Harry + Olivia CCTV Footage

Harry and Olivia caught in 4k. (lol not really)

Alright, cut the crap. That body language is all lopsided and bent out of shape. Harry is the king of hating public PDA, but this takes it to a whole different extreme. He didn’t even give her a little pat on the hand like: “There there, love, daddy’s gotcha.”

Hands in his pockets, looking for a quick diversion with his phone, physically moving away, almost like he was subconsciously looking for an escape or something to relieve the awkwardness he was feeling.

Meanwhile, here’s Harry with David (who is a relative stranger.)

I mean, I would be PISSED if I was being this touchy and affectionate with my man in public and he left me hanging like Harry did. That’s awful. He couldn’t even bring himself to “pretend” to reciprocate her energy. Damn Harold, it’s like that?? (And this is technically candid footage. Meaning it’s theoretically them when they feel no one is watching.)

Here’s another link to the video in case it gets deleted from YouTube. (I’m sorry I can’t post it myself.)

Of course this is only a 30 second clip and it’s difficult to determine anything from 30 seconds, but because we have observed Harry over a long period of time and roughly understand his baseline as far as body language is concerned, some things are discernable in this clip if you are the sort of person who can read this stuff. I sure can (on a general level.)

In fact, his energy with Olivia puts me in mind of the way he was with Kendall on the yacht in late 2015. She’s all over him and laying on his chest, but he’s checking his phone.

Kendall smothering Harry while Harry checks his phone. (December 2015)

Harry: *has a super model in a bikini laying on top of him* “Oh gee, guys, I wonder what the weather’s like?” *checks phone*

Kendall: “But Harry…H-harry? You’re already outside.”

The Holivia clip has such strong ‘this dude isn’t really into females’ vibes that it seems too easy to detect. Like?? That can’t be right? There must be a catch, right? Even I’m more into females than that, and I strictly love dudes.

Now old Harold here…well, this dude never even tries to look remotely interested in his girlfriends. NONE of them. The most Harry has ever “appeared” intrigued by Olivia was in this pic:

Harry’s like: “Hey there, O. Yeah, babe, um… I don’t know how to tell you this, but you have a MASSIVE eye booger. It’s huge. The biggest I’ve ever seen really…”

And he only appears interested in her here because he was simply “looking” at her. Harry is known for maintaining strong eye contact with everyone (even interviewers.) He makes sure to display deep interest and lends his undivided attention to anyone speaking to him. It’s often mistaken for “flirting” (even with some interviewers) and this is the entire core of the Larry Stylinson conspiracy theories (where Harry is concerned.) Larries squeal over the way Harry “looks” at Louis on occasion (while Louis was LITERALLY constantly talking, moving, and doing something attention-seeking to upstage everyone) lmfao.

Meanwhile, look at the way he is with Zayn. Someone who is quiet and never seeks attention. In this clip Harry is turned in the opposite direction from the speaker onstage (Louis) and marveling at Zayn like it was the first time he has ever seen him:

Brit Awards 2013

Tbh, this all makes the handhold at Jeff’s wedding make a bit more sense. We knew it was out-of-character for Harry to put on such a show unless he was encouraged to do so for PR purposes or by a demanding lover.

It was most likely an Olivia-driven public handhold (based on how relentlessly clingy she is in the video above) and Harry just doesn’t get down like that. It’s the exact same way he was with Camille, super standoffish and closed off body language. However, the difference between Hendall, Hamille, and Holivia is that Camille seemed to respect Harry’s boundaries in public.


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  1. So pierre is pregnant. Everyone who is pregnant has her man next to her. And then I watch Zayn and Gigi … Gigi leaked the pregnancy to the median so sad. Everything they do is always problematic. And believe me when I say they do not even live together. So toxic are they

  2. Hello, have you read the latest story in OK Magazine? On the cover – “Harry & Olivia – On the rocks already?”
    I’m trying to post the link here, but unfortunately I can’t access it in Austria. If it doesn’t work, please google it.


