Harry Won A Brit Award

Thanks to everyone who shared about Harry’s win on the Discussion Post! I’m so oblivious and out of it lol, so this post is late. I didn’t even realize the Brits were today. I’m at work haha

Awe congrats Harold my love!! He just doesn’t stop winning, does he? I’m starting to get a little jealous tbh.

Does anyone else remember when Harry said he almost didn’t release “Watermelon Sugar” because for a time he hated it? It’s unbelievable how an artist never knows when they’re sitting on a gold mine. You just have to free your art to the world, and I’m so glad he eventually did. 🙂 This tweet basically sums up my thoughts:

Did someone say oral?

Here’s Harry’s acceptance speech!

He’s such a doll. So sweet, so humble. Also, his skin and his hair look amazing!

Thoughts on Harry’s acceptance speech? One line caught my ear….hmmm….

This is Harry’s second British Award. He won back in 2018 for Best British Music Video for “Sign Of The Times”

Remember how dirty they did him last year? All those nominations and no wins? Plus that jealous POS Jack Whitehall is always hating on Harry and his fashion. But Harry came back to conquer this year. They tried to correct themselves after he won that Grammy and got a #1 on the Billboard.

And to think, Harry gave them arguably one of the best performances of his career last year. They didn’t deserve him.

So, we have a problem. I feel like Harry’s getting more handsome as the days go by. Anyone else notice that? That’s not cool. He can’t have every effing thing. Damn you, Harry, and your impeccable genes and innovative fashion sense!

He quite literally owns the world.

A few people pointed out Harry’s daisy mask. How adorable.

Here’s Harry breaking the law in his fancy suit.

Who the hell is Gracey? Is she like a knockoff Kacey?

Haha see what I did there? Their names are similar. Did you get it? No? I should shut up? Ok.

Lol Harry’s the only one who is still Covid-conscious!

I’m so here for this. Haylor can be Queen and King. 🙌❤️

If Olivia Rodrigo and Harry collab…

Wait, ok can this be me next even though I’m talentless and I don’t sing. Someone get me a record deal!

Despite him already taking over 2021, I still feel like Harry has a lot more winning to do. Stay tuned!

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  1. Hi AD, 24 minutes long rap by zayn has been posted by Daniaal. I dont know if it is correct, but I found some of the rap in twitter.

    0:46 – 1:00
    And I thought right, it’s all bark and no bite, I’m tony stark embarking on a dream, took a bit of time to take darkness from the team. Seen what I seen. Heart left on the sleeve. Tried to burn my wings, so I put them on a peice on my chest , at peace.

    Flipped it on it’s head. Gripped the script up now,flipped it don’t you think. Fakers all around me, I’ve been living in pretense. Fake friends , won’t make amends. There’s no need for these mean comments to implore the scenes. Attentionseekers, the spine is weakened

    What a family needs, and the planet bleeds, the damaged trees. It’s never leaving to a real sense so fuck the fence, and until it starts peeling colour it’s fuck the fence. (bit unsure abt this part if anyone has a better translation feel free to quote me)

    1:22 –
    You must be off it, I mean it , you know you ain’t never get with the judging and I used to dread growing up, and too long I never felt like I belonged, but still long like a minute I ain’t looking for no one

    1:41- 1: 48
    Kicking the game I’m serving, they’re never learning, my fire is forever burning, adding it to my fuel, seems like I’m always focused on never becoming you.

    I’m seeing my new beginnings, watch out this loser’s winning, and no water is too deep to swim in.. Like im a .. killing , I’m all the way that and living/ limit.

    Running your jaw, stunting, pulling at straws, something I think you’re a poor effort, tone deaf and I ain’t treat you separate. Living, I’m in my element, riding it like a … never lose me to fentanyl, scared when I take a benadryl. Keeping it green in general

    2:20- 2:33
    Think that you remain irrelevant. Look at yourself with reverance, hoping to always elevate. Celibate of these thoughts, killing themselves with sedatives. In comparison to (eminem?), you’re feeling feminine. Impolitically correct, still dropping on my —-

    And I never gave a fuck about what they say abt my shit, I’ve been moving things in my mind like it’s a … Memories has made me wander if I’m the me being after you. What’s the purpose that you do, I see you’re walking up your line.

    2:46 -2:55
    I’m looking at my life, saying what do I deserve. It’s hard to say I know when I’m walking through the dirt. Talking … nothing I can see for what it’s worth. I’m tired of feeling hurt and I’ve tried enough but nothing works.

    Just a.. with a cigarette, sun coming up, write my thoughts on the internet. Feeling deep, I’m .. with the silhouette … get fucked up for the thrill of it .

    On the top floor, cloud 9, fading, never bailing, felt amazing, inhaling, til my lungs .. , two guns blazing. Overcome all the stunts that I pulled

    5:02- 5:12
    This life it don’t give you no armour, alot of myself can harm me. I swear on what’s good, that I’m here til they take me. I pray that I’m wrinkled, at least over 80, started moving like a …’

    5:36- 5:45
    Grab a bat, lose my rag. Couple things got me mad, couple people got me wrong and now I’m changing up the swag. Coming in and stealing it, I might take the whole bag.

