Why I Changed My Mind About Perrie

Perrie Edwards is expecting!

Wait…why am I excited about this?? What’s wrong with me? So at 19:03 in this video below from early April, I mentioned that I had a mini change of heart about Perrie and the song SOTMEX. Now I’m not saying she was completely innocent, but I do feel more sympathy for her now than I ever have before. Keep reading if you’d like to know more!

In an IG post made on 5/10/2021, Perrie announced (alongside a sweet, tasteful, and minimalistic maternity photoshoot with her man) that she was expecting her first child! (Wow, so many babies popping out lately!)

Her caption is all kinds of adorable! “Me + Him = You”

In a wild twist of fate, it turns out her Little Mix bandmate and bff Leigh-Anne Pinnock is expecting as well, with her fiancé Andre Gray who she has been with since 2016! They got engaged exactly a year ago in May 2020!

Oh my gosh this is so cute somebody hold me!! 😥
I feel so warm ugh!
She looks unbelievable! 😍

Now, right away I have to say it’s lovely to see the fathers participating in the announcements of their children, which is only natural. I daresay it’s quite strange for the father to say absolutely nothing about his baby until they are born, especially when he too is a major celebrity and does use social media to express himself occasionally.

Oh gee, I guess men who don’t feel guilty about their “theoretical” secret male lovers have no qualms speaking up about their firstborn children when the union is right. They don’t just leave their media-thirsty girlfriends to awkwardly do it with Jimmy Fallon (of all people) after first allegedly leaking the information to the media.

It’s not like these two proud, expectant Little Mix fathers had their secret male lovers come out on National Coming Out Day just before the babies were conceived, or released a massive album that implicated them in a number of PAINFULLY DIRECT ways; for which they thanked him by getting their totally legit girlfriends (who are not a beards at all) pregnant after they broke up with a reality tv stars weeks before. (*sighs heavily*)

What a weird world, when the father of the child excitedly posts about the news too! What a novel and unusual thing for a man to do…(unless he’s hiding something or battling something serious behind the scenes.)

Here’s more of Perrie and Alex because they’re simply stunning together:

While a baby certainly doesn’t guarantee that two people will be together forever (neither does marriage) I’m certainly rooting for these two!

I started to see Perrie in a different light once I stopped trying to defend every tiny thing Zayn has ever done.

Let’s take a quick peek into the past.

Following her split from ex-fiancé Zayn in the summer of 2015 (who allegedly ended their 4yr relationship and 2yr engagement via text message) Perrie reportedly wrote about the disastrous event in Little Mix’s 2016 book Our World.

“After I split with my partner, out of the blue, I had nowhere to go, which was incredibly stressful,” she writes. “For a while I had no idea what to do.”

“It was horrible, the worst time of my life. A four-year relationship, two-year engagement ended by a simple text message. Just like that,” she says. “Even though things in my career were going really well, it was incredibly difficult for me…On the surface I was happy, but inside I felt broken.”

Unsurprisingly, after the “he dumped her via text message” reports began circulating in 2015, Zayn contended that he did not breakup with Perrie via text. However, considering the manner in which he left the band (abruptly and without saying goodbye to his bandmates of 5 years, totally blindsiding them) and his history of ditching people professionally, I’m not entirely convinced that Perrie’s “dumped via text message” story (which was reaffirmed in October 2016 after Zayn’s denials) is a complete lie. Not by a long shot. Sorry, Zayn.

That’s why even in This Thing Upon Me, I wrote from the perspective that he did dump her via text message, but that he felt it was justified for his own reasons.

In a lovely February 2017 photo that usurped the similar photos she posted with Zayn on her accounts, Perrie announced she was dating professional soccer player Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain.

This is a bomb caption, and it mirrors the one she did for the baby announcement. “Me + Him = You”

Hahaha suddenly I’m a Perrie stan what???

I must admit, this pic above is quite a glow-up from this laughable fakeness at the Eiffel Tower in 2013:

I also must admit I was hard on Perrie in the past with some of my opinions (based on some of her behavior) but I feel like I have a better understanding of why she did the things she did regarding Zayn. I still think their relationship was PR driven and lacked integrity on both sides (just like Zigi) but I view Zayn through a much different lens now.