    The article seems strange to me – in her recent Instagram story she is wearing his pink beanie while playing with her kids and also Harry’s green parka….
    Can’t manage to draw the line under this story… sigh ;-).

  3. They just don’t seem to be on the same page idk… he’s not returning the same energy that she’s giving at all. It’s just weird. Tbh I don’t think this will last long but who knows??
    I was kinda hoping for holivia to be “real” for Harry’s sake but ya…it doesn’t look like he’s that into her😬 Anyway I hope Harry’s doing okay and I’m really really excited for his movies!!

    1. Also I feel it would impact the way you watched the film having this “background uncertainty” in mind i.e. it’s a distracting detraction from what might be a very good film. Whereas with My Policeman everything we are seeing posted is genuinely peaking interest in the film and it’s story … even when the media haven’t done their homework on what the story is and character relationships actually are.

    2. Yes something feels just slightly off key with it … would be far from the on first set romance and particularly understandable how it might happen in a COVID bubble situation especially if one or other or both parties was in a vulnerable state in a relationship sense. She’s an interesting person, etc. But kinda wonder if it’s “real” or equally “real” on both sided. Also wonder what he understood her situation to be. Very painful to see him tared with womaniser brush again with daub of home wrecker added. He does seem to tend to want to trust and hope. I guess for me if you’ve got a good relationship you don’t need to push out any image to anyone. That constant push push push about it is feels off … though a lot of it is probably made up rather than based on anything. The video looks weird because the energies are so out of sink. But maybe that’s how it is. Maybe it’s case of “If you can’t be with the one you love than love the one you’re with”??? Glad to see him upbeat/at ease/engaged on the MP set and surround be good people and feeling at home. Happy he is also close to his own family again after a long time away. Hope whatever it is works out for him and he finds his heart’s desire.

  4. Other than the quick grab Olivia did in the beginning, maybe she was trying to cheer him up. Like a super aggressively touchy friend. Or like a mom getting silly lovey with her son. If it was romantic, I’m sry it looked too forced and unbalanced to be cute. I don’t think Olivia wld force it, if this was a bf/gf relationship. Look at how she was with Jason. She again was very affectionate but she was softer with him. I saw two separate occasions where she was hugging him etc and it was different. Olivias touch with Jason was more intimate. I myself was never a touchy person. I wld take me a minute to get there but I’m was still more reserved than most, until I met my husband. He was sooooo affectionate and never cared who saw it. At first, I didn’t know how to react BUT I DIDNT ACT LIKE HARRY. As much as I was overwhelmed by my husbands affection, I wanted it and u cld see that. For example, if I was Harry at that moment I wld have touch my husband arm or turn my head a bit to let him know I see u/ I feel u. And prob than turn around for a hug and release bc it might of been too much. I was shy about that and bc he wasn’t we met in the middle.
    Of course I cld be wrong, but whatever they have, it doesn’t look like this deep chemistry connection romance the press is pushing.
    Also, SRY SO LONG, I want Harry to be happy and my Zarry heart will always be rooting for them but I’m definitely not feeling Holivia right now. There’s so much baggage. Like he still doesn’t look crazy happy. I hope 🤞 that is comes out their friends bc her leaving her fiancé, having 2 young children looks so bad for Harry and his rumored womanizing ways, especially since it’s said that Jason is heartbroken. And after this video, I don’t know. And why now, this was almost 4 months ago.

  5. AD thank you again for your great observations! This is the most awkward video of two people who are supposed to love each other! It is really hard to watch. H seems so detached or uninterested. Saying that, it is a very short clip so who knows. I agree with you so much!

