Fine Line (Album Theory)

Produced By: Jeff Bhasker, Kid Harpoon, Tyler Johnson, Greg Kurstin, & Sammy Witte

Page One: The Success Of Fine Line & My General Interpretation

Page Two: My Fine Line Theory (Track-By-Track)

Page Three: My Videos For The Album

Fine Line. The album that created a baby.

Idc, idc, come for me.

Wait. Ok, let’s start over…

Fine line. What a sensation! The romance! The dizzying success! The global and historical impact! She is a record-breaking triumph and rightfully so. This album and it’s creator are more than deserving of all the recognition they have received over the past couple of years, and will continue to receive for decades to come.

Now, let’s briefly name a few of this project’s greatest achievements to date (because God knows she’s still collecting accolades left and right! I can’t keep up with them all. Seriously!)

Since this album is still selling like hotcakes a year and a half later, and charting on the Billboard Top 200 every week, I took the liberty of researching it’s latest chart position, which is: #18. For reference, some of the other 1D members struggled to achieve a Top 20 chart position in their album release week, and even if they did, they usually fell off the chart the following week. Harry is still charting in the Top 20 (sometimes even higher) over a year and a half after his album release. Wtf?? It’s already 2x platinum and it hasn’t even been 2 years yet! To this day he sells more albums a week than some of the other boys sold in their album release weeks. It’s simply unbelievable.

At some point you have to ask why?? Is it due to bribes? Witchcraft? Prostitution? I’ve literally heard people accuse him of all three lol. I even tried to answer why Harry’s success is so unheard of in comparison to his four counterparts in this video:

I’ve sung the praises of Fine Line (ad nauseum) for over a year and a half now. I know you’re tired of hearing about it, so I’ll try to keep the rest of this post brief (yeah right lol. ) I prefer to make individual posts on my favorite songs anyway, so this will be an overview for those individual song analysis coming soon!

Upcoming Song Analysis:

  1. Golden
  2. Adore You
  3. Lights Up
  4. Sunflower Vol 6
  5. Falling
  6. To Be So Lonely
  7. Fine Line

I have a little-known theory about the story behind this album. (Obviously. When don’t I have a theory?) And I don’t believe I’ve ever discussed that theory in public anywhere (except maybe briefly on Twitter.) So I’ll attempt to do that here on the next page. But I also want to say, I believe this album is first and foremost a journey of self, not necessarily an album about Zayn. (I know you’re all like “bitch please you’ve been relating this album to Zayn nonstop since it dropped.” Yes, I have! But you guys don’t understand what I mean yet lmao. Let me explain!)

This album charts Harry’s self-discovery as an individual, as an artist, and lastly as a man secretly in love with his brown-skinned ex-bandmate. All three (and many more) interpretations can be true at once. I think it tells a momentous story of barely mitigated honesty, which was a sacrifice Harry deemed necessary to understand certain aspects of his identify he worked so hard to conceal from the public.

His relationship with Zayn (which came during a seriously formative time in his life) became a major influence on how he viewed the world at large and what he expected from it. Therefore, I think their relationship impacted him in both positive and negative ways. Without question, it damaged him. I’m certain it gave him much ecstasy and optimism at times, but equal amounts of misery and despair. And I’m certain while he values (or valued) their chemical/physical bond, he regrets it in a lot of ways because of the impact on his mental health (based on the lyrics and riotous video of “Lights Up”).

Harry’s relationship with Zayn was conflicting (to say the least.) I believe it confused him a great deal while he grew up under the spotlight, with expectations from the public that he ought to have been girl-crazed and licentious, forcing him to battle rumors of being a womanizer from early on. I can’t begin to imagine the cognitive dissonance he must’ve experienced at this stage in his life, developing strong feelings for another male (who was content to remain with females in the public eye despite his relations with Harry behind closed doors) while the media was accusing Harry himself of objectifying women. Damn, they couldn’t have been more wrong.

Everyday he was being told he must desire females (which he very well may have) yet all the while he was head over heels for another male—-his freaking bandmate! Their relationship was supposed to be professional. Wholesome. Platonic. Yet, somewhere along the way, they took a detour down an altogether different route, one that forced them to question and then suppress their sexuality, one that distorted their self-perception; and one that doomed them to a life of strife few could endure.

I had an interesting task at hand when trying to do even a modicum of justice to the Zarry relationship in This Thing Upon Me; attempting to get down into the crux of what must be an incredibly complex reality for Harry. What’s worse is that no one knows he is dealing with this (except a few highly observant and open-minded fans. Us!)

So in the book, it was difficult to navigate a world where he was unable to express these crippling feelings to anyone, least of all Zayn. The difficulty I had in writing about this alienation from a third-party perspective causes me great concern for how long he endured it in real life for so many years.

