King Of The Grammys

Page One: Grammy’s Recap: Diversity & Girl Power

Page Two: I Give You: King Of The Grammys, Harry Styles

First of all, let’s dispel the false idea that the 2021 Grammy Award Ceremony was anything but well-executed (by the amazing Ben Winston, among others) during a very difficult time (Covid-19) and hella diverse. The show was full of diversity, celebrating beautiful artists of every color (many of whom I had never even heard of until last night) and highlighting music of a wide variety of genres: from Hip-hop, to R&B, to Country, to Rock, to Jazz, to Indie, and of course Pop.

Executive Producer: Ben Winston
The Host: Trevor Noah

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Historical Milestones:

All four top categories went to women. Girl power? Right?
Her majesty, the Queen.
Imagine being her. Blue Ivy. Born into wealth and prestige, with a sick name like that, and a Grammy award winner at age 9. Wow. Can’t relate. I’m a peasant.

Taylor Wins Her 3rd Album Of The Year, making history herself.

I get that people were upset about this win (and I was too low-key because I wanted Harry to win for Fine Line) but when you look at the numbers and the things Taylor accomplished with that album, it was quite literally the album of the year.

Whether people like her music or not, it makes WAVES.

She is thee American Pop Princess, and I didn’t realize she hadn’t won an award since like 2016 when I was shading her a few days ago lol. She was actually snubbed for top category nominations in 2018 with Reputation.

She took it like a champ though, and a consummate professional.

(Harry and Taylor interacting *my heart*)

In like 60 Years they will be such legends. Imagine if they collab??

Now, on to the man of the hour. Harold Effing Styles. 3x Nominated, Grammy Award WINNER!!! You hear that haters?? Grammy W.I.N.N.E.R.

Page Two: I Give You: King Of The Grammys, Harry Styles

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  1. Wonder if Harry will do more performances or collaboration with Dev Hynes/Blood Orange. Dev’s very talented musician. Thought it was interesting H’s own insta and tweet Grammys’ post picture was him with Mitch and Dev. Also very here for collab with Lizzo, she and H are sweet as together.

  2. Hi A.D, normally I rarely to never comment on websites, but I wanted to thank you for your site and incredible work!

    Short review of how I became a Zarry:
    Early February 2021, depressed by/through/with COVID, Lockdown, weather (quite grey and cold in Austria in February) –> let me watch some Carpool Karaoke videos on YouTube, they should be funny –> constantly a video with “One Direction” (?? never heard of it) is suggested –> so ok, let’s try it…–> music sounds good, James Corden is funny – but, WHO is the guy in the middle (BACK middle 😉 !?? –> ok, let me google 1D –> aha: X-Factor 2010 –> formation of the band –> worldwide success –> band doesn’t exist anymore (oops, sorry I missed it…), but what’s this guy’s name back middle??? –> finally: HS! –> end of my usual Lockdown-life – from this moment on I really watched every video I could find by/with/about HS + 1D and became a fan. (Side note: the last pop star that got me so carried away was Michael Jackson – and I was 15 then!, now 47 and married). –> discovered Larry (ok, maybe in 2010) –> ended up with Zarry and your videos… OMG!!! What a tragic love story – sniff – totally convinced!

    Sorry for this long introduction, what I actually wanted to comment on: What I learned in my therapy (Oh God and I had many years of it…). Someone who doesn’t love themselves enough can’t love anyone else. That means to me, Z doesn’t love H because he is not able to love himself enough at all. I suppose because of his childhood, sexuality, religion or whatever. This is not to say that he doesn’t try or think he does! He just can’t do it mentally. Typical of people with self-hatred are, for example, eating disorders, like the one Z had or has. These people are of course sad and they suffer, but unfortunately they are also poison for anyone who wants to enter into a relationship with them in whatever form.

    This sad Grammy post also speaks volumes – this is not love that is being shown towards H here. It’s emotion, of course, but not positive emotion. It shows envy, fear, possessiveness, loss of power and control, but not love. So unfortunately (even though I dearly wish it were otherwise) I have to follow Joe C’s hashtag… zarryisdead.

    I hope I haven’t offended anyone. It’s just my/one opinion.

    Nevertheless, I am very grateful for stars like H whose appearance and music have enriched my life over the last 2 months and sent me on a rollercoaster ride of emotions I thought I no longer had.

    PS: I ended up buying overpriced tickets for a sold-out HS concert in Vienna, which has already been postponed 2 times due to COVID and will probably never take place… but better safe than sorry ;-). How crazy is that please!??

    Send you love and happiness.
    PPS: sorry for my english – used deepl to translate.. hope it worked..

  3. Harry, my boy, man… I AM SO PROUD OF YOU~

    Hey.. so I’ve been religiously (lol) following your Zarry Theories and I was 101% convinced by the solid proofs you laid.

    I wanted to comment on the “Why I Stop analyzing nobody’s listening” but I couldn’t (?)
    So basically I read that post after I watched your analysis vid about “Nobody’s listening” and let me tell you, you had me hoping right there.

    So I went to your website, hoping I’d find more and surprise, surprise… It was not what I expected.

    But despite it all I agree with most of the things you said, like how hurt it was to see Z dissing Grammy when it should be a celebration for H. In this I believed it came from his pettiness towards H, because u know H seemed to be moving on well, while Z actually on the verge of falling himself, so when he saw H doing well his first reflect was to hurt because of his fear (of H actually capable of moving on from him).

    And I also agree with how you kinda gave up in believing Z’s love (at least this lately) to H because his words really dont match his actions. And I could definitely say that Z’s acting exactly how someone with internalized homophobia acts up. I believe it came from his anxiety of losing it all because you know he’s already the odd one out with his race and religion add sexuality on top of that it’ll be like nails on the coffin.
    I think that’s what keep pulling him inside the closet.

    I’m thriving with the fact that H is finally, finally showing signs of actually trying to move on. I think Light Up it’s basically his way of saying to Z ‘I’m done, come meet me when ur ready” kind of way? Like before I feel like H was willing to went through anything for Z, but now he was like “I’ve proved myself now it’s your turn” kinda way? Idk it’s 2am my country now hehe..

