The Menendez Murders (Incest & Parricide)

I’ll be using this page to update videos on my series on the Menendez Murders.


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13 Replies to “The Menendez Murders (Incest & Parricide)”

  1. Erik and Lyle Menendez: Heartless murderers and consummate liars

    Jose and Kitty Menendez: Not perfect people who spoiled their sons and did things they shouldn’t have to bail their sons out of trouble. Did not deserve to be murdered.

    Writer of this blog: GULLIBLE

    1. Erik and Lyle Menendez: Young parricides, 18 & 21, who are proven in two ways to have been abused their whole lives. 1) Heaps of corroborating testimony from friends, family, teachers, strangers, and prominent mental health professionals. Child p*rnography of their genitals collected from their parents’ possessions. 2) Parricide statistics alone help prove abuse, as 90% of all parricides are committed by boys who’ve been severely abused over a long period of time. Now add in their testimony, the specificity of it, the fact that they admitted to killing their parents, and that their testimony is corroborated on every level by people they hadn’t had contact with in years, and is deemed truthful by body language analysis and mental health professionals, it’s clear to see they were telling the truth. The only question here is the application of the law as it pertains to the degree of “murder” or self defense.

      Jose and Kitty Menendez: To call them imperfect is an understatement that proves the galactic stupidity of the commenter. It is extremely intellectually dishonest to depict the things Kitty and Jose did as “bad or imperfect parenting.” How funny that you bring up the things the parents did to “bail them out of trouble” when Jose was planning on going into politics and wanted his sons to maintain a sterling reputation, and kitty was equally obsessed with appearances and did not want any of the family issues to be known, such as Erik’s learning disabilities that she never got him help for because she was too embarrassed. That’s the only reason Jose bailed them out. And did you happen to notice Jose is the very one who corrupted them to begin with?? With his ambiguous morals and encouraging them to lie and cheat (evidenced by tennis coaches) to achieve the ends they wanted? And did you also notice that “acting out” is a direct consequence OF ABUSED CHILDREN. Apart from the evidence of abuse and emotional neglect proven to have been inflicted on their children from the time they were born (i.e. child p*rnography of their genitals when they were small children, Erik running away repeatedly at 2 years old where he could’ve been hit crossing a major street, Kitty abandoning the kids in stores repeatedly and security picking them up, kitty driving recklessly, Jose forcing them to do sports from a very young age, forcing them to adhere to an abusive schedule and rigorous drills as testified to by multiple teachers and coaches) but they also were intimidating and terrorizing to every adult that they encountered, including work colleagues, teachers, family and friends (some who were even prosecution witnesses) who all testified under oath about how awful these two people were. Kitty’s excuse was that she was violently mentally ill, but no less terrifying to severely abused boys whose emotional maturity at the time of the murders was between 8-12 years old. How dare you presume to vouch for them as people or as parents when their own relatives (SIBLINGS, not distant relatives) came to court to testify AGAINST THEM and on behalf of their sons, who were their admitted killers.

      Writer Of This Comment: Incapable of articulating an intelligent, nuanced argument of why the Menendez Brothers are guilty, or refuting any of the points in my videos, or offering an original perspective other than what they can parrot from prosecution soundbites and misleading headlines. Also a moron who relies on a superficial interpretation of only a portion of the available facts to perpetuate a proven falsehood: “that Erik and Lyle were greedy and heartless.” Erik and Lyle Menendez are not greedy, since they did not expect to inherit anything. They were told long ago they were out of the will, and this was corroborated by the executor of Jose’s estate Carlos Baralt. They are also not heartless (Erik alone has been hysterically emotional since the day he was born.) That is proven through friends and family who knew them their entire lives (including prosecution witnesses and ex friends.) They were kind, compassionate, well-mannered, good-natured boys who to this day 30 years later have shown zero indication that they hate their parents or are hateful violent people towards others. They’ve been in prison for 30 years and have managed to do only good (Erik runs a hospice for terminally ill prisoners; and they both are in charge of a project to paint a mural and plant trees in their current prison to uplift spirits and benefit the mental health of their fellow prisons) and they have stayed out of trouble. So basically you can eat shit and choke, liar.