Harry’s strength and patience and forgiving nature inspire me greatly, which is something I began to realize after he released Fine Line. So does his seemingly immortal love for Zayn. It’s the stuff of novels or Nicholas Sparks movies, which is why I had so much fun trying to build a story around this love; narrating his journey through sex, music, and the tribulations of both his heart and mind.

Fine Line reads to me like a diary of the most turbulent chapters of Harry’s adult life. Sure, it covers the self-reflection that led to his enlightenment and ultimately his self-acceptance, but I think a prerequisite for his acceptance of himself was taking the time to be “open” and honest about his time with Zayn. It has, after all, been the most staggering relationship of his life. I don’t doubt that for a second.

It was not a fleeting affair like all of his other public lovers. His relationship with Zayn strikes me as being an integral part of who Harry is today (something he suggests himself in “Golden.”) I think without his relationship with Zayn, he would have become a completely different person. I believe Zayn helped him to understand himself through a difficult lens, one that often challenged everything he thought he was. And again, while I believe his love for Zayn has brought him much happiness, I also believe it brought him tons of self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy. Furthermore (and this is what I believe is the most toxic aspect of this relationship) it caused him to question his worth as a male, in comparison to all of Zayn’s females.

It is my theory that this relationship may have conflicted his understanding of gender at some point, and whether or not he should appreciate or shun his masculinity in order to make himself more desirable for the person he loved most. That’s just my personal thoughts on the matter, which I explored a little in TTUM as well.

Following this journey of self-discovery (which he undoubtedly is still on like the rest of us) I believe Harry wound up in a far healthier place today; one where he accepts both the masculine and feminine aspects of his identify. He accepts himself in all his beautiful, remarkable hues, and values what he feels whenever he feels it, with or without Zayn’s approval. I think that is a major theme of “Lights Up,” which is why I spoke about it in such depth in that post.

Fine Line is a remarkable album because it is essentially saying: “I NOW know who I am, do you even know who you are? Who dares to challenge what I believe about myself? Who dares to keep me in the dark? I accept and value myself, whether you accept and value me or not. I am not afraid or ashamed to love you, regardless of whether you are afraid and ashamed to love me.”

So no, I don’t think this album is about Zayn strictly speaking. It’s about Harry being honest with himself first and foremost, and of course a major part of that is being honest about the greatest love of his life. This album is an inadvertent indictment of Zayn. It is a challenge for him to evaluate who he is as well, so they can determine whether it’s possible for them to move forward together or not. In about 50 years when the truth comes out, this record will be 100x more powerful than it is now. All of their music will be for that matter.

“We’ll be a fine line.” Is one of the most romantic and tragic compromises I’ve ever heard. And he repeats it in such a haunting refrain. And although after Khai it seems the challenge in Fine Line was to little avail, it did succeed in the sense that: despite the Zigi baby and despite the public clinginess of Gigi, Zayn released a self-reflective album of his own, where he attempts to respond to the challenge of Fine Line (especially with “Tightrope.”)

Fine Line is a diary of who Harry became after One Direction, both as a musician and a lover, and how he eventually ended up at an impasse that pitted accepting himself against concealing who he was to please Zayn. And I think he ultimately chose the former, which is why Zarry fell apart to some degree after late 2018. (IN MY OPINION)

PAGE TWO: My Fine Line Theory (Track By Track)

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  1. Hey AD! I’m just catching up on your YouTube videos, so maybe you’ve addressed this or maybe not…Have you seen the new billboard advertising that Harry has? On it, he’s sitting on a white bed. There’s two of him on the bed and it says: “Whereever you go…There you are”!!!! Have you seen it? THERE YOU ARE – Zayn’s song. What do you think? Colleen

    1. Hi my dear ❤️ Yes I’ve seen it, but tbh idk what to make of it. The words are actually the title of a book on meditation and mindfulness. It does seem to go along with the theme of his video for “As It Was” like depicting himself in two forms. Like the former version of himself. Idk if it’s related to Zayn in any way, and also people were saying it was a quote that OW had on her bag. So who knows if it’s a book she may’ve given him or something.

  2. The font used in Z’s Let Me MV is the same as the one H used in Adore You, which has probably been mentioned in one of your videos or posts already
    These songs also seem like part of a conversation or frustrated outcry between them with Z’s “let me love you / for the rest of our lives” and H’s response of “just let me adore you.” And just another instance of H literally absorbing and repeating Z’s words/song titles/musical intros straight back to him. *heart breaks < / 3*

  3. Hello AD, I just wanted to tell you about what I think of the song She. Personally, I think that it’s similar to Girl Crush in a way because I think it is more about Gigi than it is about Zayn. The main reason for this is the line “she lives in daydreams with me”. I think Harry’s sort of describing how he constantly thinks about not only Zayn, but Gigi as well. I think he touches upon this sentiment in Fine Line, “We’ll get the drinks in, So I’ll get to thinking of her”. And the line “She sleeps in his bed while he plays pretend” basically tells us that Zigi is fake and that Zayn doesn’t really love her. This is simply a theory, and I just thought I’d share :b

