Harry’s Jewelry vs Zayn’s Tattoos

Ok, I’ll admit: this is a strange one. Yet, like most things concerning Zarry, it happens too often to be a coincidence, and therefore I don’t think it should be ruled out. The frequency with which it happens imo proves intent. In any case, at the very least, it’s certainly noteworthy.

So Harry has a thing. He likes to wear jewelry that matches Zayn’s tattoos. It’s very sweet and he’s very consistent with it. And we know Zayn’s tattoos mean a ton to him because he started getting tattoos behind Zayn and they both have tons of matching tattoos inspired by each other.

Whether the others comparisons on this list are true or not, this lotus one was 100% intentional. It was his album cover and visual concept for HS1. This is why this theory about the jewelry and tattoos has legs. This lotus one alone helps to validate the rest.

He even does the same thing with Zayn’s flower tattoos. Every flower has made a fuss about since he went solo, Zayn also happens to have those specific flowers tattooed. He has tons of lotuses which undoubtedly inspired Harry’s album cover for HS1, and he has two giant sunflower tattoos which Harry wrote an entire song about. (Sunflower Vol 6)

Also, here’s a bonus and a very loose theory behind Harry’s lion ring:

Even Zayn seems to be getting in on the action now.

4 Replies to “Harry’s Jewelry vs Zayn’s Tattoos”

    1. Interesting that the first time you ever commented on this site involved you trying to debunk something and failing miserably (and also trying to imply Harry is having an affair with Alessandro that Zayn should be worried about.)

      1. Get your facts straight. Harry and Alessandro’s rings are completely different. Harry’s rings have a massive stone, Alessandro’s ring does not.
      2. Harry had 2 lion rings. One with a purple stone and one with a black stone.
      3. Many celebs go to the MET with Alessandro such as Jared Leto and Lana Del Rey and it doesn’t mean they all are sleeping with him.

      Proof: https://zarrydocumentaries.com/comment-page-28/#comment-11282

      You have no idea whether Harry’s ring is related to Zayn or not. But I bet this post makes you BIG mad because it slapped you with a ton of hard-hitting proofs lmfao. Here read this one too, it’s equally as upsetting: https://zarrydocumentaries.com/portfolio/fine-line/

      I wonder how you feel about that.

  1. Only zayn n harry have many flower tattoos compared to all boys why can’t others see this…why they only have flowers tattooed why only they 2

  2. Did anyone also notice that in the video for NIGHT CHANGES, Zayn was wearing an H ring on his left hand for the spaghetti date? This I’m sure of because I saw it when watching the making of. But it looks like he is also wearing an S ring on the right hand but I can’t zoom in to be sure. But it does look like it is. If this is so then Zayn was subliminally showing signs since way back too!

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