      1. Notice how when you are actually educated on this case and are informed enough to speak on it or conclude anything, there is no way you can do so in a few concise sentences. That shows your ignorance and superficial understanding of this case, and you should stfu about things you know nothing about.

  2. I swear it’s ur job to make me cry, and ur good at it! This man breaks my heart so much! When he said “im sorry” to his brother I almost burst in tears. It upsets me to think about how much they went thru ,that we know, and this is how it ends. Why? Whenever I hear them talk, I just can imagine the pain. U see it in their eyes! I wish justice served them fair bc in my opinion this trial was just for tv ratings. The judge already had his views right from the start and from their it trickledown. I cld talk in circles about these boys. It also makes me think, I wonder if ppl with money are more prone to stuff like this… money and power… ya never know.

    1. Ohhhh my gosh you’re so right! When he says “I’m sorry” in that small broken voice, just completely exposed on that stand and unable to hide even his darkest, sickest secrets, he still apologized to his brother. I’m just GUTTED because his dad phucked him up soooo bad. But that just shows what a good person Lyle is at his core. Despite all the brainwashing of his father from childhood, trying to make him into a sadistic, anti-social monster and trying to make him hate his brother, Lyle turned it all around with no help from his parents, and he became fiercely protective of erik instead, up to and including killing his own parents in an effort to save him. Oh my gosh. it’s too much. I wish I could turn back time or give them more years of their youth back. It’s so devastating to think of them rotting in prison for 30 phukcing years after everything they went through at home!! :(( Always a joy to talk about this case with you all so thanks for commenting here!

  3. Omg these videos are fascinating and horrific in equal measure the more I see and hear of the testimonies I just think those boys were total victims
    The level of abuse truly shocking and I totally understand why they got to a place where they snapped .
    I do not think they should have been punished and jailed they needed therapy and support

    1. Yes the more I learn of them the more my heart breaks deeply. I just recently watched two new body language analysis on them with 5 experts total and they all agree that they were telling the truth about the abuse, which is super obvious and undeniable at this point. God help them.

  4. I kno this is crazy, but him killing his parents was the most normal/sane thing. Everyone no matter how “normal” u r is capable of going crazy. Even for a moment. How much can a person take before it has to stop? He didn’t want to kill his parents, it was necessary to protect his brother. I don’t feel bad for one minute for his parents. I wld do the same for my siblings for less and gladly spend my life locked up if it meant protecting my family. I know I sound heartless but they ruin these beautiful boys lives. Over and over and over they were abused physically, mentally, and emotionally for years. Never feeling unconditionally love, never feeling safe in the one place that’s suppose to be safest and constantly be punished and bruised. I can’t. I only wish it was those parents in jail for life bc maybe they’d get a taste of their own medicine with real men/women. I watch Lyle and my heart breaks. His life didn’t have to be this. I see a sweet, kind, and soft boy. His eyes aren’t eyes of a killer, they are hurt and it breaks my heart.

  5. Okay I totally agree when you say Lyle in a way was dangerous. Because he was time bomb waiting to detonate.

    But at the other side you could see that Erik brought out the best, also the worst, in him. So sometimes Idk whether it’s a good thing to let them stay together 🙁

    1. @aqiess I don’t think it was Erik that brought out the worst in him, Jose and Kitty did. Erik and Lyle are both victims of abuse. It’s not Erik’s fault, he was so damaged he couldn’t take it anymore so he told everything to Lyle and I’m sure he had no idea how the things would turn out. In my opinion they should be together because that’s what they want.

    2. Hey dear, I get what you mean, but I don’t think there’s ever anything wrong with being protective of someone you love. So I commend Lyle for taking care of his little brother when the parents wouldn’t. It’s just so unfortunate how it all ended. But I want to thank you so much for sharing your thoughts! And I hope you watch the Lyle video coming next weekend!

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