Favorite Thing About Zarry?

Another question I was asked a few times for my Q&A video is: “What’s your favorite thing about the Zarry relationship?”

Well…this one can be a little unsettling to answer, since my feelings have evolved so much over time, but if I had to choose, it would still be how passionate they were about one another. It has given us some of the most romantic music every written.

Whether it be love or hate, whether they are together or not, no one can deny their passion and the intensity of their feelings towards one another (whether good or bad.) It leads them to insult each other the worst, but also to be super protective and possessive of one another. It’s nothing I’ve ever witnessed before. It’s a rather curious bond, one that I believe will never die.

I also love how they were bubbling over with affection in early 2013 and literally couldn’t stop consuming each other. They were so openly and energetically absorbed by one another before other complications seemed to arise.

Would love to know your answer to this as well. What did you love most about Zarry’s relationship?

76 Replies to “Favorite Thing About Zarry?”

  1. I love how they use subliminal messages in their songs to communicate with each other. I think it’s beautiful despite the fact that Zayn seems to be disconnected from Zarry lately but I’m sure he’ll come around and even if he doesn’t, it’s for the best. I’ve learned to accept that, the only thing I’m worried about is the fact that he’s dangerously playing with Harry’s heart.

  2. The way they write and sing their songs to each other 🥺 The way the acted each time during kiss you 💘 Fist bumps, kissperings, tattoos, etc… The way they sing LITTLE THINGS 🥺 And especially when HARRY got jealous whenever they spoke about ZAYN and PERRIE’s engagement! When HARRY Tweeted a lot about zayn (So kiss him again to prove to me you can) and ZAYN’S tweet (Enjoying my view)… How can I forget the candy thong moment? 🥺💛💚

  3. Their whisperings will always be my favourite, but now the fact that Harry took off his rose ring when he performed at MSG and Zayn was there, shows that he didn’t need the ring to make him feel Zayn’s presence , because Zayn was right there . It was so special! The relationship they share is so damn true.

  4. For me it is the intense intimacy of the on going conversations they have with each other through their music. The themes of their connection, heartbreak, longing and home. Both of them having two tracks with the same titles, which btw boggles my mind how the general public and the media has never picked up on it or questioned it. Even through the other art forms such as music videos and fashion they seem to always be talking to one another. It is all so deeply romantic.

  5. Their spiritual connection. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever witnessed. That understanding that they had of one another, it’s like they saw each other for who they really are even when they didn’t necessarily know it themselves yet.
    That unspoken bond and the way they were there for each other to navigate that crazy life but in the most subtle yet profound kind of ways.
    The way they were in their own little world sometimes. The smiles they would bring out in each other that I’ve never seen them have for anybody else. Something in the way they looked at each other, they would light up when they interacted. They way they tenderly caressed each other’s hands at the 2014 AMAs, that still does something to my heart.
    Just the way their connection seemed so… palpable?? That once you see it, it seems so unmistakable. That connection is some soulmate kinda stuff, it’s quite literally unearthly.

    1. You nailed everything I wanted to say, I only scratched the surface (and I was in a hurry 😉! Thank you for noticing “All the little things”

  6. I mean look at us, people from different parts of the world🤯 and upbringing trying to fix their relationship ☺️
    My parents said the internet is a bad place😬🤣

    Have a lovely day or night all of you 💗😘

  7. well my favourite thing about zarry is how close they are. It’s like they are lovers who are best friends. Whenever I hear Sweet Creature I can’t help thinking how.. in love Harry is like the way he said wherever i go you bring me home and it makes me cry every single time, it’s like they are each others safe place home as u can say.
    And I really really reallyyy adore their chemistry a lot, it’s so painfully beautiful and so strong and of course the sexual tension 😏 but anyways I just want them to be happy in life. With.. or.. without each other.

