Harry’s Blue = Zayn Not Louis

For all the desperate Larries who try to attribute anything blue Harry wears to Louis, well, they’ve been foiled, yet again. Since Larry is a lie and Zarry is a truth, we don’t have to work at forcing theories or reaching for connections. Things just fall in place automatically with zero effort on our part, because what we support and believe is objectively factual, meaning it exists whether we know about it or not.

We all know Harry made a HUGE deal out of the color yellow/gold for the promotion of Fine Line, even up to and including wearing a green/gold cross combination, and saying yellow twice in a video for Beauty Paper Magazine when he was answering questions regarding things that meant something to him. The first clip the magazine put out was just him saying yellow twice.

Turns out, as of 2021, Zayn admitted his favorite color is blue. But actually, that has been the case for a while, as far back as 2013 which Harry would be aware of. Hence Harry’s occasional choice of blue colors for certain projects, especially relating to Fine Line whenever he wasn’t using the yellow.

Zayn also has a song called “Blue” released in 2016 on Mind of Mine, and we know for a fact Harry had been drawing inspiration from Mind of Mine to write Fine Line, especially for “She” and “Golden”

Larries always used Harry wearing a Blue suit at MSG 2018 as proof that Harry was singing Still The One to Louis, and that Louis was the VIP Box man, whereas Zarries always said: We were told 5 days before Zarry would be together on June 22nd and that the world would know of their love – Zayn lives in New York minutes away from MSG – Zayn posted a picture of himself that night wearing uncharacteristically black clothes and a beanie in the dead of summer to hide his hair (dressed like a bugler.) And now it turns out Zayn’s favorite color is blue, so Larries’ weak logic about Harry’s blue suit can now be added to the strong evidence Zarries have and applied to Zayn as well.

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  1. Well guess I am learning a new thing everyday thanks to you.. I use to get disheartened seeing Harry in blue thinking it is the colour of the other one but this makes more sense and I am smiling ear to ear now. Thank you so much.. am waiting for your next video on zarry, am waiting for the next neon red chapter 4, am waiting for your next blog in this website and am waiting for zarry to come out.. l love your articles, vids and recently downloaded Wattpad so that I don’t miss the neon red notifications. 💛💚💛💚💛💚

  2. I think the color blue maybe is because they usually speak in metaphors and:
    They love the idea of ​​being birds and flying, so where do birds fly? They fly free in the blue sky.
    They see each other as a fish or whale, who make their home in the ocean and want to be close to the person who makes them feel at home.

    1. the universe guitar is a zarry thing too. the day before harry played from his galaxy guitar for the first time ever in 2018, zayn “coincidentally” posted a picture of him with a galaxy background (it is still up on his Instagram i believe) and a day later harry is seen with a brand new guitar “coincidentally”and it has the galaxy on it..it could be that zayn gave harry that guitar💛💚

      1. I thought this about the guitar too, even if Harry said in a concert (I think in LA) that he had ordered this guitar at the start of his tour and thanked the person who happen to attend that concert…

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