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  1. Hii AD . While reading your Zarry related posts i have become your fan. You are awsome, i don’t know how you manage this all.

  2. Second question:
    2. I’m finally in the same Zarry mindset as you AD and don’t see them getting together again. My question is do you think there’s a possibility of them ever being friends? Putting the past behind them and RE-discover their mutual interests as friends. I would love to see it.

  3. I have 2 Random question/topics of discussion for AD or anyone to comment on and share their thoughts:

    1. it’s clear that after Z left the band Harrys entire demeanor changed and he was detached, not his usual self. Something I noticed is Harry seems to attach himself to Niall the most out of the other three left. When he’s with Niall he seems more at ease and jokes around again. —before I continue I want to be clear I am NOT in any way hinting at a Narry romance I’m speaking of Niall as strictly Harrys good friend— does anyone else notice it? Do you think there is a reason as to why Harry seems to feel most comfortable with Niall over the others? Maybe Niall didn’t push Harry for details on Zayn maybe Nialls good vibes were what brought Harry closer to him. My point is I think Harry did get close with Niall after Z left and I think it’s very sweet. Is there any possible connection between both Harry and Zayn sharing the most kindred spirit with Niall post-1D breakup? I’m referring to Zayn speaking about Niall on a couple different occasions and hyping him up, something he doesn’t do with the others. Maybe Niall is just an easy guy to like and be cool with? Or maybe Niall even knew about/played a role in Zayn and Harry finally rekindling in 2016/2017? It’s a reach I know, sorry😂

    1. Hi dear, I will give my opinion on this quickly. I personally don’t see that Harry and Niall became closer after Zayn left. Their relationship carried on as normal, with no differences in their interactions or the frequency of them. Harry has always been the closest to Niall in the band, even when Zayn was there. They have always had a chummy, playful relationship, and he was always the person Harry was in interviews with and rode on the separate plan with (in addition to their crew and security.) For me, that’s because Niall was the nicest and most respectful member to Harry (outside of Zayn) and his relationship with niall was safe, trusting, and uncomplicated. Niall also did not take Louis’ side and become his bff when Harry and Louis stopped speaking around 2012/2013. Whereas Zayn and Liam did. A good example that Harry always resorted to Niall even while Zayn was around was during the spanish award show in 2014 when Zarry were being super cute and whispering. They won and zayn had to force harry to group hug the other boys, and harry reached all the way over to interact with niall. Completely bypassing louis and liam who were closer to him.

      Louis and Liam formed an alliance early on and were super close, so when Zayn left, they had each other, and narry naturally had each other. However, there are many times where (despite naill’s presence) Harry looks deeply unhappy and alone onstage and in interviews after zayn left. He looked like someone missing half of himself. Plus he pushed for the hiatus against louis and niall’s wishes. When it comes down to it, I don’t believe harry and niall were terribly close, only relatively so when compared to how harry was with louis and liam. Because after the band, narry did not keep up that closeness at all. Niall has referred to how infrequently they interacted after the band in the past. But still, harry remained the closest with niall out of all the other boys, even catching up on occasion in public.

      I think niall plays a sort of emotional/social scapegoat role for all the boys, and was the most amiable and most trustworthy 1d member. That lends itself to him having a sweet friendship with all the boys, being harry’s only real friend in the band, and being the person zayn feels safe with naming as the best music, because zayn knows the other boys will understand niall is always the safe option they choose whenever they don’t want to choose between themselves.

      And like you said it’s very possible harry may have confided in niall about zayn, since it was so obvious something had gone on between zarry and niall has often shown proof that he knows about their relationship imo.

    2. I watched a rehearsal for November 2015 “Jimmy Kimmel Show” and Harry waved to fans and shook hands with the entire tv crew in between set ups during their sound check, the other three hung with other, virtually ignored fans and interacted with the tv staff as needed, Liam and Harry made eye contact and to his credit Niall approached Harry and flung his arm over his shoulder it what seemed like a comforting move and then he retreated to the other three and Harry continued to wave to fans and shake hands. I don’t think anyone got close to Harry after Zayn left, but I think Harry and Niall had the best work relationship, but I think they had that before Zayn left.

      I’m trying to remember a bit I saw online that described One Direction as a family of goats and Niall was the goat who could balance on the middle of a teeter totter, Louis was the one doing silly things and always almost falling off the cliff, Liam was the dad goat trying to keep the Louis goat out of trouble and Harry and Zayn were two male goats engaged in elaborate neck rubbing and head butting rituals.

  4. here i was thinking why didn’t got the mails as this is the new post🤦🏻‍♀️silly me!

  5. I watched your video regarding Harry and his annoyance with interviews and paparazzi. Harry has always been gracious with irritating interviewers, obnoxious questions, rabid fans and unrelenting papps. That shows his true character. My favorite is when he simply cuts the interview short when he’s had enough.

    A.D., you are moving away from Zarry and seem resigned to Harry and Zayn cutting ties, at least on the level of a couple public or otherwise. I’m assuming you have a reliable source who has confirmed this – maybe the same source who knew Zayn had issues with Harry’s Vogue cover shoot. I believe Harry and Zayn were destined to cross paths so they could find their true selves. I think they fell in love and fell hard. But that’s not to say they are destined to remain together, although I believe they will always remain in contact on some level. They are certainly coping with it on different levels.

    Someone else mentioned the possibility of a 1D reunion. Harry will never agree to that without including Zayn. There are reconciliations to be made, but I believe it will happen.