  8. I became a zarry by the way of HS1. harry taking care of zayn video kept popping up. at the time a relative of mine was sick. i know the love it takes take care of someone when their ill. it’seasy to walk away. harry didn’t. i was hooked. so i was there all live on tour, before msg & you gleefully were posting 2 days in a row about it since someone on the floor kept you updated (i miss those 2 posts since they were in the moment), & most importantly joe cummings. i wish it was still like that now. but always in the back of my mind is no matter how zarry are i think zayn would show up if harry really needed him. you never forget those people who saved you, especially if you still care.

  9. Favorite thing is the way they looked/stared at each other, like they couldn’t believe how good looking the other one was. When Harry would say something random, instead of making fun of him like Louis did, Zayn would just look at him like he was adorable, I’m thinking about an interview when Harry was talking about eating an orange he found on an elevator and the one where Harry told the interviewer he wasn’t done talking, yet.

  10. so many things. Z: the need (almost urgent at times) to touch h. not the out there ass grabs, crotch bumps or other stuff but the fist bump when you could see z tell h that he needed a touch, or z stroking h face or when z approached h and grabbed his shirt for just a moment -a crazy intense need. z just seemed overwhelmed by h alot like the candy thong thing when h wiped the candy dust off his pants and you could see z start to melt down and h needed to tell him something to calm him. h: how he always listened intently to what z would say during interviews and on stage because he rarely spoke or was talked over by the other guys that needed to be constant center of attention (and h would get pissed) but then right in the middle of z talking you would catch glimpse of h moving his eyes up and down z’s body – like what the hell you thinking h! just don’t understand where things went so wrong

  11. I just like the way they were always watching out for each other. They both seemed to always anticipate what the other needed and when. I also liked how you could see actual heart eyes😍 when they were flirting and longing for each other. I fell in love with Zarry after stumbling across your videos and have never looked back. Thanks for all this great content here and on youtube!❤

  12. Thank you again AD for all of your content! I guess what I thought was beautiful was the way they looked at each other. Like they were lost in each other’s eyes..
    Also the first time I saw H drop to his knees in front of Z, it was like complete surrender and I was astonished by that gesture! Also the fact that they were so in tune with each other….listening intently to what the other said, and the giggles of course what sweetness! It was something to behold! ❤️☺️

  13. Its the love I se in their eyes when they look at eachother and the way they respected and protected eachother. So sad and waisted now ❤

  14. I love that they are who they are when no one’s watching. I think that self control is making their love stronger. And the fact that they are still writing for each other so passionately after so many years

  15. For me it was the shock of witnessing real love on a screen. Suddenly I realized that every love story I’d ever witnessed or been moved by was just that, a story. Actors, acting. I could have gone my whole life in that 2-D illusion that I knew what love and passion looked like. Instead, through your incredible work, I got to see the undeniable reality of Zarry. It blew my mind, and stole my heart forever. Thank you, A.D.

  16. Z+H’s love hits me right in the heart. There are so many convincing scenes, but when I discovered this page, one moment in particular in the Timeline 2010 video touched me and made me a Zarry forever:
    8:44. Z looks at H from the side, H notices the look and puts his hand/fist on his heart, without looking at Z. I swear my heart stopped for a moment and the realisation hit me like a bolt of lightning.
    In the aftermath, their gazes switch back and forth but there is only a brief moment when they look directly into each other’s eyes until Z averts his gaze again. The tension is unbearable. Z can stand the tension worse and is more likely to turn away than H. But he has to keep turning and looking at H – he can’t help it.
    H is very aware of Z’s gaze and makes a little pout, which causes Z to smile affectionately. So incredibly sweet.
    I love this scenes and have to watch them over and over and over again. I hope, they never get deleted.
    Love B

  17. Also, the way Zayn always looked at Harry when he was answering interview questions and seemed to get a little anxious. It was like it made him feel better to only talk to Harry and then once he was done talking he could finally look back at the interviewer. Harry was his safe space in literally so many ways.