    1. Yes I have similar thoughts. When I say the song is about Zayn, I just mean in reference to Zayn, and I believe it is a play on Zayn naming a song sHe even though Harry knows it was about him. I have often said I think Harry’s “She” is about Zayn’s bearding. And you’re right to point out the thread in Fine Line too, because it is a continued indication that he is haunted by a female, especially when he drinks, and we know he drinks a lot because of his relationship with Zayn, hence Falling and From the Dining Table. So I think you’re spot on and I agree with you. I appreciate you sharing this theory with us.

      1. She seems about a man whoses secrets are well known by harry .It seems about a man whose is in love with a woman for whom he has fallen out of love and is now just there for namesake. the line which stands out is she sleeps in his bed while he plays pretend. she lives in daydream with me and I don’t know who she is seems about Gigi

  4. When analyzing the relationship between H and Z a couple of things should not be forgotten. The “normal” growth progression and development stopped when 1D began. They were thrust out of their soc

    1. When analyzing the relationship between H and Z, there are unique factors to consider. “Normal” development for a 16+ boy stopped when 1D began. Their lives no longer revolved around school, friends, going to the movies, parties & dates. Plus they lost the ability to go out whenever they wanted. They were no longer treated like avg. teenage boys. This changed who they were and impacted future relationships. They had to become guarded about their feelings, could no longer have “normal” dates and lost many of the freedoms we enjoy. In addition, they didn’t get “down time” which would have helped them maintain some normalcy.

      For Zayn, who reportedly is ADHD, this lifestyle had a greater impact on his ability to relate and communicate w/ others. I’ve worked with teens with ADHD for 12 years..When reading your doc. I began to suspect that Zayn was ADHD and upon researching I found an article that confirmed. With ADHD there are so many internal issues to balance that , under stress, you tend to withdraw into yourself and shut others out. Trust is hard because you feel “different”. Also, this condition causes a person to hyper-focus on random issues and have trouble focusing on others…which can cause additional stress. One of the most prevalent traits is impulsivity. You can see these traits in Zayn and the impact it had on his relationships especially w/ Harry. While ADHD is treatable, it typically requires counseling, to help deal with the fears and insecurities. I doubt he had any type of counseling while in the band.

      Honestly, the fact that H & Z were able to development and maintain a relationship under all these conditions is IMO what makes their story so special. Even more so when you consider the depth of their love that survived (survives) years. While most of us wonder how Harry has been so patient all this time, I think it is because he understands Zayn on a level that none of us can.

      1. @Annieb this insight is so interesting the 1D life was anything but normal and likely caused arrested development in some areas and weirdly fast forwarded in others… the pressure must have been huge at times
        The adhd possible diagnosis makes sense so interesting and I think you are right it made a bond of understanding,support and inter dependancy between them. I kinda think they are still working things out and hope they can find some peace together or apart and can honour their history … life is always a work in progress

      2. Can’t believe I didn’t click. I can see a lot of my own traits in Z, but only just getting used to the idea of being ADHD myself, haha. I’m hyper focusing on this right now. I recently found out that we get thousands more instances of rejection in early childhood and it doesn’t ever stop tbh. Easy to see looking back. Honestly I’m amazed they all made it out of 1D alive. I loathe “gods above” who treated them all with so little care. But it was just about wringing as much money out of them as quickly as possible, because boy bands usually have a short shelf life. Unsurprisingly. Cowell said he was walking off a cliff when Z walked out. I hope he reflects on how he treated them all. It’s clear how they feel about him now, lol.

  5. I truly appreciate, A.D., how you put your thoughts and emotions into words and allow an open forum for discussion. When it comes to Harry and Zayn, I sometimes don’t understand what is or isn’t real. But I do love the Fine Line album and how Harry poured out his soul.

    For some reason, I keep going back to a song from the past when I attempt to understand even a fragment of their relationship. ‘Once Upon a Time’ by Dan Fogelberg. (Headphones a must.)

    It’s time for me to step off the Zarry train…

  6. I love this album so much. It’s everything about it; ofc lyrically (he’s so open, honest and vulnerable) but also sonically and vocally… wow, the versatility! The music video’s are art too and even down to the promo, everything was perfectly done.

