Late 2018 Breakup (Theory)

As most of you may know, I have a theory about Zarry that involves them getting back together after 2015. I’m positive of that. Just how involved they became, however, still remains a mystery.

Yet we do know Harry felt so strongly about Zayn after the band days, that he dedicated much of his first solo album to him, with songs like “From The Dining Table” and that Zayn likely dedicated Mind of Mind to Harry the year before, and that was basically at the same time Harry had dedicated his Made In The AM songs to Zayn.

So, by 2016, we know they magically ended up staying at the exact same resort in Jamaica within months of each other. But there was really no magic to it, if we’re honest. We know they realistically must’ve been in contact on some level for that to have happened.

Then by 2017, it became rather apparent they were involved on a romantic level (theoretically.) The Rose Ring helped us to draw this conclusion, as did Harry’s debut solo album. And ultimately Zayn’s response to FTDT with Dusk Till Dawn helped to paint the picture of their post-band reconciliation as well.

Here are a couple of videos detailing their 2016 and 2017 connections:



Again, I don’t know exactly how involved they ever became after the band, but they 1000% were back in touch and yearning for one another (which their music reflects) and their love seemed to be alive and energetic, so much so that some of us easily picked up on it. Then in mid-2018, I came along and created “Zarry Documentaries.” The rest is history, lol (why am I still here?)

Later in 2018, I was told 5 days before MSG that Zarry would be together on June 22nd. This person was adamant that on this day the world would know of Zarry’s love (well, at least the part of the world that was paying attention.) Hell, even Larries picked up on what happened that night because the energy Harry exhibited towards the love of his life was earth-shattering and wild.

The message from the person who warned me about MSG came days before we ever even knew Harry planned to sing “Still The One” at this performance on June 22nd, and it came long before we knew there would be a mysterious VIP box man present who Harry would sing to with unguarded emotion.

Notice Harry wasn’t singing to his two supposed lovers at the time who were standing together on the floor, and he never got emotional like this at any other show Camille or Xander attended that year.

Weeks later, in response to Harry’s MSG tribute, Zayn covered (in a hauntingly romantic reengineered and masterful rendition) Elvis’ “Can’t Help Falling In Love”, which is the second song on Harry’s Another Man Mixtape!

Here’s a video I made detailing all of this and more:

Early 2018:

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  1. pfft idek what I’m feeling in regard to zarry. I’m still consumed by them and am trying to make sense of them, especially for the period after this (imo very probable) breakup. So I’m going to keep my thoughts on the matter to myself for now and am just gonna try and complete ‘the puzzle’ by collecting and connecting pieces if that makes sense.

    So all I have for now is a question: are ‘too much’, ‘stand still’ and ‘scripted’ really from the MoM era too? I knew about ‘there you are’ and even ‘let me’ but not about these. I do see ‘scripted’ and ‘stand still’ were produced and (co-)written by Malay, but can’t find anything supporting (like song titles on whiteboards or leaked lyrics) plus I cannot find anything at all (not even like a former writer/producer) for ‘too much’. Also ‘scripted’ contains a part of an interview recording that was about ‘let me’ so I would think it was written later, but it could’ve also been added in later if it fit the purpose of the (already written) song at the time of release.
    (And I know I shouldn’t, but my zarry heart can’t help but see potential zarry connections literally everywhere: the first thing that came to mind when I saw the tease for Z’s GQ covers was ‘blurry tv screens, fuzzy broken scenes’, combine that with him wearing all 2016 jewelry while showing off the zarry tats on his hand and now ‘scripted’ being a possible 2016 song; it just makes me wonder if he’s really purposefully bringing attention to 2016, to MoM (remember him outright saying mind of mine in ‘vibez’?), even though at this point idek if it would matter)

    And since I’m on the topic: I’ve seen people say ‘sweat’ and ‘windowsill’ were from the MoM era as well. Is that true, and if so where can I find this?

    current zarry makes me sad y’all :((

  2. I want Harry to move on as well but I know that if Harry and Zayn were to meet each other like Taylor and Harry Harry would be head over heels for him. He would be so vulnerable around him which sucks but that’s what it seems. Zayn has a hold over him Harry wrote it in his sing golden.

  3. Hey AD,

    Not sure if you know who Avery Wilson is, but I could definitely see him with Harry. I so want so see Harry move on to a healthy relationship. What do you think?