    5:45 – 5:55
    Feeling undefeated, I’m the beast with the beasts, and imma lead the whole pack. Fearless like I’m Caesar, I’m just waiting for a chance to fill it up with diesel, and all I’ve been achieving clocking miles in it’s region, moving like a legion.

    Promise that I made to myself an allegiance. Do you still believe I’m a fool for ever leaving, staring at the ceiling, can never put a cap on achieving. I’m just here for the rap, then I’m leaving.

    6:06- 6:17
    I’ve had about enough of being my own enemy, it’s time to .. moved up a long way from 17. Always went against the grain, struggled tin my life. Got some things to say when I stand up on a mike.

    6:17- 6:21
    I ain’t dropping this for fame, I need this time, like therapy, it’s just to keep me sane. The truth is on my medicine, can’t put that on your plate.

    Speeding into everything, bout time I fixed the brakes. Don’t say I can’t communicate , you know I conversate with you in several different ways. And i know you know it’s reverences , looking at your face.

    6:33- 6:40
    Can’t justify mistakes, like every man that made them, seems I am the one to blame. Lying to myself, only had so much to gain, so now I’m switching up the …

    6:46- 6:54
    Confused, I can feel it all . I’m here to make a change. It’s cold at 3am outside , I’m walking with your dog, thanking god that you don’t talk at all, my mind is switching off

    Driving down to find myself , cuz I’ve been getting lost. …Lessons that I’ve learned I’ve tried teach it to myself. What I’ve learnt from certain people is that they’re better than myself.

    So I surround myself with real ones, and you feel the plastic melt. That burning toy soldiers that used to go up on the shelf. Recycle the ideas, conveying on the belt

    Tired of only hoping, we feel the … come in. Gravity is the .. It kept us to the ground, see the only people speaking til they are favoured in amounts

    eating clouds cuz my smokes thicker – z

    I thought my city was shit bcs I want bigger

    Feeling trapped this industry is a cage

    Nobody’s speaking the truth, I’m offended by the Sate. Look at the state of the news, I’ve decided the argument, decided my views, while they been sat in their chairs, I’m feeling pressured to choose.

    Standing here as one man, how can I do half when your half the person I am. If it wasn’t in your life, you didn’t choose it. It’s the funny thing about music. It’s the pain and beauty of it.

    Don’t give a fuck what my suit is, it looks good so I wear it, better than the shoot that People’s wearing

    Been facing the racists back when i was a kid .born up in in 93′. been living it rough..kicked me out of the schools, they had a problem with me and the kids that would call me paki still sit in the classroom chilling, and now that I’m older I see they treat us different got me thinking I was the problem cuz they never dealth with those issues. 20 years later I’m still in the same boat.

  2. Huge accomplishment for h. Anybody find it odd that h had a random artist friend seated with him at the table? why wasnt the girlfriend and love of his life O right there with him? supporting him loving him wearing gucci with him doing a little movie promoting with him? oh wait – it was probably management keeping them apart

    1. 🙂 No I didn’t find it random at all. Realistically it made absolute sense for H to have a “known” long term friend who was easily identified and wouldn’t cause any “relationship talk” as his +1 for what was a flying visit to the Brits. My sense it that H wanted to be present in person for his fans, his country and for British music. Yes he had to work that around his professional commitment to MP. But I also feel very strongtly that he didn’t want “him” to be “a” or “the” focus of the event. Nor did he want to be in a situation where he gave a performance. Brits 2020 was the Fineline awards performance i.e. start of era and Harry Lambert made it very clear the Grammys 2021was the end of era Fineline awards performance. Hence H’s no fanfare brief, unexpected, well received and appreciated appearance with a non-contentious table companion I feel was very much H’s choice and an intellegent one given the rumor mill.

    2. i nearly died laughing when i read about the ‘management’ comment. i am the last person who would even say this but after hearing that award clip on a 1d ig site, that that had to be zayn in the press room. the fact that the jonas bros song leak is not by accident. i think its z way of saying goodbye for now before you love me, true to form i have been waiting for a sign z was back & it was either bella/g post on ig site bella singing to baby & you can hear z coming in at the the end (that kid is getting more press time than g. it doesn’t look like anybody is hiring her). i would like to say holivia didn’t want to draw attention but as pictures ‘leak’ it seems she does. harry somehow made an excuse to her not to come & she’s so delusional in love that she’s overlooking everything. i really think she is. its not so far-fetched. ask gigi.

  3. Twitter is going after Harry over his past support of Israel and accusing him of being a Zionist. Zayn’s fans also called him out for not posting support for Palestine and within 24 hours he posted part of an old tweet he posted with his support.

    1. Does anyone ever go after the other guys in One Direction? For anything? Not that I would wish twitter twits on anyone, it just seems like they expect Harry to be perfect.

    2. Harry said radio interview in 2017 “… there’s a lot of nice stuff on twitter. There’s also a lot of not nice stuff. I think if twitter was like a house party you probably wouldn’t go”. But he also acknowledge that “it’s amazing to be able to like so easy to able to like tell people what’s happening. It’s amazing”.

