Harry’s Rose Tattoo

Ugh, where do we start? This one really got to me because I don’t think anyone actually looked into the timing of this tattoo before.

So, on September 10, 2013, Harry was spotted with a new large rose tattoo. The timing here is of particular interest. Why? Because just the day before, he posted the iconic Augustana lyrics in what was clearly a message to a newly engaged Zayn.

Why was Harry not only posting “anti-marriage” lyrics from a song discouraging someone from getting married to the wrong person, but also posting it with a spray-painted heart on a metal box near Zayn’s house??? There is ONLY ONE REASON. And it is the most solid, glaring, direct, and incontrovertible Zarry proof that we have ever had (until Joe Cummings and Fine Line came along.)

But wait! I can sense that you still don’t believe me. Let me break down just how important and how telling Harry’s rose tattoo is, and how exactly it ties into the pink heart spray-painted on the box near Zayn’s house.

Let’s go back to August 2013 in a brief timeline:

  1. “Just A Little Bit Of Your Heart” is written in LA somewhere between August 7th-10th (confirmed by Ariana Grande) while the boys where on tour there, and given to Ariana for her 2014 album. (This song was admittedly SO meaningful for Harry, that unlike any other song he wrote in the past and gave away, he felt the need to take this one back from Ariana and perform it himself everyday on tour from 2017-2018. )
  2. Zarry and Zerrie Teen Choice Awards debacle takes place August 11th. Watch here!
  3. The Zerrie Engagement is announced at the This Is Us premiere August 20th. Zayn confirms it on Twitter August 23rd.
  4. Harry gets the rose tattoo somewhere between September 9-10th, before or right after the pink heart box.
  5. Harry posts the “can’t love can’t hurt” with a pic of the pink heart spray-painted on the box near Zayn’s house.
  6. Harry posts more anti marriage lyrics on September 28th. “We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall…” (All of his actions around this time seem to be about Zayn and the Zerrie engagement.)

On September 8, 2013, Harry posts a pic of himself watching a Green Bay Packers game without the rose tattoo. (And yes I notice the 57 is here too. It’s either to represent his dad’s birth year (which I doubt) or it is to represent he and Zayn’s initials in Hebrew, a language we know he had been looking into since he got his Gemma tattoo in Hebrew in 2012.)

Then on September 9, 2013, Harry posts the emotional message “Can’t love, can’t hurt…” with the pink heart.

It’s symbolic that Zayn posted it without color, and the wall is no longer filled with verdant foliage or flowers.

September 10, 2013 Harry is spotted with the new large rose tattoo. (But he could have gotten it on the 9th. This is just when he was seen in public.)

There is no need for me to express how notable this sequence of events is, or how it demonstrates what the rose symbolizes for Harry (something we know quite well because Zayn would later get their matching Lotus and Rose tattoos on his SKULL, but also because Harry would wear the rose ring for 2 years devoutly before switching over to the golden cross ring.)

This timing demonstrates that Harry got this rose for his relationship with Zayn, because it was being tested by the Zerrie Engagement at the time he got it. Roses symbolize enduring and eternal love.

12 Replies to “Harry’s Rose Tattoo”

  1. Hi, at the time i didn’t believed “JALBOYH” meant something but in your channel i saw he follows a pattern writing about being a “mistress” and he said “JALBOYH” was always important to him and like you said he chose to sing it in his solo shows. I just don’t understand how people can say Zarry it’s a conspiracy theory and it’s like Larry. At the time i used to say i didn’t believed in any “secret affair” in 1D but like you said, seeing all in hindsight it’s obvious Harry and Zayn had something. Deny this looks dumb to me. And after “I Won’t Mind” and “Fool For You” it’s worse.

  2. Love your website,I have learnt so much from you about zarry I admire the love they share but lately am so confused about what is happening between them.i just want harry to be happy that’s my main concern.he is such a humble person.hated seeing him so sad in the past.love your analysis good job.

  3. So I just need to ask if you think Zarry is over. It hurts me to ask. I think Olivia Wilde is a beard and has quieted as well. Harry deserves love. Do you think Z is ready after his last album? Do you think H is done? I am losing sleep over this.

  4. Thank you so much for everything you do❤ (I tried to send a similar message on insta but couldn’t) anyways you are our little detective and we appreciate your work very much. Thanks to you I discovered Zarry even though I knew about 1d since 2011.

    1. Hey dear, mainly because Zayn posted the exact same box near the same tree and same wall in 2016, long after Harry did. And since Zarry were apparently out of touch in 2016, it stands to reason the box is near Zayn’s house or in his neighborhood, for him to have access to it in 2016. I seriously doubt he went to Harrys neighborhood to spray-paint the box again. So it seems reasonable that Harry left this heart near Zayn’s house back in 2013, in my opinion. 🙂

  5. You said we can’t keep on loosing them….what can we do to let you know if there is simsometh we think us significant when there’s something new😕😕😗

    Awww Zarry…I’m still confused though…H is so quiet

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