  18. I will never stop thinking about the “Can’t love, can’t hurt” graffiti and Zayn responding in 2016 with the shadow man graffiti at the same spot. I will never stop wondering what that place means to them!! And that it was still important to Zayn after he left the band. That is the ultimate Zarry proof to me. It ties everything together and is so <\3

  19. I’m so glad u made a separate post for this.Reading all these comments reminded me of how and why I fell in love with zarry in the first place.I love how zayn and Harry are so so different but so alike in so many ways omg.I’ve never been the type to believe in the kind of love that they show in movies but these two?? Wow I don’t even think I need to elaborate I mean c’mon..The way they look at each other always gets to me like that’s some wattpad shit right there and it’s just how they treated each other in general they were so formal sometimes it was just all so sweet *sobs*. Zayn treated Harry like he was made of porcelain and Harry treated zayn like he was god(imagine loving someone THAT much can’t relate lol) um ya anyways so zarry might not be together right now and that’s okay bc I feel like they would not be who they are today if it weren’t for each other.period.

  20. When Harry would drop to his knees in front of Zayn. Breathtaking submission – mind, body and soul. I find it incredibly hard to believe that a connection like that could ever be severed.

  21. I started as a solo Harry stan in 2017 after I saw an interview with H promoting HS1 and I was like “Hello! Who is this dishy musician with the dishy accent” and then last year I slowly started getting into 1D bec the pandemic did strange things to us all.
    Someone mentioned Larry and Zarry. I check out Larry. Cute. Didn’t think much of it. I check out Zarry and holey moley! (said in Niall’s voice) the sheer chemistry between those two was undeniable and sooo addictive. I couldn’t stop watching them. I can’t stop watching them up till now.
    My favourite things about them? That the love and affection was mutual. They both took care of each other. The fact that Z consistently defended H against the womanizer comments and always, always spoke respectfully about H’s mum. He always made sure H wasn’t eating random crap people threw into the stage, lol. He genuinely admired H and was so vocal about it.
    And vice versa. H worshipping Zayn. Literally falling to his knees before him. Feeding him. Protecting him. Defending him.

    Damn I miss them.

  22. It’s hard, for me to think of my favorite moments of Zarry bc there is so many. There are some that I’ve watched more than I should admit: 1) I LOVED when Zayn described Harry when they were all sitting on the floor. The look in both their eyes says it all. They couldn’t even control their energy if they tried. It’s so freaking cute. They are like in their own moment and the other boys faces are like “here they go again”. I loved when Zayn talked about Harry during 1D. He spoke about Harry like he was in awe of him. Like Harry was just perfect to him. 2) I love the whole clip of Harry running to Zayn. They we so full of joy, and playful. 3) How they listened to each other. U could tell if Zayn was talking just by looking at Harry. He would stop the world from moving to hear Zayn. So much love and interest. 4) when Harry would do his goofy dance moves and Zayn was all about it. They were so into each other and those moments showed how comfortable they were with each each other.
    I honestly cld go on. Zarry is/was a love that many search their whole lives for and never experience, even see happen. The moment they saw each other, it was unspoken, they had to be together. Everything about them is so different but the same at the same time. They are each other best and worst, highest and lowest points and I believe it’s not yet over. It’s one of those things worth fighting for, and I hope they both win. Life is too short, and a love theirs deserves to be free of pain and judgment. I still hold hope that one day, Zayn will find the strength he needs to run to Harry and start doing the right thing for him and for the only person he has ever really loved: Harry. ❤️

  23. I wasn’t into Zarry while they were Zarrying haha but my favorite things about them are the ways that they defended each other to the media. My other favorite is all the songs that have come from both of them. You don’t get Harry without a little Zayn thrown in and you usually don’t get Zayn without a hint a Harry.

  24. What are all of u doing to me…..I seriously can’t get thru one comment without having to stop bc I’m crying and need a minute. I am serious!

      1. I’m going off topic a little bit AD I don’t know if it’s just my imagination running away with me but the our song by Anne Marie and Niall the music video is giving me vibes that a message is being sent to a
        particular someone given the items in the car. The items could be referencing anyone or anything, but of course my mind went racing to the familiar. As I was scrolling through the our song comments
        someone said they knew the assignment.

