Harry’s Bandanas (Video)

Harry seems to have a serious “thing” for bandanas. From what we can see, this “thing” sprung up around July 2013, after Zayn handed Harry a USA bandana onstage at a Hershey Park show, which Harry immediately put on and refused to take off for weeks.

The bandana Zayn gave to Harry in July 2013

Whenever Harry does something as a result of Zayn, he tends to do it pretty devotedly. That’s a good way to determine if something he’s doing is about Zayn, imo. For example: his rings, his crosses, his headbands, his tattoos, his heart kisses, his songwriting, and his dirty Vans with the pink shoelace.

He tends to do these things over and over and over again without end because they become apart of his love language, but you can also tell he relies on them from a sentimental standpoint. Harry seems to rely heavily on objects to both express his feelings but also to comfort him. The headband is no exception.

The fact that he immediately put on the USA headband Zayn handed him onstage speaks volumes. But the fact that he began wearing it EVERY DAY from then on speaks greater volumes. And the fact that after he wore this bandana to death he began to wear others EVERY SINGLE DAY, speaks the most. To this day in 2021, Harry still wears a bandana around his head regularly.

Other shippers who can’t comprehend how REAL and authentic this bandana connection is try to diminish it by saying Harry wore bandanas before Zayn handed him this one, therefore it means nothing that he wore the one Zayn gave him. That is intellectually dishonest for two reasons:

1.) Most people have worn a bandana at some point in their life. It’s a common hair accessory. However, after July 2013, Harry did not wear bandanas like a normal person. He wore them OBSESSIVELY, and only AFTER Zayn handed him one on a whim one day. Before that, Harry did not wear bandanas onstage or anywhere else in public. He wore a t-shirt or something around his head during the campfire scene of This Is Us, and wore a literal USA headband ONE TIME in March 2013, but this shows he wore things around his head candidly (behind the scenes). Zayn knew that, which would explain why when he picked up the bandana he went straight to give it to HARRY and none of the other boys. So who got him to start wearing them onstage every single day in public? Z.A.Y.N.

2.) He only wore the USA one Zayn gave him EVERY SINGLE DAY. There are no pictures of Harry wearing a bandana or headband every day before July 2013. In fact, after Zayn got him to start wearing the USA one and he wore it to death, we later saw Harry wearing different ones every single day from then on, showing he was choosing them and picking them out to wear. This is yet another example of Zayn directly influencing a MAJOR part of Harry’s identity and the DAILY accessories that he relied on (such as the rings and the cross and tattoos.)

Furthermore, the bandana seems to hold a special meaning for both Zayn and Harry, seeing as how Zayn has had a bandana tattooed on his arm since 2012.

Apart from Harry wearing the bandana on his head since July 2013, he never wore the bandana around his neck until late 2014, only AFTER Zayn wore them around his neck first in early 2014. Once more, Harry’s use of the bandana seems to be directly influenced by none other than Zayn.

As we all know, Harry’s fashion sense and style has changed drastically over the years since 2013, from t-shirts and skinny jeans, to billowy floral button-ups, to dazzling suits in 2017, to flamboyant Gucci couture from 2018-onward. Despite all these extreme changes in his style, one accessory remains steadfast in his wardrobe and I believe this will be the case forever; that is the Zarry bandana.

“There’s a piece of you in how I dress, take it as a compliment.” (Harry Styles – Cherry)

Here is a video showing all this in detail!

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