My Policeman Beach Scene

May 7 — We have been blessed with more Harry content today, as he and his castmates were out filming on Brighton Beach for a few scenes. C’mon, Harold, get them thighs out!

Help, what is he doing. Somebody stop him.
That smile! Happy boi!
Is that man holding a giant whoopee cushion?! I want one!
Can I have that job? Reporting to work just to pet Harry’s hair and make sure he is comfortable at all times.
I adore 50s fashion.
They look good together.
Get a load of this shit. Tom is already cheating on David. Or is it Patrick? I’m confusion.

Everything about this film feels so believable. It doesn’t give me those phony Pleasantville 1950s vibes:

Or that fake vintage aesthetic like Don’t Worry Darling did:

“My Policeman” has a level of visual realism that can be discerned even in these candid shots. It appears as though they are genuinely in the 50s and simply living life, not acting. Idk, maybe it’s because they aren’t in the suburbs?

In any case, watching Harry film this movie has been such a delightful experience. It feels so adult and it’s a major milestone for his acting resume. He will be landing significant roles left and right now!

Oh lord…look what we have here. 1950s Harry is giving me some smoldering, Johnny Depp in prison in Crybaby vibes. I’m so here for this look!!!! 😍

His jawline is absurdddd!

No but seriously, can I bite his jawline? Pleasssssse!! 😢 Just a little nibble…

Credit: Mega Agency

Phuckkkk I didn’t know how much I needed this! 1950s Harry smoking a cigarette!! Yesss! (*swoons* + *falls down a flight of stairs*)

This is most assuredly the same person. Fight me.

“Crybaby” (1990) This movie is my shit! I can quote the crap out of it and I know all the songs by heart lmao 😂🤣

Me and Harry as soon as I hop back to the 1950s and find him and make him straight.

I believe the beach scenes may play an important role in this book, since they used images of the trio on the beach for the cover.

SPOILERS: I also found this on Twitter. It’s an excerpt from the book pertaining to the beach, but I have no idea if it’s related to the scene they were filming today. Credit to the person who screenshotted this excerpt!

The more I read of this book, the more I can’t wait to see this movie and see Harry and David in action.

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  1. That’s not a whoopie cushion although it does kinda look like one. It’s a hot water bottle from that era. People my age were used to seeing them stored in their grandparents bathroom lol yup, I’m old and feel weird drooling over Harry sometimes haha

  2. Harry’s movie filming at the beach is getting a lot of attention, here is my prediction of a Zigi reaction:

    Zigi and baby at the beach wearing Bode swimwear and opening clams looking for pearls. Then Zayn steps into the water, can’t swim and Gigi saves him and all the headlines are about her.

    The end.

  3. Amazon won’t need to do any promo for this film … there will be hordes waiting to stream it … me included :). I’ve watched Dunkirk mutlipe times because frankly it’s a very good movie and layering 3 different time frames was so intricate. Will probably watch DWD although I’m not into psycological thrillers. But again it’s an amazing cast and because plot is unknown it’s intriguing.

    1. Yes as much as I love Harry’s acting debut, when I watch Dunkirk I watch it purely for the story, the cinematography, and for Nolan’s brilliance in bringing those 3 different perspectives together. That film is a masterpiece.

  4. He looks so good and so does that smile on his face!
    No one can convince me he didn’t think of Z when smoking that cigarette. I wonder if he taught him how to do it all these years ago..

    I agree, the whole aesthetic looks so real and genuine. I feel like we can already tell this is going to be something special and I can’t wait for the movie to come out.

  5. Hello AD. Thank you for keeping us informed about everything out Sweet angel is doing. Love you.
    Something just hit me right now.
    What if H. Is seeing this movie as there’s in real life. And he is playing Z. Role. And Patrick is playing his. Waiting for Z. 😳

    1. Hi love 🙂 That’s an intriguing theory! And a heartbreaking one. I hope he learns a lot from this film and it helps him to maybe understand himself better.

  6. Is there anything Harry can’t do? He is so good at everything he does! I love how you can see the joy in his face, he’s exciting, fresh and inspiring. I wish him so much happiness. We’re so lucky to have him in this world.

      1. I agree “Cry-Baby” Johnny Depp and James Dean flucking too sexy smoking a cig. I quit smoking longer than Harry Styles has been alive and he makes smoking look so good, I might not be able to watch the movie without having a relapse. I think he might have to some anti-smoking commercials to counteract the effects, I’m sure he can make not smoking sexy.

        I don’t know if this is okay or not, it’s an unreleased song of Zayn’s, I don’t want to break rules, laws or whatever:

  7. Hey AD. Have you seen the video of Olivia and harry hugging and cuddling in a store. Someone dropped the cctv footage which is sad that they can have a little privacy but they look sooo cute. 🤗 ♥️✨🧚🏻‍♂️

    1. @idontknowmyname I think they are cute together and Harry has better taste in women than Zayn does. I know this is a Zarry website, but right now Zayn has a woman, a baby and he’s being a jerk to Harry. When you’re in your 20’s is when you have children and first marriages and it sort of seems like Harry might be waiting for Zayn, so he should be able to do whatever he wants now.

