Matching Ankle Screw Tattoo (Video)

Sometime in 2012, Harry started getting tattoos like Zayn. It became an obsession for them both. Louis and Liam were against tattoos and Niall still is. It was Zarry’s thing. During this time when they had this special tattoo bond, they tattooed each other factually more than once.

Zayn did Harrys “A” for Anne. Harry Did Zayn’s fRiDaY tattoo, which is in Harry’s hand-writing. They also admittedly tattooed each other with the tiny screws when they were alone with a tattoo gun. The ankle screws originated with Zarry, like tattoos in general. Watch proof of that here:

I don’t say that to diminish the idea that the ankle screws became a matching tattoo for Liam and Louis too, I say that to distinguish who had the real tattoo bond first, who admittedly tattooed each other more than once, and who have the most tattoos out of all the boys, and who have actual matching tattoos. That is Zarry, not Larry, not Ziam.

1D later included the ankle screw tattoos on their “Midnight Memories” CD cover.

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