Guns & Roses

Normally I wouldn’t make a big deal of these two tattoos, but I just think it’s really funny that Larries go on and on about Louis getting a dagger in the spot Harry got his rose (a year afterwards) but they completely ignore that Zayn got a lotus in that same exact spot and then later got BOTH of their tattoos on his skull (lotus & rose.)

Also that long before Louis ever got that dinky little dagger in 2014, Zayn got this large gun in November 2013 behind Harry getting the Zarry Rose in September 2013. And well…we all are familiar with “Guns n Roses.”

Zayn wearing Guns & Roses shirts:

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  1. Please read Stockholm Syndrome and you will see the significance of the gun and the 17 black tattoo that Harry has. It will also explain the silver cowboy boots Harry used to wear. If I remember I think there is something in the book about the wearing of different colored shoe laces too. I really hope for both of them that they can speak their truth someday, I know from personal experience that life is very short and to miss one day of happiness because you are afraid of what other people think or say is crazy.

      1. They are probably referring to ‘Stockholm Syndrome’ by Richard Rider (it became a trilogy with the second part being called ’17 red and 29 black’ which is interesting to say the least if you consider Harrry’s 17black tat in a different light and Zayn’s mv’s where the colors red and black dominate profoundly in ‘let me’ and ‘entertainer’ especially). Until now I had only heard of the matching descriptions of the main characters to H and Z (same eye colors, plus the kidnapper was Bradford based if I remember correctly – I haven’t read it yet haha) but @debra mayernick pointed some very interesting things out…

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