    I adore Harry so much. ‘Treat people with kindness’ IS Harry, it’s him, and that says a lot about a person. He works so hard and has to be very strong too (I could never have ‘done zarry’ like him with the 1D life and later on with a scary new time of a solo career), he truly deserves each and every praise he and his work gets. It hurts my soul when I see him so worn out. Even with all the succes of his sophomore album listed above and when he’s taking over the world with boundary breaking movies and covers, he always looks tired or his beautiful smile doesn’t reach his eyes anymore.
    At this point I want Z to ‘complete’ HIS self discovery journey – he finally seems to have started with ‘tightrope’ and with his comics – for himself 1000%, but also so Harry can finally have all of him. Yes, I want H to experience love like he has for Z (I say ‘has’ bc I don’t think it’s just a ‘had’ yet) with anyone for that matter, but I want it to be with Z bc Harry deserves that; baby should get whatever he always wanted now, so his wait would’ve indeed been worth it 🥺

    As for the album analysis, beautiful as always! I think your theory about the 2018 breakup is very probable and portrayed by Harry himself in side B of FL. I’d like to think that it was actually during the FL period (the gap year?) that Z went through the writing process of NIL and maybe finally opened up to H emotionally which could’ve been enough for H who just wanted anything at all; that would explain why we still see possible zarry connections now, after all the zigi drama. That would be so contradicting though. Z seems more put off with the zigi drama than ever before but he keeps it going, but it was H who seemed to have really put his foot down discarding these deflecting games since FL. I just don’t see how you go back to saying ‘I’m hoping someday I’M open’ and would be ‘okay’ with Z having a child this time and publicly distancing himself from you more and more (the grammy diss, and God I hope he didn’t say something nasty about H’s Vogue cover, that would break my heart, especially since I hadn’t even thought about how H might’ve felt he needed to be whatever notion Z has of him as his ‘sHe’ even pre ‘girl crush’; to bash him or do anything non supportive when H is being his own ‘she’ would be a big fat no) after FL. But Z pursuing H (I take the pearl bracelet/tba theme post grammy diss and zigi pap walks as most recent ‘proof’ of this) while still full on bearding with G wouldn’t add up with the grammy diss and potential non supportive comments about THE Vogue cover, which is why I’m even considering the first option. Anyway, I don’t know what is going on between them even though it feels like something is… all I see is that Harry seems sad and he shouldn’t be sad. I hope he is thoroughly enjoying his well earned succes in private at least.

    Fine Line is a masterpiece. ❤️

  7. We might not be on the same page with the entire zarry situation but I have got to say, you have a way with words. I truly enjoy your writing, I used to ship Z and H, which is how I found out about you. Keep doing what you love, I also enjoyed your detailed video of the Menendez brothers.

    1. Hey thanks my dear 🙂 I appreciate you taking the time to stop by and be kind even if you don’t ship Zarry anymore. And especially thank you for checking out the second channel! That’s my happy place lol

  8. Oh my gosh Happy Easter A.D. and thank you for this!! It was WONDERFUL and so are YOU! I truly hope that Harry finds love again and I don’t care if it’s with a man, woman or a freakin giraffe! He deserves to be happy and have a family of his own. I also hope it KILLS Zayn to watch it all unfold when it finally does happen. I know that’s mean and petty but I’m pretty sure Harry would understand lol. Thanks again for all you do! You’re the BEST!

    1. Same here. And I‘m quite positive that H will overcome Z and find a new love as big or even bigger than Zarry, behause hopefully more mutual then. I think he just has this ability to love another person wholeheartedly. For Z I feel kind of sorry. This guy is wasting his lifetime and his talent. Unlike some others I don‘t see any evolvement to be more honest and open. It‘s just as always, vague hints in his lyrics, clothes and jewelry but nothing more to come.

      1. Hey dear, I understand your frustration. I think Zayn is just moving at a much slower pace than Harry, but even for some one like me who’s kind of lost hope for Zarry, I think he is changing slowly. It’s just that zigi comes along and overshadows it all and puts a lot of Zarries off. But I was shocked with his answer about Tightrope. I feel like that is the most honest Zayn has been about that aspect of his life since probably “I Won’t Mind” a song that wasn’t even supposed to be public.

    2. Happy Easter love! Thank you! You’re such a doll 🙂 And lol ya’ll are still hoping for jealous zayn, even if Harry is with a giraffe lmao so hilarious

  9. I’ve always seen a converging point between Falling and Landslide.It seems to me like the convergence “What if you’re someone I just want around cuz I built my life around you” makes sense.Followed up by TBSL.

