Green & Gold Jewelry

This is just too adorable for words. Zayn, King of the Zarries, started what I believe to be a concerted trend in early 2018 in preparation for his album release. He started wearing a large green and gold ring in every photoshoot he did, and in every music video he did for Icarus Falls.

In response to this, along with all the other incredibly obvious things Harry did regarding Zayn for Fine Line, Harry started to wear a green and gold double cross combination on his necklace. It was loud and it was such a tender gesture to reply to Zayn’s.

And if we thought we were crazy for believing any of this, Zayn came along in 2020 and kept up the tradition with a green and gold earring. It is completely improbable that they are doing this (for this many years and always for their album cycles) by coincidence. They are doing it on purpose, because they know we know, and to some extent they want us to know, and to also (imo) make note of it. To document it. That’s just my opinion.

So far, all together now:

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  1. ugh 💚💛 and Zayn also wore the green and gold ring again in the vibez mv if I’m not mistaken it’s these little things that keep me hoping

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