The Mysterious Harry Eye Tattoo

In January 2014, Zayn crept his way into a tattoo shop accompanied by Perrie Edwards and her brother Johnnie to get a new tattoo. Unlike his DOZENS of other tattoos (all of which he permitted to be photographed by the artist immediately after they were done), Zayn wouldn’t allow this mysterious tattoo to be photographed. So much so that it was noted in the articles describing that day. And once you see the mysterious design for yourself, it’s not difficult to understand why Zayn has been hiding it for years.

It’s not surprising that Zayn couldn’t confirm a wedding date or any details about an upcoming ceremony (mainly since those plans were non-existent and never intended to be carried out) but I find it hilarious that this is the ONLY tattoo of Zayn’s that we got this intel.

He specifically didn’t want it to be copied. Soooo, uh…why didn’t he care about any of his other tattoos being copied? Why was this one so low-key? So safeguarded? So stealth? Even the placement on his inner arm is difficult to see unless you know it’s there! Also, why did he link it to his matching Pink Floyd tattoo that he has with Harry? Hmmm…MAYBE BECAUSE IT’S HARRY’S FREAKING EYE!

Credit to the maker of this.

UN-FREAKING-BELIEVEABLE and so romantic! 😍

Also, can we talk about how in 2020, he got this beautiful JMB crown tattoo and connected it to Harry’s eye tattoo (which is connected to their matching Dark Side Of The Moon prism), knowing full well Harry is a huge fan of JMB and bought one of his paintings in 2014 and named him in his Beauty Paper Magazine interview from 2020. Read about that here:

We’re not finished yet!

And let’s not forget he used Harry’s lips as a basis for his hand tattoo as well! Ugh Zayn.

His tattoo was likely inspired by MYKL’s (Zayn’s producers) song cover art, but notice he didn’t use these rounded lips? He used Harry’s lips with the pointy corners and rabbit teeth. He even used the outline of Harry’s nose above it, which was NOT included in the MYKL cover art.

And let’s not even get started on his gorgeous and insanely romantic head tattoos which were inspired by their coordinating lotus and rose tattoos placed identically on their left arms. Read about them here:

Check out more of Zarry’s crazy matching tattoos here:

3 Replies to “The Mysterious Harry Eye Tattoo”

  1. when i saw the crown at the other end of the Pink Floyd tattoo, I remembered this interview at the early days of 1D when Z says that “you are a prince Harry”… probably irrelevant with the crown tattoo but that’s what I thought…

    1. ugh cuties, however the crown is a basquiat inspired tat I think… the same artist Z wore clothes of when he finally stepped out in his yellow outfit earlier this year + the same artist for whom’s work H once cashed millions out for kuch Zarry

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