  4. Not sure if you know who Avery Wilson is, but I could see him and Harry together. What do you think? I do hope Harry finds someone that will help him move on to a mature and healthy relationship.

    1. I have a deep seated feeling that Harry Styles and Timothee Chalamet could be meant for each other. They are both unbelievably gorgeous and multi-talented and awarded. They are both considered fashion icons. Vogue named Timothee the most influential man in fashion in 2019 and credits him for continuing “to ply the boundary between traditional masculinity and femininity” writing “those fashion choices are all the more impressive considering that Chalamet styles himself”. In 2020, GQ ranked him as the best dressed man in the world.[109] . I wonder if they have yet to cross paths.

      1. @Idontknowmyname I feel so stupid for undermining this wonderful song’s lyrics (since you know,the rest of the songs of the film were mad dumb😭💀),but I guess,we all need to look more into what Zayn reveals with his songs. (Even though I’m exasperated at how he says,”Don’t wanna stop at words,ain’t enough” yet himself seems to be doing the exact same thing)

  5. I love my zarry but l think its tym to let go..I jus dont want H to continue being some1’s side piece.l love Z but these days m jus not feeling him

  6. Dear ad
    Do you still want harry to be with zayn or do you want him to move on with someone. I think zayn being a asshole here .He said in interview that he watch bollywood movies with ‘my girl’, he use ‘misuss’ .Harry should not waste his tears for someone like him.
    I want your opinion in detail pllllllllllssssssssssssss.
    Btw love ya and yeah I dm u on Wattpad pllllllllllssssssssssssss reply.
    Take care.

    1. Hi dear, I just want harry to be happy. I understand your frustration, it’s sad to see the lies of zigi overshadow what once was a great love, but there is really nothing we can do about it. Zayn has made his choice, and every day he reinforces that choice. So that’s on him. But I love you too! Take care doll! 🙂

    2. Why would he call his baby ‘my girl’ by the way😭?This Zayn is so much better than the 2016 cringe worthy Zayn,even though there was no baby in the equation then.

  7. I agree with you A.D. Z at this point is being selfish. Being gay is hard in Islam I am Muslim but Zayn never followed his religion religiously. He is more of a culture Muslim also he doesn’t follow his religion he has sexual intercourse outside of marriage tattoos drinks alcohol and had a baby out of wedlock with a model and he left his religion. So at this point he’s picking and choosing his priorities. It’s not about his religion because he did other things not permissible but you can’t be out with Harry and say you love a man ? . He doesn’t want to admit it and that’s something he needs to confront which I hope he does because I still love him despite him being an idiot. Let’s hope he Doesn’t do anything stupid before the Brit awards.

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts dear. Other Muslims helped me to understand it’s not fair to blame the religion when he does whatever he wants whenever he wants, with no regard to Islam. It just made me realize he is making this decision for himself and we all need to stop making excuses for him and trying to victimize him. He wants to be with gigi because he likes having the image of a straight male being with a model (partly because he is struggling to accept who he is but partly because of his ego and wanting to portray himself as gigi’s boyfriend to the world.) Harry has always been secondary to zayn and his image. He always put everything else above harry and I’m just done pretending he’s doing anything for noble reasons. Especially after the baby. And dear God I’m with you, I hope he doesn’t rant at the Brits too. Thanks love.

  8. It bothers me so much the way people try to make excuses for everything Zayn does, and try to paint him living a total lie (which they admittedly believe it is with Gigi) as noble in any way. As if this is the only way for him to live, despite the fact that he openly left his religion in 2018, and left the band in 2015, and does whatever tf he wants in every other scenario such as drugs, tattoos, having a baby out of wedlock, shacking up with a woman who poses nude etc. All of that is frowned upon by people of his religion. Especially leaving Islam.

    Give it a rest with the “Zayn is being noble and protecting his family” by not ever giving Harry a real chance and putting him through the hell of two publicity driven circus relationships that resulted in an engagement and a baby, while also still pretending to love Harry and taking advantage of the physical side of their relationship. There is nothing noble about the way zayn has conducted his life (in regards to Harry) Also no one ever said he had to come out. People just don’t get that there is a MAJOR difference between not displaying or speaking your truth to the public (that he likes men) and actively pushing a lie to the public. One is a more passive way to protect yourself that would not unduly hurt the other person involved, and the other is an unnecessarily aggressive lie that emotionally damages the other person, leading them to sing things like Girl Crush or post anti-marriage tweets or repeatedly say Niall is pregnant to avoid hearing about the lie. Zayn is doing the latter and has been for many years, if you believe zigi and zerrie are fake (or not entirely authentic) and there is nothing noble in that.