This new lens enables me to feel a level of sympathy for Perrie that was absent before. I also have a newfound appreciation for the song “Shout Out To My Ex.” It was a definitive power move on her part and it set all of their exes in their places, and these lyrics ring with the same ferocity today as when the song was first released in 2016.

This thumbnail makes me sad now that Jesy is gone. And I never watched this video all the way through before because I hated the Zayn diss in the past. But it’s a MIGHTY piece of well executed film. Loving the girl power!

In the past, I never had issues admitting I thought Perrie was insanely talented. Her big-lunged, breathy vocals can be bone-chilling at times. That’s precisely why despite disliking her in the past, I still used some of Little Mix’s songs in my earlier videos. I know some of you all may remember how I repeatedly used “Nobody Like You.” Damn I love that tune! It’s so poignant and reminded me a lot of Zarry. So did “Secret Love Song.”

These days, those feelings now extend to SOTMEX (lol yes I switched up on ya’ll REAL FAST.) Sorry but I have to be honest with you all even if it goes against Zarry and us trying to paint Zayn as a victim of her (which was not really the case.)

I get chills at 2:55 in the video above, at the way Perrie sings:

Shout out to my ex, you’re really quite the man
You made my heart break and that made me who I am
Here’s to my ex, hey, look at me now
Well, I, I’m all the way up
I swear you’ll never bring me down

By getting dumped in 2015, she was in fact being spared further heartache and a whole lot of psychological baggage. Something we know Harry has been dealing with for years because he seemingly refuses to let go.

“I can’t unpack the baggage you left.”

After all this time, it becomes clear Perrie took the “W” in the Zerrie situation, and seems genuinely content with her new partner, unlike Zayn who still fakes contentment with Gigi through relentless media and paparazzi smoke screens.

I’m super happy for Perrie and Alex!

40 Replies to “Why I Changed My Mind About Perrie”

  1. Perrie is a lovely girl and I wish her and Leigh Ann the best idc if yall hate her cause of Zayn I love her very much I even loved her before the whole zerrie narrative. Back in the days little mix had a horrible management *cough Simon *cough and they were forced to flirt with guys to get their songs on the radio and I do believe that it was a PR driven relationship but honestly I don’t give a crap about zerrie. She’s very happy now and in a good place and I kind of want Harry to be in that place as well with or without Zayn. But if he hurt my baby again I swear I will go all crazy mamma on him idc if he is stronger than me *huff*.

  2. I feel it’s impressive when people take a “negative” experience and rise on it and use it to empower/become more than they might have been and a better themselves. I feel that the lyrics at 2.55 SOTMEX could easily apply to “other people” we could name who’ve create absolutely amazing songs from deep sadness, focused on the positives in let downs, worked super hard, built on their considerable talents and made the most of every opportunity that aligns to their inner passion while remaining true to their character/values.

    Often wonder about Harry’s “one of my (pause) friends” who told him “if you’re happy doing what you’re doing then nobody can tell you your not successful”. I feel it’s such a valid statement because it’s also very true that sometimes what the “the world” expects of a person to do because they are capable of it may not be what makes that person happy and isn’t actually true for them. Expectations can be very destructive.

  3. Hi A.D.! I’m so glad you posted this. Lately I’ve been feeling really frustrated in the fandom because it seems like so many people hate admitting when they were wrong or don’t allow themselves to evolve their point of view over time. But I think it makes the fandom a much more fun place when we can be open about having a change of heart.

    I’m also glad to see more people holding the boys accountable. I agree that Zayn seems like he really work on himself right now. Also, congrats to Perrie! I’ve also disliked her in the past, but I’m glad to see her happy.

  4. Very happy for Perrie and Alex. Glad that Zigi is slowly being relegated to the back burner. I shudder to think about what will be coming next.