    And I do feel like Z is actually on that line when either he goes spiralingly up or down. Because his career is not that well (despite his amazingly music) but he’s also losing so much of him because of the double lives he leads. But there’s a saying that when you got nothing lose, you got nothing to be afraid of, so I’m still holding on that tiny little hope of him actually finally, finally prove his worth to H.

    And lastly (actually there so much more I wanted to say) I’m so glad I found your channel on YT. I was a ziam shipper hence why my email is mayne 😂 but ever since Z left the band (I was a directioner since 2013) I felt like the boys aside from H showed too much indeference while H actually look really affected by it.

    Idk what leads me but suddenly on 2021 I searched Zarry and stumbled upon your amazing analysis. So i just wanna thank you, for sharing your amazing thoughts and indulge me in this beautiful love story between these two boys, men now, that I love very dearly.

    Best of wishes for you and for Zarry hopefully they found their happy ending, hopefully together but if not, then with their own fates.

    Love you~

  4. I too hope that H is moving on. Also question, My posts are not posting and I am so confused as to why? One of them is up here but I have sent multiple in…Is there a guideline that I am missing? I don’t understand what I did or what I am not doing correctly in order for them to show up. Thank you!

  5. I wanted to respond to the original post mentioning that Joe Cumming shaded Zayn but I can’t find it (we have been so active these few days. Man! Zarry has given us a lot of content) so I’ll comment here.
    I find it interesting that he didn’t tweet to congratulate H after his win but tweeted about Z’s shade. He is as invested in Zarry as we are! I know it is obvious to us but I would love to tweet Joe and sneakily ask (as if I had no clue about Zarry)

    “Joe, why are you surprised that Zayn would shade Harry? They had a massive falling out & then Zayn left the band. Wasn’t the hatred/envy already there? Wouldn’t this shade be expected given the blow-up Harry told you about?”

    I would love to see his answer and if it brings out anymore specific details on the incident. This is one of the very rare days that I regret not having Twitter but if anyone else wants to run with this and tweet Joe with something similar, they will have to let us know if he responds!!!!

  6. First congrats to Harry you deserve it, truly and more. Now I read the article and you spoke of him removing rings. I looked at which actual rings were missing, the rings always linked to Zarry gone. Cool, but the one ring he always wore on his middle finger the “peace” spinner is missing as well he ALWAYS wore it. This I believe is the first time it disappeared as well. I wonder if that means anything.

  7. And to those zarrys that are angry coz some of us want H to move on jus ask yoself if u can wait for some1 who is living with some1else and even have a baby??like lets b serious guys 10yrs is not a joke.Its easy to say G this G that but at the end of the day she is not holding him hostage.To see Olivia celebrating his win jus melts my heart coz he deserves it..My tired is even tired of wanting them to live their truth lol so m jus gonna love them separately and wait fo This thing Upon me sequel.I dont want wahala(trouble) so dont come fo me

  8. Hey AD….l have noticed that people are unfollowing u coz they feel like u trashing Z..l dont agree with u all the tym but most of us became zarrys coz yo workis amazing with no manips and funny funny theories.l dont knoe how some zarrys are not seeing anything wrong with Z’s grammy tweets….2yrs ago Jayz bashed the grammys when they snubbed him but this time he ddnt say anything coz his wife was nominated,he even attended jus to support his wife…Kanye attended the last metgala even if he ddnt like wat Kim was wearing he attended jus to show he even said afterall the nyt is not about me but my wife.Thats wat a supportive partive do not to bash the show the same nyt yo partner if perfoming

  9. One more try…something keeps going wrong…SORRY for inundating you. Just want so badly to discuss some of this.

    So we all know Harry dresses in absolute messages to Zayn. They both do.

    Ugh, such a gorgeous performance by Harry (and all the various band members and backup singers) with IMMACULATE looks all across the board.
    I too feel devastated and confused by Zayn’s angry outburst. I definitely think he is trying to hurt Harry. You can almost hear the heartbreak through his anger. I think he knows H is slipping out of his grasp though incredibly, H is still paying homage to Z in so many ways.

    I mean, we all know that Harry has absolute last say in what he wears and how he presents himself to the public so I am confused…let me just bullet point it:

    3/11/21–Harry is wearing a yellow Gucci sweater WITH daisies on it during the zoom call with fans. Ok, granted the zoom may have been spur of the moment but it still doesn’t explain why H would even wear something like that right now. We all know he dresses in absolute messages to Zayn. They both do.

    Ok now the Grammys. Starting with the obvious leather jacket/suit with no shirt underneath. That look will forever be associated amongst fans as having to do with the Nick interview. Even non Zarry peeps know about the “Zayn Malik trigger”. The fur green boa needs no explanation. 

    Then the beautiful ensemble of the green/yellow jacket with the lavender boa. (I thought this like was amazing.) Obviously the jacket colors are Zarry and then the boa color makes me think of the Bisexual representation color. I think Harry is totally Bi or Pan and is still trying to convey this despite being in a relationship with a woman. The boa combined with the banana penis necklace really sends this message.

    Then there is Jeff wearing a green suit with a yellow/gold mask on that Harry kissed so deeply. I mean? really…coincidence? No way…

    Sadly, I do think that H is in a serious relationship with O. She re-posts so many other IGs about love and being head over heels in love, I just don’t think they are making it up, and there is just way too much at stake for them to have faked this whole thing, and a movie does not need PR when it is not even edited yet. And frankly a movie starring Florence and Harry and the rest of that stellar cast needs literally NO PR. People are going to watch it regardless…I do think they may have an unconventional set up. I think H knows damn well that he likes the D in all regards and is not likely to give that up…I think O is totally cool enough to hang with all of it…and while I want so much for Harry to be with a man publicly, I think they are an amazing match re: ambition, intelligence, world domination goals, etc. I predict that they will have a baby. I kinda think she is pregnant already…
    I think they will be together for years…Unless Z and H do something drastic.

