Mom’s Initial Tattoo

In 2012, Zayn tattooed Harry with a tiny plain “A” for his mom Anne. Zayn was very proud of this tattoo and actually showed it off on camera.

Later in 2015, while on a Face-time with a lucky fan, Harry disclosed that despite having dozens of other larger and more elaborate tattoos done over the year, he said his favorite tattoo was the tiny plain A for Anne. He said because it was “small” but we all know Harry has a multitude of tiny tattoos on his arm and wrist. Clearly he chose the “A” because it was done by Zayn.

Later in 2018 (along with copying Harry’s Hebrew tattoo for his sister Gemma by getting his sisters’ names tattooed in Arabic) Zayn copied Harry’s tiny “A” by getting a tiny plain “T” for his mom Trisha.

Here is a video showing these things in detail!

To watch more of Zarry’s matching tattoos, click here!

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