  4. Hey there, Can you please give us a clarity on the fake zigi engagement rumors? I saw “Zayn is married” was trending on twitter.
    What do you think? Is this another sick PR move to make us believe that they actually fakely love each other?
    I wanna hear your opinion.

    1. Hi dear, sorry, but I have no idea what’s going on with Zigi and I didn’t know anything about them was trending. Believe it or not, I get all my news about Zigi (and Harry) from other people on this site lol, and then sometimes I take that and make a post about it. I sincerely don’t follow either Zayn or Gigi or their families, but as far as them being married or engaged, I’m not sure why people keep being shocked by this. I just assume they already are. They might as well be with the way they’re carrying on. Saddest marriage on earth imo.

      1. I think the correct response to Harry winning a Brit is Zigi getting married/engaged and if Harry wins an Oscar, the next day they’ll announce a second baby. Harry is very powerful.

      2. Well Ingrid Michaelson did say Zigi was married, although she retracted that statement and said it wasn’t true. Zigi never confirmed or denied. And does anyone find the following just a random coincidence?

        Harry shows up for Grammy season without the peace ring and wearing a new pearl ring on his right ring finger. (I thought the removal of the peace ring meant they had split for good, but why the new ring on the ‘Zayn’ finger?)

        Then Zayn appears in the To Begin Again MV throwing Harry vibes, a pearl bracelet, and wearing a ring that looks suspiciously like a wedding band on his right ring finger.

        I’m probably overanalyzing as usual…

        1. Harry taking off the peace ring and replacing it with anything seems more like it’s an FU Zayn move to me. Isn’t the peace ring one he has had and worn the longest? I think he’s worn it a quarter of his life, almost.

          1. You are probably 100% correct, Kate. The missing peace ring intrigues me because I’ve always thought it was a commitment ring. Zayn appears to have a matching ring, and Harry always looked at it or played with it when the Zerrie engagement was brought up. And then the Jonathan Ross interview when the boys were asked who was single. Harry didn’t answer but he did something else – he pointed at the ring. I took that as a nope, not single. Which brings me to a maybe out there theory. What if he doesn’t need to wear a commitment ring anymore? What if the new ring on his right ring finger (the ring with the white and black pearls that match Zayn’s bracelet) is an engagement ring? Just throwing it out there. (And because I believe Zayn was with Harry at the Brit awards.)

            What will probably happen is that when Zayn\Gigi\Zigi resurface, they will be married, pregnant or both. And then I’ll feel like a fool…and I’m okay with that!

      1. The video is posted to many sites, mostly Zarry/Harry, and I’ve listened to the audio on all of them more than once. IMO, you can clearly hear two people, a man and a woman, say “Hi Zayn.” You can also hear a person with the same voice tone/dialect as Zayn say something about “moving forward.” Then you can hear a woman say “Oh Zayn Malik I think is very quiet, I think he’s being a bit serious.” Now do I think it’s odd that she would say that with him in the room? Probably. But she doesn’t say it in a derogatory manner – it’s more like she is explaining his behavior. I also don’t believe it was a press conference – only a photo shoot for the winners. Do I think folks in the business would keep Harry’s and Zayn’s relationship quiet? Absolutely. Things like that have been done for decades.

        Thank you, A.D., for your countless hours of research and a place for everyone to gather their thoughts. Could I be hearing what I think I want to hear? Of course! And maybe the time has come to let it go unless something concrete happens.

        1. Do you think it could be “Oh Zayn Malik you’re being very quiet”? I don’t have any particular desire to hear it and I certainly can hear some of it. The muffled first “Hi Zayn” seems to be there. Also agree video has same background sounds on all insta and twitter postings I’ve listened to so far bar one twitter that has no sound at all.
          But I guess my questions remain who took original video, whether the background sound is original or added? If added by whom and why e.g. for the hell of i i.e. what’s the objective?
          For sure things can be kept private especially by people who are in your corner and let’s face it the best protection is that the probability is so “inzaynly” slim who’d believe it anyway.
          Certainly intriguing but sits in the highly unlikely box until time will tells.

          1. I’ve listened to the audio a couple more times, idkwhy, and I’m standing by my opinion with a couple of edits. There is a lot of noise and I don’t believe it’s been altered. It sounds the same in all of the versions with the exception of the ones that have been purposely slowed down or where wording was added across the screen (those versions I ignored).

            Two people say “Hi Zayn,” and I think it is two women (they sound like younger women) instead of one man and one woman.

            A man that sounds exactly like Zayn says something about “[inaudible] moving forward.”

            A woman then says, “Oh Zayn Malik I think is kind of quiet, I think he’s being a bit serious.” She is describing his behavior in the room.

            ZAYN WAS THERE.

            1. I’ve listened more times too. I’m with you in spirit and emotionally in your conclusion. The heart always hopes for the joy even when left brain analytical logic craves more solid evidence. Time will tell. Harry looking/seeming genuinely happy on MP set and whatever is underlying that feels I’m there for it and totally supportive of him.