  5. I really don’t feel sympathy for Perrie or Gigi. I wasn’t around thru the Perrie relationship, so I never liked or disliked her but I did see a lot of those photos where they had photographers. It looked very PR. And her calling Zayn a freak leds me to believe she was in it for reasons other than love, like she stayed with him for some gain. I do think she seemed very classy about their split, but I cld be wrong. And the whole girl power movement worked for them and her being broken up with. I completely agree, after hearing some of the stuff Z has done that goodbyes aren’t his thing and he doesn’t man up well to it. Why, I don’t know. That’s of course if what Perrie stated is true. I also am happy for her being pregnant and in a loving relationship, that she can be excited and share it with her man. It’s an amazing journey, good for her!!!
    Now Gigi, my dislike for her is bc I feel she knows about Harry. I believe she takes digs at him all while trying ever so hard to compete with him (be like him). She also used the hell out of Zayn. And never seemed to be there fir him when it cld hurt her. If u know what I mean. When she was pregnant, ur absolutely correct… the whole thing was a joke. And it is sad. But again, no sympathy. It’s been a long relationship and she knew at this point a baby ain’t changing it (where it matters).

    1. Agree with you on Gigi knowing about Harry trying her best to compete with him

      1. Same! There is no way she doesn’t know about Harry. I mean as Zarries, we know there is so much information on Harry/Zayn connections. Surely in her position “Zarry” isn’t a new concept, whether she believes in them or not. The same way many people think Zigi is mainly PR driven. They question their interaction (or lack of) which to be honest just appears fake and is completely devoid of genuine passion. Just the fact that they just had the major life shifting event of a new baby joining the family. No posts from Zayn expressing how happy he was and how he couldn’t wait to be a Dad…..nothing. He made one post after the baby was born announcing her arrival. I mean to me that seems like someone who felt more of an “obligation” at that point to say or do something or it would really look bad. News flash, it looked bad for the nine months it took for Khai to form. There was no public shout out to Gigi either, simply as the expectant and future mother of his child. There was no pregnancy shoot with the proud mom and dad, or maybe they did one and are holding it for when they really need to bring out the big guns, smh. I know she’s stinging from Perrie and Alex’s announcement. Well I would be too Gigi cause Perrie and Leigh Anne both look very happy and in love. You and Zayn dont. Zayn even went out of his way in the Zach Sang interview to make it clear he was not thinking about settling down anytime soon despite having had a baby. I mean that is just sad! Essentially he was expressing misgivings about settling down with you. What’s worse is I keep seeing articles from different sources stating “Zayn and Gigi in no rush to get married”. 👰👀 No need for a rush when no one’s asking.

        I came back over to this site today to check out the new comments. I ended up watching that brutal, CRINGEY Jimmy Fallon interview again. This was the first time I had seen it in its entirety though. Thanks A.D., that’s 3 minutes I’ll never get back…lol. Gigi has the most annoying voice! And for someone who’s so pretty and has a life that many find enviable or “goals”, she reeks of insecurity. It pours off of her. I’m not at all convinced that she wasn’t using the post she made yesterday on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, to shade Harry. She listed Racial Inequality, LGBT, and Women’s Rights movement. We know those are all issues that Harry has commented on. I think she did this after Harry eloquently, yet stealthily did the same to Zayn. I didn’t mean for this to turn into a rant, but I am genuinely sick of Zigi. Harry, my love, I hope you have truly dodged this bullet.

        1. Gigi listing racial inequalities after mocking Asians, a Buddhist symbol and being banned from a Victoria’s Secret show for her racist slurs ( and Zayn defending her ! ) is truly laughable ! 🙄🙄

          1. People tend to conveniently forget those things just because she is with Zayn. Larries try to make Eleanor a racist with bullshit lies that don’t hold up. Gigi has had multiple huge racist scandals, including her mocking Melania Trump for being an immigrant with an accent. I’m not saying she is incapable of growing and learning from that, but I can’t stand celebs who do and say awful things very publicly, and then try to turn around with such hypocrisy and pretend they’re angels through tons of lazy, uninventive virtue signaling and performative activism. Slacktivism, just like her BLM posts.

            That’s part of why I have so little respect for her. She’s a very fake person from top to bottom, especially when it comes to Zayn and PR. Everything she does is for attention and praise, but we’ve seen her true arrogance and elitist mentality slip out more than once. And some of the ignorant comments her mom has made against Asians and their faces/eyes just reveals where she gets that racist mentality from. That’s part of why she mistook Zayn for being Middle-Eastern when he is in fact South Asian.