  10. Please tell me,that Z,with H singing in ESNY that “There’s no water inside this swimming pool”,and in Falling that,”Coffee’s out at the beachwood cafe”,did not,not understand that there were NO ‘different things replacing old feelings that you’ve had’ ? That H was HOLLOW and NOT FEELING anything?My Lord…they’re so stupid at times,it seems🤦🏻‍♀️

  11. UGH. Fine Line. I love this entire album so much. I definitely agree that it is Harry’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance as well as his love/break-up/resolution/compromise letter to Zayn. So profound. I just wanted to mention that re: the song Falling, knowing about Harry and Zayn’s (hidden) love story, I have often thought that the line “no one to blame but the drink and my wandering hands” may have actually been Harry being handsy WITH Zayn. Like somewhere publicly, a party or a small group of people who didn’t all know about the two of them. (I am certain some people know–obviously James Corden and some others in the inner circle.) Like Harry got a little drunk and then just couldn’t stop himself from touching Zayn in a way that Zayn got freaked out by because it might expose them. I mean, I have vacillated between that notion and the obvious that he may have “cheated” or whatever on Z, but it feels more like the rift was actually the two of them somewhere and maybe Harry was at his breaking point of being closeted and just didn’t care anymore? I don’t know…
    Sadly, despite how much I think Harry still loves Zayn. He has moved on.
    And I agree with Anonymous comment that NIL is a response to Fine Line. Just too little too late. I think every single song they have ever written is entirely or at least partly about the other. I agree that Cherry is 100 PERCENT about Z. So disturbing that people are duped into thinking it is about that model that H barely dated…

    1. Great interpretation of that line in Falling. Never thought of that before. There is no proof it meant Harry cheating, especially since they’re in an unconventional relationship anyway where Zayn was with Gigi all year. It very well could indicate Harry being too handsy with Zayn in front of the wrong people. Wow

      1. Hi AD, personally I always interpreted ”wandering hands” like that as well. I think it was between Harry and Zayn. Maybe not even in a rather public setting (although that’s very possible) but maybe at a time when they were trying to be “friends” and work things out.
        Just thinking of “I Know that you’re trying to be friends” in TBSL as well “You could be the best friend or you could be the one” in You wish you knew. This constant friendzone/lovers and them crossing that line seems to be a common theme. You also touched on it in TTUM so cleverly when they were caught on the hotel’s CCTV and Zayn called Harry ‘Bro’ and Harry thought if he calls me ‘bro’ now I won’t get a ‘baby’ later or something like that. I think because they are in this unconventional relationship and were trying to make sense of it with a huge lack of communciation that could be very probable

    2. I also thought that the “ wondering hands” could have been something that happened between them that Zayn did not expect to be seen by others… but then after the Candy Thong episode and Zayn posting nood pic of Harry online, the Way Harry danced with “Veronica Malik” there is really nothing that is left to the imagination of how they might have been together behind closed doors if they were already that tactile with each other in public . Harry has shown that he has no qualms being physical with men .
      “ not that important “‘… Zayn on the other hand only with Harry .

    3. @cazeldarose,I always found it weird why H would be feeling guilty of his ‘wandering hands’ when Z himself clarified “Where’s the shame,no shame in what you need”,your point helped it clear it up!Thank You,love♥️

  12. Wrote this sometime back about the “What am I now?” line of Falling :

    The questioning continues from Lights Up.Albeit in LU he was exploring his identity beyond the norms of society and urging everyone (along with a very specific someone he dedicated his first two albums writing about) to do the same,repeatedly questioning,”Do you know who you are?”,here he asks in despair,”What am I now?” as in he was confused about his identity & choices in LU but by Falling he’s way too devastated and asks,as if he isn’t a human,that ‘WHAT’ he is,not ‘WHO’ because furthermore than his identity,his existence was based upon and built around with his lover,with whom his relationship crumbled.
    The particular use of ‘what’ instead of ‘who’ also reminds me of a line I once read that said,’Inside us there is something that has no name,that something is what we are’,one of the most vulnerable descriptions I’ve ever come across,it makes me think if Harry too,was talking this vulnerably,talking about ‘what’ he is in the core of his existence,questioning the meaning of his life & soul.

  13. Someone said in one of the comments how they think Fine Line will help Zayn in long run.I agree.An album that helped those who didn’t even know anything about the backstory of the album or those who followed a nonsensical narrative of backstory
    ,will definitely help the album’s muse in a level much deeper and powerful than any of us listeners would understand.Music is objective and our interpretations are ours,but the person who knows each and every tiny piece of backstory of the album would be haunted by it,especially if they’ve problems in self acceptance.Harry was boldly and unashamedly himself,he was HARRY STYLES.He ended the ‘final show’ that started from his first album in Lights Up.He made it clear how his first and second album portrayed a story with someone by adding MMITH,his first track of his first album to Fine Line,the last track of his second album.He accepted the fall post the drunken ecstasy of the flight.He chose to become a new self after he drowned.He chose to open up.He chose to not vilify anything about him because good or bad,be it ‘my devotion’ or be it ‘my wandering hands’,because it is all him,his bright side and also the dark side of his moon.He hoped there would be a start,afresh,post it.Well,even if it wasn’t for his dynamic with Z,as it seems,it certainly gave him ‘chance to breathe,to feel alive’.
    [Sorry about too many comments but music makes me feel too many things and my fingers won’t stop🙃]