    Also stop pretending that in the USA or in the UK where Zayn and his family live (two of the freest countries in the world that are NOT theocracies) that in these places Muslim people are extremely bigoted and violent and intolerant of other people’s lifestyles. I’ve spoken with many Muslims who said although they would not agree with his choices, their instinct would be to help him or pray for him, just like with all the other things he does that they don’t agree with, LIKE LEAVING AND RENOUNCING THE RELIGION in a public way with his massive platform. I’m not saying zayn wouldn’t face adversity for his decision of coming out (actually I don’t care if he ever comes out. I have never said the only right thing to do is for zayn to come out. Never. That has never been my position. I’ve always been concerned with the aggressive LIES he pushes onto the public like the fake engagement because of how that very openly affected harry’s mental health.) Yes, Zayn would undoubtedly face STRONG adversity to his lifestyle choices if he ever came out, and this is a factor that will never change (and its also something he’s already accustomed to as a celebrity) but my point is: if he’s willing to live a total lie for the rest of his life and shun Harry and have babies (HUGE FUCKING DEAL) and engagements with other people, then that means his love for Harry was not sufficient for him to ever fight for, and therefore it is not as amazing as I once thought it to be (and once told other people it was.) Zayn is living his life with Gigi largely for selfish reasons regarding his own reputation and how he wants to present himself to the world as a celebrity and an artist. That’s the sad truth of the matter.

    Once more Zarry is a dead end. And that’s ok. But stop pretending living a lie and damaging the heart of someone who loves you and is hoping for you to be more open with him (even as far as simply letting him inside and communicating with him) is noble. And let me guess now ya’ll zigi sympathizers are going to hop to the excuse that Harry was fucking everything that moves (which is a LIE) and that’s the reason zayn doesn’t trust him or want to let him in, despite there being actual proof zayn was fucking everything that moved from the beginning, outside of Perrie. Yawn.

    1. I agree.people need to stop victimising others for no reason it’s not right.I hope one day zayn is honest with himself and Harry is as happy as he deserves to be (which is a lot)

    2. I agree with most of what u said. I think Zayn is an adult and is responsible for his actions. Like ppl say “u made the bed, now lay in it”. Zayn, I believe, has been living a life selfishly. I don’t think he did it bc he is an asshole or even selfish really, it happened bc he was running away from the things he didn’t want to accept/ deal with and now it’s quicksand. As anyone who gets stuck in their head would understand, it’s a pretty selfish state. U don’t see or do things normal or as u wld have before. Everything somehow is about ur problems and it’s hard to get out. Ur living two lives, one in ur head and the other one is just ur body reacting to the head. Many times the relief (temporary) is to control whatever it is ur running from by running further living/doing the opposite of what feels/is right. This is Zayn. He isn’t strong, he is insecure, and lost even and need to be alone and find his strength to be free.
      Harry has been the recipient of this weak person , running from him and pushing him away every time he starts to feel something or not controlled.
      I do not agree that Zayn didn’t love Harry like u thought or I thought. He did, does and always will. Shit happens in normally relationships that are messed up but this isn’t that. Zayn cared for Harry more than he cld control so he almost hated him. Z cldnt/can’t even say his name for any reason. These are not actions of a person that is over Harry or doesn’t care/love. The more he cld not stop his feelings for Harry the more shit he did. Harry knew this but only saw Zayns good.
      Sry, I don’t want to write too much. But I hate how ppl are shitting on their love. It was and is real. Shit happens in life and when ur afraid of ur true self and there’s no where to run u do pretty messed up things=Zayn. Zarrys love real but Zarry can’t be real if only one person is true.

      1. I think everyone here gets that “shit happens” and that Zayn is running from who he truly is and that this has massively affected his actions. And no one disagrees that Zayn once cared for Harry deeply on some level and that it made him conflicted and confused. His music certainly reflects that. But based on my definition of love and how I once presented Zarry to my followers for so long, I am saying I was wrong. I disagree that Zayn has ever exhibited true love for Harry. Affection and lust and possessiveness? Sure. Love? No. That’s my personal opinion.

