Matching “LOVE” Tattoo

In October 2012, Harry got a new “LOVE” banner tattoo on his chest. He would later cover it with one of his two swallow bird tattoos in November 2012.

However, in January 2017 (the year Zarry are theorized to have gotten back together in a serious way, and during which Harry would begin wearig the rose ring in March 2017) Zayn went and got a large “LOVE” tattoo across his hand, the same hand that has a swallow bird tattoo like Harry’s.

What are the odds that he got the same identical word tattooed as Harry’s old tattoo? Why do they have so many identical symbols and ideas tattooed if they’re strangers who never talked? Why did Zayn decide to get it at the start of 2017 the year it became very clear that he and Harry were in touch again? It’s because the tattoo was for HARRY. Also note, not only did Harry have a “LOVE” tattoo first, but he was also given the name of “LOVE” during the video for 1D’s “Steal My Girl,” and I’m sure Zayn thought it was very fitting.

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