  6. Did you see today’s pictures from MP set of of “Tom walking with Marion”. OMG the body language is on point. She’s hanging onto his arm but he’s hands in pocket (like above) and is not interested in the her. Emma is doing great with being naive Marion pursuing her fantasy. I can’t wait to see actual “Patrick and Tom” interactions in comparison. The Emma/Harry and Harry/Patrick interactions on set are smilarly friendly. . .

  7. Now media is reporting Olivia is not upset with Harry’s on screen “steamy”scenes with Emma. Who thinks this stuff up??? Far out these people need to read the book cause there isn’t no steam between Tom and Marion.

  8. Harry is very attentive and solicitous when he’s with people. He’s really there. Agree that type of intensity of focus can be misinterpreted. I’ve watched video slowed down/normal speed. The girl is making all the moves “lovey dovey/clingy”” and the guy doesn’t seem to be engaged i.e. 2 different energies. Harry is actually very tactile in public with handshakes, joking around, hugging, being nice, being present. But never really observably in “public” romantic relationships..I think he would be with the right person but it would be very natural and subtle and just happen i.e. not be put on. I also feel the need for privacy and also protectiveness is very strong in him too.

  9. Ok the whole hendall convoy on here was hilarious. I do agree that idk if he’s dating Olivia ( I dont think so but 🤷‍♀️). I dont think he is very comfortable with pda especially from past experiences and I think that is why he’s acting this way; honest to God though it’s kinda cringe and makes me feel bad for him

    1. I know it makes it look like he’s struggling for a diversion to ease the awkwardness while still refusing to engage in it or encourage her further. Yuck on her part.

      1. I feel bad for Harry all he ever wanted was Zayn, I think Zayn broke his heart over and over again. I just wish Zayn did not lead him on the way he did. But I guess we will never know what really happened. If you go back to him singing outside for the Jingle Bell Ball in his song he said hopefully he will be able to come out sometime but not now. I think Harry has to play that game like Zayn but who knows maybe they will be together someday, not sure though. I think Harry is more into men. Which is fine but maybe his management didn’t think it was a good idea for Harry to come out.

        1. Dolores you are so right, all he ever wanted was Zayn. I hope Zayn knows Harry well enough to know that he is in love with him and he doesn’t want them to part ways but for them to the spent the rest of their lives together.

          Harry and Zayn please sit down together and have many conversations with each other. Life is too short.

  10. If u look at the Biebers,Zigi&Holivia u can tel the difference.M not saying they shld all behave the same but l wld rather have wat the Biebs have coz it seems special and genuine.l also feel like Olivia really likes H but mayb he doesnt want or he cant b all in.In as much as l want my baby to loved publicly l dont knoe if l stil want this Holivia to continue or H shld jus stay single since Mr Unfuckwitable wants to remain under petticoat government

    1. Yes there is a totally different energy between Hailey and Justin and Zigi and Holivia. And I often get the sense zigi was trying so hard to be like Justin and Hailey when they got married and were adored by the world. Zigi doesn’t stack up to their charm and chemistry in any way. They have to fake so much and are so self-important smh

  11. She seems waaaay more into him than he is into her. I suspect that Harry is a very romantic and thoughtful guy, so the women he dates, whatever his motivations may be, they seem to overestimate his interest.

    Also, I think it’s important to note that Olivia literally ditched the father of her kids for Harry. If it’s not serious (which, duh) her team sure as hell would be scrambling to make it SEEM serious, otherwise she would come across cold-hearted, impulsive, etc. (she already has gotten heat for it, but because its so ‘serious’ between them, people are sympthetic). Her ex is generally loveable and well-liked among the public, so imagine if it came out that Harry was just a fling that she threw away their whole relationship for. I think her team is potentially trying to save her face as well as trying to get interest in the movie.

    Honestly, I just have to cross my fingers that Harry isn’t doing this just for Zayn. Bc that would make me so sad. I honestly can’t see what Harry would stand to lose career-wise by coming out if that’s really what he wants; so many of his fans already make assumptions about his sexuality, he has the love of the public, he wears dresses and lingerie on the covers of magazines (which can arguably be more controversial than coming out) and is unbothered by the criticism, so… if he is actively trying to push a fake narrative, the only reason I can see him doing that is to protect Zayn which just HURTS to think about.

