Harry’s Heart Kisses (Video)

One of the most unfathomable and mysterious Zarry proof’s is Harry’s secret compulsion that was uncovered by Queen Izzie over a year ago. She realized it and brought to my attention that Harry kisses his heart tattoos for Zayn. Like, really.

You’ll find people who don’t get it or don’t want to believe because it would change the way they see Harry, so they will try to deny that he’s doing it. These are people incapable of thinking critically and who don’t understand compulsions or how they look or how they manifest themselves.

No one is saying Harry is incapable of coughing into his sleeve. He coughs all the time, sometimes into his sleeve, and sometimes into his hand. All humans do. That’s the first thing you think when you see him lifting his arm or hand.

Therefore, it’s not some groundbreaking or clever debunk to say, “hE’s nOt kIsSiNg hIs hEaRt, he’s just coughing.” Like?? Shut up, seriously. Obviously that’s the presupposition everyone starts from when they see the clips, and as you see more of them and the timing and the events that precede the action and the emotion he displays while doing it, you see they are purposeful and compulsive kisses, not coughs.

Two things can be true at once. Sometimes Harry coughs into his sleeve. Sometimes he kisses his heart tattoos.

He started off kissing his matching Zarry heart tattoo for Zayn, but then in early 2014 around Zayn’s birthday, Harry went and got a large anatomical heart and began kissing both hearts for Zayn.

He also kisses the cross tattoo on his hand for Zayn. I’ve show video proof of it all.

The level of romance that motivates this gesture is simply beyond words. I have never seen anything like it. It is the stuff of books, of movies; particularly when you consider their tattoo connection and the origins of it all.

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    1. yes!! This is the last one that I recall of him doing in public. He was still doing the heart kiss late into 2019. No question who Adore you’s really about. Harry 💔

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