofs it looks like Harry is still waiting 🙁

      1. Hahaha, hey Harry stan! Thanks for stopping by 🙂 I guess Zayn is entitle to do what he wants when he wants, but that won’t stop me from pointing out the wrong he has done in the past and in the Zarry relationship. I think Harry will eventually fully walk in his truth and I’m not sure of the affect it will have on Zayn but I think it will be a powerful one! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

    3. You guys keep saying people said Harry is problematic.
      He is pretty reserved.

      Can you link me to these (unbelievable) discussions.

      1. There are entire threads dedicated to proving Harry is “problematic” lol. Don’t you ever see people calling him a basic white man, an overrated artist, and a Zionist? It’s like every other tweet. Type “Harry Styles” into twitter and go to town my dear!

        1. Ah, i should have figured its Twitter. I don’t browse that site (old millennial🤫).

          Ill check it. I am intrigued.

        2. Sh**t.

          People really don’t like him. It got political. What the hell😅😅

          I shouldn’t read that.

        3. I completely agree with you. My whole life ppl spoke their opinions, made jokes, asked questions freely without being censored bc u “might” offend or think differently. U practiced, if u don’t have anything nice to say then don’t say anything at all motto BUT if u did u didn’t get
          groups of haters to stop ur voice. It’s scary and pathetic. I also agree with u that many zarries are zstans, riding his coat tail. It makes me angry to read some of their comments bc they are so quick to cover for Z and his lacking career, and selfish ways. But Harry can’t blink wrong without them mentioning it or criticizing it. It’s such a double standard. Personally, I am a Harry fan first, then Zarry, and finally Zayn. I only started to notice Zayn bc of Harry/Zarry. I find that I DO HAVE soft spot for Zarry and I sometimes sugarcoat Zayns actions, BUT to act like Z is always the victim wld be plan stupid. He is a grown man making one wrong choice after the other. And like grownups, should be accountable for them just like these morons expect Harry to be (even though we know Harry literally doesn’t do anything to anyone when I’d give him a free pass to sometimes) accountable for everyone’s actions. I’m a Zarry and really hope for them to be their end game BUT my eyes and ears are open to everyone’s opinion openly and respectfully. Side note: AD, thank you for this website and always being honest, and sharing ur wrk while having to deal with such crap. For me, this is a place i enjoy and it’s thanks to u! So, thank u!

          1. @rang I read Zarries saying their opinion changed of Harry because if something he did in 2013. Apparently, all of One Direction were on a British talk show and the host was saying mean/racist leaning things to Zayn and they were all mad that Zayn’s teenage bandmate, Harry, didn’t come to his rescue. They said that just spoke volumes about Harry, don’t you know? First off, I wish people had to go back 8 years to find something stupid I did. Also, there was a studio full of adults, shouldn’t they have stepped in? I couldn’t say this on twitter at the time, so I’m saying it here. Doesn’t anyone have any common sense?

            1. @kate I’ve never seen that interview and find it hard to believe to be honest. Harry is good down to his core, and personally Harry wldnt need to have “feelings” for Zayn to know when something isn’t right. Harry is also a gentleman and tries to talk the high road. I think that these “special zarries” need to just get a life and stop trying so hard to makeup a situation that puts Harry in a bad light. If Zayn was soooo flawless these fabricated stories wldnt be needed. It’s ridiculous. Also, why is Harry the only one to be accountable for this “event”, was he even in the room, like I can’t. And 2013, is the one thing they are/can still talking about. I mean, come on! I always say u can’t argue with crazy and these special group of zarries are crazy. It’s not worth ur time to help them thru their issues.

              1. I think it was that Piers guy was the interviewer and they were all sitting on separate couches, I don’t know if it was live tv, so maybe he did step in and it was edited. The interviews with One Direction seemed to be completely controlled or the guys were thrown to the wolves. There is another video of Harry playing soccer, I’m American, and that Piers fellow walks by and Harry does a rude hand gesture, maybe revenge for Zayn, I’m not sure of the timing.

                I found an article about the rude hand gesture and there is a twitter post with a gif.


        4. I know I talk about the larries too much, but they also don’t really like Harry and are heavy contributors to trashing Harry. They give most of Harry’s actual attributes to Louis, so that kind of leaves their imaginary Harry with nothing to do.

          They said Louis was off stage helping Harry with his Grammy performance, I guess otherwise Harry would just stand there and be pretty. They say people get swept up in his charm and it ruins their lives because they drop everything to follow him on his tour, I think that’s the Grateful Dead, but whatever. They also say that directors need to stop giving him acting jobs because they don’t know if he can act or not and they shouldn’t hire him because he’s attractive.

          The larries, like some Zarries, also like to pretend that Harry is successful because he was the chosen one, I’m part of the general public and only watched One Direction’s X-factor journey on youtube this past summer and you are kidding yourself if you can watch that and not pick out Harry as the one who’s going to be big and I’m pretty sure if dumb old me could pick up on that, record companies did, too.

          I read about Harry asking for advice on investing from Jay-z in 2013 and he told him to buy art, all of the other boys met him, too and talked about music. There’s an interview where they are all gushing over meeting him and Harry isn’t saying much and you might think, oh, he isn’t familiar with his music, but it was because he had a different level conversation with him and Jay-Z was one of the music business people waiting for Harry to leave the group so he could try to sign him.

          1. @idkwhy it might be jealousy and misunderstanding. I know someone like Harry and I think people might think it’s an act and he zips his Harry suit off and becomes a monster, but since I know one in real life, I can give testimonials , added bonus, I was her roommate for years, so after she was charming, flirty and interested in everything people were talking about to her, she went home and talked about how lovely everyone was, how nice it was to meet them and can’t wait until she sees them again, not rolling her eyes, not being sarcastic, it’s genuine, she’s also thoughtful, nice, creative, artistic, well-read, pretty with a great smile and dimples. Even if I didn’t know a Harry type, though, I don’t think I would think he was pretending and that seems to be the problematic label they try to stick on him, like they figured it out before you did, they weren’t fooled by the kind Harry act.

      2. Hello Ad… I got to know about zarry during the earlier days of 2019..a bit late.. Actually for me I knew zayn from earlier on as one of my irl friend is a zstan nd might tell u she used to dislike harry as the major nature of zquad…out of curiosity I searched up 1d and thn I fell in love with a WHITE man 🥴🥴 with beautiful green eyes nd the most enchanting smile.. as a person nd an artist he inspired me to a degree I can’t put into words… Thn came the whole zarry thing… U were the one who i relied on most from the beginning… I fell in love with their love story or what ever it was… I am quite a heartless person ig but Harry’s love towards zayn changed my whole perspective towards love… I was hooked.. I was actually a zarrie at that time I also thought u were zayn biased (sorry) nd now when those people say u r harry biased I actually feel like 😑😑

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