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So much science…

So very much…

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  1. So much Science 😂😂😂😂. Kisspers are what made me dig into Zarry. Watched one original video and then another and another and to this day I keep asking myself the same questions , What on earth were they talking about and why couldn’t it wait🤔? The amount /number those 2 kisspered should be what convinces people they weren’t just friends but lovers as well cause Lord only knows they had A LOT to say to each other.

  2. One of the first videos I watched on YouTube Zarry Documentaries said to check original videos whenever you could and I did that and came back to the kisspers being hard to ignore or explain away. I even looked at compilations with H and Z and other band mates set to romantic music or slowed down and that made their kisspers even more real. Zayn and Harry were both able to talk to other people in the band with the noisy crowd without plastering themselves to anyone other than each other and I looked at compilations that were trying hard to sell Narry or Lirry.

    Zarry also seem to not know when they are in front of people. I saw a video of Zayn adjusting himself before or during a meet and greet and having Harry look at him and there’s one of Harry doing the same thing onstage during a show. I didn’t see anyone in any of the compilations I watched doing personal adjustments in public and having a bandmate check it out. No wonder they do whatever they want, no one is paying any attention to them, that’s must be a relief to especially Harry since the Larries analyze how many times he blinks in one minute.

    1. I agree their body language with each other is very distinct from their body language with the other boys. It is quite overly romantic in nature in my opinion.

    2. The kisspers are so vivid and they are in their own little bubble. It seemed to have been a very close relationship and something rare to be honest. The Zarry chemistry is just there no construction required.

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