Still The One (MSG 2018)

Ain’t nothin’ better
We beat the odds together
I’m glad we didn’t listen
Look at what we would be missing

They said, “I bet they’ll never make it”
But just look at us holding on
We’re still together, still going strong

You’re still the one I run to
The one that I belong to
You’re still the one I want for life
(You’re still the one)
You’re still the one that I love
The only one I dream of
You’re still the one I kiss goodnight

The infamous night of June 22, 2018. A night that will never be forgotten by any Zarry, least of all me. This is the Zarry moment that started my very first Zarry Instagram account.

I was told five days before this show on June 22nd to expect something between Zayn and Harry. In fact, the insider assured us the world would know about Zarry’s love on Friday, June 22nd, and they said best of luck to them.

Based on that particular intel, I made my own prediction two days before on June 20th (before it was confirmed that Harry would sing Still The One anywhere ever) that Harry would sing Still The One at MSG, and that Zayn would be there. I literally predicted it based on what this person told me, and based on the fact that Harry had been heard sound-checking Still The One in Boston days before MSG. (Screenshots are above of the date I posted my MSG video, vs the day I made my prediction 2 days before.)

Here are screenshots of the person telling me and a few other Zarries of what to expect between Zayn and Harry on June 22nd.

Harry’s emotion this day was very prevalent. Of all the tour shows Harry had done, this day was the most emotional we had ever seen him. Many friends were at his MSG shows (Xander, Camille, Jeff etc) but what is notable is that these same friends had been to previous tour shows and Harry did NOT have this reaction and he did not sing special songs to them.

MSG in a nutshell. Camille and Xander in the crowd, Harry singing to the VIP box man.

Why was he so emotional this day? Why did he only sing “Still The One” on the second day of his MSG shows and not both days? If it was just a show to make the MSG setlist special, why on earth wouldn’t he perform it on both days for both MSG crowds?

That’s because someone special was in the audience. Or more like, someone special was standing above the audience and above the vip boxes in a special balcony, quietly observing the show like a phantom. A ghost. And throughout his performances on the B-Stage where he was lined up and facing this secret guest, Harry kept looking up to the mysterious man during “If I Could Fly” and “Sweet Creature.” He even pointed at him during the lyric “you bring me home.”

Zayn had been wearing bright and vibrant colors every day that spring and summer, and dying his hair tons of vibrant, unique colors. But all of a sudden, the day of MSG where he posts a pic of himself revealing what he was wearing, he is now wearing all black and a black skully IN THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER. Hmmm…looks like someone was dressed to burglarize a house…or ya know, hang out in the shadows of a sold out MSG show without being spotted.

Following this show, for the first time in over a year, Harry removed the Zarry rose ring for only one day, thereby confirming who this day and who this performance was meant for.

To this very day, that info and that picture still gives me chills, and was one of the main reasons I stumbled so deep down this rabbit-hole when I first begun on YouTube a month before this insider tip about the MSG show. I think this day is best summed up by my MSG video.

9 Replies to “Still The One (MSG 2018)”

  1. AD am I crazy or does that shirt Z is wearing actually say Harry??? I went back and looked at the photo on Zayn’s insta and I swear it looks like a tour shirt when you zoom in. The font is identical and it is most definitely an “Ha” visible in the photo. Maybe parts of “Do you know who you are” underneath??? How have I never noticed that before???

  2. Not me coming here after harry performed STO at coachella. its been 3 years and it gave me chills watching him singing it live also his smile when the part”we’re still together,still going strong”. that was literally the best day after all that happened between them. i was screaming, crying,sobbing like crazy.

  3. I just saw a clip of this song yesterday and I love what harry said after singing Still the One…
    ” Singing Shania Twain at MSG check”
    ” That was the most emotional part of the show for me”

    Also, since I saw the whole show, song by song, I was gutted when he sang FTDT: 1. before starting singing it he made the move to kiss his heart tattoo , 2. one of the times after signing “but you never do” He said “baby” and 3. after finishing the song he did that gesture as if he checked his phone and he kissed his cross tattoo…

    ( , 1:0.09, 2: 2.24, 3. 3.23, 3.29…)

  4. Realizing it’s been 3 years since this happened. I tortured myself by watching this video again and now I’m an emotional mess 😭😭. I’ll never be able to listen to the song and not think about H & Z. 😭

  5. Its so obvious..why harry will hide a random person n make them sit in vip box because that person is also famous he doesn’t want the public to know n its a male…n the thing is the random person msgd you could be from harrys team… maybe they also are into zarries

  6. The only thing I never really understood is the fact that harry looked sad after the concert. Wasn’t he supposed to be happy idk… do u think that there’s any chance that they argued after the show? or maybe zayn left earlier? was he just emotional? bruh I have no idea… maybe he didn’t wear the rose ring bc they fought and not to drop clues?!?

    1. i think they fight because z couldn’t spend the night or time in general with him that night and have to exit early so instead of being with z he had been with his friends and was sad

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