          2. Sorry for so many posts, A.D., but I’m going just a little crazy. I had a friend listen to the audio and tell me what she hears. (She thinks I’m mostly delusional anyway.) She agrees there are two women that say “Hi Zayn.” She disagrees that Zayn is saying something about “moving forward,” and that it’s actually the photographer giving instructions to Harry about the statue – to move it forward, which he does. And she hears the woman say, “Oh Zayn Malik I think you’re very quiet, I think you’re being a bit serious.”

            So I 100% believe that Zayn was with Harry at the Brit awards. And I will leave it for everyone else to draw their own conclusions.

            1. Thank your friend for listening. It’s always good to have someone in your life who is straight with you 🙂 What she heard is definitely closer to what I heard. It’s definitely intriguing and very random .. which is what I like about it 🙂

              1. I appreciate your comments, idkwhy. It is intriguing, assuming the audio wasn’t manipulated or the person who recorded it didn’t send his friends through the room saying Hi Zayn and Zayn I think you’re very quiet! It brings more questions than it provides answers. On the day of the Brit awards, a British comic posted on tiktok and I quote, “Harry Styles and Little Mix are up for a Brit award. It doesn’t matter which one wins because Zayn Malik has been in both.” Wow. So are Harry and Zayn an open secret in the entertainment industry?

                What I still can’t figure out is the elephant in the room: Zigi. Why do they keep it up? Wouldn’t it be easier to live your truth then to keep up a lie? And there will never be a public Harry and Zayn until there is a public Zayn and Gigi breakup. Fortunately for all of us the Zigi Sh*t Show seems to have taken a holiday. But I’m pretty sure a bombshell is coming…

            2. @hesihu I wasnt going to listen to it but i like your im sticking with my opinion attitude! Who posted the vid cause its random. I can hear people say hi zayn and I think I even hear him talking. sounds like the loud lady says ah Zayn malik i think is very quiet I think hes being a bit? serious. Dont connect about a Grammy dis – shes talking about him while he’s there. H really can act because all that talk in front of him about his bitter enemy zayn and he keeps smiling. Was this leaked too ha ha

              1. maybe … wasn’t on the Brits instagram and seems to have been taken by some who was there … just seems a “huge secret” to keep …

                1. not that i wasn’t trusting it totally but i had only seen it on zarry sites. a few days ago a 1d fan site put the clip up on their ig focusing on harry winning the award. i listened. you can still hear ‘zayn malik’ so it wasn’t tampered w/on the zarry sites. i thought it was a video call now I’m not so sure. zayn has been mia from g’s pics, pap walks, & mentions, there’s no way the press would’ve mentioned z name concerning everything, & if the press site was closed off & (if they want access to harry at all) they didn’t mention it for that reason. I’m mixed after the few weeks of drama between the two if this is remotely a good thing, but sometimes you just need someone near you who remembers how you were before you even heard of gucci. i really have no idea.

                  1. That audio is a fun little puzzle! IMO, the audio doesn’t make sense if Zayn isn’t in the room. From what I’ve read, Harry was only there briefly to accept the award, take a few photos, and then left. It’s possible that Zayn came and went just as quickly and it may have been easy if the photo shoot was closed to the press. (I wish the person that recorded the video would release all of it – that would answer all of the questions!) Zayn is flying under the radar, so he could be in the UK. Maybe they are old friends saying hi. Maybe they are trying to get back on good terms. Maybe they are trying to rekindle a romance. And maybe they never actually broke up.

                    People. Know. The band knew. Perrie knew/found out. Gigi knows. Even some random British comedian knows! I think Harry’s new movie has become a catalyst and we’ll all find out soon enough.

                    1. i figured something out today. if you notice there are only cameras going off in the room so somebody must have slyly filmed with their cell but 2 things happened today that prove to me it was him. i live in the USA & there is this show about celebrities TMZ (its a guilty pleasure of mine). inbetween the stories they show snippets sometimes of past shows. mind you this is the trashy show that the baby news ‘accidentally’ was leaked. the snippet today was one of the past saying ‘isn’t it nice how celebrities are parents..’ something along those line, then a joke was made. it was the picture of zayn holding the baby’s hand. i could imagine the hadids screaming because in that quick snippet it mentioned nothing of names & we would be the only ones who recognized the hand tattoo.who would realize why ‘suddenly’ there is press coverage. also g did a photo dump today with a blurry picture of zayn. she’s compensating for him not being there. but she’s doing herself in. g may be trying to shame him into coming back but now there’s audio for once it just may not matter.

      1. What was original source of video? All the links provided hre so far go back to same instagram account which seems to have a Zarry focus. I’ve found same video on Harry focused account without any commentary on the background noise and you can still hear “Zayn Malik” clearly. However, no idea what the original source of the video was and it’s not the Brits’ site. Inclined to agree it would be impossible to keep a media gathering quiet about having both of them in the same public place particularly with each other. It’s not an impossibility but certainly seems to be an extremely extraordinarily highly unlikely occurrence. Sometime hope overruns reality.

      2. I admit I’ve listened to it a couple of times and I’m confused. The woman is saying something like, “Oh Zayn Malik I think is kind of quiet.” I also hear two people say, “Hi Zayn,” and it sounds like Zayn is speaking. My gut instinct says he was there.
        Hopefully A.D. can share her thoughts or has more insight.