        1. Hi dear. I’m just going to give my personal opinion since this was addressed to me, but no one has to agree. People can see messages in whatever they choose to. I personally don’t particularly look to other people for clues of Zarry. It’s too difficult to try and decipher what Zarry themselves are doing, to then take it a step further and add in all these other people. And keep in mind these people have their own lives, careers, ideas, and romances going on, so it’s just not realistic that they are all as invested in the Zarry relationship (if they even know about it) as we are.

          People look for clues in all the other boys songs and videos as if they don’t all have their own love lives going on and no longer consider some things are just plain coincidence. Some people even still claim that Folklore is about Zarry just because there are some similarities, even thought Taylor Swift debunked a lot of fan theories when she said her boyfriend was the co-writer.

          If you look at the items in Niall’s video, nothing screams Zarry. There are a few classic cliché items/images which would be fitting for the vintage aesthetic he went for in the video. Pearls and roses are not unique to Zarry. Look up any romance or any vintage photo/film etc and you’ll find roses and pearls and the other jewelry in Niall’s video. They are very common images. But to Zayn and Harry of course we imagine they mean something special because of the surrounding context. So that’s why for me, Fine Line is the ultimate standard of “clues” of Zarry or proof because Harry just got extremely direct about Zayn, in a way we have never seen before. His track titles and the song about sunflowers.

  25. Hey AD… wow how do I start? I guess I saw a few videos and once I saw they are like a drug to eachother, like magnets, the watch eachother’s mouths while they are talking, they catch eachother gazing at them, like they are so beautiful, especially when Haz is looking at Z, like it’s a miracle standing in front of him, and Z catches his gaze, and realizes how H sees him, and he just gets the cutest little grin, so shy 🙈. He even did a double take! Because Haz was consuming him… also the deep deep passion behind Zayn’s eyes, when he is looking into Harry’s eyes, like they get so lost, they literally get sucked into eachother’s soul! And then their gaze breaks and they both have to recover… Z looks down and Haz runs his hand down his face, like calm down. Or their sweet cuddles on the couch. The way Z reaches across whoever is between them, just to make contact. Shoulder grabs, butts, leg touches, hair, fingers outstretched, bodily moving the other boys (who just knew, even Liam teasing him) that that’s MINE! Saying it out loud, “that’s mine” “he’s mine”, or mouthing it. They way they crumple up, when the other teases them, like little girls with a crush. It’s painful, when they hurt eachother, and you see they downcrested eyes. Or the fire and passion, when Harry falls to his knees, or Zayn just gazes unendingly into Harry. They have a passion most only dream of. I think it’s why they have trouble connecting with anyone else. They don’t get that overwhelming feeling of need. Not sure they’ll ever find it again? Curious about new music on both sides. I know you were not fully invested in NIL, but I feel every song as Z longing for his love. None of that was for G. No one can convince me otherwise. I don’t believe Harry stopped running, in Golden, because he gave up and is done. I believe he wants to be persude, balls in your court babe, show me what you got! It was him giving over the reins to Zayn, come in your turn, come and get me! 💚🔥💛
    You rock btw

    1. Also can’t forget Zayn’s expression while H slept with his bear or when he is holding babies! Ugh 🤦🏻‍♀️ Still waiting on Z POV #TTUM

      1. Definitely their secretive moments…..those moments they shared and you could tell they thought no one was watching them….like the secretive pinning….the heart kissing….the stares…and the way Z looks at H like daamn……

      1. and I’m old!!!! Hi AD, honestly, you helped open so many eyes!
        Zarryworld would not be the same without you, and your insight and your beautiful story, I know I’m not alone, I cried when it ended 😭. And I’m fairly confident, they’ve both read it, and have it locked away somewhere, for posterity… in case they need a reminder in the future 🤩

        Please say you’re still considering Zayn’s POV???