    Now to the rings for the heartbreak. I think the micro-mosaic of the bird is a bird with it’s beak down and feeding a nest…and the other ring on H’s right ring finger appears to be the ring that Olivia was wearing on her right ring finger back in Dec and Jan.
    And UGH…but on 3/10/21, O was papped while running and appears to be wearing what looks to be H’s  gold cross ring on her right ring finger…makes my heart hurt but…subsequent days she was not wearing it but I think she just began to realize how papped she was being and maybe took it off? I dunno…oooff. I think Harry is in love with O (or desperately wants to be and to believe he is) but is still “devoted” to Z on some level. 

    The other very sad thing that struck me was when Harry was giving his stunningly humble and lovely acceptance speech and he went into telling the story about when the song was conceived; he thanks all the various people and then he very emphatically and emotionally says “and EVERYONE” with his voice hitching and him almost crying at that moment. Call me delusional but I think he was thanking Zayn. Despite all the pain, still thanking him. 
    I mean, In a way, how could he not? Z inspired everything he has literally ever done musically and I think, to some extent his acting roles. (I mean Christopher Nolan? Cmon, Z was a huge fan of Christopher Nolan.) I just think H is still so wrapped up in all things Z. Still. 

    1. Wait whaatttttt
      Dont do me like this A.D. this is so heartbreakinggggg
      Not the Harry winning grammy part because hot damn my man deserves it but the part where H’s crying for Z

      Zayn effing Malik you better do something about your man right now, you little cute insecure bubble!

    2. I wanted to mention that I think the mosaic ring with the bird visiting the nest indicates Harry’s desire to start a family…or that he already has…I hope not only because I think he will be his more authentic self when he can be with a man publicly. Because while I believe H is bi or pan, I believe he definitely leans towards men romantically.

  10. As much as we would all love for Zarry to be themselves and to be together, I agree with what you’re saying about Zayn. I think that Harry is finally moving on and realizing that he cannot continue to wait for Zayn when all Zayn continues to do is hurt him constantly. I immediately noticed the green and gold he was wearing after his performance and after I freaked out about his performancemy mind instantly went to the BBC interview when Harry was hooked up to the heart monitor. I’m still re-watching all of the footage from that night. We went a few months without anything and all of that was overpowering and I’m so incredibly proud of him. Also, Liam posting about how proud he was to be his brother… EXCUSE ME LIAM?!?! Everything just made my day.

    Um… I am so excited for Mitch and Sarah, she looks like she’s pretty far in her pregnancy, I hope for the best with them, but I realized something last night. I’m assuming that they are having their baby within the next few upcoming months, I’m also assuming that they aren’t going to want their newborn baby to be traveling all around the world, so…that leads to my conclusion of that might’ve been one of the last live performances that we see Mitch and Sarah play. I know that all three of them are great friends, at least from what we can see and hear, but I feel like they won’t be touring Love on Tour or HS3 when it comes out.

    Anyway, I hope that Harry has finally moved on or is at least trying to because he honestly deserves so much more than what Zayn has been giving him or from what we’ve seen at least.

    Have a fantastic day!

  11. I know this sounds naive but I hope in the end they end up together. Zayn will never ever find a person like Harry in his life. Harry will never ever love anybody like how he loved Zayn even if he does move on. Zayn has a lot of inner demons he needs to battle with and seek help. I hope Zayn starts opening up slowly I always worry he doesn’t and he overdoses. I hope Zayn seeks help and they end up together.

  12. I know this sounds naive but I really hope they end up together in the end. Zayn will never ever find another person like Harry Harry will be the one that got away. Harry will never love anyone like how he loved Zayn even if Harry moves on Zayn will always be the love of his life he loves Zayn he adore him. Zayn has a lot of inner demons he needs to battle with I hope he seeks help and expresses himself slowly. I sometimes fear that Zayn might overdose which scares me i hope he seeks help. I love them both and wish them the best.

    1. woah ya think so? idk we’ll have to see also i just found out that gigi showed Khai’s face on accident…she should just stop posting her baby so much why cant she just stay off social media..oh lol wish zayn would stop her shes becoming kylie now

    1. Haha I feel so guilty when people say I helped them discover Zarry. I’m so sorry for bringing you into this crazy story. Get out while you still can!! Lol thanks for stopping by my dear 🙂

      1. A.D. Don’t feel guilty… we entered this crazy world with our own free will…lol..

        Harry was, is and will be one of the best singers, songwriters and performers… he writes from his heart and personal experience, he sings his lungs out and when he performs (even back in 1D days) you can’t take your eyes of him (and that’s why I always saw him as the front man of the ONE DIRECTION !)

        HARRY EDWARD STYLES NAILED IT AT GRAMMY’S AND I’M SO GLAD THAT HE WON… i would like for him to won and the one for ADORE YOU video because i think that it was much better than Beyonce’s that won (i like that one too)…and I’m not biased… they created a new island with a name which was ADORE written backwards and the whole concept was brilliant, especially the long version.. ( and that’s why that “creativity excellence” of Z’s tweet did something to me).

        I don’t agree with all the “negative” things about Zayn.. I have another opinion (cause I still have my Zarry googles on) but I will keep it to my self for now ! I don’t know stuff about bts and all that, but… to be honest I don’t think anybody knows the truth about those two… Sometimes I really feel like they both “playing” us… I mean what was the reason for Z to make those two covers the day after Golden mv went alive? ( Last Request Paolo Nutini: he did that one back in February 2018 if I remember correct with change lyrics and maybe that was the reason Harry was so emotional and did all those change lyrics in Basel 2018) and then to tweet that about Grammys??? and for Harry to have those pictures with Olivia right after the release of NIL??? Something doesn’t feel right…Anyway, hope that they are both good…

        And last, but no least, I can’t wait for Harry’s 3rd album…in spite of him filming mv’s and movies I’m pretty sure that he has written a lot of songs…let’s hope he pulls a Taylor Swift (i will die on the spot – and I’m pretty sure you will too…lol)!

