Proof Index

DISCLAIMER: This index is a work-in-progress. Much more to be added!


Matching Tattoo Guide

Harry’s Mysterious Leg Tattoos

Harry’s Heart Kisses

Zarry Tattooing One Another

Zayn Friday Tattoo




Harry’s Blue = Zayn

To Begin Again


Harry’s Pink Shoelace

The Fish, The Gap Year, & The Wait

The JMB Connection


Fine Line (Album Theory)

Lights Up

I Write Too Many Songs About You

Zarry Got Back Together In 2017

Cherry Is About Zayn Too

Sunflower Vol 6

2019 Proof Timeline


Harry’s 2018 Tour Visuals

Playing 1950

“Still The One” (MSG 2018)

The Golden Cross Ring

The Beachwood Cafe


Late 2018 Breakup (Theory)

Early 2018 Proof Timeline

Late 2018 Proof Timeline


The Rose Ring

Sweet Creature

Two Ghosts + Larry vs Zarry

From The Dining Table

Dusk Till Dawn

Girl Crush

Zayn’s Hurt + Harry’s Lies

2017 Proof Timeline


Love Is A Mixtape (Harry’s Another Man Mixtape)

Jamaica 2016

2016 Proof Timeline


Joe Cummings & The Bangkok Fallout

Zarry’s Relationship Ended One Direction

Zayn Wearing Green Bay Packers For Harry

If I Could Fly, Walking In The Wind, Olivia & Perfect

2015 Proof Timeline


“God only knows what I’d be…without you…”

Tulsa 2014

Harry Admits He’s A Little Spoon

Zayn’s “I Won’t Mind”

Los Premios 40 Principales

AMAs 2014 (Video)

iHeart Radio Festival 2014

Harry During Zayn’s Eating Disorder

The Best Of 2014


Harry’s Bandana Obsession

Cardiff 2013

The Tackle Hug 2013

Columbus 2013 (Candy Thong)

Zayn Teasing Harry’s Nudes

Teen Choice Awards (TCAs) 2013

The Sheffield Whispers 2013

Harry Wearing Zayn’s Orange Bracelet Late 2013

Zarry’s Spray-painting Bond

Zayn Singing “Loved You First” To Harry 2013

“So kiss him again…”

“Can’t love, can’t hurt…” Pink Spray-painted Heart + Metal Box

“We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall…”

Jealous Harry & The Zerrie Engagement

The Best Of 2013 Part 1

The Best Of 2013 Part 2


Harry Wearing Zayn’s Letterman Jacket

Harry Feeding Zayn + Wearing His Jacket 2012

Can I Stay?

The Best Of 2012


Harry Wearing Zayn’s Hat

Secret 2011 Handhold

The Best Of 2011


The Best Of 2010

Spanning Many Years:

Zarry’s Matching Lyrics

Harry Loves Boys II Men For Zayn

Harry Yelling At Kids Over Zayn

Haylor vs Larry

Kendall vs Zayn

Camille vs Zayn

Xander vs Zayn

Mitch vs Zayn

Larry vs Zarry (They Are Not The Same)

Larry vs Zarry Video Series

Green & Gold Jewelry

The Sacred Water Ritual

Zayn: The Former Proud Zarry King

Harry’s Jewelry vs Zayn’s Tattoos

Zarry vs Zigi (At A Glimpse)


The December Vogue Photoshoots 2018 & 2020

Protective Zayn & Harry

Harry’s Lucky #57

Liam Knows

Zayn Respecting Harry’s Mom

Harry’s Lover Doesn’t Speak

Does Zayn’s Family Know?

The Best Of Zarry (Greatest Hits)

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