        1. P.S. AND…. I met my new bff sharing your book!
          @Letussmiles4eva… so thank you, for helping me find her! Love ya Trace! 😍
          And love you too AD

  26. ohh and yeahhhh i almost forgot about the way in which they just became each other… they literally listen to the same music, watch the same movies, wear the same jewelry, wear bode, and even share the same opinions about many things

  27. I’m still believing that zayn is so desperate for their love. Cause zayn never expresses that much for gigi. And gigi is always passionate about her job and fame. She have always wanted to hold her fame. Even in the israel situation. I’m not blaming her but I’m a muslim and felt a lil sad when I saw bella at the protest and left her partnership with dior and gigi not supporting. It’s not about muslim, It’s about being a human and having sympathy for other humen. And I’m not blaming fully gigi for that but I felt bad. And AD even I saw harry wearing nose pin which zayn wears. Just the same design. I was so shocked after seeing that pic! I really love their bond. And being in love is always like you try to match with your partners personality and dressing sense. So, zarry amazes me with the every single thing they do! AND AD I BEG TO YOU! PLEASE DO NOT HAVE IN YOUR MIND EVER THAT ZARRY ISNT REAL. WE’LL DIE IF YOU LEAVE THIS FAMILY OF ZARRIES. WE’VE TO WAIT FOR EACH AND EVERY INTERACTION OF THEM!

    (Also if anybody feels bad for my point on gigi, I’m sorry! I just wrote
    what I’m feeling)

  28. i also think that one of the best things about them it’s how they’ve been around each other for so long and still sing so passionately about their love, sex, the little things they do, or their physical appearance. it’s just so ughh <3. and the way in which they looked so comfortable around each other like they could touch each other everywhere and it wouldn’t be wrong, but they still got all shy or excited like it was the very first time😫 oh and the way in which they were so gentle and soft it looked like if they touched each other a little more harshly they would break into a 1000 pieces

  29. Protection. Love. Intimacy. Uncontrollable Desire. Home. Pain. Separation. Hope. Soulmates. Icarus and the sun. The goldfish and the sunflower. 25 (two people in their own world within a group of five).

    I don’t know how things will be between them now, but they will always be part of the other’s life.

      1. Another thing that has always impressed me was the way Harry supported the man he loved through the way he dressed. For example at the AMAS 2014 wearing a kurta.
        “There is a piece of you in how I dress”
        And I can’t forget about the kisspering between them. Tulsa 2014 Live was her wedding party 🙂

  30. i feel like the best thing about them is that you can easily understand how pure and real it all is. mostly because i think they have tried to move on hundreds of times before but they just can’t. you can literally see the love in their eyes when they look at each other and the way in which they long for a touch. and their songss… just ughhh who even is that romantic who the hell loves someone so much

  31. The look in their eyes. You can fake a lot of things in life but that could not have been faked. What’s the most beautiful but also heartbreaking is that not everyone lives to feel that kind of earth shattering, life changing love. Most people dont imo.

    There’s something almost existential in the way they look at each other and sing about each other, you can literally feel it as a random observer. rare are the people who experience love in such a profound way.

    I still hold a small hope for them in the far future, and will be looking out for zarry signs until I’m 60, but above all, i want H happy and fullfilled and smiling ridiculously like in those pics from the beach 🙈❤️

    1. This is heartwrenching and lovely: “There’s something almost existential in the way they look at each other and sing about each other, you can literally feel it as a random observer. rare are the people who experience love in such a profound way.”

  32. I would say everything is my favorite about the Zarry relationship. Because looking at them together – you don’t even need words to describe it. It seems so obvious. In their whispers, touch, looks, and the way they felt comfortable with each other. I can not imagine that looking at them you can get any other impression than that it is a real deep love and passion. No matter what other shippers say, what proves they have, whenever I lose confidence that there was something between them, one brief moment of their being together is enough to feel it again. Seeing them together, I felt butterflies in my belly. Like a teenager in love, although I am already in my age. There are really few things in the world that could awaken such true passionate emotions in me. Watching these two guys did it. And I’m glad I could see their story of being together. As much as I was excited to see them together, I am so sad now that it is over, that maybe there is nothing between them anymore, and maybe never will be.
    In spite of everything, I will still hope that maybe some day something will connect them again, no matter if it would be some kind of music project or anything else, I’d love to see them together again as adult men.