  14. The fact that H is a Charles Bukowski fan scares me a bit.Charles Bukowski,once wrote,”All that matters is how well you walk through the fire”,and Harry said, “I’d walk through fire for you”,which would generally & genuinely mean,how he HAS NOT YET walked through the fire,that he knew he had to WALK THROUGH THE FIRE, later,much later then when he said “I get the feeling that you’ll never need me again”. It scares me just how much H is willing to take,how persistent he’s about loving someone who was/is scared of himself,how he’s insistent of being with someone who pushes him away because they’re scared how H will react if he really KNEW him…😭 And NGL,no matter how much I adore Zayn BEYOND ALL MEN in this planet,I didn’t listen to YWYK more than twice cuz it was just…plain CRUEL.Even more hurtful than Entertainer,Rainberry & NCNL because in those three songs,at least he had a reason to lash out but YWYK was plain cold & exceptionally hurtful.That song ain’t ever getting no streams from me,cheers🥴

    1. I am still tormented by Zayn’s “FRESH AIR” … ls he really that mean?? … l wrote in the comments under his video that no one should listen to that song if they are feeling suicidal.

      1. How is he ‘mean’ in FA?I don’t get what you’re trying to imply.Would you please elaborate a bit?
        And truly,the last parts of IF are way too painful😭

      2. I see how that lyric could be interpreted negatively, but I think he just meant it like “you say you wanna die, but I know you don’t really mean that.” Like maybe when they were arguing about Z leaving the band and H got all emotional and said something like, “You can’t leave! I can’t do this without you! If you’re not here with me, I wanna die!” And then Z tried to calm him down by saying, “I really need to go. You’re gonna be okay … I know you don’t really mean that.” (the part about dying)

  15. Listen to the slight mumbles Harry does after the first chorus.It sounds like,”Lonely,oh,I’m so lonely.Honest,oh babe,can we be just honest?”

    Though I personally believe that Lights Up & She,both the fourth tracks of Side A & Side B were more of self reflective,however with the way both Z & H always give a deeper meaning in between the lines,H could be very well killing two birds with one stone.Would like to add on how it’s quite cool that Zayn made it clear right from the start,to those willing to listen to him,that every time he says ‘she’,he means ‘sHe’.And it’s even cooler how Harry chose to express that he is more of a ‘she’ and rather bored with a mundane,regular life of a ‘he’.

  16. wow a.d your too smart very smart ya never fail to blow my mind I’m sure your gonna go very far in life💜 and harry is so strong just so strong he doesn’t deserve any of this just for loving someone

    1. You’re way too kind. Thanks my dear, I was just rambling haha. I agree I wish things could have been better for them both, based on what we’ve observed from them since the beginning.

  17. Thank you for your analysis !! One question, what do you think about the parallels between OutKast liberation and fine line the song ? The idea of a fine line between love and hate and wanting liberation ? This song is probably not only about love affairs but it does contain the word “baby”. I know Harry listen to outkast as he covered hey you, and zayn probably too
    But I mean maybe it’s a coincidence

    1. @anonymous. Definitely believe Fine Line was perhaps influenced by OutKast”s Liberation–have thought that every time I hear it; as well Pretenders have a song “it’s a thin line between love and hate…” also Zayn’s comment to Zane Lowe in that first interview so many years ago where Zayn refers to relationships “sometimes walking that Fine Line”. So many references. Ugh. These two. Mutually obsessed.

  18. Hey A.D.

    I haven’t even read it yet… BUT GURL!!!! Just the opening alone… and I quote…🗣️”an album that created a baby. 👀👀👀💀💀💀💀…hush UR mouth! This is too good! 🏅🏅🏅🏅🤭🤭🤭🤭😜😜😜😜😜. I am so ready for this read.

    Hugs!!! x

  19. Thanks AD..l wish our neighbours can see how good FL is stil selling and charting coz all they do is complain evertym FL get nominated fo awards

  20. The first time I heard Lights Up (I was introduced to Fine Line, the album, in early 2020) I had this sense of freedom, of coming to the surface to breathe after being the depth of something dark and oppressive. Then I saw the music video and I was, hummm… Somebody likes to play… The various versions of him in the video… Then I found out the day it was released. That song and video, combined with Medicine, and all H’s antics on stage during Live on Tour that I could find on YouTube, I thought to myself, oh, he has come out musically and, to some extent, personally, I believe, but more to himself than to the public. He did not do it for us fans or anybody, he did it for himself, he needed to express himself. It was not a statement of sexuality, but a statemet of self. Whatever he is (whichever letter of the “alphabet mafia”) is not the point here; the main point is his journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance. I don’t think people must be required to label themselves, and nobody should be expected to “come out” to anybody; they should simply be allowed to be. And I respect H for not giving in to pressure from fans, the midia and the general public to put a label on himself. One day he will date someone (a guy, a gal or a non-binary pal) and that will be it, people, just deal with it. Accept it or shut up. Even then we will not know which label he identifies with, if any, and that must be accepted too, he does not owe anyone any satisfaction. I just hope he is able to form a meaningful connection with someone on a deep level (again) – in the light of day (not hidden) – and take mostly gratification from it, for a change. I don’t care if it’s a guy, a gal or a non-binary pal.

