Haylor (& Zarry) vs Larry (Video)

Since when are Louis’ lips red? Since when is his skin brown for that matter?

Ok, let’s make this quick, shall we?

Larry is not real. It is a lie. A fabrication. A conspiracy theory. A deranged shipper headcanon based on the dead bromance that Harry and Louis shared for roughly two years from late 2010 – late 2012 (and that’s me being generous because it really died sooner), with a lot of bullspit filled in after that. Such as looks and glances being purposefully misconstrued. Or the true defining context of certain moments being left out. Or facts being misrepresented and distorted.

Again, Larry is not real. That is a plain and simple reality that has reasserted itself time and time again throughout the years. Despite this, it has somehow become this monstrous, venomous, gurgling, self-perpetuating delusion soup. A cockroach-esque race of crazies that have survived multiple atomic wars reaped on their fantasies through the years and who simply refuse to let the matter die; despite it being debunked by Louis and Harry themselves, the other 1D bandmembers, the 1D crew members, friends and family, and of course, YOURS TRULY (ME).

Despite all of these verifiable debunks, and especially despite Larry being knee-capped by Harry when he openly dedicated Fine Line to Zayn (and a fraction to Camille) these tenacious MFs are still crawling around making noise. How?

It honestly withers down to the lies that have been fed to the Larry Fandom (many of these shippers are just innocent and unwitting and gullible onlookers who never challenged what they were being told about Larry.) These lies were spun by OG Larry Tinhats who are certifiable. But still, I don’t even blame the tinhats really, because apart from the lies that they use to fill in the story of Larry, they are just reporting what they are being baited into believing by their dark overlord.

I have a unique perspective on Larry (I think) because I believe Larries have been misled by a direct source. That source being Louis Tomlinson. I won’t get into the yucky nuances of his underhanded involvement in the creation of Larry right now, but I will move on to a more succinct point.

Larry in a nutshell.

It’s logic really. Since Larry is not real, Larries lie and steal and pull from things that are real to create an illusion for their massive shipper base; which they have to feed hourly in order to maintain their numbers. It is literally intellectual warfare and it is an assult on truth, sound reasoning, and the legacy of One Direction as a whole, but more importantly Harry Styles. You should be offended. You ALL should be offended.

They operate based on the basic logical fallacy: argumentum ad populum; that is: “Since so many people believe in Larry and since it is the most popular ship in the biggest boyband in the world, it must be true. Surely all these people wouldn’t believe a lie? So it must be true.” That’s why they work hard to maintain numbers over integrity. They care more about how many likes, views, and retweets they get than they do about the truth, because they know the truth does not serve them well.

If you lie often enough; if you manipulate and doctor images long enough, and if you present pictures and videos of other people in a romantic exchange as though they were Larry, then it’s not difficult to see why the mass deceit works.

Again, let me rein it in and save that for a massive video project I’m doing on the subject. Coming soon!

Point being, since Larry is not real, they steal and lie a lot. I will be making a post soon dedicated to all the proof Larries are still using to this day that are QUITE LITERALLY images and clips of Zayn and Harry interacting. It’s phucking ludicrous. And when you tell them: “Hey, this is Zarry not Larry, guys.” They DENY DENY DENY and delete your comments and continue to willfully deceive people. This is the backbone of Larry. A web of known lies propagated by people so vicious and deluded that I’m convinced they’re willing to die rather than let the truth be known.

An example of their intellectual dishonesty and how they warp the truth to fit their narrative is: “Two Ghosts” a song by Harry Edward Styles.

“Two Ghosts” is widely believed (by sane people) to be about Harry’s ex Taylor Swift who he admittedly “tipped the hat to” in his first album. Most Zarries can accept this. I sure can. Why? Because the very same tools and rationale I employ to decipher if a song is about Zayn, can be applied to Two Ghosts, and it then becomes apparent that it is about Taylor Swift. I understand that even some Zarries don’t want to admit this because they know how Harry is and they know that very little of what he writes lacks a connection to Zayn. They are correct in that. Damn near everything Harry writes is connected to Zayn in some way and Harry knows it. Hence: “I’m well aware I write too many songs about you.”

Therefore, I submit to those Zarries that “Two Ghosts” is not a romantic song. In fact, it’s the opposite. It’s a song reflecting on a brief shared past he had with someone who has been so completely removed from his life that he doesn’t feel the way he once did about them. He is no longer alive (a ghost) and no longer has a heartbeat as a result of the things he went though since he dated that person. Meaning they’ve had no true or real impact on his life. Everything else in between has changed him as a person, and that ‘everything else’ is Zayn. (Or at least a large part of it.)