  33. Harry kissing his heart/cross tattoo. That warms my heart every time I see it. The purest thing ever❤️
    I would love to see them togheter but i think after the baby it wont happen. As Harry showed us in Golden in the end, he has stopped chasing Zayn. Im sure H will love Z forever but he chooses to let it go (in my opinion). And probably we will hear it in HS3. Cant wait.

    P.S. AD I love your work about Zarry. Keep doing it❤️

    1. Thanks lovely! ❤️ I enjoy hearing you all talk about how you fell in love with Zarry. It reminds me of all the things I used to adore about them. Ugh the heart kisses will never die 🥺😔

  34. Favorite things… 😍 True Love for each other.
    ( there relationship has been super complicated from start, but you can denied how much they love each other. )The comes with happiness, tenderness, Jealously, PASSION, etc.

  35. Good Morning A.D.

    Its the Love. I have never seen a love like this. What I find interesting is The way they love each other. 1. Harry has been all in since day one. Zayn has too, he was just very quiet about it from the beginning. I think the shyness, the longing, the angst all of it. They completed each other. They were each other’s home from the very beginning. Knowing what Zarry’s know and see and hear in songs, verses the fake narrator the ” Larries” tried to sell is so funny to me too I love that all of their proofs are easily debunked too. I always thought that they needed each other on a couple level from the beginning. They give each other oxygen. They complete each other. I don’t know where they are right now. But, I feel like they always have a way of migrating back together. I think its weird for us to assume things would not change with a baby. I want them to win, it just may not be a Zarry season right now. The greatest love story ever.

  36. I know Zarry from your videos. Probably the most I love their initial attraction to each other, their mutual views full of love and desire, the desire to touch each other. Everything comes to me so sincerely, pure, beautiful beginnings of their strong love. It’s a pity it had so many cracks and pains.

    1. Thanks for watching btw! I’m with you. What sold me on Zarry is Harry’s immediate need to touch zayn, even in the most low-key subtle ways. It was like a drug to him. Whereas Zayn would just obsessively stare at Harry. Almost compulsively, like he didn’t care about anything going on around him, he only cared to watch how harry reacted to things from 2010. Ugh. It was so beautiful and pure.

  37. It’s so so scary seeing the way Harry loves Zayn.By hearing his songs,I see a man who let his full guards down and loved irrevocably, sang songs about in the most vulnerable way.I know Zayn loves Harry back but nothing can compare it to the way Harry expresses it.I just love that….that’s what dragged me into this whole Zarry thing and your beautiful videos about them😲 Seriously,I just saw one video and then THERE WAS NOTHING HOLDING ME BACK😂😂.I hope someday,someone might love me like that…eventhough, I know it’s next to impossible cause there is no way in hell can someone love somebody like that(except 😉)
    And AD please do keep on doing what you are doing also love the way your mind works❤️..it’s really a gift to decode this and write it in the most beautiful way😊
    Also,do you think we might get HS3 soon?? Cause O can’t wait any longer🤣🤣I really want to know what has happened to them(Even if it is a heatbreaker,it’ll be Hazza’s new hit❤️)
    Bye AD👋

    1. Hi love 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and expressing this. I love hearing people be so passionate about Zarry. I miss when I used to feel this way. Sigh. I wonder about HS3 a lot. I imagine it will not come until he has had time to organize a project after filming ends for My Policeman. I wonder if he will release the album around the time the movies release? And I dread to hear the songs from that album. I’m super nervous if he will keep writing about Zayn or move on…

      1. I watched a video of another artist who is the primary songwriter for his group and it was a chronological journey of songs he had written with his humourous observations of what inspired him and he told a story of meeting with the guy from the record company who asked him how his girlfriend was doing and the songwriter guy said they broke up and the record company guy, smiling, said “Oh my God, that’s terrible. How many songs did you write?” My guess would be that he keeps writing about Zayn for a while. It’s actually a good way for Harry to work his shit out, Zayn’s so zipped up he might explode one day.

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