      2. Oh please don’t feel guilty! Honestly, before this I didn’t even know one’m still quite young and from an Asian country where western music isn’t really that..well-known to say) 😁😁

        I remeber I first entered this world because of your video, Harry protecting Zayn in one direction..I clicked on that because I did listen to Zayn some times.

        I agree that their relationship is a complete mess right now, but their story is so beautiful and obsessive. There’s no way I can get out of this now!!

        Anyway, I love u A.D! You are awesome!❤️

  13. Love Harry Styles so much and i’m so proud to be his stan but my lirry heart when Liam congratulated Harry🤩🤩🤩. I find their relationship so unrecognized🤷‍♀️ Love A.D

  14. He deserved the win. He works his butt off. He had great ppl help him and has a great agency. Zayn needs an agency! Also I’ve been watching any and all pics of Harry’s fingers because others like to say oh still nothing on his RING finger. He’s not worn any rings that I can see, for months. I was happy to see them for this. Looked like the lion head and also the red stone ring. And the cross!! Good to see i hi I’m all dressed with his stuff. Now we see how long those rings stay on

  15. First of all, Congratulations to Harry!! I’m so phucking proud of him! He’ll never know.
    Now, once I saw H’s outfit, it immediately reminded me of the BBC Radio Heart Rate Monitor episode with Nick Grimshaw. H was shown a picture of Z wearing a ‘leather jacket with no shirt on’. Unfortunately, they didn’t show the monitor at that specific time. But, H’s comment was something like ‘nice combo but too sweaty for himself’. Maybe, this means nothing, it’s just a similarity I cant unsee. I think this is just my Zarry heart hoping.
    But, I really think H should move on and find happiness like he deserves. And i hope Z realizes just how much he’s f*cked up!

  16. He certainly was the King of the night, and it’s the end of the Fine Line journey as glorious as it was! On to HS3 with possibly a new look and more rock sound? Whatever it is I am here for it! Oh and AD thank you for your insights! I enjoy them immensely!

    1. Thanks love for stopping by and sharing your thoughts!! Let’s hope HS3 is a very positive album for him 🙂 I know he will kill it. Even better than Fine Line

  17. I am so properly proud of Harry Edward Styles!!!! I cannot begin to say how much. He is iconic, he’s a king, he’s a legend and has a beautiful heart. There will never be another one of him and I am happy that there are people that fullye support him and truly love him. May all the love and happiness in the world find him and may he move on from everything that has hurt him and caused his soul to be in torment. May he truly be at peace with himself and with others and continue to evolve beyond the things that no longer serve him. I hope he knows how much we truly love and support him.

  18. Im feeling more and more anger towards Zayn for ruining Harrys time to shine. Why did he have to do it now of all times? I allways believed Zayn to be a good person but this was cruel. Harry deserved better. Hes performance was really hot at the Grammys and he is a very hard working artist so he truly deserved this. Shame on you Zayn! Hope you have apologized in private to Harry. Liam on the other hand, thats a real supportive friend ❤

    1. I understand how you feel about Zayn my dear. It was a sad set of circumstances and poor timing, regardless of what his intentions were. From a Zarry perspective, he overlooked Harry and his feelings entirely. And the sad part is Harry is so self-deprecating and so quick to be down on himself, he would take that sort of emotional neglect as something he deserves. Or he would probably make excuses for it just to not have to view Zayn as doing something wrong. Much like Zayn’s fans, time and time again.

      Very sad. Anyway, Liam was so sweet for reaching out like he always does with support. It’s a heartwarming thing to see. I wish Liam got more recognition too.

  19. That performance was beyond amazing. i was so nervous waiting for him to start. I just kept saying oh my god over and over and then he took the boa off and I was literally screaming at the Tv. Then the hip thrust dance move thingy was almost too much to bare. So sexy…. Im so happy for him. Today after reading all the comments and wonderful posts praising him all I can think about is Zayn must feel pretty damn small right now for not supporting him. He’s gonna regret ever letting that amazing special man out of his sight.

    1. Small indeed. And you can already see the regret written all over his face and in the way he hides. Also Harry’s performance was too good. His voice sounded really good, and although he seemed a bit bleak at points during the night, I know he’s proud of himself and so grateful for the winning team that propels him towards victory in every capacity.

  20. I am slowly starting to think Z is too negative person for H and too insecure and maybe that is why they didn’t work out..H needs someone mature and supportive and Z doesn’t give me vibe that he is there yet mentally. If he would accept himself and all of his insecurities (not just openness related but all) he would be more successful, happier and ready to be with someone like H. Just my opinion, wish him to get there and H is something out of this world regarding all of these qualities.

    1. Agreed, unfortunately. It hurts my heart to think this way, but at this point they’re just not equally yoked. From his interviews and based on his lack of promo and his general response to things, I don’t think Zayn cares about much, or very many people apart from himself and his family. I think he doesn’t have his priorities in order as far as his career is concerned, and he doesn’t seem to have an interest in the things Harry values as a musician, such as performing live to connect with your fanbase, networking and building relationships in the industry, and enjoying events made specifically for artists to celebrate and be recognized for the music they make.

      I think they were two kids who fell for each other early, fooled around, got stuck in a confusing thing, one wanted to accept it, one continues to reject it, and they have ultimately become polar opposites as adults, especially in regards to the things they want out of life.

      Zayn seems to be withering away by the day, and is content to let weed and video games take over his mind. Harry is going places, big places and very fast. Good for him. He doesn’t need that negativity, lack of ambition, and baby momma drama to bog down his positivity, his growth, and his potential as an artist.

      1. All so true. Painful but true. Makes me sad for Z’s wasted potential. So much interesting talent and beauty. It must make Harry crazy that Zayn doesn’t use his gifts to take the world the that way he himself is. H will win everything, anything. He will absolutely be the biggest star in the world. I mean, he kind of already is. EVERYBODY LOVES him.