  5. Idk what it is about seeing Harry in this retro Gucci fit lookin fine as hell but for the first time I’m like so over Zarry… sorry guys. I’ll always have love, just right now it’s not the time.

    I feel like it’s just Harry’s energy. It seems really good like he’s genuinely over it in a way he never has been before. He isn’t ignoring Zayn yet pining over him in subtle ways. Harry is closing the door this time and protecting his energy and I’m here for it 👏👏 (I hope I’m right).

    And the part H said “to all my friends who have had my back” or whatever, ☕️. Like go off!!! It makes me respect Harry that much more that he not only sort of “clapped back” at Z but did so in a way that was tasteful (unlike Zayns tweeting).

    Last thing is I saw someone mention in these comments how Harry is the only one Simon didn’t “claim” anymore. Idk about all that but my point is I just don’t think Harry is playin anymore, in general. DO NOT COME FOR HARRY.
    He is a beautiful and kind human, I am sure, but also seems to have a newfound strength and power to him that is sexy as hell. Don’t cross him or do him dirty anymore cause he is DONE hiding with his tail between his legs when it comes to certain things (mainly Z.)

    1. @RT I didn’t explain myself well, Harry doesn’t let Simon claim him beyond One Direction days, after that Harry doesn’t have anything to do with Simon.its Harry’s choice to not have anything to do with Simon. Harry was on Howard Stern and Howard said Simon was angry that Harry didn’t consult him about Harry’s future plans

      1. Harry response was to Howard was that he felt that for 5 years of band all the decision were group and that was fine but he wanted to make his own decisions.
        I feel he also wanted to have artistic control of his music/IP and think the way he went about things has (hopefully) given him that.

  6. So they’re a clip of H in the photoshoot just after he win is award and in the bacground you can hear ” Zayn Malik gonna be really satisfied ” probably commented by someone from the media .

    1. they are making fun of zayn and his Gramy diss .. no one is buying the word salad he served in twitter lol .. oh to be a fly on the wall somewhere in pennsylvania 😆

  7. I saw a video on instagram posted. It’s the video where harry gets photographed with the award and in the backround someone said something that sounds like “zayn malik…” in the comments the people say they understand something like “zayn malik will be satisfied” or “zayn malik had been certified” and “hi zayn”. Well i think it’s something you could maybe have a quick look at. Anyways i don’t know what’s going on and i’m also sorry for spelling mistakes because english isn’t my first language.

    Have a good day everyone!

    1. I saw that too! And another video where someone says “Zayns boy” or something like that, for real… But that would be so random like why should Zayn be there… Zarry is confusing me!!

    2. Hi Anna-Lena, I‘d go with „Zayn Malik has been very quiet“. They might be making fun of him because of his Grammy diss. I just can‘t imagine that Zayn is openly standing there in a room with a bunch of pressmen. Especially nowadays as it is really dark in Zarryland, some Zarries desperately try to find or construct a connection between them. Reminds me a little bit of Larrie‘s behaviour, we laughed about in the past. Btw, which spelling mistakes are you talking about? It‘s perfect 😊. Wish you also a lovely day!

      1. Hey mia, I agree, i mean “zayn malik had been very quiet” would make sense, but it seems unrealistic to me, that zayn would be with harry at a place like this, where are a lot of cameras. But in the video, is very clearly to hear, that the name zayn malik fell, whatever they were talking about. Everything is just so confusing🥴. To be honest i didn’t realize how much of larrie’s behaviour that i hate so often, is also very present among some of us zarries. I guess i also lost myself a little too much in those theories in the last time😬. Well thank you very much and i wish you a lovely day too😁.

  8. I understand that Harry won a Brit as a solo artist before, but that was for the “Sign of the Times” video, not for music. Since this win was the first one for his music, I expected other Zarry accounts to mention it, they haven’t. Now, I don’t go back to any that are on a crusade to shut down A.D., but I had three on twitter and I even gave them extra time and they still haven’t mentioned Harry’s Brit win. So I’ve come here, to mention it again, because I can because they haven’t shut this down. The larries lie and bully to keep everyone on the same page.

    Speaking of larries, they are mentioning that Harry won an award, but only to tell a heartwarming story, that I didn’t follow so I can’t really relay it, about Harry asking a photographer to unscrew all the lights except for the blue and green ones. They also only mentioned his Grammy because he was wearing Lou green boa and Louis was on the side of the stage helping Harry with his performance.

    Harry is so sweet, when people use him, it feels like they are kicking a puppy. He went up against Simon Cowell, so sweet looks aside, he’s tough, I think he’s the only one Simon couldn’t attach himself to after the band (Simon attached himself to Zayn’s RCA record deal, Niall started a modest golf company, Liam and Louis were with Simon’s talent shows and Louis stayed with his record company).

  9. I am so happy for him he deserves the world and i can’t believe i listen to his songs every day but each time he wins something and do a speach it’s like i really miss that voice god.