  21. The most heartbreaking part of Adore You is that while Harry says,”You don’t have to say you love me,you don’t have to say nothing,you don’t have to say you’re mine”,if you listen very carefully,you find him singing,”Say you love me,say something,say you’re mine”💔
    It’s heartbreaking how he wanted Zayn to say that he loved him,to say something,to give him anything,to convince him that Zayn was his and not his girl crush’s,because even though Z said,”Fuck anybody else,it’s only you”,it never was.No matter how many times Zayn says that “There’s no other”,there is always an ‘other’,whom Harry thinks of every time they ‘get the drinks in’,because despite the pictures ‘signed with love’,despite the ‘records that we used to share’,despite the ‘class ring’, it’s ultimately her who’s got him,it’s ‘her under your bed sheets’💔😭

  22. I’m editing a video right now, so I just wanted to pop in and say thanks so much for stopping by everyone and reading! I also appreciate you sharing your thoughts, and I’ll be back to chat with you. Love you! 🙂

    1. I totally agree with u. I believe Gigi is very aware. She’s young. She’ll want true love at some point. She knows she doesn’t have it. The body language is so telling. Z looks miserable. He’s hiding on the farm & high all the time! I love NIL. G hears all the lyric’s, they’re obvious. I think Olivia is aware as well. She is not stupid. I am glad H isn’t alone. They won’t b too long term, but I could see a long friendship. He’ll learn a lot from her. Ty for all yr hard wk A.D.

      1. The thing with Gigi is…I’m afraid that she’s way too insecure and always measuring herself with H’s stick.She has been controlled all her life.I can’t even imagine how scarred she must be if even as an adult,her mom forced her to close to no food,but also making her paint an opposite narrative.Imagine if her mum is also controlling how much coke she has to snort.I don’t think she’s found who she is,and the way anyone in the industry is surrounded by fake people,it’ll always be hard to find your reality unless and until you pull up a Harry Styles and hide away with your comfort things in a country as peaceful and far away from Hollywood as Japan.I had hoped she’d get autonomous at least post delivery and choose to be herself but unfortunately…no avail.I pray that she realises someday that living a lie,happily,is going to £uck her up in the worst possible condition,and I say this not only bcoz I want the best for Z,but because I genuinely believe that Gigi is much better than rest of her family and deserves more than what she gets.I hope,someday,they all decide to be themselves and not have think about their reputation,for the most heartbreaking thing about being a ‘celebrity’ is that they know,that “Reputation proceeds me”.

    2. When u think about it, without the relationship H&Z we’d have no Mind of Mind, no HS1, no Icarus Falls, no Fine Line, no Grammy. What would we be doing?

    3. Great work. Agree with your interpretation.
      It’s sad. Because Zarry could be a great love.
      Z. Broke them. Hopefully he did no broke H. Completely.

      1. Hey my dear 🙂 Yes I understand what you mean. That’s what’s so addictive and painful about this story. It is/was a great love and it deserves to be celebrated by the world. It scares me to think it will die off, hidden in the dark.

  23. Fine Line is a masterpiece. It came at an important time and has helped lots of people through everything that’s been going on in the world shortly after its release. The romance, the longing, the optimism, the despair everything about this album is so raw and authentic. You can’t listen to it and not see the truth of what and who he’s singing about. Harry was completely honest with himself and that takes guts. But it also must have been so freeing for him and I think that’s what has inspired Z as well. I think in the long run Fine Line will have the effect on Zayn that Harry hoped it would. ‘Do you know who you are?’ Such a piercing question. I’m 100% certain that this album and the dissecting of this album is what caused Tightrope. And no matter how much Zigi overshadows it, it had an impact. I can’t help but think that because of Harry’s patient and seemingly undying love for Zayn, he will continue trying to get him to ‘step into the light’ in one way or another

    1. Love your comment. H gets wiser every year and I think he came to understand that if you truly love someone you have to let them go, sometimes you even have to push them towards their own journey (by no means he’s pushing Z towards G though, by now everyone knows how toxic that PR relationship is). I’m sure H doesn’t want to be without Z, but in order to find his truth Z has to fight his monsters on his own. I even think that’s what Z subconsciously wants – to be left alone, to make it on his own – but unfortunately he cannot do that constructively, being very anxiety-driven he is prone to self-destruction and thus creates even more mess out of his life.
      ‘I’d walk through fire for you
      Just let me adore you’ – H confesses that he’s gonna stay by his side no matter what, he’s willing to support him and he’s willing to HELP him get through every issue if only he let him. That is what only unconditional love is capable of – it doesn’t judge, doesn’t expect anything in return, it’s free of possessiveness..