    And if he isn’t doing it for Zayn, he must be interested in her in some level? Trying but failing to mend a broken heart? Who knows. Just wishing the best for him at this point.

    1. I understand how you feel. Yes let’s hope Harry actually enjoys spending time with her and that she just got a little carried away here and doesn’t force this on him often. I hope for his sake he’s not faking it and is trying to make something work, but from the looks of this clip when they first started “dating” things don’t bode well for them for the future, I’m afraid. But that’s just my opinion.

    2. Look at Ciara, granted her ex -man was trash but she had a son and with Future is now with Russel Williams who whole heartedly took on the whole of boyfriend/ husband/ step dad / father and buisness partner. Do we really think Harry is ready for that kind of responsibility?? He was only 26 at the time of meeting O , but that could be his future if she plans on staying with him long term. She was engaged to Jason for 7 frikkin years and was Married to an ltalian artistocrat before that I think she is wary of status and public image, lm sure they get along and probably do have more chemistry in private but Harry has consistently shown little to no PDA to his “official gfs”
      ( nothing on the scale comparable to Zayn) if anything his interactions with Lizzo exuded far more warmth intimacy and camaraderie than anything we’ve seen with O or any other woman

  12. This video is so awkward! I’m glad you dedicated a whole post to it lol. In my opinion, if this is the best they have to show of their “early in love” new relationship phase… I’m not buying it!

    It makes an especially stark contrast with how casually affectionate H is with everyone on set at MP. I feel like it was actually a really bad move to release this video at the same time. It may have had a better impact if it was released earlier.

  13. I think Harry and Olivia are discussing their movie that is in post discussion. I think Olivia is an actress. She knows by doing this with Harry is keeps the vultures from searching into Harry’s love life to find out who he is dating because they have not seen anyone since Camille. But it also does not hurt that they have a movie that is soon coming out.

  14. I agree with everything A.D. said. I think Harry is generally more interested in and attracted to men. Also, I feel like he has been clearly expressing that sentiment. He just doesn’t look very comfortable or entranced when in the company of his “girlfriends”. He never has. I agree that all of his “girlfriends” have always been the initiators of anything remotely romantic. I idk, maybe he does transform into someone we aren’t used to seeing, behind closed doors👿

    1. Hey love ☺️ thanks for sharing your thoughts. Lol let’s hope he’s a different person with her behind closed doors because this video is just sad. 🧐

  15. i think Olivia is genuinly intrested in harry .. who would not ! and she is kind of a little bit frustrated by the whole thing at this point .. i mean you can’t really keep your distance this close to him even if it’s just a fling or PR relationship .. she’s obviously trying to do something here .. catch his attention or maybe trigger an emotion but she miserably failed .. sigh .. just think about it she threw away a 7 yrs relationship to be with him .. she’s not going away any time soon

    1. Lol true. She really seems to hope this will go somewhere if she left Jason for Harry. That’s crazy to think about. She should’ve did a little research into his dating history to see there is no hope of being with him long term. Or, hey, maybe she’s just in it for a fun rebound fling after the failed engagement/marriage with her baby’s father and is just caught up in the magic of Harry after filming with him. It’s sad to see his interest in her being so dry so early on. Damn

      1. I feel like this too! It seems like they really didn’t do their research on each other before hand! Olivia has always been really open about talking and posting on SM about her relationships. Harry is known for sometimes never even acknowledging that a relationship happened! They have such different expectations of how to publicly show their relationship status that Olivia is probably never really going to be happy in this situation. 😬

