Liam Knows (Video)

Liam knows. He’s always known. That is all.

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  1. It definitely seems like they knew and I kind of like that they don’t say any about it. Not sure why they don’t talk about it but I’d like to think it’s bc they are protective of whatever went down in 1D. It’s like… what happened in 1D stays with 1D.

  2. I’ve always wondered if there were ever conversations about their relationship within the group or if it was more a don’t ask don’t tell type of thing. There’s no way the others didn’t know but just more so if it was ever openly talked about. Also what the other boys thought with songs Harry wrote for Made in the AM and their solo albums.

  3. Hi there! I find it interesting how it seems like maybe people new about it around them, but it never got out. I do hope Harry moves on and finds the happiness he deserves.❤️

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