        Harry has exhibited true, unconditional, patient, and enduring love for Zayn, and I often confused Harry’s expressions of love as being a mutual sentiment. Apart from not being with Harry because he was running from his own truth, Zayn got engaged to another person and had a baby with another person. You could not bring yourself to do this if you had any real regard for the other person who is kept in the background, begging you for a piece of your heart, begging you to open up and speak to them, and ultimately forfeiting and saying you don’t have to say you love me.

        We all need to stop romanticizing this relationship at this point. It is not healthy, and it is not okay, and I regret ever confusing harry’s gestures of love with whatever it is Zayn once (or does) feel for him. I now believe that was mostly a physical dependency since that is mostly what he sang about, and even admitted he has “never been in love” and that he was confused between “love and lust” even as recently as 2018. Just because you have a sex addiction for a person doesn’t mean you “love” them. Zayn’s anti-zarry/harry actions (which are becoming more and more extreme) show otherwise.

        So, we have to believe Zayn loves harry just because zarry is and was real? (No one is denying that zarry is real.) And we are not allowed to think differently? Really? Zayn getting someone else’s eyes tattooed to his chest says differently. Giving that same person a baby says differently. Living with that same person and allowing them to post tons of PDA pics of him says differently. Saying “fuck the grammys and everyone associated” and encouraging people to boycott a show that harry is the opening act for says differently. Not to mention something that I heard behind the scenes in reaction to Harry’s vogue cover. If Zayn truly loved harry he could not have physically brought himself to have a baby with another person after fine line. That does not qualify as “shit happening” when combined with the chest tattoo and the past engagement. It shows it was a concerted effort typical of an ongoing pattern and that it is a decision being consciously made. “Shit happening” suggests things beyond one’s control like getting into a car accident or missing a flight or forgetting someone’s birthday because you were too busy.

        If Zayn loved harry in the way I used to think, he would not have had a baby on him and he would not have ranted at the grammys the year harry was the opening act. I get that some people want to keep believing in zarry because they are accustomed to it and want the best for them, but at some point we have to face reality and consider things may not be in a healthy place. And like i said, if they are together behind the scenes and all this is still going on, then I don’t believe harry is in a healthy place mentally and is being forced to or guilted into putting up with certain behaviors from zayn (that are just unacceptable) all in the name of lOvE. But again, that’s just my opinion based on a hypothetical. Maybe they will or won’t end up together, no one knows, but it’s okay for people to point out how fucked up things have become on Zayn’s end as far as zarry is concerned. And finally, whether zarry is real or not and whether they are together bts or not, I personally said I’m proud of the strides zayn is making as far as owning his truth with his answer to Tightrope and I hope he continues and gets to a healthy place for himself, but that doesn’t for a second mean I think he deserves harry or that I am going to continue to root for their relationship after this baby and all the other zigi things taking place over the last two years.

        Bottom line for me, if zayn loves harry he would have gotten rid of the zigi circus by now, not amplify it in every way possible, including with a baby who will be here forever.

        1. Yes. I agree that shit happens related to accidental moments and most of Zayns don’t seem accidental. But I don’t see that I romanticize Zarry. I have only been a Zarry for a very short time, so I am veteran like you but I am an adult 😬 women that has lived life and I speak from personal experience. I do not condone Z choices at all but I don’t think his love for Harry was just physical. I believe it was real and it messed him up. It’s not easy being someone that u don’t want to be. That’s all I am saying. I believe that the Gigi getting pregnant was an accident. And that’s kinda what I meant with shit happens. I LOVE HARRY. Harry seems so open and kind and so so much. He definitely deserves a relationship that is seen as a gift and not a burden. I see things as that are, and right now Harry is in a different world than Z. I love reading everything you have to say, it’s so interesting and incredibly detailed. I just don’t feel their love wasn’t real. I’ve been in relationships unfortunately that it was more physical. The detail Zayn knew of Harry and his likes, the way they laughed together etc…that’s not physically drivin that emotional. But that’s my opinion. Thank you for always taking the time to write back etc. It amazes me how u can read all this stuff, make videos, research, and have a life. Thank you!

