The Golden Cross Ring

In October 2018, the day after Fingers was released, Harry appeared at the Beachwood Cafe in LA for the first time with his long-time producer Jeff Bhasker. During that visit to the Beachwood Cafe he had replaced the Rose Ring with a golden cross ring from Chrome Hearts.

Harry at the Beachwood Cafe October 2018
Harry and his producer Jeff Bhasker at the Beachwood Cafe October 2018
The Golden Cross Ring Replaced the Rose Ring
Close-up of the new cross ring. Harry’s ring is gold.

It is my belief, based on the Zarry Cross Saga, that this new ring is significant to him in regards to Zayn, which is why it is a cross ring, but also why he chose it to replace the Rose Ring after Fingers was released. He has not taken the Golden Cross ring off since and it is now 2021. Also, Zayn decided to start wearing a cross again in 2021 and even wore pants with Chrome Hearts Crosses all over them for his Vibez video, thereby matching Harry’s cross ring exactly.

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  1. Have you any thoughts on Zain’s post on insta from October 2020 where he sings hold back the river by James bay and last request by Paulo nutini? They to me sound like goodbye songs but he wanted just one more night 🙁

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