Matching Hip Tattoo

In late 2012, Harry got a new hip tattoo that read “Might as well…” To this day no one knows for sure what this tattoo referenced.

Later in late 2012, Zayn would be seen getting a new hip tattoo that wouldn’t be revealed until he was seen shirtless again sometime in 2013, but he got it right after Harry’s in late 2012. His reads “Don’t think I wont…”

It was clear based on the timing of this tattoo, the placement, and the composition (meaning crudely written words and an ellipsis) that this gesture is:

1) An inside reference that only Zarry knows the meaning of. It’s probably fragments of a significant conversation they had that they wanted to remember and pay homage to in late 2012.

2) Zayn was specifically trying to copy Harry’s tattoo and respond to it, which is why both tattoos are crude handwritten messages with ellipsis placed in the exact same spot. This is the level of validity in Zarry’s matching tattoos. It is provable that it was done on purpose and MUTALLY unlike the very false Larry Tattoo Theories which are entirely one-sided and driven by Louis who has been PROVEN to bait shippers when it is to his benefit.

To watch more about Zarry’s matching tattoo, click here!

2 Replies to “Matching Hip Tattoo”

  1. yesss you’re probably right about it being an inside joke to Zarry only… I just keep thinking of those ‘don’t think I won’t’ Mark Willis lyrics, especially ever since Harry’s adore you… 👀

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