    1. I suppose there will always be a secret place in my heart that roots for Zarry, no matter what happens and no matter what I say. And I believe you’re absolutely right, I think they were brought together to make each other better 1000%. Hopefully they can continue to grow together.

      And no my dear I have no source that confirmed they are no longer together. That was just my assumption and gut instinct. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🥰

  6. Also I promise to make a new post between today and tomorrow! I was working on trying to get a really interesting interview for you all recently, but idk if that will pan out any time soon. Sorry loves! Still working on things with other people 🙂

  7. Sorry, I thought it was self-evident, but discussions in favor of other ships simply won’t be posted. I thought that was obvious?? There is nothing about this website that would ever suggest that those discussions would be welcome here? Regardless of what is going on with Zarry, Zarry is/was real and it’s the only ‘ship’ I respect or that rings true. Everything else is a baseless reach, imo.

  8. I love seeing them together. I think 1D can’t reunite as a five bc Zayn can’t be with Harry like that. I thk that’s why he didn’t show up to Louis first performance after his mom passed. Just being in a room together, all eyes on them…. Zayn can’t hide his feelings, it’s too obvious. And with him saying that they never talked just makes it so much worse. Man, if I’d love to see them together now. There men now, grown. Harry, isn’t running so it’s no bother to him what or who sees him. I

    1. I thought the similar about missing Louis first performance. Sounds like there was minimal to nil contact with the others since he left the tour and he just couldn’t do the “be in same place/room”.

    2. Yeah true. Things were still tense at the time of that performance for sure. Louis had attacked Zayn on twitter multiple times months before, so it’s kind of unrealistic Zayn would’ve shown up to that performance like everything was ok, especially following the tensions when he abruptly left the band.

  9. I love watching reaction videos on YouTube and I came across this one this morning. The fellow is reacting to the unreleased version of Zayn’s “I Won’t Mind” and at 2:05 point in the video, he says it sounds like a Harry Styles song, I thought that was interesting. He also mentions Niall and Bon Iver, but he says Harry first.

    1. Very interesting tie in. Lol I wonder if it’s because of the acoustic guitar? Or if he read the comments on those videos about Harry…

      1. I don’t know, maybe Harry and Zayn sent psychic messages to him. He’s a musician, who lives in New York and he couldn’t work during quarantine, so he started doing reaction videos and he started with Harry and once the One Direction people find someone reacting to Harry, they request the rest of the band. I used to play instruments and read music a hundred years ago, but this guy does that now and he heard something in the guitar part, maybe that’s why Zayn stares so lovingly at the guitar at the end of that music video.

        I didn’t see any Zarry comments to this particular video and I’ve never looked at any of the comments to any of his other reaction videos. In this video, the reactor whips out his guitar and starts playing parts, so I think he is strictly going off the music. I don’t have that kind of ear anymore. If there are musicians hanging in this comment section, they might know what this guy was picking up

        1. AD one again replying to myself. I did see comments on this video, but they didn’t mention Harry, by name.

          1. AD I am so dumb, you meant did he read Harry comments on the video he was watching, that I don’t know.

              1. It’s me again, I pulled up several versions of the video he might have been watching and there were a lot of Ziam comments, a couple Zarry comments with the attendant why are Zarries still around replies and next to the Ziam comments, the next most numerous comments were that it’s about Larry and apparently Zayn wrote and achingly sang this song on their behalf. I’m just scratching my head that people that stupid are walking around.

                1. yeah I never got how they think Zain wrote this about larry, when he has always made a point of deflecting or saying its not real. I always wonder if that ever caused problems between z & h? I really want know who rainberry is about and what they did. and how did ziam start lol ?

                  1. @Emma I look at videos of Harry and Zayn and see two people whose clothes practically burst into flames when they are near each other. Larry and Ziam are poorly photoshopped things, I don’t get it at all.

                    1. so true, I took ad’s advice and I went and watched original interview’s. Even the video diaries which Larry’s use is so Zarry.. They couldn’t stop looking at each other, touching each other. I suppose I notice it more because I’m watching their reactions but they are so blatant n they are thinking they are being subtle 🥰🥰🥰

                2. seriously ?! they think zayn wrote this song for their dead born ship lol i can’t stop laughing .. i’m relatively new to all this but i have a net impression that larry’s are mosly teenagers .. i just can’t with their stupidity lol

                  1. @toufitri the Larry stuff is a cult, if they want to know if it’s a cult or not, they can tell their Larry friends they don’t believe anymore and they’ll find they lose those friends. I think you are right, they are mostly teenagers and they will grow out of it. My kid was in a religious cult when she was a teenager and she grew out of it in a couple years

    2. @Kate thanks for sharing. There were some comments about it being personal and being written for Z’s secret lover. “I Won’t Mind” puts me in mind of “River Road” which had drifty, unstructure, spare and intimate vibe to it.

      1. @idkwhy you are welcome.

        if Zayn wrote it about a secret lover, it must be about Gigi because we hardly ever hear/see/read anything about her.ha ha

        Good points about “River Road” and “I Won’t Mind”.

        1. 🙂 unlikley to be about G as I Won’t Mind dates from 2014 and that contract/relationship was apparently post 1D department in 2015 🙂 Also doesn’t fit situation lyrically i.e. “even though I know you’ll, you’ll never be mine” cause she’s has been on/off his gf for 6 years.

            1. yeh I knew that but was thinking you were right in the sense that love seems to be publically missing in that relationship at least one side i.e. it’s like a secret

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