            1. I agree with everything you say AD. The love they once had is no more and this makes me sad beyond belief. I’m not sure what has happened over the last few months for Zayn to now be lashing out with his Grammy tweet and the interviews and pap walks but I believe that Harry has given up on them. I see comments from Zarries on Zayn’s GQ cover about the rings he is wearing, they mention sunflowers and a chain ring which they are linking to the song The Chain which Harry covered. I don’t believe in all this nonsense now about clothes and jewellery being linked to each other, I did once and I do believe it happened, however I don’t believe there has been anything recently and if that is what Zayn is trying to do (I don’t think he is) then he is wrong to be doing that and also parading around with G and his baby. I really, really hope that the reason they have now decided to call it a day is not related to the thing that Zayn has said about Harry’s Vogue cover, if what he said has been nasty and got back to Harry then there is no going back for them and I feel heartfelt sorry for Harry x

              1. Hi my dear, I know I am very sad too. Like it does not please me to give up on zarry or view it negatively (whatever their status is right now) when I have always been one of their loudest supporters. I just hope maybe things will work out idk. And same here, I no longer think the connections in the jewelry are very significant either. It seems to pale in comparison to all the ridiculous zigi stuff going on lately.

        2. Absolutely A.D I mean that’s really to much I know that all of those things that zayn doing it is absolutely wrong, but anyway it’s better for harry to go on and find a real love that want him more anything and not being with him as a second person on his the way harry in zayn’s life isn’t a second person right now coz he has gigi and her daughter also.. so better for harry to find another true love and another safe place to live a happy life ,.. I was absolutely loved their relationship and wanted him to be together but right now I don’t want that coz I believe zayn was never in love with harry and all of this stuff that happened between them for zayn was just a lust actually…💔

        3. Your point of view is very good.
          The only way that they could have a shot, is the baby was there’s. But even that. Is not fear for H. That all.
          H. Is not coming back to Z. Circus. No with a baby. H. Is to Novel to be in the middle.
          I don’t feel sorry for Z. Because he is an adult. Nobody is forcing him to do what he is doing. Or telling him what to do.
          It’s time for him to face his actions and live a movie empty life.
          H. Will be ok with time.

        4. 👏👏👏!!! Very nicely and truthfully put! Zayn has always made his choices when it comes to his extreme level of bearding behavior. Only someone with endless love and devotion like Harry, would ever tolerate it. It does not equate to love! And it doesn’t mean Zarry was never real. The multitude of evidence proves that it was. But true love dictates that both parties make sacrifices and have mutual respect for one another. This does not describe Zayn’s actions. It is the very antithesis of Harry’s. Not only that, he has been downright and unnecessarily cruel! If you have genuine love and admiration for Harry, you would not want him anywhere near this sh*t show.

    3. F*cking right. We can comprehend, or even empathize for, the reasons Z acts the way he does, but these kind of behaviors should never be excused, legitimized or romanticized. It honestly makes me sick.

      AD, I adore your intelligence, empathy and moral compass 💕

    4. Personally I never believed that Zayn living in a lie is noble… It’s his choice for whatever reasons he has… I don’t agree with it but it’s his life… but what we see and what actually happens behind closed doors are two different things… I don’t know shit about their life and it’s not my business but I can’t ignore Z’s body language especially in the pap walk on 25 March… and for sure he HAD to do this, idk for what reasons… IF YOU GET PAPPED IT’S BECAUSE YOU WANT TO and that’s a fact… in one of his interviews Z said that he recorded Sweat (I think) in UK… nobody knew that he was in UK cause he didn’t want to be known… he gives what he wants to give to the world… Same goes with Harry who, until yesterday when there are pictures of him in studio doing a recording for My Policeman, nobody knew where he was… Also in an interview, Harry said that he has a personal life that NOBODY knows about it cause that’s what he wants…

      Harry is very jealous (and he said that himself) and he’s being petty all through Zayn’s and Perrie’s engagement… even then though , they seem to be together with problems ofc but still together… and even after Zayn left 1D and all the bs that Harry spat (as a defense mechanism) and the famous lie Z said “We never really talked” before releasing DTD, they seem to found a way to be together in whatever capacity…Also if Harry was or is still fucking everything in sight it’s his right, right?? He is single and to be honest nobody knows what Harry did or do now … Z wasn’t so “careful” so he got exposed a couple or more times… back in the 1D days they always portrait Z as the mysterious and difficult and only exposed him for unknown reasons to me (as they did with that video which was “leaked” when he smoked weed in the car with Louis and only Z took the hit)…