            1. I remember that article where she called Zayn Middle-Eastern and said something about feeling connected to all Middle-Eastern people ??. In the article they tried to save her the embarrassment by saying how Pakistan is part of the Greater Middle East when we all know that she just truly didn’t know that he’s South Asian. And yet Zigi stans will come up with an excuse when in fact it is very strange and not cute, if you don’t know your bf’s ethnicity…

              It’s also so obvious in the way she “promotes” his music, it’s all for attention and not genuine at all.

            2. I think it comes from both sides of her parents. Maybe I’m reading too much into it but there was an interview where her dad talked about the baby’s appearance and how she looks more like G and how that’s a “good thing” and some other stuff. Idk, it was just something about the way it came across, normally you’d think a grandparent would just be happy that his granddaughter is healthy but again maybe it was just me who felt weird about the way he phrased it.

        2. Even the picture of them together with Z resting his face on her belly looked contrived and it was only released after Ziam randomly started trending on Twitter 😂😂

  6. I don’t think perrie/zayn were just for pr. i think management used them for clout but it’d never went as far as an engagement otherwise jaboyh would never been written on harry’s part. seeing the clip of her breaking down crying while singing with little mix when it ended, will forever be in my head. (taking the harry factor out of the equation) it just came down to they were both too young. what’s gigi’s excuse.

  7. Oh boy, I can already see a certain group of fans are upset about this post because it points out more uncomfortable truths about Zigi and dares to show a little sympathy for Perrie. Clearly they liked thinking Perrie was evil and that she lost out on Zayn in 2015, and don’t like to see a “Zarrie” supporting her, but it turns out she’s thriving, and so is her career (which Zayn helped a lot.) She took the ultimate “W” from that relationship, dodged a bullet, and is having a baby too.

    They can see how genuine her relationship looks with Alex compared to a certain other relationship, and so they’re big mad about this post lmao. Don’t get mad at me because I had a change of heart since I stopped blindly defending Zayn, and because you all are starting to see how weird and off Zigi’s behavior is when compared to real couples who are genuinely happy to be having a baby together. It’s not my fault. Don’t be mad at me for having character development.

  8. I’m happy that Perrie has found true happiness (I’m sure in hindsight she’s thankful that things didn’t work out with Zayn). Neither her nor Z handled everything perfectly at the time, but they were young and both probably being misguided by numerous outside forces. That said, I still can’t bring myself to totally turn away from Z. Although I know his actions have resulted in a great deal of pain for H (as well as P & G, if I’m being honest), I still can’t imagine what his inner fear/turmoil must be.

    Example, my BFF/roommate is a 38 year old gay man. He comes from a family that has several other gay people in it. However, he STILL won’t come out to his family! He would absolutely be accepted, but it’s something that a person has to come to terms with on their own. My other BFF is also gay. He still won’t come out at his job, even though there are numerous gay people that also work there.

    Now imagine someone who comes from a culture that might not be so accepting, and who’s career might be affected.

    I believe that’s why H doesn’t completely walk away. He loves and understands Z like no one else. Even if he ultimately decides to let go and get on with his life (as he should for his own well being) I don’t think he will ever get over him.

    Honestly, I feel bad for everyone involved to some degree.

  9. The only thing that matters to me now is hazz happiness with or without zayn.. that emotional baggage is becoming too much, my baby doesn’t deserve that. He need to move on and find another one, a deserving man. I can’t wait the day harry announce his pregnancy with HIS MAN. Wohooooooo~

  10. AD Im dying to know why you “fell out of love”with zayn…Because same:(Does it have to do with what Z has said about H’s vogue pics/cover?Also plsssss somehow let us know what he said so we can see Zarry in a clearer light…But selfishly and wrongly I know none of them(Z&H)will EVER move on and be happy.period.Thats the bitter truth dear:,)

    1. I’m curious as well, A.D. Zayn is aware of Harry’s fashion ‘sense.’ I still remember Zayn’s comments about Harry looking good in that yellow lace shirt an interviewer was wearing. Is the issue that Harry is getting too close to coming out which puts Zayn in a precarious position?