      I know some people think Harry and Olivia are PR, but IMO Harry doesn’t need any more PR. I saw photos yesterday of Niall walking down the street with a girl and basically the only people who noticed were the ones taking the photo, at the same time Harry is trying to leave a building and his maskless fans are everywhere shutting down the city of Bath. People were being nice to Harry on twitter last night and telling other fans to wear masks, stay home, be respectful because people are trying to work. When twitter is being nice to Harry, I think that might be one of the end of the world warnings.

      1. I can only think of the banana necklace and “my legs around your torso”
        The fact that the video is months old and out now is rare, and that it is from the security camera of the same store in L.A. where another video of H, Jeff and his wife was seen. Why is this video out now?
        I don’t see Z happy, I don’t see H happy either. I don’t want to say that they should be together, but with whoever makes them happy.

    2. It’s reach the news feed so I took a look. As with all the walking pictures wearing the same clothing all fromthe back, I kinda wonder if the video is really them. The comment on it is that the person who’s put it out has had it since January so it’s old news. That timing makes sense as the “Harry” is in the same brown hoodie with pink/paint he’s worn in the group shots with released along with the wedding shots. It looks like it’s been speed up so may look more natural normal speed. But still I wonder about it being them and why release it now after all this time???? If they were/are genuinely together it’s happy all good. If you really care about someone and wish them happiness then it has to be happiness that works for them which may not be what you think it should be. But if it’s all it’s a mis-interpretation of a friendship I guess at some point that will become clear.

    1. HE LOOKS SO HAPPYYYYYY AWWWW I LOVE HIMMM he looks so much more happier filming this than when he was filming don’t worry darling. I think him and this cast has so much better chemistry and I think Harry feels comfortable and more like him around the my policeman cast and that is just adorable and I love this I am so happy. and side note I saw new Holivia picture and I wasn’t sad like I usually am. I was just happy to see Harry’s face awwww this is maturation at its finest lol haha

  8. Aargh I would starve for a year if it would make him smile like that, our kind, lovely, gorgeous little jerk ❤️ Melts my heart every fing time 🙄

    1. Hey queen 😋🙌 I’m with you. He deserves to smile like that all the time. You can tell he’s having the time of his life filming these movies. It’s probably giving him a new purpose. 🥰

  9. I’m so excited about this movie! I don’t want to read the book again because it’s sad and because I don’t wanna be disappointed if they remove something I liked, that way probably I don’t remember every detail and just going to enjoy it 😅.

    Everything there looks so realistic, they aren’t tried hard, they just.. fit.

      1. Yes the book is sad ! I think we are romanticizing it because it’s being acted by Harry , but the story is heartbreaking! We’ve come a long way since the 1950’s , for all minorities and marginalized people!
        It’s sort of in the same of “Boys Don’t Cry “ . That traumatized me.

      2. Because it is ☹️, I really don’t want to spoiled anything to you but the end… I mean is a good ending but makes you sad for different reasons 🥺

  10. What “Watermelon sugar” video would look like if it was shot in the 50s 😂
    This movie is gonna be the death of me and I’m not even mad 😂 All the actors look lovely, can’t wait to watch it.
    PS. You’re so funny 🥰

  11. Can you please tell who’s the one harry has his arm around…is that Marion’s brother or something??Also can you please do a zarry video on how they are doing right now??

      1. Sylvie and Marion meet when they both go to a new school. Marion visits Sylvie’s home fairly on in the friendship, sees Tom and falls for him 100% Marion then sticks to Sylvie like glue because she wants to keep in touch with Tom. She hangs around in the area near Sylvie house in the hope of being seen and invited in or at least seeing Tom. Makes it fairly easy to see how she was able to block out all the obvious signs in pursuit of her fantasy.

  12. Oh my he is so beautiful, he is out there on the beach living his best life and he looks so happy. What character does Joseph play? Looks like there’s a bit of chemistry going on there and he’s so handsome 😂 Harry looks good without his tattoos, and I just love his thighs. Can’t wait to see this film

      1. Thanks for the update ! The pictures are fantastic and Harry looks so happy! Although I ‘m quite sure the water was freezing!! They all look like they’re having a good time, nice energy! To me Jean Jacket Harry smoking on the beach reminds me more of James Dean actually! ! ❤️

        1. Aww our little nugget looks so happy 😍 and so damn hot with that cigarette hanging out of his mouth! Johnny Depp Cry Baby is spot on! You make me laugh A.D. 🤣 Thank you!! I love all of your commentary with the pictures. I am soooo excited and I can’t read this darn book fast enough. I got strep and I’m super sleepy so every time I try to read 😴 but I will get there. THANK YOU for this and your HILARIOUS comments! You’re THE BEST!

        2. Definite James Dean vibes. So interesting that Tom is so connected to the sea. Harry is also so connected to water. Out of 3 films 2 have a very strong water/sea element in the story.

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