  21. At this point, I would be glad if Harry moved on. Can’t wait forever. He deserves to be happy. My thoughts are Harry probably finally told him he’s done and Zayn is pissed. I love and always will support Zayn but I have put Zarry on the back burner. If they get together I will be extremely happy and supportive, as, I will forever be a Zarry, but I at this point, I am moving on and I hope they will too. Harry looked soooo good last night and all I could think about was Zayn’s song “Sweat” because that certainly applies. There’s no way Zayn saw him and didn’t feel anything. He was dripping SEX! I thought that blue jumpsuit was all that but that black leather was all that. He looked so Erotic. Can’t wait to see him in Mr. Policeman.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts my dear. 🙂 I think we are all mostly in agreement as far as it being healthier for Harry to let go and move on and ignore Zayn’s public tirades.

  22. I first want to say that this is a superb take on the Harry phenomenon! You are amazing A.D.! I am so proud of and happy for Harry both as an entertainer and genuinely humble, exquisite, human being. He is quite literally captivating.

    I understand that some are still feeling distressed about Zarry and while it’s understandable, I don’t feel the same. Like you, I hope his use of green/gold, shirtless leather jacket, etc. is simply either a true coincidence or subtle appeasement for Zarries. It seems belittling to Harry at this point to associate his actions in a positive light as they potentially pertain to Zarry, especially with so much negativity from Zayn over the past months. Harold is so much better than that!

    1. Hey dear! I hope you are well. Thank you so much for stopping by and sharing your thoughts. I agree, I don’t see how people are so excited thinking this and that he wore is related to Zarry. After Zayn’s tweets and other things I’ve heard, the thought of Harry paying homage to him in any way makes me ill. So I’m glad to see those zarry rings gone, and I hope again that his use of green/gold means something else to hm. I don’t think it’s healthy at all what is going on between he and Zayn as far as the toxicity, lack of support, and Zayn’s desperation to bury their relationship but still continue it in private, while having babies with Gigi. Please Harry let go.

      1. I hate that I missed your 15 minute “confession”. I have way too many theories but would ‘sell a kidney” to get your take as you are typically spot on!! If you decide to repost…lmk so I can drop everything…..and please….tell me your above comment referencing “having babies w/ Gigi” refers to only ONE baby not babIES!!!

  23. I was gifted really cheap feather boas when I was in first grade for my birthday. The most hideous things ever and they would shed feathers everywhere. I also looked ridiculous in it. But Harry is a whooole different story. Looked ✨stunning✨ and the boas were most likely Gucci. And even if Harry wore three, I don’t regret throwing my old one out.

  24. Proud of Harry 🥺❤️. Harry literally shines. And we are very lucky to witness this. And Zayn… . It is very painful that their stories are not known by world. Cause I know Harry really wants to tell how much he loves Zayn. I would so much like Zayn to be brave and proudly show Harry the world as the man he loves.I hope it will happen one day and the world sees them together. Maybe one day…

    1. Hi love, I agree it’s a shame that their story will remain hidden and buried, and that the public will always believe they hate each other. It’s truly truly tragic. All I can hope is that Harry finds someone he can love out loud and receives 10x as much love in return.

      1. Amen to that Ad 🙏… just ,love ,love , love the website and hearing your thoughts and the like minded people on here … the haters not so much & feel sad that you have to deal with kind of nonsense
        Keep on doing what you do so well 💕

  25. I honestly was crying reading this. I have this overwhelming feeling of happiness when others see Harry for all that he is and try’s to be. He is such kind, loyal, hard working, passionate, open soul. I just love him. Unfortunately thou I felt a biter sweetness too. I found myself quietly cursing Zayn in my head bc Harry ,to me, looked a little sad. I realize Harry isn’t that 19 year olds anymore and his more mature but his eyes seemed sad or not fully in the moment enjoy this achievement. I thought, if he was in the new stages of a relationship, he wld have that new love glow… but I didnt that. It made me sad and angry. I have always seen Zayn as this beautiful person inside and out with so much talent but it’s hard to feel like that right now. One minute i think he wants to change and be more open to Harry by expressing/showing his love but than he does crap that makes him seem so cold. Why? I realize, I’ll never know what REALLY goes on but seeing Harry on such a big night seem alittle sad breaks my Zarry heart. As much as I hate to say it, but without those rings maybe Harry is trying to start fresh and I don’t blame him. It doesn’t matter how good thier love was/is…. there is too much uncertainty with Zayn. I can’t fully stop believing in Zarry and wanting them to at some point figure things out and be happy together BUT I can’t justify Harry being sad. Harry shd move on and when 🤞🤞🤞 Zayn actually makes real exposing himself and his fears to fight for Harry, then and only then Zarry. As Zayn said until then…I don’t kno

    1. I think there is misdirection going on .. we can never really know what is going on in H & Z’s relationship. I just hope the best for both of them. There both very talented and beautiful souls in their own way ❤️❤️

      1. I really hope you are right that this is all a misdirect and with my green and gold tinted glasses I was hoping for that …a fantasy maybe ‘f*ck all of your fantasies’
        someone else said there are shots of H looking pensive and sad and I agree to me he doesn’t look euphoric or happy.

        His performance was epic though he deserves the win. I’m just so perplexed and disappointed with the negative comments Z has made re the Grammys and the timing of that …. he doesn’t seem in a great place

        You are right we dont know what goes on in their private lives it is all speculation maybe it is all a clever ruse to misdirect us all on par with ‘we never really spoke’

        Whatever I wish them both peace,happiness and the kind of success they want and deserve in their lives.

        1. Honestly, I think that Z is acting out to get some type of reaction from Harry. From past actions, Zayn has proven to be very jealous and impulsive. Harry probably knows this more than anybody…and is actually enjoying this little tantrum. The only thing about his wardrobe that IMO is very telling is the shirtless leather ensemble. He has always been very careful not to appear too sexual … Which makes this choice even more provocative… the ultimate in ‘revenge STYLE”

          Also, I agree at times he looked sad. I’m sure he has those moments..but more than anything …he has to be exhausted! I hope he’ll take some time off this summer and focus on himself. Re. Zarry… for their exchanges to be so public..something is definitely brewing.