  24. Something interesting the “fine line’s instruments” are so similar to Zayn’s “interrmission: flower” just different speeds which is in Urdu and the songs translate to “untill this flower of love blossoms, this heart won’t be at peace” soooo just thinking fine line is also a response that at the end they we’ll be a fineline/alright , the flower will blossom and they will be alright!❤😭❤❤

  25. I think they might be still together. Harry was talking about moving to Japan for a while and living a quiet life.
    I realize Zayn only shows up for photo schedule photo apps with Gigi and then disappears again.
    They are living together. Yeah right. His farm is 1 mile down the road from her farm..
    He shows up for visits.
    You see them walking in NYC. I have been more closer to my brother than those two were to each other

  26. One more interesting thing about the song “fine line” the instruments are so similar to “Intermission: Flower” just different speeds aaaand the lyrics interprete “untill this love blossom this heart will not find peace!! Sooo i kinda think ” fine line” the song was kinda a respond that in the we’ll be
    a fine line/alright the flower will blossom! ❤😭

  27. AD you are amazing, you do a great job, thank you for sharing your knowledge, feelings and thoughts. You help us form our own opinion and attitude to the events between H and Z because they both make great music and I’m very proud of Harry, he deserves all the awards, he’s young and he works hard. I am grateful that he has a good team and friends around him. AD I love your channel and your work, please keep doing it

  28. Thanks AD great peice of work that pulls together all the timelines and themes so well. I adore Fine line it such a great body of work each time I listen I hear more and more of the shared history of these two talented humans He said on the interview with Zane Lowe it was like therapy.. the songs catalogue all the highs and lows of a complex relationship. To me it has the same emotional resonance of Fleetwood Mac ‘s Rumours which is also laced with similar relationship angst -it feels authentic . Harry is brave and generous and deserves his recognition he is impressive . I wish both get to a place of contentment although what that looks like these days I haven’t a clue !

  29. Fine line is my fav song every song in fine line scream only one name i.e zayn fucking Malik the line”but man I can hate u sometime” ohhhhh Harold.But after baby I don’t know the tracks of hs3 we have already heard in falling in which he says”I got the feeling that you never need me again”.Ad do you remember once in ttum zayn says to harry that he should behave like Harry styles and not degrade himself it’s true.At the end of the day I feel zayn don’t deserve harry but the problem is I don’t think harry can love someone else the way he love zayn.zayn pllllllllllssssssssssssss hold him he is broken still begging for some pieces of your heart.m crying.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭.I want your thoughts Ad.

  30. Amazing. I love Fine Line so much. It’s so hard not to cry for Harry when I heart that song. It’s so beautiful. I hate how Zayn says such cold stuff. The he wishes he knew me line…..I want to scream. Like WTF! Is it wrong that I kinda want Zayn to hurt like he hurt Harry and like Harry wait and wait with just hope that Harry will be his again. I want him to really know what Harry went/goes thru. Z has always had Harry right there waiting, that’s a power he has been abusing. I thk that’s why he gets away being so cold sometimes. He knew Harry wld still fight for him and love him. It drives me crazy!

    1. Same dear. « Fine Line » the song was gut-wrenching for me as well. And I, too, have come to the conclusion that Z doesn’t deserve him, from what he’s shown in his actions and some of his ego-filled lyrics. In fact, I can think of only a few songs of his that truly depicts unconditional love and not pure lust. We all want H to realize his worth, and imo that means moving on, loving himself, finding someone whose love for him will be a force that moves, inspires, and supports him. I don’t want his light to be dimmed because of continuing pain and self-doubt. And I too want Z to watch it unfold and realize what he’s lost.

    2. Zayn’s song “HURT” has reappeared online … lt was not released it was leaked some way , a week before the Grammy’s but the lyrics are so haunting …” You know me the best but you hurt me the most, you always know what to say to make me stay “ Also Zayn’s other song “ Fresh Air “ l think l need some fresh air, I’m feeling under pressure. Don’t wanna talk about it , don’t even get me started . over you .. there’s nothing more I can do for you .. you say that you wanna die but you never do “”…. SERIOUSLY ?? something very dark serious went on with those guys I can see why AD says Zayn damaged Harry and the relationship impacted his mental health .. Zayn continues “ l say that l’m sorry but you’re never sober .. you and me have got differences why are you on some different shit?” .. l think Harry May have spoke to Zayn about his suicidal ideation..

  31. I am so impressed with you giving us so much content! I agree with you so much. Fine Line is a masterpiece, and from the first listen you can feel the love, romance, loneliness, heartbreak and hope. He is accepting who he is, and no longer living under anyone’s view of who he should be. Writing from his heart is powerful and I’m sure freeing for him.

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