iHeart Radio 2014 (Video)

Oh iHeart Radio Festival 2014sigh. This is one of my favorite “Zarry Days.” Note that it wasn’t just a “Zarry Moment,” because unlike other “ships” Zarry would sometimes have entire days where they were just obsessed with one another. It’s such a strange but adorable phenomenon to see play out, and it happened time and time again.

Then later in the setlist, Zayn catches Harry’s eye and makes him laugh so hard Harry can’t even kiss his heart fully.

Examples: Zayn Knew About The Heart Kisses:

Understanding the possible psychology behind the heart/cross tattoo kisses.

Examples of other “Zarry Days” include:

Cardiff 2013

Columbus 2013

Tulsa 2014

AMAs 2014

Los Premios 40 Principales 2014

4 Replies to “iHeart Radio 2014 (Video)”

  1. Hello AD. Thank you for including the Heart radio performance. They look so in love there. Like is just them and nobody else. Except for their bully.
    I hate how he tried to contain every interaction between them. He stopped Z. To sing to H. He was looking for his interest. Because he new outside the band he was done.

  2. I just called out a Larrie that you mentioned on your Twitter for the IHeart2014 show and for that football game that Harry scored a goal and then he kissed his heart tattoo and she blocked me…lol

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