      1. I remember that interview. The blouse was sheer gold lace with flowers. Niall was with Harry and Zayn. Interviewer asked him how long Harry’s hair was going to get. He said maybe her length (bit over shoulder) and he said maybe get some earring “like that” (she was wearing hoops I think) That’s when Zayn suggested her blouse would also suit Harry.

    2. AD has a post titled Why l fell out of love with Z ( or something like that—not sure if it is the precise title but you can search for it on here ) lt is very eye opening and sheds a different light.
      Also if you listen to Z’s song “ FRESH AIR”. It’s very scary because to me the lyrics are so harsh !!lf it has anything to do with H and l was him heard and that song l would be crying . I think it’s even shadier than
      “ entertainer”!
      I heard also that Z supposedly said something about H way of dressing, but so did Liam when Harry wore that black lace outfit to the Met Gala ! Whatever Harry wears will always be talked about

  11. A new baby coming for Perrie! I’m not sure how her relationship ended with Zayn because she has said conflicting things and I think it was more PR then we will ever know, but it was all for the best because look how happy she is! I also feel a little sad for Gigi (hate the pretend relationship but not the person since I don’t know her) because I feel that she wanted to share it to the world with Zayn by her side. He seems so detached from her. Even when Khai was born he made no mention of Gigi.
    And I’ve never seen him papped out with Khai alone, which is something most doting dads do. He is a mystery and I personally would love to sit and chat with him for a half hour just to get a glimpse of how his mind works.

  12. I feel a little bit bad for Gigi, just a little bit because I don’t like her. I believe she would had loved to have had a photo like that one with her and Zayn posing and telling the world about how they were expecting a baby. They really do have the strangest relationship, why does he never want anyone to see him being a family (apart from the pap walks). Why can’t there just be normal family pictures in their house. I saw the pictures Gigi and Yolanda put out for Mother’s Day but not one comment from the father of her baby on her first Mother’s Day! I believe she is desperate for the world to see her baby and more and more pictures are coming out, I think we will see her face again at some point. Zayn is a mystery to me. As for Perrie, they obviously didn’t have the fantastic relationship she’s making out they had as he split up with her just after he left the band. She says he dumped her by text but in an interview she said she got a telephone call when she was in the airport and the girls comforted her. There was also the fact she called him a freak! Zayn did shade her when he wrote Common though, basically saying that he was never in love with her despite the fact he asked her to marry him. Some people think Outside is about Perrie but why would he still be singing about her in 2021! I can’t work out Zayn or his lyrics in NIL

    1. I don’t feel bad for Gigi, she signed up for the situation. I’m sure she would want tons of pics of Zayn with her, but she knows she is settling for something that is unwholesome and someone who is broken and dealing with heavy baggage, and she is sucking the clout out of him in the meantime.

      As far as Perrie is concerned, she never said who the telephone call was from in the airport, and she never said it was regarding her breakup with Zayn. It could have been any random fight they had in their relationship. She only mentioned the text in regards to the breakup.

      I certainly don’t agree with her calling him a freak, that was wrong and childish, but I don’t doubt she went through hell with Zayn and that he stonewalled her and probably freaked her out a lot. So both were at fault in this relationship, that much is clear, but Zayn was the one carrying on with a dude the entire time he was with her. So he was beyond wrong as far as Zerrie is concerned.

      1. I don’t feel sympathy for G either. I think she’s very aware of their situation and while she probably would like more photos with Z, I kinda feel like she also enjoys having the whole baby /zigi-relationship narrative to herself so that she can paint it however she seems fit at any given time (thinking about the breakup articles and how they painted Z). She clearly wants attention (probably something her parents drilled into her = value as a person) and she knows how to get it. She acts way too calculated (albeit predictable) for me to think otherwise. The way she couldn’t even give him the whole NIL release week before wanting the spotlight to be back on her and uses her baby to do it speaks volumes.