      Never in a million years I will believe that Z’s muse for his 3 albums (and in almost every song) is other that Harry Styles himself… Most of his songs are entire about Harry (especially in MoM and IF) and those which aren’t entire about him, there is always something about Harry… the covers he did are also for Harry, not all of them, but most of them… The same goes for Harry… Z is Harry’s muse from 1D days (Something Great, Happily – JALBOYH – IICF – Olivia – Walking In the Wind etc) till today.. but now in a more direct way …and I don’t know if it sad or not but I think that the love that Harry has for Zayn is not gonna be less than it was before… maybe they are in square 1 again but i don’t think that this story is finished (Zarry biased, still zarry goggles on, sorry not Don’t get me wrong, if Harry has moved on and has a relationship that makes him happy and content, I will be HAPPY AS HELL cause he deserves it… and if Zayn starts to live his life as he truly wants, that will also make me happy…

      Lastly, just to be know that, it’s not my intention to justify Zayn and victimize Harry or vice versa… I love both Zayn and Harry equally and as I have said a numerous times these past few weeks, I will never choose between them…I want for both of them to be happy and mentally healthy so bottom line: if being separated from each other for the rest of their life it’s best for them so be it…

    5. I agree. I think the reason Z didn’t want to let Harry in is coming from him. Maybe it’s because he thinks if Harry truly knew him and all the bad parts too that he wouldn’t like what he finds. If you hate parts of yourself, or in this case a big part of your identity, then you assume others won’t be able to love that either. It’s just everything Zayn does seems so self-destructive I can’t look at it another way.
      And I think the reason for not coming out is the same, I think it’s more personal than other people’s perception of it (which I’m sure also plays a part). But I believe if he were truly at peace with who he is he would make strides towards being open. So I think it’s wrong putting it all on religious stipulations when, apart from that, he has always navigated his life the way he wanted to.
      If the comic is anything to go by then he was/is running away from his own truth because he vilified this part of himself. Seeing as the “bad guy” represented something he felt really negative about.
      Maybe thats why H appears to have been holding on. Him wanting Z to come to the point where he’s at, being open and finding acceptance in order to get better. Rather than for the sake of getting back together (because I’m sure Zayn has tried to let H go given the way he pushes him away) Harry just wants Zayn to be ok, because he is this loving and caring person. Ultimately I guess Zarry’s downfall was Z not being willingto open up to Harry or to let him, or anyone else for that matter help him.

  9. Hey there AD,
    thanks for another wonderful article! This archive is massive!
    I agree with you on the timeline – MSG and the Girl Crush performance are among the hardest to watch with Harry being so very emotional…
    What I never understand is how much people seem to believe the timing of a song coming out determines what the song is about. Like “Zayn/Harry was with xyz at the time, so it can only be about xyz.” The timing doesn’t tell us what a song is about, other than that it must be about smth in the past. But it really doesn’t say anything about when exactly it happened. Since songwriting is basically like therapy, it’s very common to write songs about things that occured way in the past (like many years) and that don’t reflect on your current living situation at all.
    So for example Harry can write songs about stuff that happened like 5 years ago (just 5 years, he’s sooo young lol – he’ll still write about aspects of this story in 20 years, I’m sure) while being in a happy relationship with xyz (must be hard for the respective xyz though, ngl). Or, he might hear someone say something and completely identify with it and then write a song about it the same day, so that would be a very current issue. But we can’t really tell.
    That being said, personally, I believe that Harry is a bit more of the storytelling type (stuff that actually happened as a baseline) whereas Zayn is bit more of a conceptual type (making songs about themes he wants to say smth about) when it comes to songwriting. Confession: I like Harry as a storyteller much more which is why the very conceptual “Treat People with Kindness” doesn’t work for me at all 😉

    When chosing a cover song or revealing songs you currently listen to, however, I think the timing is *much* more meaningful, if not everything. That is why the Elvis cover and You’re Still the One and Girl Crush carry a lot of significance IMO.

    1. Hi there, I think most people who analyze songs are already aware of the fact that they don’t actually know what a song is about. The entire concept of attempting to understand what a song may be about is taking into account the running themes of other songs by the same artist, and how direct or relevant the lyrics are to the writers’ life (what is publicly known) at any given time. And I disagree with the statement you made about timing, there are occasionally times when you can tell exactly what a person is writing about based on contextual clues such as timing. That is one thing any reader is told to look for when analyzing a body of written work. So if Harry sings about a big yellow elephant, and we publicly saw him at a zoo in 2018 that has a big yellow elephant on display then we know he is likely referencing that zoo.