  16. Ok so I made a long comment but placed it in the comments section. I completely again 100%. Something is off. At first I just noticed Harry and his very unfazed role during their whole dance but after watching it a few more times I saw Olivias actions a bit more odd then I realized. Right at the beginning when she lifts her arms, it didn’t look like that flirty way to show her body. It looked like a way to fill the moment up or to tell a secret. You kno what I mean? And then the reach/grab to get Harry and hug him. It was like watching an animal on its prey. Next, what I thought was gentle grip/hug turn to a dance that clearly shows her leading from behind. 😬 it was like she was passive aggressively moving his hips side to side until he started to move up and then it just looked a little less forced but I think he moved bc he didn’t like being still. You know what I mean? The dance took away from the uncomfortableness. And again, just a still picture of Z and H leaves me speechless. Its so obvious especially in comparison.

    1. I agree she’s being weird here. Idk, maybe she might have been stoned in some way? And she’s acting weirdly possessive. I agree with what you said about why he moved. He really didn’t have a choice at that point. I sure hope they’re dating at this point, because if not, her humping him and clinging to him feels so effing inappropriate, especially because she was technically his boss at the time. Yuck

  17. I just finished watching an Italian series called “Volevo Fare la Rockstar”. I dont understand Italian language, other than some few words. But I watched it for the reel couple Antonio and Eros. In the series, Eros has a very awkward body language, especially in intimate moments with girls. This character is gay. The other guy Antonio is closeted gay with a fiance, who later becomes preggers with his child.
    So, coincidently, watching this series centre staged on Eros’ body language around girls at the time of this cctv footage, is kinda funny. Harry’s uninterested body language was the first thing that struck me. Hands in pocket. Eyes on the token. While she looks around, as if to grab attention, secretly trying to spot cctv cams. Totally for promotion of DWD, I felt.

    P.S: Eros has a bit resemblance to Harry and Antonio to Zayn. Maybe its my Zarry mind. But I found similarities. Do check out ‘Volevo Fare la Rockstar’

  18. The body language with Olivia is so weird. Hands in pocket and he checks his phone?

    He is so casually affectionate with literally every male in his orbit – it’s clear how comfortable he feels with the same sex. Why does he do this with women when his body language betrays how awkward he feels with them?

    If he was clearly happy with the women he dates, I would gladly respect his choices. But this seems put on so I’m a bit disappointed in him. Who’s the show for, Harry? Who are you trying to fool? Do you really think we’re idiots? Not cool.

  19. Wow that was deep. She looks like she cares about him. Like Kendal. Because, is H friking S.
    He is a sweet soul. It’s easy to love him.
    I am just glad that someone is taking care of him because he deserved to be happy, or at least try to have a normal relationship. I love him so much.

  20. is it bad that i’m a devoted zarrie but still kind of wanted holivia to be real and harry to be genuinely interested in her… i feel like he deserves and needs it rn

  21. Plsssss Im crying what was dis mess?!Its deffo olivia who is leaking all this info…her team called the paps to her house to capture those “gifts”from harry…like lmao girl we get it.also she has deuxmoi(?)stalk a harry fan page and when one of her followers(the FP) that the spotting was false and a rumor she commented…really weird+my friend who has been in the fandom for more than 9-10 years(also a fellow fiery zarry)calls this the worst bearding/stunt harry has pulled:)I would give it a 3 out if ten only for our flower lady Olivia and her efforts for the cameras she gon pay to release the footage.The cleanest one was The one w Camille.
    also: yoooo girl I just turned an anti to a depressed zarry last night.I havent failed you yet queen💅🏻💛💚

  22. He had more chemistry with David on set to be honest 😅 but I was thinking maybe he’s so affected by Z’s need to always hide he’s afraid to show affection in public places (I hope that isn’t the case).
    I don’t know what to think honestly, there are some things that make me doubt Holivia such as the banana d*ck (why would he wear it if he was in love with a woman?) although I would like it to be true. Time will tell I guess. I literally can’t wait for HS3.

