Harry’s 2018 Tour Visuals

It would seem Harry’s 2018 Tour Opener Visuals held more mysteries than one. For instance, why depict himself solving a rubik’s cube? Was there any significance to that symbolism? Also, more importantly (in my opinion) why did the imagery depict Harry wearing all of his real life rings that he owns, down to the smallest most realistic details, but suddenly throw in a ring he had never worn in the form of a green square?

That has perplexed me for some time, and of course, we never really got an answer to this. But I do have a theory, and that is that Harry was aware Zayn had a green square ring like this in his possession, that he knew Zayn would be wearing devoutly for his Icarus Falls era (which he did) and wanted that memory to be included in his tour forever. That’s just the type of thing Harry would do.

Continuing along those lines, this theory is supported by an additional detail added in behind the scenes images not used for the tour video, where we see Harry is now wearing a black bracelet, one that he was not wearing in 2018. Yet again, it was a signature piece of jewelry Zayn was wearing all throughout 2018, since 2017 where it appeared mid-year. Just several things that make you go: “Hmm…?”

Watch the video of Harry’s 2018 Tour Visuals:

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