Harry’s Lucky #57

In the Hebrew language, unlike any other language I know, the alphabet is quite different than the normal alphabet. It has fewer letters, but it also has rune-like symbols, and each letter bears a very very significant and sacred numerical value, as seen above.

We know Harry is familiar with the Hebrew language, because he has Jewish friends, but also because in 2012 he decided to get his sister Gemma’s name tattooed on him in Hebrew. I actually have Hebrew tattoos as well, so I know how the language works from personal experience.

In any case, it struck me when I saw Harry’s jersey, and I just couldn’t sit with the idea that he was wearing his dad’s birth year. That just didn’t make sense to me, I believe he would’ve chosen his own birth year first. So I did some research and my jaw dropped.

In Hebrew, the letter “H” has a numerical value of 5, and the letter “Z” pronounced quite literally like ZAYN “Zayin” has a numerical value of 7. And what is the number Harry wears on his Jersey? “57” meaning “HZ.”

He also wore different “57” jerseys twice in 2013; during the height of Zarry.

This of course is something Harry wouldn’t expect most people to pick up on, since the whole idea is doing things to express how he feels about Zayn, which most people wouldn’t pick up on. It shows how badly he needs to say it. He just needs to express it in any way he can, and as often as possible. It’s the greatest love of his life, yet he can’t talk about it, and he can’t show it to anyone for YEARS.

That has to be maddening. So to relieve that suppression, we see Harry do these peculiar little mysterious things like the “57” jerseys, and the heart kisses, and the matching tattoos, and the rings, and the dirty vans with the pink shoelace.

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  1. This is amazing. His creativity is very Aquarian for me. My immediate family are ALL the sign of Aquarius and they are very much into symbolism and creating art. COMPLETELY opposite of my energy, LOL. Thanks so much for all of the analysis and effort that you put into your posts.

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