    And its so cool how a different hairstyle can brings us back to 2017 and a little facial hair can age him to like 30s ish

    1. I listen to Harry every day too. He brings the sunshine to life even in his saddest songs. Yes he is amazing how easily he shifts his look to seem younger and older. Very versatile very talented actor, performer and musician …

  10. Harry was robbed at the Grammy’s for best video!! I was seething that he did not get it ! But he eventually won where it mattered in his home country!!
    Harry stays winning! 2021 is definitely his year !
    I love him ! He’s magical, adorable , incredible!
    Love him to bits!!
    💚🌸💚🌸💚 His swagger when he walked on stage Oh my frikkin gawwwd!! 😘😘😘

  11. Harry and David were filming scenes in Patrick’s apartment today. Harry left set early evening and drove to Brits to be there just in time for award and then left soon after heading back to Brighton. Thought it was really lovely and down to earth that he came and went without any fanfare.

  12. Am I crazy or did Harry’s colorful Brit statue change color between his acceptance speech (pink/yellow/purple) and the after pictures (blue/orange/green) ???

      1. Actually there seem to be a few different colorways to the colorful statue. Whoever presents takes something up and the maybe the recipients gets to choose what they’d like afterwards. So maybe H chose blue/green/orange which I feel was much better match to his suit and handbag 🙂

  13. He wasn’t even wearing the Pearl necklace,🤭
    I think it’s time for Zayn to be the one doing the begging now😏

    Anyways he won a BRIT 🎉💗. And the Larries (Louie’s) saying to vote for Louis cause it’s been long since they have been seen together for along time. I mean they as they are married 🤢🤮
    Can’t wait for Zayn to start begging 😌

  14. M jus happy fo my baby……now we wait for the iheart radio & the billboards. Wahala for any1 who doesnt have H’s back…also happy for little mix,Dua lipa & weekend if u knoe ..u knoe hahaha

  15. People who have his back.. Majority of them you could see at Harry Lambert post liking or commenting. Everyone loves him, old lovers, old co workers, new co workers, friends of his past and present lovers. Only Zayn… Fuck him anyway. So, what you think, do we have new orange and brown era?
    P.S. He does look tired, I hope he will have some rest today.

    1. I don’t think any of Zayn’s recent tweets were a dig at harry. He just made those tweets to promote his new song “To Begin Again..” which was announced by ingrid the immediate next day. He had to grab all the attention he can get, to promote it. If you observe, everything that zayn does recently is to grab attention for his music or music videos.

  16. Way to go Harry!! Even though his clothes were far out, he was carrying a purse, never have I seen him look so manly, handsome, self-assured and happy as he looked now. So happy. The question I wanta know who is that at guy he was with that he hugged & even gave his hand to help over the podium? Sorry Olivia….

    1. His long time friend, painter Tommo. Also husband of Lou Teasdale’s sister. Harrz came in the last minute, he was filming two hours before Brts. No one bring their partner at ceremony, so I don’t think it is a issue. He literally was there for 5 minutes.

    2. Harry was with Tomo Campbell who is a friend. He’s artist and married 5 years with 2 very cute little kids according to his instagram.

  17. CONGRATULATIONS HARRY STYLESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!! HE WON HE FREAKEN WON AHHHHH( sorry I’m just so overwhelmed and happy haha). You deserve the world Harry for all the hard work that you have done I love you so much and I’m so fucking happy for you ahhhhhhh!!!!
    Andd I love you too AD you’re the best 😘

  18. Was he wearing the cross necklace? I hope he has taken it off for good. I really want him to move on! And I like Olivia (I was really hoping he would date a man, but I guess that ain’t happening anytime soon). But yay, so proud of him! Legend in the making

    1. He was wearing a necklace. Not sure which one but probably the cross one.
      I wonder what means white pearl on his finger (where he used to wore the rose, the gold heart, the gold two crosses). I found in search a white pearl symbolizes innocence, beauty, sincerity, and new beginnings. Maybe it means he is finally over Zayn. And he has started new beginning.
      Also his speech meant a lot!

      1. I’m still wondering about that pearl ring too. It seems significant that he put it on the “zayn” finger. I wonder if it signifies a new beginning? 🥺

    2. I’m with you on this. I’m now anxious about H wearing anything even remotely relating to their relationship. And for Z, he can do what he wants and send as many clues as he feels like, it doesn’t mean sh*t without actions – just more empty and disrespectful promises.
      I like Olivia as well, and hope she’s good for him right now, to regain a sense of self-worth, and simply be with someone who appreciate him for the lovely, brave, talented human he is.
      But I’m secretly hoping he dates a man very soon. My heart would just burst 🥰

