Matching Tiger Tattoo

In August 2013 Zayn got a new tiger tattoo on his arm, following which he said it was his favorite.

Later in early 2015 (approximately February 2015) Harry went and got what? Yup, you guessed it, yet another identical image on his body that Zayn has on his. A massive tiger tattoo on his thigh. (Remember when Zayn got his wolf tattoo, about a week later a Louis fan asked Harry what tattooed he wanted next, and he said: A BIG WOLF ON HIS FACE. Are you kidding me?)

Why? Why do they keep doing this? Hands down, they have the most identical AND corresponding symbols and concepts tattooed permanently onto their skin. That is because tattoos help them to express things about each other that they have always been incapable of voicing without exposing the true nature of their relationship. The sheer volume of tattoos they both have (the totals far outnumbering any other 1D member’s ink) speaks to the fact that they contain the depth of their love for one another, and they are willing to mark up their entire bodies, even their freaking skulls to display that.

Larries try to infringe on this sacred tattoo bond, but they fail miserably and fall short of proving Harry’s tattoos have anything to do with Louis, where as it is very easy to prove he has copied many of Zayn’s and have physically tattooed Zayn more than once (PROVEN.)

Here is the origin of the Zarry tattoo connection, which runs deep and profound. Tattoos started with ZARRY, and they are a ZARRY connection, not a Larry connection like the internet works around the clock to deceive you into believing. Larry’s tattoos are NOT connected in any way (watch the debunk here.)

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  1. hey I have a question, it says here H got his tiger tat in feb 2015 but in one of your earlier vids on yt it mentioned H got it after Z left the band already… and then you followed up with that theory about Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ – kuch manifesting that you throw that in here as well, loved it hihi – which would make more sense if H got it after Z left; help me out with the timing of H’s tat? 😊

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