      2. So proud of harry, I too wonder if he had finally let zayn know that he was moving on why zayn went on his grammy only hope is that harry start accepting things as they are and move on and be happy,zayn doesn’t seems as if he will ever live his truth and comes out for harry.i think he will regrets this some day and it will be too late.i hope harry as started thinking of his happiness and just forget zayn and find someone who can love him unconditionally, he really deserve all the love.such a loving and humble soul.i really,really pray he gets to be happy really happy some day.thank AD for always sharing your thoughts with us, luv yuh girl.🇯🇲❤️👍

    2. @Rang Hi my dear, yes I understand what you mean. Since the baby announcement, my thoughts on Zayn have been changed drastically. He is not at all the person I once thought he was, and I felt foolish for defending him as much as I had in the past. Certain things we’ve seen of him in public these last few years, and certain things I’ve been informed of behind the scenes have changed the way I look at him, as well as Zarry. And it makes me think we don’t know the half of what Harry has been through behind the scenes. Smh

      1. Hi AD, you’ve hinted at some behind the scenes info on Z twice now. I understand that you cannot just lay it out in the open but I’m just curious: is it (just) work ethic related or (also) about his ideologies/views? I’m having a hard time viewing Zayn lately. His public persona just doesn’t match with the imo gentle/caring, shy and just very sweet person I’ve seen in footage – yours, interviews, on stage behavior; and also people talking about him, they seemed positive.

        At this point I’m hoping the Grammy diss in Zarry context is just very heavily misrepresented and he is indeed using supporting The Weekend and others to voice his own concerns about the industry (I did see The Weekend coming for the grammy’s again some 5 days ago or something, who knows) since I just think it would be weird for him to yes not only shade Harry like that but also Ben,Taylor, Dua Lipa, people like Beyonce whom he all either was friends with, collabbed with, is connected to somehow or probably looks up to/likes; would he (indirectly) declare war on all these industry loved people just to shade Harry publicly? Is he really thát impulsive?

        His clarification tweets seemed to be going in the support direction anyway, but that’s what confuses me: is it a cover up for his initial Harry diss or is he genuinely correcting his poorly worded tweet? As you said in your post, this isn’t the first time he corrects himself; like that 2016 ‘love how people feel liberated naked, read a book liberate your brain’ tweet. This confuses me endlessly because I thought I understood him/his personality on some level (intellectual, open minded, respectful, his own person BUT overcompensating insecurities by acting tough from time to time) which didn’t come across as misogynistic and actually as quite progressive so by extension I read it as a ‘educate yourself if YOU don’t support people feeling liberated naked’ tweet, especially since he never made qualms about being partly naked himself right – it all added to the ‘he is misunderstood view’ and he really just needs to word his tweets better/clearer. On the other hand, I think he by now knows the backlash he receives for these poorly worded tweets, which would make him more cautious about what he posts and how he does so anyway; so if he wanted he would have worded it better.

        If this pattern of ranting and doing damage control really is just that – covering up for twisted ideologies – I’m scared I have judged him wrong. That’s why I’m so curious as to what you’ve heard (and why this comment is ridiculously long). It just wouldn’t make sense to me tho, to place Z in a negative light since the sweetest soul ever has been in love with him for so long…

        Please do let me know your thoughts! I hate that this is effecting me so much, I’m so invested pfft

        1. I am completely with you. I’m wayyyy too invested. I literally cry for them and find myself watching old videos like it’s my past relationship. LOL. As crazy as it is too be so emotionally invested in Zarry, I’m so glad for A.D,this website, and all the Zarrie peers. It’s hard being a Zarry but having this place to discuss all the craziness makes it feel like a community of crazies. I love it… thank you!!!

          1. Exactly! The fact that I’m checking this website and ig/yt rigorously says enough I think. I mean I’m literally back after being (semi) excited (/scared – idk what’s wrong with me) for Zayn’s tease about a song literally called ‘to begin again’ (👀) when I just posted my previous comment full of confusion a few hours ago 😭 I stand by everything btw since I’m as confused as ever and have the nerve to demand clarity lol but at the same time: I’m so glad he’s done an interview! At least he’s doing something (whatever that may be) and I somehow hope as a Zarry that things will make sense in hindsight because I don’t want to be shipping something toxic ey 🙁

            And yes I sooo love this website and AD for giving us a safe space to share thoughts (even though I seriously feel I’m overusing it – if so just let me know oke 😭) ty sm ❤️

            Also – since this is getting way too long anyway – I see that I’m spamming the comment section of a H post with comments about Z, which is unfair since I should of course have started off with mentioning the pretty pretty nails (I love it way more than words can convey), the leather suit look (kill me now), the banana necklace (yes H, yes) and the (sometimes scarcely used 😔) BEAUTIFUL SMILESSS I can’t even, I love this man 😩🥺 he deserved that Grammy and imo even more 🤷🏾‍♀️👏🏾🏆

            Sidenote: I’d like to clarify that my comment below was a reply to deleted comments! (since it might seem random for someone scrolling by – excuse my awkward haha)

        2. thanks for replying! yes you’re right, there is probably a lot of negative out there that’s been ‘handled’ by his stans (some are very toxic omg). I just didn’t follow him as long to be completely up to speed. And him abruptly leaving the band like that plus dumping Perry and stuff… I don’t wanna overthink stuff or police everything, but I have a feeling you’re gonna offer relevant insights and connections so I will just wait for that

        3. So idk if you saw, but I answered this in a really long answer, trying to explain how I feel about Zayn and why he seems confusing now and what I had heard about him behind the scenes, and I left it up for about 15min before deleting. I don’t know if you saw it at that time. But it sounded pretty negative, and I just don’t want to keep saying negative things about someone harry deeply loves, even if they are true. So out of respect for harry, I’m just going to hold my tongue for now, even though I think I’m right, and hope things get better for them. Sorry dear. Thanks for sharing your thoughts <3

          1. Oh no AD please not the only 15 minutes of the day that I’m not stalking you on all platforms 😭😭😭 no I get what you mean and I think that’s admirable and very on point too. H loves/loved him to bits and probably had very good reasons to do so. So, unless the thoughts can be very clearly derived from facts/evidence (like the Larry baiting with the tags stuff) we really don’t have a right to assume anything, right?

