Vogue Photoshoots

Zarry both had historical Vogue Covers released in December 2018 and December 2020, and both were teased on November 13th of the respective years. But don’t worry, this was just a coincidence **wink-wink**

Zayn was the first digital cover star for British Vogue in December 2018.

Harry’s, however, was a groundbreaking cover, because he was the first solo male on the cover of USA Vogue in the history of forever. Zayn had appeared previously in 2017 as the 9th male to ever grace the cover of USA Vogue with a female, but Harry was THEE first solo male to grace the cover. He is such a superstar and this honor was well-deserved.

He wore a special pair of Bode pants that featured images that were meaningful to him, and among those images we saw daises, a heart that was similar in shape and placement to Zayn’s, and of course the Richard Brautigan poem titled “The Wait.”

Also, in Harry’s Vogue magazine, he discussed how he appreciated the gender fluidity of clothing and how he enjoys wearing feminine attire as well.

He took some heat from Conservative Political Commentator Candace Owens about his choice of attire for the cover, but in true Harry fashion he handled the criticism and backlash (and overwhelming support) with grace and tact.

In December 2020, he posted the above picture on his Instagram and shocked the world. Not only because it was a funny reponse to Candace’s criticism of his Vogue cover, but also because of the banana. Why is the banana important?

Well, because in the video promo for his Variety Shoot, he wore a banana necklace…and it wasn’t your ordinary banana (hint-hint lmao). Then we see him weeks later in the Variety pic he posted on his IG with a freaking banana in his mouth. We love scandalous Harry who wants the world to know he enjoys…well, bananas.

Oh Harold…

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