“So Kiss Him Again…”

Um…yeah. I don’t think we appreciate how cutthroat Harry is when it comes to Zayn. Harry does not play, and he finds it difficult to not react to Zayn and his beards and their ridiculous PR. Examples include: Girl Crush, My Old Man, and Jealous Harry During Zayn’s Engagement.

In July 2014, there was a series of events that took place surrounding Zayn, Perrie, and Harry. Most people don’t realize that the most critical events began on Perrie’s birthday on July 10th, and that Harry’s deleted tweet on July 13th of lyrics from Ray Lamontagne’s “Burn” was just the final straw! He was PISSED.

On Perrie’s actual birthday (July 10th) Zayn had returned to the tour in Madrid from spending time with her on the 9th in the UK, where he threw her a huge carnival birthday party. Harry wasn’t happy about this apparently, because on the day Zayn returned (July 10th) he made it known.

First, while performing Little Things, he did his usual gesture where he turned to face Zayn while singing the lyrics “It’s you they add up to, I’m in love with you…” Later during that same show, Harry would follow that gesture up with yet another.

While performing “Best Song Ever,” during the lyric “Maybe it’s the way she walked, straight into my heart and stole it. Through the doors and past the guard, just like she already owned it…” Harry did a massive lyric change where he grabbed his crotch and changed the pronoun “she” to “he” very loudly, openly singing: “Just like HE already owned it.” (See full video of this below)

Days later, on July 13th after pics emerged online of Perrie’s Carnival b-day party, a few staged images of Zerrie kissing began circulating.

Zayn and Perrie July 2014

In response to those pictures, an upset Harry tweeted pointed lyrics from Ray Lamontagne’s “Burn.”

This is the entire energy he expresses in Woman, but in a way to make you think it’s about a woman.

Afterwards, Harry quickly deleted the tweet, since it was very obvious who he was referring to based on the timing of it all. Then popular youtuber (at the time) Tyler Oakley mocked the deletion by sarcastically tweeting:

Here is a video depicting this all in detail!

Harry’s Deleted Tweet From July 13, 2014

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  1. I have recently re-watched the performance of One Direction from late August 2013 (from Today’s show).
    The first song I listened to was “Kiss you”. This song is very important because I remember Zayn saying in an interview he liked a song, called “Kiss you” from the upcoming album.
    Now this particular video is from late August (after the Zerrie engagement) and Zayn chose to change his lyrics not once but twice, both times singing: “Baby, be mine tonight, mine tonight” (Niall’s lyrics) and looking straight at Harry.
    I find it hilarious that most of the comments below the video shout: “Zayn, how can you forget your own lyrics?” but I don’t think this is a mistake – this is done on purpose not once, but twice. I think after the engagement he wanted H back so badly, that he tried to catch his attention again and to tell him he was still obsessed with him.
    After this video, I watched the whole performance from that day and during almost every song Z is trying to interact with H and everything looked normal (they were in their own world again) until they sit down to have a chat with the interviewer and the engagement is brought back up. I think at that moment H came back to reality and in the last song: Little things (which we all know is special for them) he seemed cold and estranged again.

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