      And as far as you saying timing doesn’t determine what a song is about, I assume you’re commenting on me saying Zayn’s songs don’t make sense for Gigi in 2018, but my theory wasn’t just based on timing. It was based on timing among other glaring factors. Again, there are certain logical conclusions that can be drawn from Zayns lyric writing and reliable contextual clues within it that lets us know the probability of him writing about Gigi at any given time is very slim. Such as:

      1. None of the songs from the Mind of Mine era are about her. They were written and recorded before she ever came along. They are all too complex and profound to be about someone he was dating a few weeks, but we also know they aren’t about her because they were written with specific producers before he met her and before their relationship ever became serious. And most people (particularly myself) don’t really say “this song is 100% about xyz because it was written at this time so it must be about this and only this.” In my experience and from what I have seen from other Zarries, we tend to say “this song references xyz, and we know the writer experienced something similar to xyz at this particular time, and also this song was written before he was with this other person, so it can’t possibly be about them, but it may theoretically be about this person etc.” All we do is theorize. We separate fact from these theories by saying “I think, I believe, and in my opinion.”

      2. There is also the other notion to consider, that I personally feel it’s rude and a sign of emotional infidelity for someone to constantly be writing about a past relationship while they’re in a new one. Zayn writing about missing someone and seeing them every night while living with Gigi sounds a bit odd. Harry writing about being jealous of his lover’s other partner while being with Camille is odd. Music is therapy and can be used to heal old wounds, but can also be used to celebrate current relationships, yet once the music comes out, a lot of the lyrics don’t seem to fit the relationships they were in at the time of writing (like some of Fine Line) and so we conclude harry was singing about someone other than Camille for a majority of that album. And we can conclude Zayn is singing about someone other than Gigi when he is singing about separation while with her every day, living with her in NYC for years, yet writing song after song after song about someone he is not with and someone he is longing for.

      That doesn’t make sense if he is happy with the person he is currently with. His songwriting suggests, based on the timing and other relevant factors and whatever may have motivated him to write at that particular time, that he is mentally and emotionally preoccupied with a relationship of the past, and not the one is presently in. Also common threads in Zarry’s lyrics over many years and many songs suggests they are generally singing about the same themes and possibly even the same person over and over again. Also, the matching lyrics and matching contextual clues among zayn and harry’s songs have often reflected that they are singing to and about each other, especially when Harry goes out of his way to use two of zayn’s identical track titles and write a song about sunflowers, of which zayn has two large tattoos.

      Ultimately I agree with your general sentiment, we can never know for sure. We already understand that. But all the things I said above are what help me try to understand and interpret their songs, and Zayn and Harry have both said they use music as therapy, but zayn has specifically said he wants people to get to understand who he is and understand his life through his music. He invites people to analyze and speculate, which is all anyone ever does. Also, I agree with your statement that Harry tells a more complete story than Zayn. I believe Harry is more direct and consistent in the themes he is trying to convey, and has said especially for Fine Line that it tells a story that must be listened to from beginning to end in order. And I agree that Zayn is more of a conceptual writer, and that is why I find his perspective on the Zarry scenario more unreliable, because we can’t be positive who or what he’s singing about at any given time, but we can guess based on contextual clues and other available public knowledge to the best of our ability. But Zayn is so vague and inconsistent with the things he writes, you see I hardly ever analyze his work at all anymore. And I will say that it is far more likely that he could be singing more about Gigi with NIL than his previous albums, which is why I gave up analyzing it from a Zarry perspective.

  10. What zarries are going through rn is probably the same confusion that zarries during the zerrie engagement situation went through…this really is zerrie 2.0.hopefully two years down the line or so the 2020-21 situation will make more sense for us and we’ll finally be able to understand a little and I just hope there isn’t a zerrie 3.0 then cuz I’ll yeet myself off a cliff if that happens or who knows we might even get a zigi engagement. how nice….. it really sucks that neither of them are happy rn and I’m just waiting for the day they release songs which scream ‘I love my life,I’m happy,I’m with the person I love (whether its each other or not) and things really couldn’t be any better’ man I can’t wait for that day and I really hope zayn frees himself from the hadids bc the way things are going rn they’re like leeches n they’re really not planning on letting go of him anytime soon and from what I believe I don’t think he has been given a choice I could be wrong ofc but ya more importantly I hope zayn accepts himself fully.anyways great post as usual❤️


    This blog made me scream and I haven’t yet read the whole of it🤣🤣🤣,let’s see what we get by the end,but the lines,
    “ We’re going to get into the both of them as people, but let me just tell you how they are together.

