So Much Harry!

Is there such thing as too much Harry?? So my explorer page on IG has been consumed by images of Harry in a pink tutu, downing champagne, and smoking a cigarette (basically being a naughty hooker-ballerina! We love to see it.)

It’s the most bizarre (yet weirdly arousing) set of images we have of him to date, even trumping the random smoking drinking mermaid photos we got a few weeks ago!

Genuinely…like genuinely what can’t this man do??

Since there were so many images of Harry released yesterday, I thought I’d help bring them all into one spot for your viewing pleasure! Please enjoy!

¡Ay, caramba! When I tell you I am so deeply, completely, and life altering-ly head over heels for this photo, you must believe me. It took my breath away. He looks so real and exposed here. No product in his hair. The sleepy, lightly tousled fringe. His wide green eyes. The dash of facial hair and pouty pink lips. Gimme, gimme!!

¡Ay, caramba!

SNL (Saturday Night Live!) clearly adores Harry more than we do. They’ve been sitting on this magnificent stash of photos for over a year! And these Harries captions are hilarious…

What even is this?? He’s so precious!
Yes please, sir.
I cannot-
My perpetual mood.

Well now…I’m feeling things about this. Unspeakable things…

I’m so here for it.

If ever anyone doubted that Harry used to lick Zayn’s ear, they can stfu now.

My Policeman is still filming and looks more and more captivating by the day. Yet suddenly I’m against it. I wonder why?

Goddamn it, Harry! Unhand her! I will not stand for this umbrage. This one photo set Zarries back about 10 years!

What is this sacrilege??? Let’s boycott this stinking film when it hits theatres! Who’s with me?! No one? Oh, ok then.
That’s better. I mean, c’mon.
Separate them at once! They can’t keep their hands to themselves!

46 Replies to “So Much Harry!”

  1. As soon as I saw the pic of H licking the ear of that statue, I flipped out! The boy likes ears. No denying it. I don’t understand how Z remained perfectly still when H did it.

  2. Hey A.D., I don’t know if you are aware of this or not but I noticed that Zayn’s waist tattoo ‘don’t think I won’t’ is actually a song written by Mark Wills and fourth line of that song is ‘if you need someone to walk through fire for you, I’m just the man to do it’. And adore you have a line ‘I would walk through fire for you just let me adore you’ 💁

  3. Lovely post AD! So much Harry after almost none for so long … it’s wonderful.
    I’m glad I’ve read (and re-read) MP book ’cause I happier having context around the set pictures. Sure you’ll definitely want to watch MP movie and probably more than once.

    1. Thanks love! I agree btw. I feel like MP will be an instant classic, especially because of Harry’s involvement. Sort of like Brokeback Mountain or Call Me By Your Name.

  4. AHHHHH!! He looks so handsome and just.. amazing like he got to be god’s favourite child because I have never seen anyone who can pull off any look than this guy like OMGGG!!! AD your the best love ya gurll!!

  5. you said on your post on instagram that you were triggered by the sight of the green/gold cross. so was i. trying not to think a week after these pics were taken, from comments & actions zarry would all go to pot. right now I’m just enjoying the moment🤧

    1. Gosh I know how you feel. I refer to this era as the pre-baby Fine Line era when everything was good and felt hopeful. Then Zayn just shitted on everything. I feel like Harry was done so wrong when I look back at that era and everything he was doing for Zayn. The crosses. The yellow. The lyric changes. The entire album. Ugh it’s awful

      1. AD that comment is just making cry for him. He had so much hope and so much love. He deserves so much more than Zayn will ever give him. I know I shouldn’t but I blame Zayn because Harry was such a baby when this started and I can’t help but think Zayn was more expressed in love. I know he couldn’t help his attraction to H cuz who could. IDK. This love ruined them both. I have to think Zayn suffers too but he is not as brave as Harry. I want H to be happy. Sorry I am rambling but thank you for voicing what we all feel. Love to you AD.

  6. AD thank you… I love them all! He is just a joy! Sweet face and good heart. What’s not to love about him!❤️❤️❤️ Thank you ☺️😏😉

  7. You make my day!! This pictures are amazing! No one or two… thank you so much. His sweet face. I melt Dow. I hate Z. How he can have this amazing men. 😡

      1. My heart aches for him, I think it’s time for Zayn and Harry to have a face to face and hatch out their feelings for each other. Communicating via social media isn’t the way to do it anymore and lots can get lost in translation. They need to make an effort to sit down together and have an honest conversation about everything.pp

      2. I feel who Harry is as a person, how he chooses to behave, what he chooses to do and how he engages with the world is at least in part due to what he has experienced. I often think of all the songs that would not have been written but for those experiences …

  8. He is very adorably manly. Weird and eccentric person

    Love him

    Thanks for the update

    These pictures are lovely.

    Better than the mermaid and the pilgrim.

    1. I love that Harry embraces “becoming” someone else with such commitment when acting. Can see from the few pictures so far that DWD looks as if it will be really interesting. But unsure if I’ll be able to watch it cold – i.e. without knowing the story line – as it also looks like it’s intended to keep the audience off balance and in a scary way too. Guess that’s what “psychological thriller” means – right? Personally think I’ll need to read a well written detailed spoiler review first so I have some context to hang onto to navigate viewing. Probably not what the director has in mind but hell I’ll do what I need in order to see the film and not have nightmares.

    2. Sorry dear I finally saw them! He looks like Tom Hanks in Castaway lol. I wonder what the scene is those are for. I’ve never seen Harry look so intense

        1. Most all the women that related to Harry styles must be feel in love with him. He treats them with full heart and make sure they feel loved. But deep in his heart, the only one person that cannot be replaced. I think zayn support everything that harry did in his own ways. That’s why Harry took initiative to be more opened about himself, so that zayn can follow his slowly to be opened too. It’s not easy to exposed yourself as bisexual because they are public figure. Hope, Harry & Zayn relationship more tighter & happy forever. sorry for my bad English.
          Love for Zarry 🌹🌻

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