Joe Cummings & The Bangkok Fallout

In mid 2019, I made a post on my very first Instagram account about how Zarry’s last public interaction took place in Bangkok Thailand, 2015.

Two things occurred to me about this final interaction at the time:

1.) Zayn made a point of looking over at Harry specifically while Niall was singing the lyric: “you’ll never love yourself half as much as I love you…”

2.) I said at the time (with zero knowledge of who Joe Cummings was or what he knew) that this appeared to me to be an “ice-breaker” moment. Meaning they had been fighting before this show, or things had been tense behind the scenes, and this was the first time they were interacting during the show. Which would explain why Zayn’s demeanor is so timid, and why he looked at Harry during that specific lyric. What also helps us to understand that they had been at odds this day is that the second Zayn looked at Harry, Harry felt it and eagerly turned to face him as well. He wanted to break the ice as well. It was really sweet.

Later in 2019, inadvertently proving my theory correct (that Zarry had been at odds during the Bangkok show in March 2015) Joe Cummings emerged in August 2019 to inform us (through highly credible and proven information) that he had met Harry Styles in a bar called Smalls in Bangkok on March 14, 2015. He also told us that Harry had gotten drunk off a bottle of tequila, and vented about Zayn after a fallout in a “semi-poetic stream of consciousness.”

What’s crazy is that during this time, Harry would write four songs for Made In The AM (“If I Could Fly”, “Walking In The Wind”, “Perfect”, & “Olivia”) alluding to a fallout with someone he loved, who would later leave him. This is the exact same sentiment he carried over into his solo debut album in songs like “Ever Since New York”, “Meet Me In The Hallway”, and “From The Dining Table.”

Joe gave an update in the tweet above to say Harry did cry over Zayn 🙁

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  1. Hey! I love your analyses about Zarry and Iw as wondering, do you think “Olivia” was a replacement for olive. In the sense that olive is another term for brown skin??? Cos, he definitely couldn’t use a male name but Harry(being Harry) wouldn’t write something without meaning, would he?? This could be a reach lol but what do you think?

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