            Since I’ve lost all shame since becoming a Zarry, I’m still gonna shoot my shot: if there’s any possibility for you to share your thoughts on the matter privately maybe, I would be very grateful!
            I know it sounds so dumb but ‘stuff like this’ is like a puzzle for me and I’ve been trying to ‘solve’ this one for months now (I know, you guys much longer!) and from what I’ve seen you’ve been right (from what we can see ofc we never now anything for a full 100%) quite often, which is why I watch this account like a hawk 👀

            Wasn’t quick enough today tho 😂😭

            Thank you for replying!

          2. Dang it, the night I worked late and missed it…..joking (kinda) but in all seriousness Ive wondered the same when its been mentioned at things heard behind the scenes. And not for the reason of wanting to bash Z or want to portray him in a bad light or repost and gossip about him. Def understand and respect why you wanted to delete it though also.

            As others have mentioned here I can’t help but notice the almost somber look he has at times. You can see it in his eyes and skin. It sometimes feels as though the charm and personality have been taken from him (and understandably so). I’ve wondered is this just him growing up or more so a reflection of what he’s been through the past year. I sometimes wish I could bottle up 22 year old H (and feel like a parent whos kid is growing up too fast and want to slow it down).

            As for the topic of this post congrats Harry, proud is an understatement! I hope he really does know how much the world loves him.

      2. Don’t you think when H sang with Kacey ‘you can have your space cowboy’ late 2019. It reminded me of Zayn’s tweet of him with carved cowboys captioned “chilling with the boys…”. Z typically ran away.

        Harry’s Zane Lowe Beats Playlist with some incredibly heart-breaking choices had me genuinely lol when i saw the song ‘Up the Junction’ I nearly choked – ‘I never thought it would happen with me and the girl from Clapham’ – what supermodel accidentally gets pregnant? H then had the Beauty Pages release – Yes Zayn it’s a global pandemic and you are stuck over there!!

        I do hope against hope that Z’s new song To Begin Again is positive and now due for release 18th March the date that he last toured with 1D x ‘When the World was ending’..’but then the sun came right back and the birds sang as if nothing had happened’ …’to live and love and breathe again’ x TPWK

  26. He was so emotional! I am glad he had Jeff besides him. His performence was one of his best and he done it effortlessly! I love new image and rock vibe of black suit. I am so happy cause of the all new people who will fall in love with him. I am glad for every support of new and old co-workers, friends, family. But it really warms my heart that Billie was such fangirl, plus Harry was so sweet with her. I am also glad that even Dua wide her hands to greet him. Taylor seems to be very happy and proud. Also, I am happy that even Camille supports him aldo Larries put her through hell. At this point I even hope song was for her. In the end, even Oliva founds smart way to praise him, no matter what. Harry, I wish you lot of watermelon sugar high. Like another award and like that special thing you had on your mind while writing it. Who ever you want to be, I am here to support.

    1. Yes it’s so heartwarming to see his friends in the industry congratulate and support him. I was surprised by the Billie interactions, that was cool. Glad to see Harry and Lizzo together again. And I knew he had been good friends with Dua Lipa since like 2013, and I was sooo happy to see him reconnect with Taylor again publicly in such a genuine and mature way. Yay! Also Jeff is such a good manager despite what larries say about him, and it’s clear Harry adores him and is grateful for him. That cheek kiss said it all!

      1. I truly don’t get the hate towards Jeff, Harry makes sure to always thank his manager and the label for allowing him to express himself freely and than there was that kiss you mentioned. He probably is one of H’s best friends, Larries just fabricate stupid theories to support their delusional, fake ideas

        1. Ludicrous to say Jeff is not supportive, why would H have gone out drinking with him during 1D days, taken his precious mum on their yacht, he is their Golden child and they love him as does everyone xx

          Azoff told us that from the start he and Styles made a pact that they would make everything about having fun, then the music would follow. “Most of the time, it doesn’t feel like work,”. H said ‘he nudges me’ I love that they are helping promote his film career – H is nobody’s fool other than Zayn’s. He has major Jewish industry support Ben Winston, Randy Gerber, the Azoff’s etc. and that cannot be all bad x Bring on Hollywood x

          Loved the article where Irvin told Jeff that if H was smoking @~?@~ then to follow his lead lol. Those that think H would not have been extra careful moving on from 1D or that he would move if he was unhappy are crazy!! xx

  27. You hit it on the head–Harry shirtless in that outfit dancing around was porn!! I hate to objectify him but damn he was ridiculously hot. Then he goes back to adorable with his plaid and boas. Nobody else on the planet could pull that off. I’m so happy for him. He’s extraordinary.

  28. Congratulations to Harry!!! I enjoyed his performance, he looked wonderful, sounded great and I loved the mix of his band and a band that gave the song the same sound as when he played with the Free Nationals ( I don’t think it was them but am not sure)
    As for Zarry, so, aside from 1) the green and yellow jacket, 2) the leather jacket & no shirt which H finds “a nice combo but personally, a little too sweaty” and,3) possibly the swallow ring he used to wear, (what do you think, is it that ring?), Zarry seems to be no more. I guess, I will get through this (I feel like it is my own break-up) “I will survive!” but I can’t deny that I am sad because whether it was a romantic relationship as we zarries believe, or a very close and special friendship, it is just sad to see it end with such negativity although, this is how most relationships break-up, I doubt most have a “conscious uncoupling”.
    Harry didn’t seem particularly enthusiastic about the win but he rarely seems enthusiastic about things anymore, at least in public. I think he would have preferred that the album be recognized in one of the major categories. I wish both Harry and Zayn all the happiness in the world (more than any success) because, although both are doing exactly what they have said they want to be doing, neither seem particularly happy. I would also like to see H come out and say something about his sexuality and not because he owes it to anyone but because it is a topic of conversation that he ignites with his actions(and thank goodness) but if he keeps being coy about it, the accusations of queerbaiting may get louder and I wonder if that will impact negatively on his work in My Policeman.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts my dear. People accusing him of queerbaiting are just witless, entitled fools. He doesn’t owe anyone anything, least of all an official explanation of his sexuality or any other part of his identity. Only fake-woke dumbasses would demand such a thing of a person.