    They’re relatively good friends. I’ve heard that if they’re both high enough, they’ll sleep together.

    You should know that between peers, Gigi and Zayn are known as the “Drug Experimenting PR couple”

    That’s what they bond over. Drugs.”

    If they’re both high enough,they’ll sleep together🤣🤣🤣🤣😭😭😭

    1. Thanks for posting this…not sure how much of the article is true but supporting evidence does give this credibility. The drug use is what scares me…I hope this is in the past. I’ve always heard that drugs were the main attraction between them. I really hope that Zayn has gotten help.I’m surprised that his management hasn’t insisted he enter rehab. I’m sure Harry is aware and very concerned also…this could be what kept him in the relationship as long as he was. Zayn does need someone who he can trust and will help him get mentally healthy. This needs to be a trained professional not Harry.

  12. I’ve always wondered if their 2018 trouble actually started right after MSG. The fact that Harry took off the rose ring and looked so upset that night at the afterparty & at the next show makes me think that Zayn got upset with him/frightened after Harry so strongly declared love for him. If Zayn is really as afraid as he seems to be of being outed, I would imagine a public romatic gesture like that would actually be poorly received. I feel like Harry was hoping that it would be appreciated and that it would change their situation for the better (which is a perfectly reasonable hope lol), but it didn’t, because it freaked Zayn out. I think the wheels in Harry’s head started turning after that and the Zigi vacation just made it so much worse.

  13. Amazing!

    1) Zayn and/or Harry follow you, your videos and your blog. I have no doubt. Imagine if your tipster was actually one of them with a fake account! Have they ever reached out to you again this tipster?

    2) One or both for sure read your book. I just finished it as well … it was amaze. First fan faction I’ve ever read.

    3) Zarry is always in a state of unknowing. No true break ups just “gap years”. I don’t think it will ever end for good. They are in 10 years. Something is happening and it’s clearly not good but I’m not sure this story is finished.

    I hope the next time we see photos of Harry he has the peace ring back on. There is more than one Z ring. Did he have any of them on at the Grammy’s? If H was pissed about the tweet I can totally see him taking it off to make a statement just like he did after the MSG show.

  14. I feel like a lot of what they have been through and that Harry let go of Zayn and Zayn let go of Harry is because of Zayn’s religion. I know for a fact that Trisha loves her children so dearly and would love them despite their sexual orientation, but Zayn’s religion is so closed off, there’s been a lot of cases in which people from his same religion or the birthplace of his father have made atrocious attacks towards people who are homosexual and I think that could be somehow scary to both Zayn and Harry (Harry because he loves Zayn’s family and cares for them and obviously Zayn because family means everything to him) because it would be putting the Malik family at risk of getting a lot of hate and threats. It’s just a theory of mine, I don’t know if it’s true or not but I’ve seen a lot of stories on that in the news.

    A.D you’ve turned me into a Zarry fan when I joined your videos, honestly you don’t just go by one thing, you research on it, and whatever it is that happens in the life of these two guys that we all love so very much and we support with our hearts, I hope they find happiness. Zayn is finally looking so well, recovering from lots of things from the past, he is doing so well in his music and is open enough to now do shows, Harry is doing amazing in his career, truly and I just want what’s best for them.

    If it’s yours, set it free, if it comes back, it’s yours and if it doesn’t, it means it never was. We really don’t know what’s gonna happen in the future, mainly because of how this past year has come to us, but I know that there will be something good coming for both of them, maybe together or not, but I can feel it.

    1. you know your comment makes me hope for them to be together it’s been a while since i saw a comment talking about hope for them and I truly appreciate your comment. Your the best gurl, hope you have a beautiful life ahead.

    2. As muslim I can perfectly agree with the religion aspect. It’s so complex, not just about coming out it’s all about the consequences that come with it, and on top of that no one can guarantee that after they came out their ship is gonna sail smoothly.

      I really think what’s stopping Z is his belief and his family. (Not like the fams hate it or something but because he loves them so dearly.)

      1. I’ve noticed that Zayn references being in danger quite often in his lyrics and MV’s. I don’t know if has anything to do with his family’s religious background or not, but it is a consistent theme in his music … and I agree with Elizabeth and aqiess that it’s not just him in danger … Harry could be referencing this as well when he says “and I don’t wanna sleep in the dirt.” It does seem there’s a real danger of some sort that Z is not free to speak about, so he uses visual and lyrical imagery instead.

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