        I’m sure Perrie has been through a lot with Z, given that during the time they dated he experienced a lot of confusion about his sexuality, anxiety from being in the band, ED etc. And what we know of Z he probably didn’t open up to her much which could’ve made things easier. I also believe it was PR driven and that both of them are at fault to some extend. She seems to have found something genuine now though, and that’s really nice to see!

      2. But if people use each other for PR what kind of relationship do they have? not real at least. If Perrie used Zayn due to litte mix I see no problem with Zayn and Harry to be together when the relationship was not real. Zayn and Perrie break up when zayn got another contract …

        1. People don’t seem to understand that because Zayn is closeted, he likely doesn’t tell the women he’s with that he’s been with Harry. So to some degree these women probably think they’re in a real relationship, and Zayn and Harry are the driving factor that make the relationships “fake” because their hearts aren’t 100% in them. I’ve said again and again I personally do not think Perrie knew about Zarry. But I think Gigi does.

          1. I also think GG knows about Zarry! The way she reacted when she was doing that promo AD for a video game and randomly started humming WS then suddenly stopped herself like woop , we don’t do that around here ! 😂😂made her look a lil too guilty, why would she feel embarrassed about singing WS —when it’s literally one H biggest hits ??🍉🍒🍉

    2. But she choose to be there. So have no sympathy for her. And for perrie I am very happy for her but she called zayn a freak and that’s not okey. So agree with you there.

      1. I agree, Clk, that she was referring to his sexual appetites. And IMO that is one of the ties that keep Zayn and Harry bound – one hell of an erotic chemistry between the sheets.

        1. She said it reference to him like getting mad and being a freak. I wish it was meant sexually but it clearly wasn’t meant nicely. I was also just watching a lot videos of Little Mix shitting on Zayn. For example making fun of him dancing, calling him names etc. I don’t know what went down but they both seem to be at fault and they were young. She’s in a better place, mature and starting a family. All positive vibes from me…. she’s having a baby and shd to be happy and pampered 😜.

        2. @Hesi Hu Perrie was talking about when he was angry and I couldn’t find the video where she did an imitation of him and called him a freak, but I found an online article.

          There’s also a line in a Little Mix indicating the sex was bad ( I hope she’s gettin’ better sex), so that leaves Harry and Gigi as Zayn’s erotic chemistry partners. Sometimes you just need to be on the other side of a brick wall from someone you have that kind of chemistry with and I think the baby and pandemic and doing the work of 40 people gave Harry some time and space for now, but not forever.


          1. Thank you, Kate, for the link. Using the term ‘freak’ to describe his response to an argument is strange and certainly comes across mean spirited. Maybe the sex was bad, although that is classic scorned lover speak. But I am really happy for her and the new baby arriving – it seems she has found her joy.

            IMO, I see no chemistry at all between Zayn and Gigi. They look awkward just walking down the street. I don’t see how that translates to anything great in the sack. It reminded me of the video of Zayn holding the cake for Gigi while she blew out the candles at her recent birthday party. He sets the cake down on the table and they just stare at each other. Not an embrace or a kiss or any verbal emotion of love – her sister ended up hugging her!

            Thanks to A.D.’s hours of research we’ve seen an overwhelming amount of proof of the chemistry between Harry and Zayn. Seriously, those two must have sweated it out for hours! And I agree with you that unusual circumstances gave Harry a chance to step back and reflect. Time will tell.

  13. Yep I definitely done with Zarry…I’m so happy for Perrie though after everything she’s been through she deserves some kind of happiness

    1. It’s taken me a while to feel sympathy for her, because of things she said that I disagreed with, but it’s clear this Zerrie relationship was not fun for her either. And I’m really happy she has moved on and is thriving with her man. I’m so happy she’s having a baby too. They seem good together.

      1. I’m actually really happy for them. I love Zayn but he did her dirty regardless of the ‘arrangements’ they had. She’s not without her faults, like everyone, but she deserved better than an insecure man wasting 4 years of her time. Don’t get me wrong, I love Zayn but he’s been such a little shit. Don’t @ me for calling on his bullshit. The way I see it, stans SHOULD hold their fav accountable for the things they do. If you don’t, they’ll just keep doing it.

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