        1. Hi A.D. I never planned to comment here only on your utube channel as I explained before I am one of your older followers and not versed with internet things, not tech savvy. Lost my job during covid and now have way too much time to follow up Zarry. I see so much connection between them still. When I saw the suit, the first thing came to mind was BROWN MY SKIN JUST RIGHT. The fact that he painted his nails a pearl color after coming off set and will be removing it to go back on set means a lot. As for the award changing from purple pink to blue green I satisfied myself with the fact that Zayn admitted on his instagram live for NIL that his favorite color is in fact BLUE. We saw Harry and Taylor talking at the grammys. I think this was deliberate so we can know they are still friends. I strongly believe 90% of folklore and evermore are abour Harry and Zayn but fit also with Taylor’s life because hers is a parallel to theirs let me give an example. The music for Coney Island and LittleThings starts the same way. The words in Coney Island “when I got into the accident” her fans already assumed this was refering to herself and Harry I did too but now that I see talk about Zayn and overdose by commenters I see it as another song from Z’s pov on her albums . Should I mention the ferris wheel for Coney Island also being so outstanding in the TO BEGIN AGAIN vdo. The fact that she used so much phuck made me also think of Z this is not the norm for her. No I was not a Taylor fan I only listened her albums because when folklore came out there was so much rave about it I listened to see if it would be justified to affect Harry’s charting and nominations etc. Imagine how shocked I was finding myself seeing Zarry in the songs. Remembering that Harry loved the Peace ring so much and hearing the words “give you my wild, give you a child”. Goldrush the words “what must it be like to grow up so beautiful with your hear falling in to place like domino” long hair Harry and just the use of “gold”. Hearing Mirrorball only remembering that I have seen a ytube channel showing the inside of Harry’s house with a mirrorball in the roof. These two boys have morphed into each other so much, it is not easy to be sure from whose pov some of the songs are being told but it seems to be their story. Last but not least remembering fetus Zayn’s response to a question that he would want to be acting when not singing just tears me apart that he has this anxiety problem. Harry is tired because he maybe living out both his and Zayn’s fantasies. He was seen in a t-shirt recently with words including” fantasies ” off set which may be alluding to this. Zayn is living through Harry VICARIOUSLY. SORRY if my views are so different, that is how i’ve always been (different). That is perhaps why I love Harry and am attracted to him so much. I hope I am wrong in thinking that they will not come out in the near future (the baby) but I strongly believe they are together even when apart. Taylor’s Long Story Short makes me have hope.

          1. You might have right. I’ve noticed that Taylor’s inspiration is still Harry (dont blame her even though She spent with him only few months). So probably She knows about Zarry and her songs might be about them. I have to relisten them. Thanks

  19. I think Harry looks SO much happier at this awards show compared to the Grammys. I think he is becoming more and more content with his life and deservedly so. He has accomplished so much! And you’re right, A.D., Harry thanking everyone who has his back came across as a dig directed at someone in particular. Wow, these two cut deep — how and why did they ever reach this point of fracture?

    And sorry – I don’t care for the suit. Not always a fan of Gucci.

      1. Green stripe on the shoes apparently. Also strangely colorful Brit statue appeared to change from pink/yellow/purple to blue/green/orange between podium and after pictures.

        1. You’re right, the statue was switched. And I hadn’t noticed the shoes. Although I was wondering what kind of challenge Harry’s stylist is facing if he needs to avoid green, yellow or ‘Zayn blue!’

  20. OMG I’M screaming in my car SO EXCITED and happy!! I forgot about the awards too. Oh Harry SO damn delicious in that suit and the bag and his hair and 🤤 WooHoo!! Hahaha WS just came on the radio! We ALL KNOW who DOESN’T have his back ZAYN MALIK. I too hope Harry gets a little sump’n this evening. I hope he gets that gorgeous Gucci suit tore the F off him like Lord have Mercy I must stop. Yay Harry!! Such and extraordinary human 💚

  21. Harry is hotter now as if it’s possible. Damn.. I guess it has something to do with success. Joining brite was very unexpected because his video came out while he was off the set, he was officially there in 3 hours. He came later and stole the night from everyone again lol. Proud of Harry ❤️
    A short note : Is it bad that I still have hope for zarry? And although I think that the sentence he said was purely referring to Zayn. He can never ignore him 😭

    1. well it’s definitely not zayn lol and honestly he doesn’t need his support at this point .. he can achieve anything if he wants to and he’s proving it .. 2 movies in a row and a 3 album in the making just woow

        1. Me too. Def trying to say something without having to say it. Wether it be thanking Olivia indirectly or making sure Zayn knows its not him who has his back.

    2. In a one minute speech, he showed humility and gratitude, he thanked his fans, the healthcare workers in the room, dissed Zayn (without saying his name or cursing), remembered to pick up his award and returned to his table. He won’t have untidy follow up tweets, either.

          1. zayn lost all his chances to win a gramy one day ..thanks to his big mouth .. sigh .. the brits might be his only hope to get some serious recognition back home as solo artist .. he won’t dare put it at risk but you never know with zayn lol maybe the diss will came after the ceremony this time 🤪

        1. @toufitri I don’t know how anyone can see Zayn’s Grammy tweet as anything, but being about Harry. The time for faux outrage at the nominating process would have been three months earlier when the nominations were announced.

          I, also, find the timing of Zayn’s tweets troubling. Zayn knew people performing at the Grammys, his tweets were timed to be when Harry would have been in town to rehearse and the last one was the night of a live broadcast, to go from someone who would help Harry with his stage fright to someone who would use that information to damage Harry before he performed for 8 million people, it’s just so disgusting.

