Harry’s Pink Shoelace

We don’t know what Harry’s dirty vans with the single pink shoelace represents. But there are some clues that can help us to understand.

  1. He’s a multi-millionaire with probably hundreds of pairs of gym shoes. He tired these Vans out in a matter of months and got them filthy, meaning he was wearing them at all times in all weather no matter what he was doing. Why these particular shoes? Why all of a sudden did he start wearing them in 2020 after April? Duh, we know based on the way Harry operates, none of these little meticulous or obsessive things he does are by accident. He’s a highly sentimental person and usually attaches those sentiments to objects such as his bandana and his jewelry etc.
  2. At one point the shoes seemed to feature a pale blue lace and a bright pink lace, pictured above to the left. Over time, the blue lace disappeared and we were left with the pink.
  3. During late 2019 and early 2020 while promoting his album Fine Line, Harry had started to wear the green/gold cross combination.
  4. After news dropped that Zayn was expecting a baby, that is when Harry emerged a month later with these peculiar shoes with the pink lace, and the green/gold cross combination was gone.
  5. The shoelace is pink, and we all know that traditionally pink is used to represent the female gender, especially in regards to newborn babies.

Harry wore these dirty vans EVERYWHERE and in all his major projects. To the point where even his stylist tried to get him out of them for the Golden music video and failed. He wore them for the iHeart performance, for the Vogue photoshoot (a historical cover btw) and for the Golden music video. Clearly and undeniably these shoes held special meaning to him.

In January 2021, we were all shocked to see that the second time he stepped out with Olivia in public, the pink shoelace was gone. Vanished like the green/gold cross combination.

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  1. Because the pink shoelace I thought the bb was there’s. 😞.
    I couldn’t be more wrong!!
    My heart is shrinking. 😞
    Thank you AD. For Keeping us alive.

  2. He removed the green & gold crosses and kept on the gold cross,I think he gave away the green cross to Zayn since Zayn has been wearing a tiny cross,similar to size of H’s green cross.I knew of the pink shoelaces but I had no idea that they were pale blue ones,and they surely mean a lot to Harry.H shows almost OCD like symptoms in terms of Zayn & everything related to him.With Olivia,I don’t think he spent that much time getting his shoes washed but rather bought a new pair to showcase that he started his life,clean slate,don’t know if it was because a lot of people caught on to the pink shoelaces after his designer mentioning how he just HAD to wear these vans for Golden,and in Vogue too,before the shoelaces vanished.

  3. I’ve recently discovered you, A.D., and I love your skilled observations. The shoelaces are intriguing. Harry was well aware of the pregnancy and the laces symbolized the impending birth, with the removal of the blue lace when the gender was revealed. But this begs the question of why he would use the laces as a symbol at all if he was truly devastated that Gigi was pregnant. In my opinion, there’s more to the story and the path I’m thinking about just can’t be right and can’t be put in writing. And then the Grammy diss happens, alluding to the final break between Harry and Zayn.

    Did Zayn really choose to fall off that tightrope into Gigi’s arms?

    Ugh. Relationships being viewed vicariously.

    1. Hi there Late in Line, I have to say that I never believed the shoelaces had anything at all to do with Zayn’s baby or the baby’s gender.
      I have always interpreted Harry’s use of pink and blue as being about Harry’s own gender fluidity. (He has been playing with gender norms and expressing fluidity for years now really.) The Fine Line Album art work is full of pink and blue and of course, yellow–which was completed long before there was any baby news; Harry’s frequent blue and pink finger nail varnish and then the Vans shoelaces. I also think that he and Zayn as two boys in love kind of dealt with their relationship with sort of typical gender assignments. I think they were afraid maybe of what they were doing and would “joke that like Harry was Zayn’s “girl” and that Zayn was Harry’s “boy”. As a way of maybe deflecting the fact that they were in a same-sex relationship.
      I think when Harry began wearing the single pink lace, he was literally saying to Zayn, “you better come and get your girl, she is right here.” Likewise the recent blue hair on Zayn, which is def baby blue in color, I think Zayn is saying, “here is your boy.”
      Harry was going to name his first album “Pink”. He deflects and says that “pink is the one true color of rock and roll” but I think the title Pink would have definitely been Harry calling to Zayn. Also, if you notice, every time Harry is seen brushing his teeth (going all the way back to like snap chats in 2012 or 2013), his toothbrushes are pink, or at least partially pink. I feel like this harkens back to when he and Zayn likely literally shared hotel bathrooms, I bet there was a blue toothbrush and a pink one.

      I think Harry is trying desperately to move on but is not doing a great job of it. One cannot deny his clothing choices recently, both intended for camera and not. All still in the Zarry frame. If he was totally done, I think Harry would just stop that altogether.
      I cannot imagine how hard for him to move on. Even with O, whom he seems to like.

      1. ……OMG WOW!❤️
        I had thought of the blue hair in accordance to FL,but I hadn’t thought about the gender roles since I’ve always seen them as pretty equal…but yes,their could be a gender inclination as Harry showcased in She.

  4. I love H’s use of visual messages. Some may well pass unnoticed by most in their subtly. But the pink shoe lace is very loud and public in it’s oddness and stood out the Golden btw. Also remember seeing them in one of the earliest DWD pictures on set. Makes me wonder if the whiter than white 2021 vans are new?

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