Los Premios 40 Principales 2014

Despite this being late 2014 when Zarry tried so hard to keep their relationship low-key and behind the scenes, Harry was more openly in love than ever. Like in Tulsa, or the iHeart gig, or the AMAs or when he was dedicating Little Things to Zayn or when he was in the Band Aid interview and obsessing over Zayn. Ugh. So in this award show in Spain, he couldn’t stop messing with Zayn and wanting to be near him onstage. Watch below!

Husbands. That is all.

Other days Zarry were obsessed with each other:

Cardiff 2013

Columbus 2013

Tulsa 2014

iHeart Music Festival 2014

AMAs 2014

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  1. What I always see when I watch this video 1st is how Z was not proceeding forward with the guys to take a seat, kinda looking back like he was waiting for H. 2nd was how they did that you can have the seat, no you take it dance (so considerate of each other 😊). 3rd was Zarry so into each other. 4th Zayn nudging H into a celebratory group hug (didn’t seem like any of them where feeling it. Might have been after H proposed hiatus). Then finally back to more Zarry whispering 🤗🤗🤗. Absolutely love those 2❤️💚💛

  2. Harry and Zayn giving full attention to each other while their lovers sitting next to them is a slap in some shippers’ face.
    I bet they didn’t even watch the match. So much into each other.

  3. Yup, you’re very right. Zayn had to coax him to interact with the others and especially Louis. Sometimes he avoided him like the plague. I think he was repelled by him on a deep level because of some of the weird stalkery ways Louis treated him like copying his tattoo themes, and God only knows what Harry was put through in that toxic bromance before he distanced himself from Louis in 2012/2013.

    1. Relationship seems to have started out OK and deteriorated as the band’s fortunes continued to rise. Putting H down seems like effort to maintain dominance and control in the relationship. Guess copying tattoo and other themes maintains the fan narrative there was a more than friends relationship. The bit I don’t get is how sharing a flat indicates a romantic relationship. H is youngest and her/parents didn’t him flatting alone. He gets along with the oldest so would seem a logical sharing arrangement and as if the boys had already discussed the idea. But it didn’t last and H definitely sought to return to a family environment instead.

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