          1. @toufitri in rereading my post, it sounds sort of aggressive and I wanted to let you know, I was agreeing with you. Angry with Zayn, but agreeing with you

            1. oh i get what you mean .. the first time i saw the tweets i knew back then it was about harry even peopole outside the zarry world made the link lol it was too obvious .. i was having a second hand embarrassement on his behalf .. i’m Z stan yes but i can see him with eyes wide open

              1. As a Z Stan, do you think he’s just impulsive and happens to have millions of followers, so it gets noticed or do you think he’s not good at making decisions? Someone on YouTube was trying to react to his singing and didn’t know what to say and I left a comment that you need to put Zayn in a category all by himself because he’s an alien or something. He smokes, he drinks, he has bad posture and he can still sing. Zayn has landed with or chosen to be around people who don’t seem to have his best interests at heart and he’s a grown ass man, so he doesn’t have to be there, but he seems to make bad choices for himself, like almost on purpose, if he flipped a coin to make decisions, he’d do better.

                When the Grammy thing happened and a lot of people were trying to make it not be a diss against Harry and that’s all I saw. That A D. saw it that way, too, it made me trust this website more, it didn’t make her life easier stating the obvious.

                1. honestly impulsive is the first thing that come in my mind when i think about zayn .. i’m not a long term fan so from what i can see the guy is not using his head that much .. he’s not good at lestening to advice either .. so it’s a little bit problematic in his line of work to be unmanageable ..sigh .. he seems lost most of the time or high i don’t know lol ..the first time i heard FDTD i was like woow that guy CAN sing .. so i searched his name and start to lesten to his albums .. it was like a revelation to me .. and you’re right he’s like un alien .. he wants to do music for his large fan base but not to be part of a star system .. how ? is it even possible ? he considers himself as global star but choose to never tour .. to never sing live ? doing it all from his farm lol

                2. Being good a one thing doesn’t make you good at other things or a good role model. I think when people display talent in a specific area and have fame/celebrity as a result “society” places an expectation that they have their sh*t together in all respects when it’s frequently not the case. Then they get torn down for failing to meet what are unrealistic and unreasonable expectations. See it happen a lot in sport.
                  I feel Harry is an outstanding example of an exception because he started grounded and he’s stayed grounded. He works on developing himself, he doesn’t buy into the hype, he genuinely sees what he does as a job, feels lucky and grateful for the opportunities, is professional, works hard and gives his best. So he is exceptionally talented and he is good overall role model to others – not perfect none of us are – and I feel because he’s stayed “normal” and true to himself.

                  1. 🙌🏼 I agree with everything you said.

                    Harry’s humility « in spite » of the admiration and the recognition he’s getting is what makes him an exceptional human imo. And is the condition for never ending growth, both as an artist and a person, which he has demonstrated continuously since the beginning. It is amazing to witness it. He is a legend in the making, there’s no doubt about that.
                    I also think the pain of last year is fueling him right now, and he’s magnifying difficult emotions so beautifully.

                    As for Zayn… I think his ego will be his downfall. It’s tragic to see it happen knowing how sensitive and spiritual he can be, and how deeply he can feel. He could lead such an authentic and immensely fulfilling life. Sigh…

    3. O, good point. At this point, I really hope he did! I wouldn’t be surprise if Zayn said something about Brits, but he could only cry. It was wonderful. (Plus, he did not even support Gigi at her Palestine posts. So…) And I hope that Harry is at such wonderful time in his life. His music, his films, his friends having babies and supports him and loves him, possible happy love life, or something like that. His tour is on the way. Maybe HS3 (I hope it will have happy songs about friends, meaning of life and new beginnings)

    4. To have someone’s back is “to be willing and prepared to help or defend someone; to look out for someone in case they need assistance”. Him saying that in such a public way suggests that there’s been a need for it and people have actively been there for him in that way. Maybe even perhaps it’s related to an evolving situation and that need may also be in the future.

  22. From @Hesi Hu: I noticed that too, Begi. The peace ring, the dancing bears ring, and Zarry appear to all have been put away in a tiny box in the back of a drawer as a fond memory. It makes me a little melancholy but…HARRY WON A FREAKIN BRIT AWARD!! Just fantastic and so proud.

  23. From @anita: Hazza won at the Brits, I’m so proud of him ❤️ But the part of the speech when he said thanks to all the people in my life who have my back…

  24. woow congrats 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 Harry deserves it .. honestly i didn’t like watermelon sugar and still to this day lol .. but i stan a hardworking artist .. he has it all talent, charisma and ambitions .. we are definitly in Styles era !

    1. WS wasn’t Harry’s favorite either. It was written really early and the languished because he didn’t like it for quite a long time. To me WS captures are joyfulness and the world really needed that vibe to get through in 2020 and into 2021. Love that the mv was retro home movie look and dedicated to touching which was also greatly missed in past 18 months. It dig it but love other Harry songs more.

    1. He deserve the world. Talent, sweet, hard worker and the best style. I notice the daisies on the mask, the same rings of the Grammys.
      The best is coming for him!!!💚🦋

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