Why Two Ghosts is About Taylor Swift:

(Note: I believe it indirectly speaks about Zayn too, but in the form of an allusion):

  1. Physical descriptions that match Taylor.
  2. Contextual clues as far as the timing of when the song was written (2014) vs when she released 1989.
  3. Strong and purposeful lyrical connections to Taylor’s song “Style” from her album 1989.
  4. Harry’s Rolling Stone interview where he confirmed he “tipped the hat” to her.

People like to bring up the clip of him yelling: “Ohhhh noooo!” at Nick Grimshaw when Nick said he would play “the one [song] about Taylor Swift” as some kind of proof that Harry is saying the song is NOT about her. Sorry, but that’s not fair.

“Ohhhh noooo!” is a common exclamation to an unpleasant circumstance. It is not a logical answer to a direction question. Nick didn’t say: “Is this the song about Taylor Swift?” and then Harry replied “No!” That didn’t happen.

What happened instead is that Nick playfully asserted that the song WAS in fact about Taylor Swift because Harry wouldn’t own up to it, and so in response to being exposed and not wanting to have an official confirmation out there because it’s not his style, Harry first looked to Jeff and then cried “Ohhhh noooo!”

That is hardly a confirmation that the song is NOT about her. Harry doesn’t do that. He allows people to believe what they want (except for that one time when he was so disgusted that people thought Sweet Creature was about Louis that he flat-out said NO it wasn’t.) Watch the Harry vs Grimmy exchange here:

Now, there is another fake proof that people use (both Larrie and a few Zarries, unfortunately) to pretend the song is about a man. It’s a clip of Harry talking about “Two Ghosts” and saying he wrote it: “The first time he broke up with me…” Not very many people in the room caught that he was joking either because of the way Harry delivered the joke (dry English humor.) Larries use Harry’s dry English humor in a lot of cases to “prove” he is in a relationship with Louis. I’ll make a separate post on that soon.

In any case, they cut out the vital context at the beginning of that rare clip which showed Harry was making a joke about the man of the hour, Rob Stringer, the head of Columbia Records (Harry’s label) who had previously said “Two Ghosts” was his favorite song off the album. Watch below!

Now, on to why the song is actually (in my estimation) about Taylor Swift. Or at the very least, why there is more proof this song is about her than Louis (or Zayn for that matter.)

10 Replies to “Haylor (& Zarry) vs Larry (Video)”

  1. Came across a video where ppl are arguing about Taylor’s sexuality. Many agree that she’s at least bi, given her (ambiguous) relationship with Karlie Kloss. Then came Larries, flooding the comment section, saying how groundbreaking it would be if Taylor was to collab with Louis and sing about H. It’s funny because IDWLF exists, and they chose to ignore it.

  2. Thank you for bringing all of this out so we understand more of what is happening. I was so confused. They have a sad but so romantic relationship. I look forward to all your postings. I appreciate all your hard work. Thank you

  3. I’m CONVINCED that you’re some sort of detective. Your debunking and analysis of both Harry and Zayn’s songs/ relationship is insane!! Well done and congrats on the website! You’re doing great💛💚

  4. I think the reason that Larry stayed around so much longer than it should is partial because of Louis. He purposely does things to draw attention to it. Lately? He had a livestream show and on his t-shirt he has what looks like a big “H” and on the drums center and focus is the number “28”.

  5. Ι never believed that two ghosts (or any other song for that matter) was for Louis but I think that the first verse is about Taylor but the second one is about Z… (If I remember correct, I first heard Two Ghosts in the late late show but when I was on Harry Styles concert marathon and I stable across the Basel show in 2018 as I listened to the song I heard the second verse which was a bit different of what the songs actually says… I know that Harry change his lyrics a lot of times but most of the time throughout the song he was looking at the camera which was recording him on stage…)

    1. maybe if he changed it up during lives those parts could be for Z, but given the original lyrics the second verse seems to be a respons or reference to her ‘all too well’ lyrics (T: middle of the night, refrigerator light; H: moon (light), fridge light) since he couldn’t be bothered to write any more songs to tip the hat to their time together apart from this ‘yo that ain’t me anymore’ song he shoved it all in this one while she capitalized good off their relationship with references during parts of 2 albums lol

  6. im really happy i discovered ur channel because i used to be so lost because so many larries were photoshopping like why need to if ur ship is so real 🙂 made me wanna search others ships and im proud i did i went from larry to narry to ziam (i think) then zarry u really opened my mind and i started to become my own person and stopped being so gullible i realized i was just watching a vid instead of actually looking closer and deeper i cant believe i was so close minded ur videos helped me with that ALOT i can really see how the new directioners get caught in the trap like its so easy to believe since like u said “surely all these people wouldnt believe a lie”……. thats what my mom meant by being a leader i need to actually start living by this

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