  29. I’m still high on his performance. 🥵🥵 He looked gorgeous 😍, a little bit thinner than usual though, I hope he is in a good state mentally and he’s proud of himself and happy about his well deserved achievements, just like his family, his true friends and fans are.
    To be honest I am glad he had removed the rings after those tweets and I loved Olivia’s story (even though I have some doubts about Holivia because I don’t see why he would wear the banana necklace if he’s in a relationship with a woman), I stan people that are showing him love publicly.

      1. @Hannah lol true! I’m in full agreement with you there. Everyone supporting Harry during his first Grammys appearance, his firs performance, and his first win have all my respect. ❤️ Thanks for sharing your thoughts!!

    1. @Begi Yes he looked sooo gorgeous, albeit a bit lean. But he might just be working out more for the upcoming film, and probably did the same for DWD.

      And I am in agreement with you there. I hope he removed all Zayn related rings for good, and that he stops with the green and gold. He is literally too good for that stuff at this point. Zayn knows it, which is why he is freaking out publicly. Too bad.

      Olivia seems like a good supportive companion whether she is a romantic partner or a friend, and I’m so grateful for her, because she came along right when the person he loved had a baby with someone else. She’s probably a big reason Harry made it through that period so I’m very grateful for her.

  30. What about zayn’s tweet why he is doing these like freedom fighter for weekend,Justin or anybody else why he is affected sooooo much by this grammy polls tell me ad.btw love ya sooooo much.

    1. Love you too my dear ❤️ no one understands why zayn put ranting about the GRAMMYS this year of all years above harry, but we can assume it’s because they’re over and he doesn’t care about Harry enough not to bash an award show where Harry was receiving special recognition. Sigh. And then he bashed it again right before Harry performed, knowing he’s someone whose opinion Harry holds in high esteem, and therefore giving harry additional anxiety the whole night, no doubt. It’s very sad.

      1. I don’t think Zayn doesn’t care, I think the opposite. He cares too much and hates himself for it. And like most ppl running from their truth, and trying to pretend to be someone they are not… he is constantly paranoid of the truth coming out. He didn’t send that text to make any political stance. He did it to look like Zarry isn’t a real thing even thou very little know Zarry exists. Just like when Zayn said they never talked. He said it to hurt Harry and to make sure their is no chance of their love coming out. It ultimately set the tone. Neither one of them ever mention each other’s names publicly. It was like they never knew each other and some wld think hate each other. Neither one of them seem happy with out the other. But Harry has a clear conscious. Zayn is hiding and getting farther away from mental peace.

        1. @Zh Good points. But I think if that is Zayn’s strategy, to insult Harry, belittle him, have babies with other people etc just to keep Zarry a secret, then it’s pathetic. He’s pathetic. He doesn’t deserve Harry, and Zarry is way more toxic than any of us anticipated. I hope that Harry has moved on, and that he is able to block Zayn out when Zayn goes on these pathetic public rampages on twitter to hurt him, like he most likely did in 2019 as well.

          1. U r absolutely correct. I don’t think it’s right. I think he always feels pushed in a corner and responds by lashing out at the one person who knows the real/hidden Zayn. It sucks and like u said the paths they are on are going in completely different directions. It’s sad bc I really think they were connected and will never really love anyone else like they do each other. I still have hope for them BUT I don’t think this Zayn is ready to love that part of himself that loves Harry. So I don’t know. I know it’s crazy and unfair for Harry to love a person so ashamed of him. This Zarry crap has me in circles. Harry deserves the best. Is the best Zayn? No, not right now publicly. But I hope he will be.

        2. I know everyone thinks of the ‘we never really talked’ statement as something Zayn did to deny him & Harry had anything to do with each other,which was stupid though since it opened the gates for many Zarries who didn’t have hope left after 2015 or the new ones,but personally,for me,it was ALSO a CLEVER WORD PLAY.If u look into his words exactly,he didn’t say ‘we never really talked’ as the headlines of most articles claimed,he said,”WE NEVER REALLY SPOKE EVEN WHILE I WAS IN THE BAND…” and to me,it seemed as a response to Harry saying,”WE HAVEN’T SPOKE SINCE YOU WENT AWAY”.In a way,to tell,that we didn’t REALLY speak a.k.a ‘communicate properly’ EVEN when we were in proximity for most of the time,why do you think it happened just after I left?
          I always see this as Zayn speaking up on how him leaving the band,was not meant to dent Zarry

      2. Haha or is he going mega ‘misdirection’ – he never cares about the hate – seems odd that To Begin Again has been pushed back to the 18th March the last concert date he did with 1D, when there is nothing to stop the 17th? xx BTW some of Ingrid’s songs sound very Zarry like x Wishing both a Happy 25th March x

      3. I feel like Harry appeared a little sad and contemplative during the show and during the photoshoot with his Grammy due to holding back to some degree. I think he was absolutely impacted by Zayn’s shitty tweets and timing (obviously) and also think he didn’t want to appear too ecstatic by way of deference to Zayn. A couple of times, he let himself smile widely and cheekily but then immediately dropped back into a more restrained smile. Showed two things to me: he was pretending it didn’t matter that much to him and he was sad as hell that Zayn wasn’t supporting/celebrating him.
        I think Z is freaked by Olivia and by My Policeman. My Policeman more so because so many people will really start to look at Harry’s relationship history and behavior and come to some “too close to home” conclusions. If this is Z’s way of creating “space” so that others can’t see current or historic tensions/relationships with Harry, I think he has done it. Really disappointing.

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