  23. I’m really into body language stuff (I’ve even read books &articles about it) and I couldn’t agree more! From the time I saw a video of Holivia (where H wears the pink beanie) and saw their dynamic something felt off to me. This video just shows it a lot better and it baffles me how anyone can find it cute seeing how unresponsive H was.

    On another note do you also feel like Zigi’s body language got worse over the years? Like, I thought back in 2016 I believe, Z seemed a lot more comfortable around her and now he really doesn’t.

    Thing is, once you’ve seen how zarry behave around one another something about all their other relationships just doesn’t feel right

    1. I don’t understand either how people can find it cute seeing H’s body language. Somewhere I read that somebody wrote that they weren’t kids and that’s why they don’t show their love very clearly. We know very well how Harry behaves when he’s around Zayn. The man I see in this video seems quite reckless. I don’t know what’s going on between them but I don’t see two people in loveAs far as I know, love feels 15 even though you’re And harry is still so young. I’ve been following Harry since 2013. Our ages are close to each other so I can say I grew up together. I really love him. I want him to be happy with all my heart. But I haven’t seen a happy harry in a long time. Seeing Harry 2013-2014 next to Zayn, we can see happy Harry there. I’m not saying that Zayn and Harry should be together. But I can’t help but think of Zayn owing an apology to the fine line and Harry.Neither fine line nor harry deserved such an answer. I feel more upset every time I think. I don’t know if people are aware but what he’s going through is something terribly sad. It is definitely not something to be overcome immediately. I think that’s the reason he drowned himself in work. To not think about what he has been through… Running from problems does not work, unfortunately. So I want with all my heart to Zayn fix everything he did to Harry. I want him to tell him that he loves him, to show everyone that he is proud that fine line is about him, to show the world that he is not ashamed of him, to make him forget all his pain. Cause I’m one of those who think poison and antidote are the same person.

      1. I’m sorry for my messy sentences.Whereas I am a university graduated lol 😭😂 I hope the things I mean are understood. There are so many things I want to write. But it can turn into terrible things because I can’t write in my language.

      2. ohh darling I also feel the same way in fact most of us do but it’s just Zayn is so unpredictable and keeps giving us false hope like for example in the to begin again music video he showed so many references of harry and then out of nowhere he performed weird( at least to me) and stupid stunts to show he loves gigi on her birthday which just made all of us thinking: what the actual fuck is this dude tryna do? Like I know it would be nice and brave of him to just show the world who he loves the most but it’s hard.. it’s really hard to like expect that from him. Ughhhhh why is reality so different from expectations I hate this!!

    2. Hi dear! 😘 Thanks for sharing this. I agree in 2016 zayn looked more comfortable with gigi. It changed in mid 2017 for some reason after the Vogue shoot. My personal theory is because Harry came back into his life and zayn felt guilty and uncomfortable performing after that.

  24. Just love your analysis even a normal person can say this video isn’t at all romantic 😂poor Harry why does he try to do it this is not his cup of tea to do faking love… My baby 😢

    1. i truly believe holivia was a couple in the beginning. he looked like a scared puppy those 1st days of shooting. as olivia talked to him out of her trailer door (all bubbly & flirting) she beckoned him in & i think did everything to relieve his ‘stress’ during that time. the wedding was a game changer. h like things quiet. i think he does listen/trust her (which considering how they were laughing on a beach chair on a video 3 weeks ago) i do think they get along (i wonder if she’s behind not dying his hair blond for MP) but unfortunately the pink laced vans are back…i hope harry knows what he’s doing.

        1. zarry pages show the pics of him at the beach. it looks like one of them has it. i rechecked. i don’t think he’d do it on a shoot or is it just the way the sun is hitting it🤔

    2. Hey ☺️❤️ yes my heart breaks for him. I feel like he’s made it clear exactly who he longs to be with but keep settling for these awkward PR flings in the meantime. I wonder if he’s still “waiting”

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